Soso Poxso

Player: Patty
Income: RawnTech Money Printer (1 Mall Punch)
Currency: 273,420z, 159 GP, 18,000 GT, 4/8 Mall Punch
Race: Goblin
Racial Trait(s): Size Matters, Natural Curiosity, Proficiency
Cultural Trait: The Family
Locational Trait: Goblin Townie
Age: 21 (Adult)
Weapon Groups: Goblin Bruiser1), Light Ranger2)
Weapon Expertise : Sword, Shotgun & Throwing Knife
Armor Type: Drab Robe (Light)
Meta Bonus: Alchemist 6, Leadership 4, Subtlety 1, Might 1
Status and Equipment
HP: 33
SP: 34
Damage: 6 Slashing (Thrown), 5 True Fire (Scimitar), 4 Slashing (Whip)
To-Hit: 6
Evasion: 3
Endurance: 5
Willpower: 1
DR: 1 Piercing & Fire
Sneak: 2
Equipped Weapon: Throwing Scrap
Equipment (6)
⇌ Potion Satchel XL ⇌ Weapon Belt
High Healing Potion -
Improv Hero Badge Jade Choker
⇌ Weapon Belt (2)
Scorching Scimitar Parrot-Feather Whip
Name Type Description Heal Date
- - - -
Injury Points 0/14

Boons & Special Powers

Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Tier Description
Veni, Vidi, Vici Major - Surviving the Goblin Battle Royale was quite an ordeal! Winning, however, was another story entirely. +1 Piercing & Fire DR. +1 Movement.. Chiclet gains +1 MOV.
Titan’s Blood Potion (2) Major - ”I expected worse, for blood…” +2 EVA.
Dragon’s Blood Potion (2) Major - ”…Don’t ask me where I got it? +2 SP.
SanGob Supplement Major - ”I think I have biceps now.” +2 Max HP, +1 WIL, +1 to Might Meta (not Cap).
Other Type Description
Natural Curiosity Racial (Goblin) Soso rolls twice for Search, and picks the higher roll.
Size Matters Racial (Goblin) Soso adds +1 Damage to One-Handed Weapons, or +1 Hit to Two-Handed Weapons.
The Family Cultural (Goblin) Soso gains +2 Acrobatics and +1 Subtlety Meta.
Goblin Townie Locational (Goblin) Soso gains +2 Herbology.


Tree: Alchemist VI Leadership IV
Passive: Plague Doctor Wrangler (4)
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Quick Dip Attack Order Defend Order Shield Order
Tier 2 Inoculation Great Materia Harmacist3) Heal Order Shake Off Rear Back
Tier 3 Superior Triage Acid Demonstration Desperate Cry Pick Me Up Dogpile
Tier 4 Excellent Grand Materia Alchemic Plume Presence4) Rise Up Frenzy
Tree: Subtlety I Might I
Passive: Trickster Fervor
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Subvert Obscure - Bash - Fend
Tier 2 - - Divert Rush - -
Adventuring Skills
Investigation +12 “I’m short but I don’t miss much.”
Herbology5) +9 “Plants are nice. They don’t talk.”
Survival +9 “I know what could kill me so… Process of elimination?”
Thievery +9 “I found this. In the dumpster.”
Acrobatics 6) +6 “I can make myself really small, or disappear entirely…”
Field Medicine +5 “Don’t do that. The dying thing.”
Precision +4 “Tiny fast hands.”
Tech Lore +4 “Chiclet's my only pride and joy…”
Non-Combat Skills
Toxin Tolerance +6 “I may have been a wyvern in the past life.” Soso can be exposed to and ingest some toxins without major repercussions… most of the time.
Active Signature Skill – ??
Passive Signature Skill – ??
A goldenrod junker, a little too large even for Soso… It’s kind of cute.
TYPE Large Mounted Mechanical. +2 All DR7). Regen 5 HP per Turn.
HP 39 Hit 28)
END 10 WIL 2
MOV 13
Adventure Skills
Strength +4 Vitality +4
Gadgetry +4 Precision +4
Ancient Machinery Heart Companion Armor (Legendary). Grants +2 Endurance & +Leadership Meta (4) HP. The Companion passively has Rank 2 Regeneration.
Bipsy Wipsy
A bright blue and rainbow unicorn. Exceedingly prone to bouts of violence.
TYPE Small Cunning Mechanical. +2 All DR9). Regen 5 HP per Turn.
Trait - Surprise! After leaving Stealth, +3 Damage for a full Turn.
Trait - Lil Killer If leaving Stealth via an Attack, move up to Meta afterward.
Skill - Glitter Bomb (Standard, 4 SP, 4 CHA). Leave Stealth and Blind Units in 4×4 Self AoE (vs. END).
HP 31 Hit 610)
DAM 311) EVA 5
SNK 14 SCH 6
Adventure Skills
Precision +8 Strength +4
Speed +4


Armor: Rawn Charlie Jumpsuit
Soso’s covered the huge ‘RC’ on the back with a pirate flag. Now a cape.
Base Stats Unarmored. -1 SP costs, +2 MOV.
Improvement Goblin Toolpouch: +2 CP and has a Container that can hold 1 Machinery Device.
⇌ …
Equipped Weapon: Throwing Scrap
Innate Throwing ‘Knife’. Do not give a reactionary Search roll if they miss from Stealth. +2 Hit vs. Exploited Units. Apply Flanked vs. EVA on flat Attack rolls of 19-20.
Base Stats 6 DAM Slashing.12)
⇌ Weapon Belt
Weapon: Scorching Scimitar of the Great Serpent
A foot-and-a-half long scimitar that burns with an ember over the blade constantly.
Innate Can be gripped with both hands as a Sub Action to add +1 DAM. Removes Relentless & Tenacious Stance’s Hit penalty. Add +1 EVA in combat when wielded.
Base Stats Heavy Blade. 5 True Fire Damage. 13)14)
Legendary Enchantment Serpent’s Breath: All Damage dealt via this Weapon is converted to True Fire (whether Magical or Physical).
Enchantment Faithful: The wielder gains 1 Combat Resource for their Skill Tree with the highest Meta every turn. If their highest Meta has no Combat Resource, they gain 2 SP every Turn instead.
Weapon: Parrot-Feather Whip
A long black whip with colorful feathers sprouting out of the hilt. It occasionally glows either neon red, yellow, or blue for a short period.
Innate Attack range is 6 instead of 4. Deals +1 DAM if attacking Unarmored units. Add +3 Bonus Hit when applying Pained & Unbalanced.
Base Stats Whip. 4 Slashing DAM.15)
Enchantment Crackalack: Standard Action, 5 SP. Increase Companion’s Damage by 1 for the encounter as a Magical Condition.
⇌ Potion Satchel XL Carries 3 High Healing Potions (+24 HP and removes 1 Rank of a Negative Alchemical Condition).
High Healing Potion +24 HP and removes 1 Rank of a Negative Alchemical Condition.
Improv Hero Badge A golden badge with a pin on the back. It’s circular with a smiley face on it. Allow use of an untrained (+0) Adventure Skill once per encounter. To calculate its bonus, take your highest Skill within the same category (Physical, Magical, or Technical) and divide it by ½.
Jade Choker A thick and heavy choker made of jade with a few golden accents. May be used once per encounter, at any time, to seemingly turn the wearer's skin to jade in preparation for a singular Attack by temporarily granting 5 Phys DR.


Source Description Research Time
- - -
Source Description Research Time
- - -
Key Items
RawnTech Money Printer It's NOT a counterfeiting device. Kinda. Once per month, this generates the holder's choice of 5 Merchant's Guild GP or 1 Lighthalzen Mall Card Punch. ((Last use: 5/1 for 1 Mall Card Punch)
Ballast Bastards Flag A well-preserved, Ether-coated flag bearing the emblem of the Ballast Bastards pirate crew: A tricorne-wearing skull, crossbones, and a bloody anchor. Soso is wearing this as a cape…
Idol of Productivity Grants +1 CP. Works from Storage!
The Bastard’s Child A Legendary shotgun, of Dwarven make. It’s Broken, and will probably cost a pretty penny to repair, if you can find a Gunsmith skilled enough to do so…
Journeyman's Jawbreaker (12) A dozen jawbreakers wrapped in foil. They're so huge, it takes several sittings just to get through one… Item (Consumable). Consuming one of these grants 2 CP. Due to how long it takes to get through one, the same person can't use more than one per week.
Shortstick It’s just a bat.
Boomstick It’s just a shotgun.
Drab Robe Looks like a blanket…
Augmentor Flask A golden flask with a special lining that amplifies the effect of certain brews… Utility. Affects the Alchemist Skill Triage. It can now be used on living targets, rather than only Unconscious ones, and its Damage is doubled. In the case of Apothecary, it heals for Alchemist Meta x 2 instead of Reviving.
Big Old Healing Potion +20 HP & SP, and cures 1 single condition.
Old Luck Potion (2) Grants +2 to next Adventure Skill roll, and eats 3 SP upon drinking.
Old Haste Potion Grants Haste, and eats 2 SP upon drinking.
Status Calculation
HP 28 [Base] +2 [Dragon’s Blood] +2 [Supplement] +1 [Might] = 33
SP 28 [Base] +4 [Leadership] +2 [Dragon’s Blood] = 34
DAM 5 [Scimitar] / 6 [Thrown] / 4 [Whip] = 5/6/4
Hit 6 [Highest Meta] = 6
EVA 1 [Subtlety] +2 [Titan’s Blood] = 3
END 4 [Leadership] +1 [Might] = 5
WIL 1 [Supplement] = 1
Sneak 2 [Subtlety] = 2
Combat Skills 20 [Alchemist VI] +12 [Leadership IV] = 32/42
Adventure Skills +7 [Investigation] +2 [Herbology] +4 [Survival] +9 [Thievery] +4 [Acrobatics] +4 [Precision] = 30/30
N-C Skills 6 [Toxin Tolerance] = 6/15


Polearm, Shotgun, Sword, Throwing Axe
Bow, Bowgun, Sword, Throwing Knife
3) , 4)
+2 Goblin Townie
+2 The Family
7) , 9)
Cannot be healed by magic or pots.
Mounted: 7
Stealth: 8
Stealth: 4
12) , 13) , 15)
Size Matters: +1 DAM
2H: 4 True Fire and +1 Hit
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