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Westel Vitale-Ellery

Character Profile
Player: Patty
Income: Glastheim Tinker (20,000z)
Expenses: Workshop Home (5,000z 1))
Currency: 423,600z, 10,000 GT, 20 GP
Race: Human
Cultural Trait: Vocational Training (+3 Tinker Skills)
Locational Trait: Republican (+2 Gadgetry)
Age: 32 (Adult)
Weapon Groups: Quattori Gunslinger2), Republican Gunman 3), Quirky Adventurer4)
Weapon Proficiency: Chrysm 5)
Weapon Expertise : Carbine, Chrysm6)
Favored Elements: Fire, Earth
Secondary Elements: Magma
Armor Type: Machinist’s Coat (Light)
Meta Bonus: Tinker 8, Elemental 5, Perception 4, Golemancer 2
Status and Equipment
HP: 40
SP: 45
Damage: 3 Magical (Chrysm), 4 Ballistic (Handgun)
To-Hit: 6
Evasion: 5
Endurance: 0
Willpower: 5
DR: 1 Storm, 4 Corrupt
Search: 4
Sneak: 2
Equipped Weapon: Coward’s Chrysm & Quixote
Equipment (6)
⇌ Potion Satchel XL Leviathan R. Charm
Remedy Potion Pick of the Deep
Petyr's Invisibility Potion Calibrated Goggles
Grenadier: Chatterbox+
⇌ Machinist’s Coat (2)
Goblin Scrap Launcher Goblin Deployable Turret
Name Type Description Heal Date
- - - -
Injury Points -/20

Boons & Special Powers

Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Tier Description
Tricks of the Trade Minor IV Westel has advanced farther in learning his craft, picking up some new tricks! Study and Training related to Tinkering is reduced by 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 Days (dependent on difficulty), ignoring the usual cap. Westel gains +2 CP, 1 Tinker Great Stride, and +1 Tinker Meta.
Annals of Glastheim Tiered IV ”There are… some upsides?” See below for full bonuses.
Masterwork: Death & Machinery Major IV Westel has learned all that he can from Fozz's workshop, and it may have given him a new outlook on working with machines. +1 Tinker Meta & Cap. Westel has access to both Passive Abilities in the Tinker Skill Tree. He adds +4 to Gadgetry when working with Goblin Devices and Machinery. All Goblin-made Devices with limited uses per encounter gain one additional use in Westel’s hands.
Favor of the Storm God Minor - +1 Storm Resistance. Westel cannot be drowned by any means while KO.
Remnant of Lucent’s Champion Major - ”I-I’m not really sure if it’ll ever be entirely behind us, but..”+6 HP & SP. +1 to any non-Crafting Meta & Cap (Perception). Apply Flanked on flat rolls of 16 - 20 (vs END) with Perception Skills.
The Hunt for Dornhall Major - ”I feel like we’re gettin’ somewhere. Westel gains +2 to the Bear Clan Lore and Turtle Clan Lore Adventure Skills.
Nephilim Tinker Minor - ”… I wanna know why are all of these are t-torture devices?!” Westel gains +1 to the Turtle Clan Lore Adventure Skill.
Nephilim Golemcraft Major - ”This seems way bigger than us. Can we really do good with it…?” Westel acquires the Golemancer Skill Tree (Core Forger) and gains +2 CP. Golemancer's Efficiency & Peak Efficiency CP Cost is ½.
Annals of Glastheim IV
Tier Name Description
1 Blood Magic +2 Spell Lore. Westel may sacrifice HP equal to Tier Level (4) as a Free Action to increase the Damage of a spell by the same amount that he sacrificed. The process involves opening a small wound of his own accord.
2 Occultism +2 Clairvoyance. While under the effect of a Soul or Spite Link, Westel gains Willpower equal to Tier Level (4).
3 Apothecary +2 Herbology. While under the effect of a Positive or Negative Alchemical Condition, Westel gains Endurance equal to Tier Level (4).
4 The Skyborne Westel gains Corrupt Resistance equal to Tier (4), and learns the Nephilim Art 'Cleansing Touch'.


Tree: Tinker VIII Perception IV
Passive: Magi-Technician 7) Cognition (4)
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Mech Masher Aimed Strike Loose Strike Scan
Tier 2 Great Materia Ping! Grenadier Strafing Pinpoint Distract
Tier 3 Superior Keel Haul Short-Wave Interruptor Scatter Concentrate Pop Flare
Tier 4 Excellent Grand Materia Overclock True Sight Slay Flurry
Tree: Fire V Earth V
Passive: Balance (15)
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Ember Soothe Barrier Shards Growth Barrier
Tier 2 Sear Cauterize - - Vines -
Tier 3 Ignite Living Warmth - Quake - Imbue
Tier 4 Cone of Flame Prism Blast - - Regrowth -
Tree: Magma V Golemancer II
Passive: Balance (15) Core Forger
Cost: 4 SP 6 SP 8 SP Variable CP
Tier 1 Magma Barrier Magma Brand Imbue Magma Shortcut Efficiency Empower Golem
Tier 2 Lava Lob Tectonic Crack Burning Grasp Monthly Check-Up Peak Efficiency Disable Golem
Other Skills
Cleansing Touch Nephilim Art (Mind) Standard, 6 SP. Deal 7 Pahn Damage to a Unit (vs WIL) and automatically purge any Corruption from them. Or, Instead, deal no Damage and remove all Ranks of a single Superior Magic Condition. This skill incurs 1 Rank of Bleeding that cannot be cleansed for an encounter.
Adventuring Skills
Gadgetry8) +12 “I know my stuff, it’s a lot of stuff!”
Tech Lore +10 “I've got the whole kit and caboodle right up in the ol' noggin.”
Dexterity +9 “Call me a handyman!”
Speed +9 “These boots were made for runnin’!”
Harvesting +6 “This isn’t stealing..! I just like having things.”
Thievery +4 “I, er, I try not do that anymore…”
Spell Lore9) +4 “Everything comes from somewhere! Like… the birds and the bees.”
Vitality +2 “I-I just need to catch my breath for a minute…!”
Mana Control +2 “I manage without meltin’ my buttocks off, so…”
Mana Sensing +2 “Smells …tangy?”
Clairvoyance10) +2 “It’s like a radar! ..Except when it goes off I have no idea where it’s coming from and it’s worse than if I didn’t have it.”
Herbology11) +2 “Like mechanical parts, but ..plants? Maybe these analogies aren’t the best.”
Acrobatics +2 “Mama always said I had two left feet, but ever since I shot off my pinkie toe it’s easier to distinguish between the two…”
Turtle Clan Lore +3 I don’t know how a-anyone could think they were ‘primitive’ - I almost wish it was all simpler.“
Bear Clan Lore +2 “I thought they were all about uh, w-whatever bears do..?”
Non Combat Skills
Tattooing +9 “My favorite are fractals…!” Despite his skittish nature, Westel has an exceptionally steady hand when it comes to ink & needles.
Mechanical Hodge-podge +6 “It’s not a hazard, i-it’s… resourceful?” Westel is nothing if not persistent - if there’s something he can’t piece together, he’s willing to take some risk…
Active Signature Skill – Every Little Thing Is Magitech
”It’s magic coursin’ through your veins, right down to a science…!”
Westel creates Magitech Tattoos, via Tinkering, which act as Minor Temporary Boons. They apply a variety of bonuses similar to enchantments, and are maintained at the bearer’s Upkeep. Westel cannot have any of his own due to the complex nature of application (nor does he seem to have the tolerance for it…)
Passive Signature Skill – Second Gear
”S-sometimes I just lose track of the time…”
Westel may have two Studies at once instead of Training, so long as one of them is related to Tinkering. His Devices add +1 to their numeric bonuses for as long as he's engaged in two Tinkering-related Studies at once. He applies reductions to both and still suffers from Fatigue.
Dual Skill – Birds of a Feather (Westel & Poet)
Within 5 squares of each other, Westel and Poet may use this skill as a Stance with a Sub Action (+1 SP costs) that allows them to share MP and ranks of Feedback. This shared pool can be used without spending Feedback for MP via Mimicry, and both benefit from Wrath's passive Feedback bonus and drawback.


Left Weapon: Coward’s Chrysm
Innate Contest EVA in Melee. +1 DAM when Branded. +2 Hit when Branded.
Base Stats Chrysm (Whip). 3 DAM Magical.
Enchantment Gluttony☆: Grants and heals +3 Maximum HP every turn up to 12 HP.
Enchantment Draw: Magic Weapon generates 1 Mana Point each Turn.
Right Weapon: Quixote
Material Stainless Steel
Clip Size 8
Innate Reloading is a Sub Action. Remove Relentless Stance’s Hit penalty.
Base Stats Handgun12). 4 DAM Ballistic. The engraving’s been redone to resemble a simple pastoral.
Mode Burst Fire: Damage is lowered by 1, but it fires twice for each Attack. Conditions are only applied once.
Mode Velocity: Applies Damaged Armor (vs END) on flat rolls of 16 - 20.
Enchantment Brave: Weapon rolls after a Physical Skill (Threshold: 10) to perform a second Physical Skill at +2 SP cost.
Pick of the Deep
Maker’s Mark Blackpowder Everlasting: Weapon is affixed with a device that produces and endless supply of explosive powder. Device can be loaded with different powder-based reagents, providing different effects.
Base Stats Pickaxe. 4 Piercing Damage, +4 Bonus To-Hit when applying Damaged or Broken, +2 Bonus To-Hit when applying Bleeding.
Legendary Explosive Head: All attacks made with this weapon deal Ballistic DAM in an AoE of 5 in a wide cone, sparing only the wielder and units immediately behind them. Weapon gains +2 Damage against Earth-element or stone/clay/metal-based units, and an additional 1 DAM for every point of Physical DR the target has. The weapon cannot make Called Attacks, and attacks with a base roll below 10 deal damage to the wielder as well. Out of combat, the wielder may use the value of their highest Physical Adventure Skill in place of Strength when attempting to smash objects.
Improvement Fool-Proof: Using this weapon does not require a Proficiency with it, but it suffers -4 to being Damaged.
⇌ Machinist’s Coat
A loose, modern, and somewhat used looking coat full of pockets and pouches that are perfect for holding tools.
Base Stats Light Armor. 1 EVA, 2 Sneak.
Improvement Spare Tools: Once per battle, treat any Focused Action from a Crafting skill tree as a Standard Action. +1 CP.
Improvement Gadget Harness: +2 Equipment slots for Devices or firearm ammunition.
Goblin Scrap Launcher Utility. Tinkerer Skill 'Ping!’ deals double damage.
Goblin Deployable Turret Gear (Mechanical Device). The Goblin Deployable Turret is dropped as a Sub Action and activates at the start of the next Turn. It deals ½ its Crafter's Tinker Meta 3 times (vs EVA) to the closest Unit at the start of every Turn, with no way to distinguish between friend and foe. Its static Defense Roll is equal to its Crafter's Tinker Meta, and it will be Damaged (and inoperable) after 3 direct hits.
⇌ Potion Satchel XL Carries 2 High Healing Potions☆ (+27 HP and -1 Alchemical Condition) and a High Energy Potion (+24 SP and -1 Physical Condition).
Remedy Potion Cures all Negative Conditions.
Petyr’s Invisibility Potion Raises the drinker's Sneak to their racial Cap for one Turn by turning them nearly invisible. A great party trick!
Leviathan R. Charm An incredible sea-serpent, coiled around itself in a spiral. Grants water-breathing, indefinitely.
Chatterbox+ Magitech Grenade (Consumable). After throwing, the Chatterbox activates by making an array of ear-rending noises and applying Agitated in an area equal to its Crafter's Tinkerer Meta+1 (7). It continues to do this at the start of each Turn until it's destroyed by 3 instances of Direct Damage.
Calibrated Goggles A pair of high-tech goggles that lock onto foes with ease. Gear. As a standard Action, lock onto an enemy, gaining +2 To Hit and +2 Search on them until they are KO’d or killed. Only works on one target at a time.


Source Description Research Time
- - -
- - -
Key Items
Vox Glasses A pair of lenses designed to read ancient texts in Nephilim.
Thalj Reverberating Sculpture A large crystal sculpture in an abstract shape. It's gently vibrating… When placed in a residence (or workshop), add +2 to all Excellent rolls. For each extra Property added by an Excellent roll near the Crystal, refund 2 CP to the Crafter.
Golbin Scrapture It's scrap, but it's also a sculpture. This seems to be what passes for art in Goblin Town. Gear (Magical). When placed in a residence (or workshop), apply a Study Reduction toward Machinery equal to your Tinker Meta (8). If the Machinery is Goblin in origin, use your Meta-and-a-half (12).
Elemental Regulator ‘Iggy’ Westel’s been asked to watch over this charming device for the Kingdom! It is currently for rent in workshop.
Goblin Craft-o-Matic A nebulous device full of all kinds of useless tools… Grants +1 CP.
Gobble Fire A gold wristwatch with a number of interesting 'apps'. Includes a knife, screwdriver, can opener, and the like. It also tells time (unsurprisingly)!
Global Ringer Charleston’s newer model smartphone! A large one… Maybe it’s a tablet? It has a couple of charms attached. 13)
Status Calculation
HP 34 [Base] +6 [Remnant] = 40
SP 34 [Base] +6 [Remnant] +5 [Elemental] = 45
DAM 4 Physical [Handgun] / 3 Magical [Chrysm] = 4/3
HIT 6 [Highest Meta] = 6
EVA 1 [Light Armor] +4 [Perception] = 5
END 0 [-] = 0
WIL 5 [Elemental] = 5
Search 4 [Perception] = 4
Sneak 2 [Light Armor] = 2
Combat Skills 17 [Tinker] +16 [Elemental] +9 [Perception] = 42/42
Adventure Skills 5 [Gadgetry] +4 [Thievery] +4 [Dexterity] +7 [Speed] +7 [Tech Lore] +3 [Harvesting] = 30/30
N-C Skills 9 [Tattooing] +6 [Hodge-podge] = 15/15
Crafting Points 8 [Tinker 8] +2 [Golemancer 2] +1 [Craft-O-Matic] +1 [Machinist’s Coat] +2 [Tricks of the Trade] +2 [Golemcraft] = 16


2,500z split with Poe
Carbine, Dagger, Revolver, Shotgun
Assault Rifle, Carbine, Handgun, SMG
Bowgun, Chrysm, Quarterstaff, Whip
& Gearhead, via Death & Machinery
+2 Republican
9) , 10) , 11)
+2 Annals
Formerly SS Pistol
Unequipped - Mr. EV, Equipped - Court Wizard
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