Rurik Yorenguard

Player Rurik Adventuring Skills
Income 20000z per month Field Med. 15
Upkeep 5000z (Perk it Pills Xtra) Elementalism 11
Race Human Insight 11
Profession Chief Physician Precision 11
Racial Trait(s) Flexibility, Proficiency and Potent Soul Spell Lore 13
Cultural Trait S. Training (+1 Lead Meta) Investigation 5
Locational Trait Republican (+1 Field Med) Herbology 5
Age 23 (Adult) Magical Healing 5
Weapon Proficiency R. Sage1), R. Gunman2), Mixed Magician3) Clairvoyance 2
Favored Elements Water, Fire, Earth, Light Relic Lore 9
Armor Type Unarmored Survival 2
Meta Bonus Leadership 6, Elemental VI , Artifice 2, Paragon 4 Vitality/Illusions 1
Status and Equipment Non-Combat Skills
HP 43(+4) Piano 5
SP 57(+4) World History 5
Damage 10 MCA Economics 5
To Hit 14(+2 Conditions) Starting MP 6/9
Evasion 1(+1) Search 1(+2)
Endurance 8(+1) Critical Range MCA 6-20
Willpower 10(+1)
Damage Resist 1 Storm 5 Corruption (+1 Primary/Light/Physical)
Weapon Expertise Twin Jewelry, Jewelry
Equipped Weapon Regal Staff
Equipped Armor Emperium Weave Robe
Equipment on Person
Potions Gear Powers
Health Draught Incorporeal Hex Belt Noclotlon's Favor
Haste Potion Barrier Bot Flame Bearer
Gushing Berry Momentous Rings Shaman's War Paint
Weapon Belt x Gryphon Ascendant
x x Behemoth's Blood Potion
x x Behemoth's Gift
Favor of the Storm God
Sunforge Secrets
Song of the Corotrangul
Annals of Glastheim
Forgotten Nos Techniques
Remnant of Lucent's Champion
Conqueror of Amatsukaze
Elemental Fluidity
Research Type Description Study Time
Avatar of Conjury Master A hand-written book, likely by someone named Gustav the Inspired. It also has a poem. Paused
Wizard Step II Intermediate Wizards are what the Guild is most known for, and the most widely-taken course in Year 4. They focus on a general expertise in magic, but have less specific tools than Curators and Wardens. Completed 5/17.
Completed Courses
Wizard Step I Years 1 through III
Injury Type Description Heal Date
Injury Points 0/20
Temp Boons Description Recurring?
Perk-It Pills Xtra Grants a Temporary Boon that applies a Reduction to Studies & Training based on Difficulty for 30 Days. Simple gains a -5 Day Reduction; Intermediate -10; Expert -20; Master -40. Yes
A little of everything Grants… a lot of things. Also probably an upset stomach. +1 to all incoming direct healing, +3 All Dr for first turn of Combat, +1 to all outgoing Direct Healing, +1 Weapon Range, and +1 Damage with your first Attack per combat encounter. Also a random effect at time of the encounter. God I hope not
Conduit Magitech Tattoo When this Temporary Boon is applied, begin combat with a Rank of Focused. (This works in addition to the Commissary Temporary Boon.) Yes
Weapons, Armor, and Gear Breakdowns
Weapon - Critical Force Sovereign Regal Staff
Base Stats 10 MCA, +4 to Hit, immune to damaged, broken, or corroded, -3 to Dispel effects
Weapon Type Staff: Staves add +3 EVA, WIL, or END vs Interrupt Attacks.
Lore A weapon to surpass all others.
Maker's Mark Excellent: +3 To Hit, cannot be damaged or broken.
Enchantment Critical - The Weapon adds +2 to the Critical Range of Elemental Magic
Enchantment Forceful Sovereignty - +3 Damage, -3 versus Damaged, Broken, or Dispel
Improvement Sages’ Lacquer - The Weapon adds +1 Damage & To Hit and is Immune to the Corroded Condition)
Improvement Opals of the Mind - +4 vs Interrupts!
Armor - Defiant Runic Emperium Weave Robe
Description An Unarmored Garb with the Grand Materia (Emperium Thread)
Maker's Mark Grand Materia - Emperium Thread - causes the Armor to become Catalytic with 4 Base Damage. It reduces the numeric effect of Negative Magical Conditions on its wearer by 1 and has +3 Defense vs Corroded / Damaged / Broken.
Improvement Runic Embroidery - The Armor reduces the Difficulty Level of Superior Magic by 1 when determining Max HP Cost.
Enchantment Excellent Defiance Masterwork - The first three Negative Conditions cast onto the wearer are turned into Positive Conditions instead, with a reverse effect. -1 Will
Incorporeal Hex Belt
Description Gear (Magical) :: An edgy-looking belt with a chain wrapped around it. It has an ethereal glow. The wearer adds +2 To Hit when applying Conditions. Once per encounter, they may turn incorporeal. Turning incorporeal gives them a ghostly look for several seconds and reduce a single incoming Attack's Damage to ½ (as if having maximum DR). If used in response to Spirit Damage, it fails to reduce anything and triggers Elemental Weakness instead.
Special Powers and Boons
Name Type Effect Description
Noclotlon's Favor Major Boon You are immune to airborne toxins. While in a Poison Field, you gain +1 To Hit & Damage as well as +2 Evasion, Willpower & Endurance. Even the most virulent poison tastes like sweet air, and its presence empowers you.
Flame Bearer Major Boon Deal +1 Damage with Fire Spells. Prism Blast is replaced with Solar Flare Rurik's irises have turned a light orange color, all of the sudden.
Font of Earth Major Boon Rurik has imbibed this potion giving him Earth as a favored element.
Shaman's War Paint Major Boon Convert 2 SP into +1 DAM or Healing of any Magic Skill A blue mask adorned with feathers and bones, painted on the skin anywhere the Bludd Pitt Victor desires. It magically empowers spells
Gryphon Ascendant Major Boon +1 to Gryphon Aspect Level & Evasion. “Before the Gryphon, you are worthy.”
Remnant of Lucent's Champion Major Boon +6 to HP/SP. +1 to Leadership Meta/Cap. Allies gain Courageous on flat rolls of 16 - 20 from or boosted by Orders. Caedoch's annex was likely more of an exchange, and they've gained from it.
Elemental Fluidity Major Boon Allows use of Elemental Magic Skills with the High Elements Rurik's learned how to mold and shape mana in a way outside the conventional teachings.
MMN 'Doktor' Arm Magical Gear +2 Field Medicine & +3 Precision. You always use full To Hit when making Called Attacks. -5 to Swimming. A custom made Series 3 right arm made by MURDERMAN himself. Cherry Red
Behemoth's Blood Potion Minor Boon +2 Hit Three doses of the legendary potion.
Behemoth's Gift Minor Boon +1 Hit A Giant Snake's parting gift
Sunforge Senses Minor Boon +1 Search. If Rurik needed glasses before, he doesn't now.
Favor of the Storm God Minor Boon +1 Storm Resist. . You cannot be drowned in liquid by any means while KOed. From a snake spirit named Orochi who considers himself a god.
Conqueror of Amatsukaze Major Boon +3 HP and SP. Gain +2 to Survival. +2 Investigation Kept his promise to see Orochi again.
Mark of Gloom Minor Boon Rurik has perfect sight in the dark. Deal struck to keep the power of Home Among the Stars contained.
Skinwalker Scarification Scar -1 Precision. When any Unit in an encounter adopts an Animal Form, Rurik gains +1 WIL for the rest of the encounter. Glows faintly under the right circumstances
Forgotten Nos Techniques Minor Boon Unearthed from Glastheim's grand castle library, these methods of drawing mana for Superior Spells offer an extra kick. Rurik acts as though his Superior Meta is 1 higher when using Superior Magic.
Song of the Corotrangul Minor Boon Every so often, the choir-like hymn of the Corotrangul gets stuck in their heads. In a way, its presence diminishes the agitation of other annoying things. Focused is no longer removed by gaining Ranks of Agitated or vice-versa. You can have both at once in this way, independently.
Annals of Glastheim Tiered Boon Stat Effect Additional Abilities
Volume I Blood Magic +2 Spell Lore You may sacrifice HP when using any Magic Skill to raise its Damage by that much. The amount of HP you can sacrifice is equal to Tier. Up to -5 HP for 5 DMG.
Volume II Occultism +2 Clairvoyance While under the effect of a Soul or Spite Link, Rurik gains Willpower equal to Tier Level. (+5 Will)
Volume III Apothecary +2 Herbology Gain Endurance when under the effect of a Positive or Negative Alchemical Condition. (+5 END)
Volume IV Skyborne No stat effects Gain Corrupt Resistance equal to Tier (5). They learn the Nephilim Art 'Cleansing Touch' (Detailed in Spellbook link)
Volume V Beyond Death “The secret dies with me” Adds ½ Tier Level To Hit when his target is Undead or the Spirit Element (round up). He may see wandering spirits with the clarity of a Soul Linker, but has no greater means of interacting with them as such a person would.
Mixed Education Tiered Boon Stat Effect Additional Abilities
Year I Freshman(With Honors) +1 Spell & Relic Lore. Gain an extra Favored Element of your choice. +1 To Hit with Magic Bolters & Cannons. +1 Damage & To Hit vs Undead Units.
Year II Sophmore(With Honors) +1 Spell & Relic Lore. +2 Field Medicine. -1 to Magic SP Costs. +1 Magic Damage with Magic Bolters & Cannons. +1 To Hit with Called Attacks. You can add 1 Spell Slot by subtracting 1 Charge from any Magical Script in your Equipment Slots, or vice-versa, once per Script.
Year III Junior(with Honors) +1 to Illusions & Vitality, + 1 WIL Gain +2 Critical Range, which applies to all Magic Skill Trees. +1 To Hit with Magic Attacks. +1 Damage & To Hit when striking Elemental Weakness.
Signature Skill: Surgical Precision
Type Passive
Description Rurik always does his utmost to minimize the risk to his companions during adventures. In this case, it's lead to Rurik gain extreme precision over his magic to the degree he can shape a spell to bend around other characters with some effort.
Effect Any AoE spell that Rurik casts no longer hits his allies. However, Rurik must expend +1 SP or +1 MP per ally the attack avoids (this includes Pets).
Tree Leadership VI Elemental VI
Passive Commander Amplify
Tier 1 Attack Order Defend Order Rally Order Growth Wash Ember Soothe Splash
Tier 2 Heal Order Shake Off Hero Charge Spike Shards Thorns Sear Backdraft Ripple Surge
Tier 3 Desperate Cry Inspiring Words Chosen One Ignite Detonate Waterfall Shockwave
Tier 4 Presence Pile On Rise Up Drown Fissure Solar Flare Fire/Water/Earth Mastery (3)
Tree Artifice II Superior IV
Passive Wrath Paragon
Tier 1 Analyze Exchange x Procuro Nyx Return Magic Megido
Tier 2 Reach x Discharge Soul Break Nourish Soul Steal
Tier 2 x x x x Mana Flux x
Tier 3 Siphon x Silence Arcane Boost Arcane Nulling Cast Cancel
Tier 4 x x x Disaresta Clearance Soul Shackle
Chief Physician Rurik has access to several benefits of being employed by the Kingdom of Glastheim including…
Glastheim Restricted/Royal Library Card Access to the Restricted section of the Royal Library. Knowledge is power
Republican Medical Equipment +3 to field medicine when in the Clinic
Calming Painting A very appealing painting of a treasure ship in rough seas. Grants +2 to Treating Injuries. Works from Storage.
Zeny 47,800z
Guild Point Card 2
LHZ Shopping Punch Card 0/8
GobTix 419,000
Mini Yallapple Tree A potted bonsai tree that produced a single, glass-like apple every month. 1 Slot Garden. Every month at Upkeep, this Garden produces 1 Yallapple.
Yallapple A fruit in the shape of the apple that's perfectly and flawlessly clear. Consumable Item. Eating this cures the Major Injury 'Corruption Sickness' instantly. 44 inventory
Rawntech Money Printer Once per month, this generates the holder's choice of 5 Merchant's Guild GP or 1 Lighthalzen Mall Card Punch.
Portal Medical Kit +2 to field medicine
Global Ringer He's not giving out his number, stop asking Luna
Vox Glasses An item that allows a person to read the nephilim language.
Campmaster 9000 ™ A very large tent that can hold up to 5 people. The very image of comfort when braving dangerous forests or enjoying a relaxing outdoor adventure.
Luxury Private Shuttle A very fancy shuttle and the finest in traveling comfort. Fits 8 people and has 4 equipment slots
Life Supplement A curious vial that may turn you into something you don't wish
Redoran's Vital High Healing Potion Quantity: 1. Heals 34 HP and cleanses 1 negative alchemical condition.
Redoran's High Healing Potion Quantity: 2. Heals 24 HP and cleanses 1 negative alchemical condition.
More items in the above google doc under Storage


Unique Spells
A normal spellbook, mail ordered and containing 30 pages.
Pages 1 - 3 Purify Water Brand Torrent
Pages 4 - 6 Imbue Water Cone of Flames Living Warmth
Pages 7 - 9 Solar Flare Crush Condense
Pages 10 - 12 Terminal Eruption Gravelight Chain Heal
Pages 13 - 15 Ember Heal Fire Barrier
Pages 16 - 17 Fire Brand Bless Icy Prism
Pages 18 - 19 Downpour Jekyll's Dancing Sprites Kyrie
Pages 20 - 21 Wind Barrier Royal Spirit Bolt Revivify
Pages 22 - 24 Life Drop Wash Life Rain
Pages 25 - 27 Freeze Bomb Breeze Flash
Pages 28 - 30 Be Rid of Annoyances Haste Sanctuary
Mark II SpellBook
Pages 1 - 3 Iron Flesh Heat Riser Cull
Pages 5 - 7 Vines Growth Collective Ignition
Pages 8 - 10 Soul Split Heckle Yank
Pages 11 - 13 Smite Eclipse Reap
Pages 14 - 16 Sanctuary Rebirth Tranquil Walk of Peace
Pages 17 - 19 Essence Drain Tears of Spite Shadelight
Pages 20 - 22 Twilight's Embrace Debilitate Brightstorm
Pages 23 - 25 Reckoning Darkness Falls Lunar Wind
Aengr Thom Spellbook
Pages 1 -3 Soul Split Heckle Yank

Stat Math
Buys 12 to Leadership, 21 to Elemental, 6 to Artifice, 3 for Fire favor= 42
HP 34R +9(Boons)
Stamina 34R + 6Lead +6Elemental +2Artifice +9 Boons = 54
HIT (0R + 6Lead +3Boons +4Equips) = 13
EVA +1Boons
END 6Lead + 2Paragon
WIL 6Elemental + 2Artifice + 2Paragon-1Boon+1Boon = 10
DAM 10(Ballistic) / 7(Catalyst)
Search 1
Sneak 0
Subtlety 0
Adventure Skills 30reg
Elemental Magic 21[Skill] = 6
Leadership 12[Skill] +1 S. Training +1 Purchase +1 Boon = 6
Artifice 6[Skill] = 2
Adventure Skill Math
Cane, Magic Cannon, Jewelry, Twin Jewelry
Assault Rifle, Carbine, Handgun, SMG
Jewelry, Staff, Twin Jewelry, Wand
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