Nouvein Abelasan

Nouvein Abelasan
Player Lis
Battle Theme
Race Human Demi-Harupi
Racial Traits Flexibility, Proficiency, Everlasting ( Imperfect ), Gliding, Wind Mastery, Aerodynamic, Fleet FGrame, Eyes of Prey, Potent Form, Infertile
Cultural Traits Specialized Training
Locational Trait Runian
Age 19
Elements Earth, Wind
Meta Bonus Leadership VI, Artifice IV, Elemental I, Perception IV
Weapon Groups Magic Soldier, Light Spellsword, Heavy Spellsword
Weapon Expertise Magic Bolter, Magic Canon, Staff
Health Points 61
Stamina Points 70
Damage Resistances +3 Lightning/Storm
Endurance 9
Evasion 10
Willpower 12
Sneak 0
Concealment 0
Search 9
To Hit Base 6 Fine Tuned 'Clarent' 11
Damage Fine Tuned 'Clarent' 9 Anarchy 5 Catalyst 3
Heal Catalyst 3
Economy and Documentation
Wallet 61,000zz
Income Allowance1)
Expenses 0z
Upkeep 0z
Discounts Wizard's Guild
Licenses None
Resources Wizard's Guild
Lighthalzen Punch Card 0/8
Merchant's Guild Bazaar Points 0
Empire City Mall Tickets 0
Equipment and Gear
Armor Wizard's Guild Magic Uniform
Weapon Finnigan Bolt Action Rifle ‘Clarent’
Chivalry Health Draught
Charm of Evasion
Charm of Willpower
Charm of Endurance
Charm of Malady
Puncturing Rounds
Temporary Status
Tourney Meal Temporary Boon Poring Shaped Gelatin, Mashed Potatoes, Light Salting, Lucky Clovers. +3 to all Maximum Combat Resources, +8 HP, +4 SP, +3 to all incoming direct healing, +1 to all incoming indirect healing, first 1 becomes a 12. BATTLE ONE
Injury Points 0/22
Name Type Description Finish Date
Name Type Description Finish Date
Defensive Casting 301 X This is a very difficult course in Defensive Casting, which has almost no lecturing at all… You’re under near-constant assault instead by the Offensive Casting students to better your defenses. 9/2
Defensive Casting 302 X This is a difficult course in Defensive Casting, which concerns better defending yourself against all magic in general. Students come out of this class covered in magical burns… Yikes. 10/20
Defensive Casting 303 X This is an extremely difficult course in Defensive Casting, which moves on to fieldwork… Your task is to work your way through a series of ‘magical obstacle courses’ that are very dangerous. 1/24
Graduation Year 3 X You’ve earned enough credits to move on to Year 4, where you’ll finally begin to learn how to become a proper Curator, Warden, or Wizard. They say it’s the most difficult part of it all… 8/3

Adventure Skills
Acrobatics 9
Precision 2
Speed 9
Survival 5
Insight 9
Magic Healing 5
Spell Lore 2
Relic Lore 9
Civics 2
HP 33 Endurance 2 Sneak 20
To Hit 10 Evasion 10 Search 8
Damage 4 Willpower 8 Movement 12
Bracers of Agile Defense +2 EVA, +2 vs Dispell
Skill Tree Leadership VI
Passive Wrangler
Tier 1 Attack Order Defend Order Shield Order
Tier 2 Heal Order Shake It Off Rear Back
Tier 3 Desperate Cry Pick Me Up Dogpile
Tier 4 Presence Rise Up Frenzy
Skill Tree Perception IV
Passive Fixation
Tier 1 Aimed Strike Loose Strike Change Up
Tier 2 Strafing PinPoint Blitz
Tier 3 Scatter Concentrate Waylay
Tier 4 True Sight Slay Killshot
Skill Tree Artifice IV
Passive Wrangler
Tier 1 Hush Analyze Polarize
Tier 2 Discharge Anticipation Mimicry
Tier 3 Siphon Silence Pierce
Tier 4 Spell Steal Unweave Tempered
Skill Tree Elemental I
Passive Amplify
Tier 1 Wind Barrier Breathe Tilt
Weapon - Clarent, Finnigan Bolt Action Rifle
Base Stats 7 NWA/7 MCA, +3 to Hit, +5 vs. Corroded, Broken, or Damaged
Weapon Type Rifle
Lore Rurik's custom-built rifle made of Nephilim steel. A present from Aslan Yazdi and made by Atlas Finnigan
Maker's Mark Nephilim Steel - The rifle is now Catalytic, using its unmodified Base DAM as MCA (6). It then gains +1 DAM (for NWA) & +5 vs Corroded/Damaged/Broken.
Enchantment Expert - +1 DAM and -1 SP costs for Magic Spells. (Only works on MCAs)
Enchantment x
Improvement Carbon Fiber Stock + Extra Kick - +2 Hit and +3 versus Damaged or Breaking (only works on NWAs)
Improvement Silencer - Makes little noise when fired and does not allow a reactionary search roll.
Weapon: CM-no.3S 'Anarchy'
A chrome-plated, complicated rifle with a lot of moving pieces and a faint, irradiated magic glow… The Charleston Model 3S, or the Anarchy, is advertised as a hard-hitting, volatile personal cannon. Gifted by the Hero, Turoa Rahal.
Material CE-Brand Chrome Plating
Craftsman Mass-produced (Charleston Electric)
Innate Deals True Damage to any target w/o Ballistic/Lightning Resistance. Add +2 To-Hit if Prone or did not move. Cannot fire at targets within 6 squares.
Base Stats Carbine. 5 True Damage, 20 Ammo. Add two follow-up NWAs after every shot. Shocks wielder for 3 Lightning damage after every offensive action.
Enchantment Arc Welder. At the cost of 2 Stamina per cell, NWAs made with the weapon gain an AoE radius around their target. Only functions when loaded with an MR Battery. AoE limit of 5.
Improvement Secondary Drum. Doubles the weapon’s ammunition capacity (10>20).
Wizard’s Guild Uniform
Base Stats Magic Attire + 1 EVA/WIL, + 2 Movement
Craftsman Mass-Produced ( Wizard’s Guild )
Material Enchanted thread spun into a protective uniform
Enchantment ….
Improvement ….
MR Battery Ammo, Unlimited Charges. Applies the Lightning element to Charleston-brand Machine Rifles. Gifted by the Hero, Turoa Rahal.
Special Powers and Boons
Spirit of Baseball Minor +2SP, and +1 to either Vit, Strength, or Speed.
Conqueror of Amatsukaze Major Nouvein braved the mountain and stood atop it, undaunted. +3 HP +3 SP, +2 to Survival, Vitality, or Acrobatics. +2 to Any Adventure Skill of Choice.
Hero of the Guild I Tiered A strange feeling of power and determination has been awakened in Nouvein, lending her strength. +6 HP/SP.
Favor of Amatsukaze Tiered Interrupt Action. 4 SP. When you are knocked back, gain free movement in a straight line. The maximum distance you move is equivalent to Tier x 3.

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