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Sun Sang Hee

Player: Arla
Income: Treasure Hunter (10,000z)
Expenses: 0z
Currency: 126,000z, 51,900 GobTix™
Race: Human
Age: 30 (Adult)
Racial Trait(s): Flexibility, Proficiency
Cultural Trait: Vocational Training (+3 Tinkerer skills)
Locational Trait: Republican (+2 Gadgetry)
Weapon Group: Magic Soldier, Light Magician
Weapon Proficiency: Jewelry, Magic Bolter, Magic Cannon, Staff, Cane, Orb, Wand
Weapon Expertise: Jewelry
Favored Element: Spirit, Cosmic
Armor Type: Sturdy Magic Coat (Magic Attire)
Meta Bonus: Tinker 6, Mystic 4, Arcanism 4
Status and Equipment
HP: 34
SP: 34
Damage: 3 Magical 1)
To Hit: 8
Evasion: 1
Endurance: 4 1 (+4 vs. Exhausted)
Willpower: 3
Search: 4
SP Reductions: x
MOV: 14
Equipped Weapon: Particularly Sturdy Necklace
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
All Purpose Pouch XL Barrier Bot+++ ZAIBATSU Seniority (Major)
Health Soda The Count R. Charm Font of the Cosmos (Major)
Chilled Coffee Pentacle R. Charm x
Imprisomed Impact Bolt PhantOS Tablet x
Barony Scanner x x
Injury Type Description Heal Date
W̵̫͗ì̵̫t̵͆ͅn̵̦̋è̴͙š̶͈s̵͕̎ ̶̘͗i̶̼͘ṇ̷̋ ̵̭̾R̶̟͑e̸̫͛d̴̺͝ Soul Injury (0 IP) Upon returning to the Camp, Sang Hee is subjected to a cursory mana-scan. There’s a lingering trace of Cosmic mana on her soul, though it seems passive for now… May want to keep an eye on that. When you close your eyes, there’s a faint spec of red. You saw it. ???
Injury Points 0/17
Tinker VI Mystic IV
Passive: Magi-Technician Scribe
Cost: Tier Tier
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Mech Masher Shortcut Materia Rekindle
Tier 2 Great Materia Ping! Grenadier Resonant Great Materia Deny
Tier 3 Superior Keel Haul S.W. Interruptor Superior Overload Overcharge
Tier 4 Excellent Grand Materia Overclock Breadth Grand Materia Wild Magic
Arcanism IV x
Passive: Sorceress x
Cost: Tier x
Tier 1 Pain Sigil Ward Sigil Barrage x x x
Tier 2 Stinging S. Aegis Sigil Dismissal x x x
Tier 3 Death Sigil Mercy Sigil Titan Sigil x x x
Tier 4 Detonation Extension Sigil Savant x x x
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Gadgetry +10 ”It’s… A learned skill. That’s all.”
Tech Lore +10 ”This, too. Working in Yuen Long has helped?”
Relic Lore +9 ”Magical Tech is… Was? It started as a hobby.”
Harvesting +8 ”I need materials to work with…”
Dexterity +7 ”Precision is key..? With my job.”
Mana Control +7 ”I’m, I’m… Getting better?”
Mana Sensing +7 ”This is—it's gotten easier..!”
Spell Lore +2 ”I still have much to learn…”
Psionics +4 ”This is going to take a lot of getting used to…”
Non Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Multitasking +7 ”Hahahaaa… What’s sleep?”
Drafting +5 ”Designs, blueprints…”


Particularly Sturdy Necklace
Stats 3 Magical DMG. +1 DMG vs. Single Target, +2 To Hit, +1 DMG with Spirit, and ignores Damaged (but not Broken). A clear, circular gem on a silver chain that's meant to be worn around the neck.
Material x
Craftsman Sun Sang Hee
Enchantment x
Improvement x
Maker's Mark Excellent :: A Masterwork that provides +2 To Hit, +1 Damage with the Spirit Element, and ignores the Damaged Condition (but not Broken).
Sturdy Magic Coat (Magic Attire)
Stats 1 EVA & WIL, +4 Movement, and ignores Damaged (but not Broken). A swing coat with a vivid magenta and pink patterned interior lining.
Material x
Craftsman Terra
Enchantment x
Improvement x
Maker's Mark Masterwork (Sturdy) :: +2 Movement. This Armor ignores Damaged (but not Broken).
All Purpose Pouch XL 2)
Health Soda A lemon-lime fizzy drink! Heals 20 HP.
Chilled Coffee Cold, sweet coffee in a can. Mocha flavored! Heals 20 SP.
Imprismed Impact Bolt A present from Jiahao! Casts Impact Bolt when thrown at an enemy, dealing 15 Force DMG to a single target. Impact Bolt gains To Hit/Damage equal to the user's highest Magic Meta (4). Single use!
Barony Scanner A round gadget that clips to the chest and produces a magical map of the surrounding area and all units inside it. +4 Search. At the cost of 2 SP, gain a Reactionary Search Roll whenever an enemy unit in Stealth makes a movement action.
Barrier Bot+++ A small robot that projects a dome of ethereal blue when deployed. Gear (Magitech device). Twice per encounter, the Barrier Bot may be deployed as a Standard or Quick Action at the holder's feet. It creates a Spirit Barrier with 25 HP that covers a 7 x 7 Area of Effect.
The Count R. Charm (Captain Edition) A pirate-magician decked in gold and red. Half the charm is his giant hat. Once a day, automatically succeed an Illusion Adventure Skill roll.
Pentacle R. Charm A silver symbol of magic, especially the kind of magic practiced by witches and folksy alchemists on the mainland. Grants +1 WIL for every one of the following Metas you have at least 1 of: Spirit, Shadow, Artifice, Arcanism, Mystic, Alchemist.
PhantOS Tablet
A sleek Ringer tablet painted with a black and grey gradient. This isn't branded at all, so it looks shady… Device (Magitech) :: The PhantOS Tablet has 3 Charges per encounter, and has multiple uses. All of these uses prompt a Tech Lore roll that adds ½ the user's Tinker Meta and consume 1 Charge.
#1 It can temporarily disable a single security camera (for how long is DM discretion).
#2 It can reset a numbered keypad to factory default. Default password is usually '1111*'.
#3 It can force a keycard slider to allow entry, but only until the door closes again.
#4 It can brute force through a console's log in screen, but will leave evidence of its entry.

Boons, Special Skills, & Research

Boon Type Level Description
ZAIBATSU Seniority Major x +4 END when rolling against the Exhausted Condition. Gain +2 to any Non-Combat skill related to business and corporate infrastructure. 3)
Font of the Cosmos Major x Sang Hee gains Favor with the Cosmic Element, and Cosmic Fluidity with all Magic skill trees. She also gains a new Adventure Skill, Psionics 4).
Temp Boon Duration Desc
x x x
Study Description Research Time
x x. x x
Source Description Research Time
Novice Technician Ochre will show you the basics of advanced machinery. 5/27 - 6/17 (Finished)
Apprentice Technician Ochre will give you some tips on repairing such machinery. 6/17 - 7/29 (Finished)
Expert Technician Ochre will guide you through a unique upgrading process. 7/29 - 10/21 (Finished)
Artisan Technician Ochre will delve into the realm of magitech implants. 10/21 - 4/7/2021


Craft Source Description Research Time
x x x x - x
Crafting Points 10 Max 10/10 CP available
Currently Crafting 0/0 x
7th Division Magi-Tech Lab Rare -4 to CP Costs. Sang Hee shares this with the rest of the Camp.
7th Division Workshop Rare -4 to CP Costs. Sang Hee shares this with the rest of the Camp.
Gobble Gob III Plushie x Oh, this is pretty cute. It's a goblin-sized (and shaped) stuffed animal wearing a golden mask with zeny coins for eyes. Text stitched across the stomach reads 'SQUEEZE ME FOR GOOD LUCK!' When placed in a home or workshop, it can be squeezed once per Upkeep cycle. This grants a Temporary Boon called 'Luck of the Gob' for 30 Days, which causes your next flat roll to be 15.
Permits & Licenses
Tinker x x
Mystic x x
Crafting Recipes
Blueprints & Schematics
Common Rare Legendary
Barrier Bot Force Emission Gloves x
Productivitizer Force Emission Armbands x
x Force Emission Rings x
Catalysts & Patterns
Common Rare Legendary
Jar of Souls Detonation Core The Pinnacle
Condenser Case x x
x x x
Common Rare
32 0
Name Amount Rarity Craft Description
x x x x x

Notes, Stats, & Misc.

Sun Industries Mineral Lexicon A thick book containing information on all kinds of metals and minerals found throughout Aurora. Possessing this (even in Storage!) reduces Study Difficulty for Metal-based Reagents by one level. Simple Reagents can be immediately identified with it, as well.
Sun Industries Magical Lexicon A thick book containing information on all kinds of magical items found throughout Aurora. Possessing this (even in Storage!) reduces Study Difficulty for Magic-based Reagents by one level. Simple Reagents can be immediately identified with it, as well.
Key Items
Autographed Phantomme Polaroid Who is she? This name and appearance might be enough to find out more.
Elysian Dream Shrine Setting this up inside your home prevents almost all nightmares, hauntings, and malevolent magic entities and phenomena from ruining your sleep. Once a month, you may give yourself a Divine Peace temporary boon, which grants +6 Maximum HP / SP, -1 to all SP Costs, and allows you to ignore the harmful effects of any single Injury (including most Soul Injuries (GM Discretion)) in your next encounter.
Excellent Ring +3 Magical DMG. +1 vs. Single Target, +2 To Hit. A small jewelry catalyst that comes with the Excellent Maker's Mark.
Detonation Core A pattern for Mystics! Sang Hee intends to study this…
The Pinnacle A pattern for Mystics! Sang Hee intends to study this…
Stat Notes
HP 34 [Base]
SP 34 [Base]
HIT 6 [Base] +2 [Particularly Sturdy Necklace] = 8
EVA 0 [Base] +1 [Magic Attire] = 1
END 0 [Base] +4 [Arcanism 4] = 4
WIL 0 [Base], +1 [Magic Attire], +2 [Pentacle R. Charm] = 3
Search 0 [Base] +4 [Barony Scanner] = 4
Sneak 0 [Base]
NWA 0 [Base]
MCA 3 [Silver Ring]
Tinkerer 1 [Vocational Training] +4 [Points] = 5
Mystic 4 [Points] +0 = 4
Combat Skills 18 [Tinkerer 6], +12 [Mystic 4], +12 [Arcanism 4] = 41/42
Adventure Skills 5 [Relic Lore], +3 [Mana Control], +3 [Harvesting], +3 [Mana Sensing], +4 [Dexterity], +5 [Gadgetry], +7 [Tech Lore], +4 [Psionics] = 34/34
NC Skills 7 [Multitasking] +3 [Drafting] = 10/15
+1 w/ Spirit
Holds 3 Consumables
Psionics is a Cosmic-aligned Magical Adventure Skill that doesn’t require a Catalyst. It can be used to perform acts of Strength, Vitality, and Dexterity magically.
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