Viloce Vitale

Character Profile
Player: Patty
Expenses: Lighthalzen Penthouse Apartment (Provided), GACHAGOTCHI Tier 3 Sub (800z)
Income: Vulcan Designs - Head of Firearm Development (10,000z)
Currency: 268,050z
Race: Nyx Vampire
Racial Trait(s): Blood Drinker, Darkborn, Immortal, Night Creature, Born From Darkness
Cultural Trait: Vocational Training (+3 Gunsmith Skills)
Locational Trait: Republican (+2 Tech Lore)
Age: 32 (Immortal)
Weapon Groups: Republican Gunwoman1), Mixed Soldier 2), Magic Soldier3)
Weapon Proficiency: Electromagnetic Rifle
Weapon Expertise : Assault Rifle, Carbine, SMG
Favored Elements: Shadow 4)
Armor Type: Chic Bolero (Medium)
Meta Bonus: Gunsmith 7, Perception 6, Subtlety 2, Shadow 1
Status and Equipment
HP: 45
SP: 45
Damage: 9 Ballistic (Rifle), 5 Ballistic (Handgun)
To-Hit: 6
Evasion: 14
Endurance: 4
Willpower : 4
DR: All Shadow
Search: 7
Sneak: 19
Equipped Weapon: EM Rifle ε
Equipment (6)
Portable Cassette Player Cloaking Device
S.C.O.U.T. Unit Mk II ⇌ Potion Satchel
Gryphon Armband ⇌ Fanny Pack
Sidearm: Li’l Stinger
Name Type Description Heal Date
- - - -
Injury Points 0/∞

Boons & Special Powers

Path of the Commando IV
Name Type Tier Description
Hunter’s War Paint Major - A green shield with two crossed arrows over it, painted on Viloce’s ankle. It magically empowers ranged attacks, allowing its bearer to spend 2 SP to increase the Damage of any Ranged Physical Attack by 1.
Sacred Flame Minor - A fire burns within Viloce’s soul; a burning reminder of pain endured.+1 END.
The Knack Minor - Even when you're ahead, a little push can't hurt… When rolling for Tech or Relic Lore, Viloce adds +2 if the flat roll is 10 or above (calculated post-roll).
Mad Bomber Minor - Viloce learned a thing or two in making and deploying a bomb of a larger size and scope! She could probably do it a little better, next time… +1 Tech Lore & CP.
Reflexive Combat Major - Viloce's awareness heightens when engaged in Melee, and defies odds by sharpening further with each new opponent. Viloce gains +1 Evasion for each enemy Unit in her Melee Range (up to +3).
Tricks of the Trade Minor IV Tal has advanced farther in learning his craft, picking up some new tricks! Study and Training related to Gunsmithing is reduced by 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 Days (dependent on difficulty), ignoring the usual cap. Tal gains +2 CP, 1 Gunsmith Great Stride, and +1 Gunsmith Meta.
In Time of Need Major ?? A new magical power stirs within Viloce, but it feels distant and latent - impossible to categorize or determine. Who knows what it is? She will, when it happens.
New Usurper Major - Though the mutagen rampaging through Viloce's body has been minimized, its effects may never be fully removed… Viloce adds +4 Sneak, +2 Thievery, and Heals for ½ of all direct Damage she deals to Bleeding Units. The 'Bite' Vampire Skill automatically applies Vampirism and refills her HP completely.
Darklight & Nimble Tattoo+ Minor - A pair of tattoos that shift into a deep purple in the dark and vivid yellow-green in the light. Temporary Boon. Grants +3 Sneak, and for 3 SP, allows a Physical Adventure Skill reroll once per day.
Other Type Description
Blood Drinker Racial (Vampire) Viloce requires blood to survive. She adds +3 to Search if the Unit she is trying to find is wounded, and +6 instead if the Unit is Bleeding. She also can Bite a victim, but…
Darkborn Racial (Vampire) Viloce is innately the Shadow Element and gains the Shadow Favored Element for free. She is considered Undead, and therefore does not need to breathe in order to survive (still!). Light Magic will always hurt Viloce.
Immortal Racial (Vampire) Viloce will live forever if allowed, and remains ‘frozen’ at the age of 29 (?) for eternity.
Night Creature Racial (Vampire) Viloce gains +2 To Hit, Sneak & Search in the dark and can see perfectly in darkness. She no longer ​gains Burning ​within ​sunlight, ​however, she instead ​gains 1 Rank of Sickened ​(and nothing more).
Catalytic Racial (Nyx) Viloce's body is a Catalyst, with 3 Damage and no Perks.
Perfect Health Racial (Nyx) Viloce has infinite Injury Points, and does not suffer sickness.
Progenitor Racial (Nyx) Add +3 starting Evasion, Willpower, Endurance.
Born From Darkness Racial (Nyx) Shadow Meta Cap is 8, and Light Cap is 0.


Tree: Gunsmith VII Perception VI
Passive: Powderhead Fixation (6)
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Tune-Up Aimed Stike Loose Strike Change Up
Tier 2 Fine Tuned Great Materia Sidearm Strafing Pinpoint Blitz
Tier 3 Superior Steady Aim Crack Shot Scatter Concentrate Waylay
Tier 4 Excellent Grand Materia The Big One True Sight Slay Killshot
Tree: Subtlety II Shadow I
Passive: Assassin Rancor
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 - Obscure - - Cloak Bane
Tier 2 Debilitate Sly Strike - - Ensnare -
Tier 3 Raid Observe - - - -
Tier 4 Abscond - - - - -
Adventuring Skills
Tech Lore5) +12 “I’ve got the scoop!”
Gadgetry +12 “I’m just really good at pressing all the buttons.”
Precision +9 “Wanna see a hat trick?”
Thievery6) +6 “III’m just gonna borrow this…?”
Vitality +6 “I make up for what I lack in optimism! Sometimes.”
Speed +6 “I run fast because I have looong legs!”
Acrobatics +6 “Can you rub your tummy, pat your head, and stand on one foot all at the same time?”
Investigation +6 “This use to be kind of like, my job, but honestly I’m better at the breaking-in part…!”
Non-Combat Skills
Drawing (Pattern & Detail) +8 ”Helps when I’ve got the jitters - shaky hands are fuss for smithing.“
Cooking (Candy)7) +4 ”I’m a gumsmith too, ha-ha!”
Active Signature Skill – Right Between the Eyes
”If you would just walk towards me in a slow, orderly line please…“
Viloce makes a decisive headshot. The target gains no extra defense against this Called Attack. Viloce must spend ½ Clarity on this Attack, and may spend another half of max Clarity to automatically apply the Called Attack's conditions. If she spends all Clarity, Right Between the Eyes may be used again in the same encounter.
Passive Signature Skill – …


Armor: Barony Shadow Armor
Base Stats Light Armor. 3 EVA, 4 Sneak. +4 to hidden items.
Improvement Assassin Fittings. When in Stealth, treat Reloading firearms as a Sub-Action, and changing weapons as a Free Action. You may only benefit from either once per turn.
Weapon: EM Rifle ε
Innate EM Rifles pierce up 3 Ballistic DR. Deal +2 DAM if they fully pierce Ballistic DR. Deal ½ DAM if they don’t fully pierce Ballistic DR.
Clip Size 3
Base Stats Electromagnetic Rifle. 8 DAM Ballistic. ½ HIT in dead zone (6 sq.).
Mode Perforator: Attacks also affect a single Unit directly behind the original target, dealing full Damage (but not applying Conditions).
Mode Slugger: Adds a follow-up NWA after each Attack, but the wielder automatically gains 1 Rank of Pained each time this occurs (up to 2).
Improvement Sniper Scope: Called Attacks have half their usual To Hit penalty.
Improvement High Capacity: The rifle's max Ammunition increases by 2.
Sidearm: Li’l Stinger
Material Black Steel
Craftsman Mass-produced
Innate Reloading is a Sub Action. Remove Relentless Stance’s Hit penalty.
Clip Size 8 (Magazine)
Base Stats Handgun. 4 DAM Ballistic.
Improvement Silencer: Noise made by this firearm is silenced, and will not give defenders a free Search roll.
Improvement Target Painter: (Sub Action) This weapon can be used to 'Paint' a target so that all those with S.C.O.U.T. Units can see them. Only one Unit may be Painted at a time, and it cannot be avoided.
Portable Cassette Player It has pink headphones! Currently Playing - Holly Young’s Mixtape. A cassette from an unlabeled pink case. A bit of a slow groove, this 'compilation album' mashes several artists together. It has 'electronic' songs similar to 'Pump It Up!', but with a much smoother and slower vibe. Increases Healing on self (HP & SP) by +2.
S.C.O.U.T. Unit Mk II On flat Attack rolls of 20, the wearer hits Automatically. Additionally, they gain +1 Search and can view Painted targets. Painted targets are shared with any allies also wearing a S.C.O.U.T. Unit. If one ally has Line of Sight on the Painted target, they all do.
Gryphon Warrior’s Armband A thick silver armlet with a green teardrop-shaped gem embedded into it. Gear. Once per encounter, as a Sub Action, the wearer may gain the following (for the length of the entire encounter): 1) Flight, by way of Wings formed of Wind Mana. 2) Enchanting their weapon with Wind, adding +1 Damage, too. 3) Gaining +3 Movement & +1 To Hit. This is a Positive Magical Condition and can be dispelled.
Cloaking Device A black, disc-like device that hooks to the belt and projects light in a certain way. Gear. As a Sub Action, the wearer may gain 1 Rank of Shrouded (up to Rank 2).
⇌ Potion Satchel Contains a High Healing Potion (+24 HP, -1 Neg. Alchemical Condition) and a Beacon of Mending (3 Charges).
⇌ Fanny Pack
Very 'out', as fashion is concerned. Adds 2 Equipment Slots for Gear with passive effects only.
Bloodspiller’s Bauble A trinket made from sharp spikes tangled up by spiked wire. Grisly. Gear (Magical). Every time you deal Indirect Damage, Heal 1 HP & SP. Nyx Power: Healing is doubled (but only for HP).
Westside Toolkit Straps to the thigh, full of custom tools. Adds +1 CP. When making a Skill Check related to a Crafting Tree (Gunsmith), add +2.


Source Description Research Time
- - -
Source Description Training Time
Commando I Viloce is training with Lydia and Karn to become a bona-fide commando! 1/28 - 2/8 (Group Training)
Commando II She’s absolutely thrilled. 2/8 - 3/2 (Group Training)
Commando III There’s a lot to look forward to, like… 3/22 - 3/31
Commando IV Blazing guns and the perpetual risk and imminence of death … again! Finished
Commando V Yay! Finished
Key Items
Shadow Heart Gem A heart-shaped gem with several chitinous growths on it. It feels very important to Tal, for some reason, and like a reflection of herself. (Hidden)
Illusory Necklace A plain silver chain, carefully enchanted… (Hidden)
Mask of Nyx (Unequipped) Though it was once destroyed, this relic of Aurora's past can never stay truly gone… Supposedly. (Hidden)
Zeny Gun (Unequipped) ”Free painful money!” 1 DAM, 10 AMMO. It’s a teeny tiny Handgun-type toy… Innate - Ping! Weapon causes Daze on hit (vs END). Made by Atlas Finnigan.
Ancient Tule Coin ”I’m not saying I believe in god! But I’m pretty sure I saw god.” (Hidden)
Elaine Rekkenber’s ID Card This Rekkenber ID has a picture of Elaine Rekkenber on it. It may open doors in Rekkenber facilities, if she’s still in their systems. If not, it could have some other uses… This was the only one available from the Black Market. It seems to be the ‘real deal’. (Hidden)
Global Ringer A small, bedazzled pink flip phone. The amount of charms dangling from its end rival the size of the ringer itself… but there are few recognizable ones!8)
VLC Monster Truck

Equipment Slots: 8 (Truck Bed). This monster struck is rather durable and provides a significant height and size advantage over most common mutants! It's quite loud, but should keep one rather safe in the wilderness. |

Accelerant Crystal A small yellow crystal with a condensed charge of empowering mana. Instantly generates 3 Combat Resources of a single type, or 5 for units that can feed on mana. May grant 1 Trick or Advantage, or 2 for units that can feed on mana.
Beacon of Suppression A dull grey, fist-sized cylindrical crystal bound with a ring of magitek circuitry. As a Quick Action, ignore an instance of damage greater than 1/2 your Max HP, and divide it by 4. Suffer that much damage as an irremovable Damage Over Time effect over 4 Turns. If the source of Damage kills you outright, the beacon triggers automatically. This particular beacon crumbles to nothing after being used once.
Westside Door Spiker Pretty plain-looking, so it’s not suspicious. This will bypass most magnetic stripe keycard locks, but it’s single-use only…
Sparkly Sticker Set They're in animal shapes. When applied to skin, gain a Temporary Boon until your next encounter that adds +1 EVA & WIL. They have to be visible or they won't work.
Bandolier Carries Glitter Rounds (5 Charges) and Rx Smoke Grenade.
High Healing Potion +24 HP, -1 Neg. Alchemical Condition
Finnigan Revolver Handgun. Craftsman: Atlas Finnigan.
Mutant Masher Rounds (8) 5 Charges. Mutant Masher Rounds that add +2 Damage to Radiation Anomalies (most often found in the Republic).
Glitter Rounds (7) Bullets (Consumable). Rounds decrease the target's Sneak on impact by 2 automatically. This effect stacks infinitely, but Attacks with follow-up Attacks only apply it once.
Smoke Grenade Creates a 6 x 6 Grid of smoky Half Cover for 3 Turns.
Explosive Bullets Single Target Attacks gain an Area of Effect of 3 x 3. (5 Charges)
Phosphorous Rounds+ (4) 3 Charges. Adds +1 Damage and the Light Element to Firearm Attacks. On flat rolls of 16-20, it has the ability to explode in a 4×4 AoE. Made by Viloce Vitale.
Ol’ Stinger Magic Cannon. Material: Steel. Viloce Vitale.
The Kazooka Carbine. Material: Steel. Craftsman: Viloce Vitale.
Ringer Charm Collection
Neverglace R. Charm A charm shaped like an assault rifle, but the magazine is missing. Gear (Magical). Reduces any Firearm Expertise you have down to Proficiency, but grants +1 Damage with all Firearms.
SAS R. Charm A sleek silver charm shaped like the SAS logo. Gear (Magical). Passively detects Radiation. When you enter a dangerous environment, it'll glow to warn you!
Empty Eye R. Charm A purple charm shaped like an eye with an 'X' pupil. Gear (Magical). Adds +1 Damage & +1 To Hit to equipped Heavy Arms./
Sun Industries R. Charm A pale yellow charm shaped like a stylized sun with a pair of crossed hammers in front of it. Gear (Magical). When Batch Crafting, add +1 to the amount produced.
Black Crawler R. Charm Awww… It's shaped like a Black Crawler, but with big doe eyes and a cutesy :3 face. Legendary Gear (Magical). Grants Immunity to the Numbed Condition.
Kitty R. Charm A cute cat's face! Grants +1 Search in dim or dark areas.
Schoolgirl R. Charm A cute schoolgirl, like those in Ba Jinian comics. Embarassing. +2 to a Non-Combat Art Skill.
Empress R. Charm A profile shot of a notorious redheaded islander. +1 Bonus To Hit when you are wielding a weapon you crafted yourself.
Zeny R. Charm A glittering zeny coin! Grants -1 CP to one Craft per month.
Status Calculation
HP 45 [Nyx] = 45
SP 45 [Nyx] = 45
DAM 4 Ballistic [Handgun] +1 [Commando I] = 5
HIT 6 [Highest Meta] = 6
EVA 3 [Nyx] +3 [Armor] +6 [Perception] +2 [Subtlety] = 14
END 3 [Nyx] +1 [Sacred Flame] = 4
WIL 3 [Nyx] +1 [Shadow] = 4
Search 6 [Perception] +1 [S.C.O.U.T.] = 7
Sneak 2 [Vampire] +4 [Armor] +4 [Subtlety] +2 [Shadow] +4 [New Usurper] +3 [Darklight] = 19
Combat Skills 17 [Gunsmith] +16 [Perception] +6 [Subtlety] +3 [Shadow] = 42/42
Adventure Skills 6 [Tech Lore] +5 [Gadgetry] + 2 [Precision] +4 [Thievery] +3 [Vitality] +2 [Speed] +2 [Acrobatics] +6 [Investigation] = 30/30
N-C Skills 4 [Drawing] +5 [Cooking] = 9/15


Assault Rifle, Carbine, Handgun, SMG
Assault Rifle, Carbine, SMG, Sniper Rifle
Jewelry, Magic Bolter, Magic Cannon, Staff
+2 Republican, +1 Mad Bomber
+2 New Usurper
+3 No Favored Element
Unequipped - Kitty, Schoolgirl, Zeny, The Empress
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