Vela Liloris

Player: Arla
Income: Import Inspector (4,000z)
Expenses: 750z 1) Paused
Currency: 4,966z, 4 GP
School Fund: 75,000z/75,000z
Race: Succubus2)
Age: 55 (Adult)
Racial Trait(s): See Below.
Cultural Trait: Mana Rich (-2 SP costs w/ Shadow)
Locational Trait: Umbalan (+2 to Survival)
Weapon Groups: Heavy Magician, Umbalan Tender
Weapon Proficiency: Cane, Orb, Staff, Swordstaff, Twin Jewelry, Anthame, Wand
Weapon Expertise: Staff
Favored Elements: Shadow, Spirit
Armor Type: Yidhra's Terrorcaller Robe (Magic Attire)
Meta Bonus: Shadow 5, Leadership 7, Spirit 4
Status and Equipment
HP: 46 50
SP: 57 61
Damage: 2 Slashing/3 Magical (Dreamrend); 3 (Self)
To Hit: 7
Evasion: 1 5
Endurance: 8 9
Willpower: 14 15
Search: 0 2
Sneak: 12 17
MOV: 12
SP Reductions: -2 Shadow
Damage Resistance: 1 Primary/High/Phys
Equipped Weapon: Dreamrend, Silver Bangle
Equipment (6 MAX) Special Powers and Boons
Mask of the Deceiver Careful Construction (Minor)
Ruby Injector III Shaman's War Paint (Major)
Chivalry Stamina Draught Remnant of Lucent's Champion (Major)
Fitted Brigand's Vest Book of Tricks (Minor)
Charm of Evasion x
Haste Potion x
Injury Type Description Heal Date
x x x x
IP 0/
Tree: Shadow V Leadership VII
Passive: Rancor Wrangler (7)
Cost: Tier - 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Frailty Cloak Bane Attack Defend Shield
Tier 2 Reap Ensnare Drain Heal Shake Off Rear Back
Tier 3 Smother Descend Cull D. Cry Pick Me Up Dogpile
Tier 4 Martyr Eclipse Massacre Presence Rise Up Frenzy
Tree: Spirit IV x
Passive: Spite x
Cost: Tier + 1 x
Tier 1 x Mana Shield Indulgence x x x
Tier 2 x Banish Dampen x x x
Tier 3 Regenerate Empower x x x x
Tier 4 x x x x x x
Augmented Skills
Frailty Augmented Sow. In addition to Sow's regular effects, it also automatically applies a Negative Magical Condition called 'Frailty' that lowers all outgoing Damage by 1. Frailty can only affect one target at a time.
Adventuring Skills
Insight +10 “I consider it a natural talent.”
Elementalism +10 “I am a cubi, after all!”
Illusions +10 “I like to give paranoia a gentle nudge – in jest!”
Thievery +9 “Finders keepers! Is that what they say in Common?“
Spell Lore +6 “I know a decent amount.”
Clairvoyance +5 “Life after death is fa~sci~na~ting!”
Survival +4 “My home is in the jungle! I know a teensy bit.”
Relic Lore +4 “I'm not really an adventurer~… Yet?”
Acrobatics +3 “I've fallen from many, many trees, you know…”
Non-Combat Skills
Animal Care (Birds) +3 “Listen, I know my Caeli is undead, but…”
Pranks +5 “Hehehe.”
Unfazed +7 “Blood, guts, rotten flesh… It doesn’t bother me at all!”
Dual Skills
Sweet, Spiteful Dreams x
Desc Vela and Caedoch. TBA
Links TBA x


Stats 2 Slashing / 3 Magical DMG. A long dagger with a curve in it, bound with simple cloth at the hilt.
Material x
Craftsman x
Legendary Enchantment Invasive Anchor :: This feels powerful… But no appraiser can figure out what it does?
Enchantment Thorn Bind Hostage :: When weakening a target through means of negative conditions, ethereal thorny vines latch onto the target. For every weapon attack that successfully applies a Negative Condition, it applies Exploited (vs END) afterward with ½ To Hit.
Curse Never Parted :: While not quite Soulbound, Dreamrend 'follows' Vela around if she ever forgets it. She will happen to find it anywhere from somewhere sensible (like on her belt) to somewhere illogical (like on a shelf in front of her).
Silver Bangle
Stats +2 WIL. Removes Watchful Stance’s To Hit Penalty. A silver bracelet that sits comfortably on the wrist.
Material x
Craftsman Wizard’s Guild
Yidhra's Terrorcaller Robe (Magic Attire)
Stats +1 EVA & WIL, +2 to Movement. A dark, flowing robe, decorated with countless ribbons and tassels resembling tentacles, monstrous appendages, and eyes.
Material x
Craftsman x
Legendary Enchantment Spawn of the Stars :: Magical and Undead-type Companions are Imbued with the Cosmic Element and add your highest Magic Meta (5) to HP. They restore 1 HP with every attack they make. On rolls of 16-20, Companions add a Cosmic follow-up NWA or MCA that can apply Discordance (vs WIL). For every unique Unit they target, this threshold is lowered by 1.
Enchantment Urgency :: The Armor applies Catalyzed when its wearer takes more than 10 Damage in a single strike, once per Turn.
Ruby Injector III This 'injector' heals 30 HP, then applies Regeneration if used by a Magical Unit. This Healing is Magical, not Alchemical!
Chivalry Stamina Draught Drinking this blue liquid heals 30 15 SP. If consumed at full SP, you gain 1 Rank of Focused instead.
Mask of the Deceiver Nothin' to see here. The wearer gains +2 Sneak. After taking no Movement Action on a Turn, they gain 1 Rank of Shrouded. Ranks of Shrouded granted by the Mask of the Deceiver are removed at the end of any Turn where the wearer takes a Movement Action.
Fitted Brigand's Vest +2 Movement & +3 Sneak. At the start of every even Turn, gain 1 Concealment.
Charm of Evasion This enchanted charm grants +3 EVA. On every even Turn, this bonus increases by +1.
Haste Potion This milky white potion grants Rank 1 Hastened when imbibed.


Medium Tenacious Undead
Raised from the ground or wherever there may be 'pieces,' Vela expresses her creativity…
Expendable A new Undead may be summoned as a Focused Action.
Devoted When defending via Shield Order, Vela's Undead may roll to avoid Damage. If they are successful, they take ½ Damage instead.
HP 55 HIT 8
END 14 WIL 10
MOV 9 x
Adventure Skills
Weapon & Armor
Tome of Dark Hysteria Shadow Crystal
Stats Replaces 'Presence' with 'Dark Hysteria'. The numeric bonus of Presence is lost, but the Undead Companion passively adds its Leader's current Charisma to its Damage & To Hit. It takes the same amount in True Damage at the start of every Turn. Common: Her Undead Companion is shrouded in a black-purple cloak. +1 WIL.
Boon Type Level Description
Remnant of Lucent's Champion Major - Vela's undead gain some benefit…+3 HP & +1 END to Undead Companions.
Lixel, the Shadow Elemental (Tiny Cunning Magical)
An amorphous shadowy blob that doesn't seem to prefer one shape over another… It seems lazy at times, then incredibly energetic at others.
Critical Range Flat Attack rolls of 18 - 20 apply Frightened.
Silent Lixel begins combat in Stealth, and permanently has ½ Leadership Meta (3) Concealment.
Shadow Stabbing (Unique) Lixel has +2 Sneak Cap (24). In dim or dark lighting, missed Attack Orders do not trigger a reactionary Search roll.
HP 36 41 HIT 14
DMG 7 EVA 11
SNK 23 SCH 9
MOV 12 x x
Adventure Skills
Weapon & Armor
x Bracers of Agile Form
Stats x Rare :: +2 EVA & +2 Defense vs Dispel-like effects.

Boons & Special Powers

Boon Type Level Description
Careful Construction Minor - +2 HP to Undead Companions.
Shaman's War Paint Major - A blue mask adorned with feathers and bones, painted on Vela's right wrist. It magically empowers spells, allowing its bearer to spend 2 SP to increase the Damage or Healing of any Magical Skill by 1.
Remnant of Lucent's Champion Major - Caedoch's annex was likely more of an exchange, and Vela has gained from it. +6 HP & SP. +1 to any non-Crafting Meta & Cap (Spirit). Vela applies Soul Burn on flat rolls of 16 - 20 (vs END) with Spirit Skills.
Book of Tricks Minor - Learned from a book of party tricks. Fun! +1 Illusions and Spell Lore.
Other Type Description
Willful Racial (Succubus) +1 WIL for magical affinity and general mastery.
Catalytic Racial (Nos) Vela requires no catalyst to use magic. She uses Jewelry’s base damage with no Perks.
Clean Blood Racial (Nos) Vela has infinite Injury Points (IP), and does not suffer sickness.
Detoxified Racial (Nos) Vela uses potions at half effectiveness. Poisons hurt her for half damage, too.
Potent Soul Racial (Nos) Vela adds +1 Meta to any Skill Tree she has at least 1 Meta in. 3)
Corrupt Soul Racial (Nos) Vela always rolls flat against Light & Dark Element Attacks and Conditions.
Infertile Racial (Nos) Vela cannot bear children at all, with any race.
Mana Hunger Racial (Nos) Vela adds 1 Soul to her Upkeep. If she does not kill a Mortal Race and eat its Soul, or absorb equivalent Mana each month, she becomes Mana Starved.
Healthy Body Rank (Rook) Vela gains +10 HP & SP, as well as +1 Willpower & Endurance.
Temp Boon Duration Description
Mystery World Recurring Paused A ‘true crime’ magazine, mostly made up of articles telling stories about heinous criminal acts and unsolved, spooky mysteries. Grants +1 Thievery each month while subbed.
Charm of Reflection Tourney (Round 1) Reflect the first hostile spell used against you during your next encounter. Automatically hits a single target.
Magitech Conduit Tattoo Tourney (Round 1) Begin combat with a Rank of Focused.
A Little of Everything Tourney (Round 1) Grants +1 EVA, WIL, END & Max Combat Resources, and +2 Search & Sneak. +4 Max HP & SP, +1 Primary & High DR, and +1 Physical DR. +1 to all incoming direct Healing, +3 All DR on the first Turn of combat, +1 to all outgoing Direct Healing, +1 Weapon Range, and +1 Damage with your first Attack per combat encounter. And a completely random effect!
Passive Signature Skill :: Morbid Inspiration
“There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of fear.”
Description Frightened is a Positive Condition on Vela, despite its negative effects, and Ranks 1 & 2 grant her Courageous’ stat bonuses. Courageous is a Negative Condition, and its bonuses are instead penalties. She loses Charisma to Courageous, instead of Frightened.
Active Signature Skill :: ??? (Name Pending)
“I'll show you sweet and innocent…”
Description Vela has taught herself how to use her favored elements to greater effect, defending herself when her Undead are bypassed.


Studies & Training
Study Source Description Duration
x x x x
Training Source Description Duration
x x x x

Notes, Stats, and Misc.

Key Items
Broken blade “It never leaves my side…” The long and thin snapped blade of what was once a full, and legendary, rapier. It's green in color and glows with constant Spirit Mana.
Glastheim Library Card “Useless, but I'll keep it anyway.” A card that grants access to the Restricted Section of Glastheim's library.
Choker of Corruption Absorption “A cruel joke.” It doesn't function at all anymore, and is now part of her body—literally.
SD-ID Card “I took your stuff…” A photo ID for a Fiendish woman named ‘Molly Sykes’, associated with the Spiral Dynamics Corporation. The card is a teal-green color and the company logo looks like a closing camera aperture.
Vital Crystal x4 A small red crystal with a condensed charge of restorative mana. Restores 30 HP if used by a unit that can feed on mana.
Energy Crystal x1 A small blue crystal with a condensed charge of energizing mana. Restores 30 SP if used by a unit that can feed on mana.
Accelerant Crystal x1 A small yellow crystal with a condensed charge of empowering mana. Instantly generates 5 Combat Resources of a single type for units that can feed on mana. May grant 2 Tricks or Advantages for units that can feed on mana.
Bottle of Mimic Pills White, capsule-like pills contained in a very clinical orange bottle. 4/6 Charges (Pills). Consuming a pill will heal you for the same amount as the last instance of direct Healing you received, and then apply a Rank of Catalyzed.
Laurel's Web A black dress with stunning golden detail. -1 to SP costs. +2 to Movement. Golden Thread (Great Materia) :: Mimics the Element of any Field put into play for one Turn. In the presence of a Minor or Major Well, it mimics that Well's Element until the wearer leaves the area.
Potion Satchel It's in black! A Container with 2 Equipment Slots for Potions, Poisons & Weapon Oils.
Mjolnir Dew Soda x2 This is a sweet, fizzy lemon-lime drink. Heals 10 HP and SP.
Hearty Noodle Cup This may have been intended to be someone’s dinner… Heals 30 HP, and takes a Standard Action to consume. -3 to all Defensive Stats until your next turn.
Gold Tooth Ringer Charm Casts a very convincing illusion over any weapons on your person, making them appear shiny and golden. (Illusions DC: 25 to see through it.)
Blood Lillies x9 Should Vela wish to, she can help herself to a few nice samples of the flowers she helped grow… But it’ll take an alchemist to figure out what, if any, use they are. Curiously, they don’t seem to wilt and die quite as readily to her corrupt presence as most plants…
Edenplums x5 A large, sweet, vaguely tangy fruit, with a vivid blue color. Biting into one heals you for 30 HP, and Imbues you with Lightning for an encounter.
Spirit Ward A silver pendant, shaped like a circle with a triangular top, that has a glowing blue gem at its center. Adds +2 Willpower when defending against the Spirit Element.
Light Resistant Undervest Grants +2 Light DR.
Twilight's Caress x1 A small vial of purple liquid. Ingestion applies a rank of drowsy per mouthful, at maxed drowsy, it will put the imbiber to sleep for roughly two hours. Weapon Dip applies a rank of drowsy vs END per strike 11-20 dice rolls. At max drowsy, apply sleep for 2 hours. (Always, not only on 11+ rolls).
Goat-Child's Tea A glowing green liquid held in a thin vial! This looks safe. Not. Item. The imbiber's Stamina costs for all actions are reduced to 1 for one Turn. This does affect the SP, but not HP, component of Superior Magic and similar personally harmful abilities.
Tome of Gnaw Skill item. Changes Heal Order to Gnaw, which deals the Companion's Damage + 1 (vs EVA) to a Unit and then heals half of the Damage dealt as HP.
Moon Staff 6 DMG. +3 Concentration vs. Interrupts. +1 SP Cost. A simple stave with a catalyst at its tip, cradled by a crescent moon.
Fork of Decay A silver fork with a tiny skull on the handle. Stabbing small vegetation, or small dead animals, with the Fork of Decay causes it to decompose into sludge over the course of 5 seconds.
Wizard Scroll Pack Wrapped in a golden ribbon! Contains scrolls for Breathe, Ember, Life Drop, and Shards.
Wolf Statue Gift bag goodies from Simon and Fiain's wedding… It's a little carving of a blue wolf! Grants +1 Creature Lore.
Healing Tonic Gift bag goodies from Simon and Fiain's wedding… Restores 12 6 HP.
Laurel, the Golden Lycosidae
A pretty (and large) wolf spider that spins a golden web. Vela keeps it in a jar! Her baby now. Provides one (1) Golden Thread each month.
Golden Thread x12 Beautiful golden webbing spun by Vela's darling spider, Laurel. Harvesting earns her a bite or two, but… Rare Tailoring Reagent. The Unarmored Garb or Light Armor can mimic the Element of any Field put into play for one Turn. In the presence of a Minor or Major Well, it mimics that Well's Element until the wearer leaves the area.
High Energy Potion Mastela flavored! Heals 24 12 SP and removes 1 Rank of a Negative Physical Condition.
Wraithguard A black shawl to place around the neck that seems to absorb the light around it, creating something of a 'hole' in the air. Grants 2 Shadow & Spirit DR, but the wearer takes 4 more Damage from Light.
Svaena's Broken Wing A seemingly dead crow, with occult markings painted on its wings, and a leather string tied in a bow around its neck. Once per encounter, break one of the bird’s bones and deal your highest Meta (7) Cosmic Damage as a Called Attack to a Unit in your Line of Sight, with your full To Hit bonus. If your attack roll fails, the attack still lands, but you must roll WIL (vs your previous roll) to avoid taking the same Called Attack yourself. The bird writhes and cracks back into one piece at the end of the encounter. The bird has no effect on enemies that cannot see it.
Her Mask This card bears an engraving of a woman wearing an odd, and familiar, stone mask. Some kind of mana gathers around her, made to look both malicious and intense. +1 DMG while Shrouded.
Stat Math
HP 30 [Base] +10 [Rook] +6 [Boon] = 46
SP 30 [Base], +10 [Rook], +7 [Leadership 7] +4 [Spirit 4], +6 [Boon] = 57
HIT 7 [Base]
EVA 0 [Base] +1 [Robe] = 1
END 1 [Base] +7 [Leadership 7] = 8
WIL 1 [Willful], +1 [Rook] +5 [Shadow 5] +4 [Spirit 4] +2 [Bangle], +1 [Robe] = 14
DMG 2/3(Dreamrend)
Search 0 [Base]
Sneak 0 [Base] +10 [Shadow 5] +2 [Mask] = 12
Combat Skills 16 [Shadow 5], +20 [Leadership 6], +6 [Spirit 2] = 42/42
NC Skills 3 [Birdcare], +5 [Pranks], +7 [Unfazed] = 15/15
Adventure Skills +3 [Mana Sensing], +3 [Mana Control], +3 [Illusions], +3 [Clairvoyance], +9 [Thievery], +2 [Survival], +4 [Relic Lore], +3 [Acrobatics] = 30/30
Equipment Slots 6
Mystery World sub
Nos (Rook), but not explicitly stated
Shadow Magic can’t advance.
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