Character Profile
Player: Patty
Income: Lighthouse Lookout (6,000z)
Expenses: -
Currency: 53,400z, 20 GP
Race: Cubi
Racial Trait(s): Weak Arms, Willful (+1 WIL)
Cultural Trait: Mana Rich (Wind)
Locational Trait: Landless (+2 Elementalism)
Age: 201
Weapon Groups: Heavy Spellsword 1)
Weapon Proficiency: Instruments, Magical Scripts
Weapon Expertise : Staff, Runeblade2)
Favored Elements: Fire, Wind, Cosmic
Secondary Elements: Lightning
Armor Type: CE Stardust Attire (Light)
Meta Bonus: Performance 7, Elemental 5, Artifice 3
Status and Equipment
HP: 82 ➤ 86
SP: 50 ➤ 54
Damage: 8 Magical (Instrument)
To-Hit: 7
Evasion: 9 ➤ 10
Endurance: 2 ➤ 6
Willpower: 10 ➤ 11
DR: 3 ➤ 4 Physical, 1 Primary & High
Search: 6
Sneak: -
Equipped Weapon: Baal (Instrument)
Equipment (6)
Clip-On Tuner Headband of Deep Focus
Charm of Endurance Glasses of the Arcana
Charm of Healing Chivalry Stamina Draught
Name Type Description Heal Date
The Death of Bi-Belle Scar Heathcliff died– Ah, he did not. Bi-Belle did, though, but it’s finally faded somewhat. It’s rare (usually at night/alone/when contemplating), but Heath occasionally falls into the mindset of Bianca Belle. He might might very rarely appreciate the colour pink a little more! Or be secretly bubbly about certain topics deep, deep down… Never
Injury Points 0/41
Temporary Boons
Little Bit of Everything Main Ingredient +1 EVA, WIL, END & Max Combat Resources, and +2 Search & Sneak. 1st Round (Triad Tourney)
Little Bit of Everything Side Dish +4 Max HP & SP, +1 Primary & High DR, and +1 Physical DR. 1st Round (Triad Tourney)
Little Bit of Everything Spice +1 to all incoming direct Healing, +3 All DR on the first Turn of combat, +1 to all outgoing Direct Healing, +1 Weapon Range, and +1 Damage with your first Attack per combat encounter. 1st Round (Triad Tourney)
Little Bit of Everything Garnish ??? 1st Round (Triad Tourney)
Charm of Reflection Miram Rasalys Temporary Boon (30 Days). Reflect the first hostile spell used against you during your next encounter. Automatically hits a single target. 1st Round (Triad Tourney)
Conduit Magitech Tattoo Westel Vitale-Ellery Temporary Boon (30 Days). Begin combat with a Rank of Focused. 1st Round (Triad Tourney)

Boons & Special Powers

Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Tier Description
Hero of the Guild Tiered 5 See below for full bonuses.
The Gift of Voices Major - When speaking with conviction, you are able to understand the spoken words of others, and they are able to understand you, regardless of language barriers. In the presence of Cosmic forces, you may make a Search roll to potentially receive relevant whispers and warnings on the Cosmic Winds. Once a day, this may be done without Cosmic forces present on a flat d20 roll.
?̕͜͢?̷̵͞?̸̛̀͠'s Recollection - The OR Major - Heath gets weird thoughts, once in awhile; Urge to eat frosting right out of the container, perfectionism +3 Field Medicine; +2 Non-Combat Skill Instruments (Piano); When using a Healing Consumable that is sweet (soda, specially flavoured potions, etc), add +3 to its healing total.
Blessing of the Wind Blessing 1 See below for full bonuses.
Whisper of the Orcs Minor - The orcs' blessing is only given to those truly deserving. +1 to Artifice Flat Rolls.
Umbral Presence Tiered 1 See below for full bonuses.
Hero of the Guild V
Tier Name Description
1 Mettle +6 HP & SP. Heathcliff treats the Agitated and Frightened Conditions as though they were a Rank lower.
2 Insight +6 HP & SP. At the start of every encounter, gain X Ranks of Wary, with X equal to 1/2 Tier (round down). As a Quick Action, you may spend 3 Ranks of Wary to gain All DR equal to Tier against a Stealthed attack
3 Veteran Sorceror +6 HP & SP. +1 Performance Meta & cap. +2 to any Adventure or Non-Combat Skill (Elementalism).
4 The Heaviest of Souls Racial HP & SP Caps are boosted by Hero of the Guild Tier x3 (15), to a maximum of 20. Racial EVA, WIL & END Caps are boosted by Hero of the Guild Tier -1 (4). Racial Search Cap is boosted by Hero of the Guild Tier -2 (3). Now considered a being of potent mana, eliminating the penalties of certain Skills or Spells.
5 Heart of the Cosmos +6 HP & SP. Add 1/2 Hero of the Guild Tier, rounded up (3) to WIL/END attacks made directly against the soul or core. Heathcliff is Immune to possession.
Blessing of the Wind I
Heath shelters a piece of Atroce's immaterial form within his soul, safe and sound. If the nature of Heathcliff's Soul is uncomfortable for Him, he hasn't heard anything about it yet..?
Tier Name Description
1 Soul of the Tracker +2 Search. Heathcliff gains 3 Combat Points. Once per encounter, he may spend his Sub Action to increase the To Hit of his next Attack by Tier × 2. The affected Attack may target a Unit in Stealth that Heathcliff doesn't know the location of, but only so long as he has visually perceived them at least once during this encounter. Damage caused by it does not break their Stealth, and in the case of a Melee Attack they may immediately travel ½ their Movement afterward.
Umbral Presence I
Tier Name Description
1 Eyes of Truth Heath gains Tier +1 WIL / Search, and 5 Adventure Skill points to spend on Insight (+2), Clairvoyance, Spell Lore (+3), or Illusions. Gain Cosmic Favor. Heath has grown eye-like mutations across his collarbone, shoulders, and neck.


Tree: Performance VII Artifice III
Passive: Spell Singer Temperance
Cost: Tier + 1
Tier 1 Gentle Breeze Cadenza Summer Rain Hush - Polarize
Tier 2 Hunter’s Wit Vivace Nature’s Balance Discharge Anticipation Mimicry
Tier 3 For the Fallen Fortissimo Quiet Prayer - Silence Pierce
Tier 4 Dragon Roar Sforzando Killing Breath Spell Steal - Tempered3)
Tree: Fire V Wind V
Passive: Amplify (15)
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier - 1
Tier 1 - Soothe - - Breathe Tilt
Tier 2 - - Sear - Arise Twister
Tier 3 Imbue Ignite Detonate Imbue Tornado Cyclone
Tier 4 - Fire Mastery4) Prism Blast - Wind Mastery5) Corkscrew
Tree: Lightning IV Cosmic Powers
Passive: Amplify (12) ??
Cost: 4 SP / 6 SP / 8 SP Variable
Tier 1 Barrier Brand Imbue Soul Surrender Heavens Overflow -
Tier 2 Thunderclap Chain Lightning Shock Nova - - -
Adventuring Skills
Insight6) +14 “Got an ear for it. Maybe an eye, too.”
Elementalism7) +12 “Just another kind of fine-tune.”
Vitality +12 “You can have a sip of my thermos, if you want.“
Spell Lore8) +9 “After a point it’s kind of just all the same.”
Relic Lore +9 “Shouldn’t underestimate junk, unless it’s garbage.”
Precision +5 “It’s the strings.”
Tech Lore +3 “You could say I’m traditionalist.”
Field Medicine +3 “Don’t move or I will get this wrong.”
Investigation +3 “I don’t take these sunglasses off.”
Non-Combat Skills
Inscrutability +6 “… I’m elated.” Heathcliff often lacks any sort of expression… at least on the outside.
Instruments (Bass & Guitar) +9 “Put my heart and soul into it. No, really.”
Instruments (Piano) +3 “I haven’t played in years. It’s probably not so bad… still not for me, though.”
Active Signature Skill – Empyrean Riff
”Don’t need to tell which way the wind blows, if you catch my drift.”
Heathcliff summons an ethereal wind and declares a cardinal or intermediate direction. Ally attacks going with the wind gain +3 To-Hit and +3 Damage. Enemy attacks against the wind suffer -3 To-Hit and -3 Damage9). This lasts for 2 Turns, however Heathcliff may expend 8 MP to prolong it for another Turn. At Rank 3 Feedback, this cost is 6 MP instead.
Passive Signature Skill – Encore
”I don’t do requests.”
On flat rolls of 20 in combat, Heathcliff may add his Instrument Skill as bonus To-Hit for his next attack.10)


Shabby Journal
It doesn’t look like a spellbook… but between pages sheet music, illegible notes, and grocery lists there are actually some spells scribbled in.
Pages 1 - 5 Sow Cloak Reap Ensnare Drain
Pages 6 - 10 Smother Cull Descend Sap Eclipse
Pages 11 - 15 Smite Heal Kyrie Bless Gloria
Pages 16 - 20 Flash Haste Baptize Sanctuary Resurrect
Pages 21 - 25 Spirit Bolt Mana Shield Enervate Banish Dampen
Pages 26 - 30 Regenerate Empower Attune Rebirth Reflect
Pages 31 - 35 Triangulation Beam Puppeteer of Body & Soul Black Rain Claret Cacophony Downpour Torrential


Armor: CE Stardust Attire
Base Stats Light Armor. 2 EVA, 2 END. Requires 2 of any Meta and 3+ Tech Lore to make use of Improvements. Cannot be modified without extreme risk of breaking.
Improvement Heavy Metal Refrain: Legendary. Countless high-tech, chrome-plated, magi-tech studs and spikes expand and gain a brilliant, diamond-like glow while providing a potent layer of protection. Outfit passively grants 3 Physical DR and 1 Rank of Brilliant. As a Sub-Action, Ranks of Feedback may be burned to grant 1 Physical DR per Rank burned. Whenever a new rank of Feedback is built, lower Physical DR by 1.
Mode Ascension Frame: Magi-tech wiring throughout the Attire allows the wearer to levitate off the ground and move freely. Grants +2 Movement and EVA. Allows Flight while active, at the cost of 1/4 the wearer's WIL.
Weapon: Charleston Flying V+, ‘Baal’
Innate +1 DAM & +1 Healing with Performance Skills. +1 Tune Range.
Base Stats A modified double-necked electric guitar and bass… The beast head may or may not be real. Exotic: Instrument. 8 Magical / 1 Blunt.
Improvement Reshuffled Runes: Increases a Magic Weapon's Magical Damage by 2, but lowers Physical Damage (Blunt) by 2 in exchange.
Improvement Vivid Coating: This Weapon can Revive Unconscious Units with any Healing that it produces.
Enchantment Vitality Exchange: Weapon shifts between a blue and red glow, very slowly on a loop. +4 HP, the wearer’s HP and SP values post addition are reversed.
Enchantment Spell Echo: Magical Skills cast through this Catalyst or Magic Weapon are used twice at full SP Cost. They may be used on separate targets, however. 11)
Clip-on Tuner Magical Script. 3 Spirit Spell Slots, 6 Charges. (Puppeteer of Body & Soul)
Charm of Endurance This enchanted charm grants +3 END. On every even Turn, this bonus increases by +1.
Charm of Healing This enchanted charm grants +2 to all outgoing Healing and +2 to all incoming Healing. These do stack, when Healing yourself.
Headband of Deep Focus While wearing this headband, you may move up to ½ of your usual Movement and still use a Focused Action.
Glasses of the Arcana This set of glasses adds +1 To Hit for each Negative Magical Condition that your target is suffering.
Chivalry Stamina Draught Drinking this blue liquid heals 30 SP. If consumed at full SP, you gain 1 Rank of Focused instead.


Source Description Research Time
- - -
Source Description Research Time
- - -
Key Items
- -
Spiced Tea Canned tea, with a little bite of cinnamon… and herbal? +3 Bonus To Hit.
Mana Tulsi A vibrant blue flower shaped like a tulip. Eating this bitter flower generates 1 Mana Point every Turn (including the Turn in which you eat it) for the rest of the encounter.
Runic Gatherer Every Magical Skill the wearer uses generates 1 Runic Spark, with no maximum. The wearer can spend 3 Runic Sparks at a time, as a Sub Action, to heal 4 SP or generate 2 Mana Points.
Portable Cassette Player Playing ‘DEATH FOREVER’ Discography This is really heavy metal… Listening grants your Performances +1 to all numeric effects, but -2 Tune Range.
⇌ Potion Satchel XL
Somatic Soda R (1) A fizzy drink that come in a variety of fruity and herbal flavors. This is… what is this? Heals ½ maximum HP.
Health Soda (1) A fizzy drink that come in a variety of fruity and herbal flavors. This is… what is this? Heals 20 HP.
⇌ Weapon Belt
Black Mage’s Ring Magical Script. 3 Light or Shadow Spell Slots, 6 Charges. (Heal, Haste, Flash)
UltraThermic Canister A shiny metal thermos with a blue button and a red button. Huh! Device (Magitech). A Container with 1 Equipment Slot for any kind of liquid. It can be set to chill or heat its contents to a perfect drinking temperature in either direction, and adds +2 Numeric Bonus to consumables that could benefit from chilling or heating such as sodas or teas.
Herbal Tea Canned tea, in several herbal flavors… and spicy? +3 WIL for an encounter.
Super Heavy Bass Module A mode that was attached to Baal. Applies Unbalanced when casting spells, and lowers the target's maximum HP by Performance Meta (7), once per unit. Spells casted in this mode generate no MP or Feedback.
Lava Gem Holding one prevents averse effects from extreme heat.
Gnaw-Chews Chips Restores 3 HP per handful/Sub-Action, and can be consumed up to 5 times per 1 Item Slot. Alternatively, consume all 5 handfuls as one Sub-Action, and gain 1 Rank of Coughing. The crinkly bag gives the owner -4 Sneak (not stacking with itself) so long as they possess the item.
Wind Down Potion II Grants 4 Wind DR.
Rheeh Scout’s Armor Light Armor. 2 EVA, 2 END. Atroce’s Trickery: 3 Wind DR, +2 Movement.
Status Calculation
HP 26 [Base] +24 [Hero] = 5012) = 82
SP 40 [Base] +7 [Performance] +4 [Elemental] +3 [Artifice] +24 [Hero] +4 [Homogenize] = 8213) = 50
DAM 8 Magical = 8
HIT 7 [Highest Meta] = 7
EVA 2 [Armor] +7 [Performance] = 9
END 2 [Armor] = 2
WIL 1 [Racial] +4 [Elemental] +3 [Artifice] +2 [Umbral] = 10
DAM 6 [Instrument] / 2 [Blunt] = 6/2
Search 2 Base +2 [Blessing] + 2[Umbral] = 6
Combat Skills 20 [Performance] +16 [Elemental] +9 [Artifice] = 45/45
Adventure Skills 1 [Control] +5 [Sensing] +7 [Vitality] +2 [Spell Lore] +7 [Relic Lore] +3 [Tech Lore] +2 [Precision] +3 [Investigation] = 30/30
N-C Skills 6 [Inscrutability] +9 [Instruments] = 15/15
Magic Cannon, Runeblade, Staff, Swordstaff
No 2nd Group
3) , 4) , 5)
+2 Umbral
+2 Landless, +2 Veteran Sorcerer
+3 Umbral
Allies do not suffer penalties and Enemies do not gain bonuses.
This only applies to Instrument weapons.
This isn't a choice! Focused Actions may be used twice, but can also be Interrupted both times.
12) , 13)
Vitality Exchange
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