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Gabrielle DeAngelis

Player: Arla
Income: Glastheim Scholar & Yalla Researcher (11,000z 1), 4 Yallorbs)
Expenses: Golemancy Workshop, Perk-It Pill Xtra2) (6,500z)
Currency: 173,582z, 800 GobTix™, 5 et, 33 GP
Race: Rook Rank Nos (Human)
Age: 24 (Adult)
Human Trait(s): Flexibility (N/A)
Nos Trait(s): See below.
Rook Rank Trait(s): Healthy Body
Cultural Trait: Specialized Training (+1 Artifice Meta)
Locational Trait: Republican (+2 to Relic Lore)
Weapon Groups: Mixed Magician, Republican Sage, Quirky Spellsword
Weapon Proficiency: Jewelry, Staff, Twin Jewelry, Wand, Cane, Anthame, Chrysm
Exotic Proficiency: Nephilim Power Tome
Weapon Expertise: Jewelry, Twin Jewelry
Favored Element: Fire, Earth, Water
Secondary Element: Magma, Ice, Force
Armor Type: Sograti-Style Dress (Unarmored)
Meta Bonus: Artifice 10, Mystic 8, Superior 2, Golemancer 2
Status and Equipment
HP: 38
SP: 51
Damage: 3 3) Magical (Self) / 8 4) Magical (Gloves)
To Hit: 13 5)
Evasion: 0
Endurance: 1
Willpower: 16
Search: 0
Movement: 14 6)
Damage Resistance: 3 Physical, 1 Primary/Secondary/High
Stamina Reductions: -1 All, -3 Magical, -1 Artifice (Caps at -2 Magical, -1 All)
Equipped Weapon: Topaz Mage Gloves
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
All Purpose Pouch Frozen Flame Listed Below!
Ruby Injector III Advanced Mystic's Tool Kit l
Sapphire Injector III Elemental Dog Tags I l
x Elemental Dog Tags II l
Weapon Belt Semy R. Charm l
Ancient Nephilim Puzzle-Cube x v
Scar IP Description Heal Date
Torso Scar x A diagonal indentation in Gabrielle's skin that stretches from the right side of her stomach to the lower part of her chest. -2 Maximum HP & STM. Never
Skinwalker Scarification x Gabrielle's left hand has a diagonal scar from just above the thumb to just below the pinky. It faintly glows under the right circumstances. -1 Dexterity. When any Unit in an encounter adopts an Animal Form, Gabrielle gains +1 WIL for the rest of the encounter. Never
Missing Right Horn x Gabrielle's right horn was snapped off during an airship crash. This is purely cosmetic, and doesn't hurt at all. This will regrow on its own in 6 Months. 11/14
Injury IP Description Heal Date
x x x x
Gouged Right Eye Critical (8) Gabrielle's right eye was completely gouged out in an airship crash. Gabrielle is passively Rank 2 Pained and Rank 1 Blind. She has trouble with depth perception and rolls twice with Ranged Attacks, choosing the lower result. When this heals, it'll leave a Scar. (Healed; Waiting) 6/19
Fatigue Major (4) Gabrielle is exhausted, but studying helps keep her occupied. +2 to SP Costs, and all reductions are nullified. x
IP 4/
Tree: Artifice X Mystic VIII
Passive: Temperance Enchantress
Cost: Tier - 1 Tier
Tier 1 Hush Analyze Polarize Shortcut Materia Rekindle
Tier 2 Discharge Anticipation Mimicry Resonant Great Materia Deny
Tier 3 Siphon Silence Pierce Superior Overload Overcharge
Tier 4 Spell Steal Unweave Tempered Excellent Grand Materia Wild Magic
Tree: Superior Magic II Golemancer II
Passive: Paragon Body Constructor
Cost: 4/4/6/8 Max HP x
Tier 1 Pneuma Nourish W. Plague Shortcut Efficiency Empower
Tier 2 Megido R. Magic L. Devourer Checkup P. Efficiency Disable
Tier 3 A. Boost A. Nulling x x x x
Adventuring Skills
Relic Lore +15 7) +19 “Of course I'd know about something I specialize in… But it isn't enough. It never is.”
Spell Lore +15 8) “It can be likened to a fascinating puzzle.”
Mana Control +14 9) “Mana is everywhere. Understanding its intricacies is key.”
Mana Sensing +14 “Hmph. I'd be a poor excuse for an enchantress if I couldn't do something so basic.”
Magic Healing +4 “I've assumed the role of healer, on occasion.”
Harvesting +4 “Do I look like I dirty my hands?”
Creature Lore +4 “Only those with magical properties interest me.”
Tech Lore +2 “Mm… No comment.”
Vitality +2 “I won't even pretend to understand.”
Dragon Clan Lore +2 “Any and all knowledge is welcome.”
Monkey Clan Lore +1 “Admittedly, the clan where my interests lie.”
Skyborne Lore +1 “I'm very, very curious.”
Field Medicine +2 “Old knowledge from Academy classes.”
Non-Combat Skills
Exceptional Memory +10 “I know how to use my brain.”
Magical Research +9 10) “I am not, nor will I ever be, a slacker.”


Topaz Mage Gloves
Stats 5+3 DMG. +1 DMG vs. Single Target. A pair of form fitting gloves that covers fingertip to a little above the wrist. There are three gold inlaid 'slots' on the back of each glove, fitted with a circular topaz.
Material x
Craftsman Mass-Produced
1st Enchantment Savant :: Weapon gains +2 Damage, and -2 to Magic SP costs.
2nd Enchantment Effective Precision :: Weapon strikes harder and faster, providing +3 to Hit. Innate :: Enchantment grants +1 WIL.
1st Improvement Catalytic Lacquer :: This weapon adds +1 Damage and is Immune to the Corroded Condition.
2nd Improvement Vivid Coating :: This weapon can Revive Unconscious Units with any Healing that it produces.
Sograti-Style Dress (Unarmored Garb)
Stats -1 to SP costs, +2 Movement, +3 versus Withering, +3 Magical DR and 4 3 Physical DR. A dress made of flowing material, with a distinctly Sograti flair and markings on either sleeve.
Material x
Craftsman Terra
Enchantment Circle of Protection+ :: Armor withstands even large blows, gaining +4 Physical Damage Resistance. Innate :: Enchantment grants +1 Primary DR.
Improvement Talismans of Osiris' Deathward :: The wearer adds +3 when defending against Withering.
Maker's Mark Magi Uniform :: Unarmored Garb adds +1 Secondary & High DR in exchange for -1 Physical Resistance.
All Purpose Pouch
Ruby Injector III Heals 30 HP, then applies Regeneration if used by a Magical Unit. This Healing is Magical, not Alchemical!
Saphire Injector III Heals 30 SP, then applies Regeneration if used by a Magical Unit. This Healing is Magical, not Alchemical!
Weapon Belt
Ancient Nephilim Puzzle-Cube A heavy metallic cube, about the size of Gabrielle's closed fist. It has intricately carved symbology and lines over every inch of it, and every piece of it spins or dials or twists.
Frozen Flame A frozen chunk of fire. Weird. Fire & Water Element, 3 Spell Slots. [4 Charges; Fire Brand, Cone of Flame, Living Warmth]
Other Equipment
Advanced Mystic's Toolkit High quality tools to be used by a Mystic. +2 WIL, +2 CP, +4 Relic Lore.
Elemental Dog Tag I Two multi-colored dog tags on a chain to be held around the neck. Can hold 2 Elemental spells. [5 Charges; Torrent, Life Rain]
Elemental Dog Tag II Two multi-colored dog tags on a chain to be held around the neck. Can hold 2 Elemental spells. [5 Charges; Ember, Earth Barrier]
Semy R. Charm A glittering… 'Semy' coin. It's got an S with two lines through it on it - that's not currency. Pffff! Grants +1,000z at Upkeep, but only if you own your own business.

Boons & Special Skills

Path of the Scion IV
Boon Type Level Description
Retained Knowledge Major - Though the E.I.N.E. has been removed, some of its knowledge remains… +1 Artifice Meta. All Artifice skills have their Stamina costs reduced by 1.
Dwarf Lung Tonic Minor - Permanent +1 to stamina.
Forgotten Nos Techniques Minor - Unearthed from Glastheim's grand castle library, these methods of drawing mana for Superior Spells offer an extra kick. Gabrielle acts as though her Superior Meta is 1 higher when using Superior Magic.
Rekkenber Enchanting Manual Major - +1 to Gabrielle's Mystic Meta and its Cap.
Enchanting Knowledge Minor - -2 Enchanting CP costs.
The Annals of Glastheim Tiered 1 See below.
Arcane Riddlemancer Major - The Nephilim Puzzle-Cube proved a months long challenge, but not one insurmountable, in the end. +1 Artifice Meta & Cap.
Immortal Knowledge Major - If knowledge can be transferred, ideas will live forever. Each Skill Tree Gabrielle has adds +1 more to a single Adventure Skill it encompasses.
Spirit of Baseball Minor - The Spirit of Baseball is alive and well within these chosen few… +2 SP, +1 to Vitality.
Unburdened Hero Major - I will never succumb to the Weight of the World. +2 Movement. Additionally, the Courageous Condition adds +1 Movement per Rank on you.
Gift of Fire Major - Gabrielle's Second Wind now causes an eruption of flame, burning away impurities. Gabrielle's Second Wind now also cleanses all Negative Conditions affecting her by way of purifying flame. After use, her body gems will glow a fiery orange-red for the rest of the encounter.
Avidion Golemcraft Major - Lilith has shared the art of Golemcraft with Gabrielle, in Avidion's particular style. Gabrielle acquires the Golemancer Skill Tree, and gains +2 CP. Golemancer's Shortcut effect is doubled.
Nephilim Enchantress Major - Gabrielle's acquired some minor knowledge through working with Nephilim enchantments. +2 Dragon Clan Lore & +1 Monkey Clan Lore.
Tenebrian Curiosities Minor - Gabrielle studied an enchantment from who-knows-where. If she could find another… +1 to the Skyborne Lore Adventure Skill.
Song of the Corotrangul Minor - Every so often, the choir-like hymn of the Corotrangul gets stuck in Gabrielle's head. In a way, its presence diminishes the agitation of other annoying things. Focused is no longer removed by gaining Ranks of Agitated or vice-versa. You can have both at once in this way, independently.
Nectarine Blood Major - Gabrielle's blood oozes, rather than spurts, and comes out a dark golden color. It smells great, with an undercurrent of something more offensive. Bleeding deals ½ Damage on Gabrielle, and she takes no extra Damage from moving while Bleeding. She can give herself the Mild Anemia Injury 11) in order to make a Nectarine Blood Potion, which Heals 25 HP & SP or grants a Temporary Boon to Vampires that increases their Max HP & SP by 5 during their next encounter. Unfortunately, due to the Corruption present in her body, it also applies Rank 1 Sickened in both cases.
Mixed Education Tiered 2 Gabrielle completed Years 1 & 2 at the Yuno Academy, but will be moving forward with the Wizard's Guild. This isn't unprecedented, but is quite rare! See below!
Other Type Description
Catalytic Racial (Nos) Gabrielle requires no catalyst to use magic. She uses Jewelry’s base damage with no Perks.
Clean Blood Racial (Nos) Gabrielle has infinite Injury Points (IP), and does not suffer sickness.
Detoxified Racial (Nos) Gabrielle uses potions at half effectiveness. Poisons hurt her for half damage, too.
Potent Soul Racial (Nos) Gabrielle adds +1 Meta to any Skill Tree she has at least 1 Meta in.
Corrupt Soul Racial (Nos) Gabrielle always rolls flat against Light & Dark Element Attacks and Conditions.
Infertile Racial (Nos) Gabrielle cannot bear children at all, with any race.
Mana Hunger Racial (Nos) Gabrielle adds 1 Soul to her Upkeep. If she does not kill a Mortal Race and eat its Soul, or absorb equivalent Mana each month, she becomes Mana Starved.
Healthy Body Rank (Rook) Gabrielle gains +10 HP & SP, as well as +1 Willpower & Endurance.
Temp Boon Duration Desc
x x x
The Annals of Glastheim I
Tier Name SP Cost Description
I Blood Magic - Gabrielle may sacrifice HP equal to Tier Level (presently 1) as a Free Action to increase the Damage of a spell by the same amount that she sacrificed. The process involves opening a small wound of her own accord. Adds +2 to Spell Lore.
Mixed Education II
Tier Name SP Cost Description
Year 1 First Year (With Honors) - Gabrielle gains an extra Favored Element of her choice (Water). +1 Spell & Relic Lore. +1 To Hit with Magic Bolters & Cannons. +1 Damage & To Hit vs Undead Units. When Studying Glyphs, add +2 Meta. +1 CP & Mystic Great Stride.
Year 2 Sophmore (With Honors) - -1 to Magic SP Costs. +1 Spell & Relic Lore. +1 Magic Damage with Magic Bolters & Cannons. +2 Field Medicine. +1 To Hit with Called Attacks. You can add 1 Spell Slot by subtracting 1 Charge from any Magical Script in your Equipment Slots, or vice-versa, once per Script. +1 CP & Mystic Invention.
Passive Signature Skill :: Knowledge Is Power
“There are no shortcuts in the pursuit of knowledge.”
Description Gabrielle may Study and Train normally, or choose to study two materials at the same time. She gains a third slot that may only be used to Study or Train Artifice. If all slots are filled, she gains Extreme Fatigue.
Active Signature Skill :: Mana Lock
“My understanding of magic far exceeds yours.”
Description Gabrielle has crafted a spell that not only weakens a unit's connection to magic, but makes them vulnerable to it as well.

Magical Research & Other

Study Source Description Duration
Enchanted Oridecon Bar x A glowing bar made from opaque blue oridecon. Group intermediate study w/ Aslan + Analyst Mechanical Spider. 6/27 - 7/27 (Finished)
Magic Theory 301 Wizard's Guild This is a difficult course in Magic Theory, concerning potent illusions and the effect of prolonged magical casting on the body. Finally, her lessons with the Guild begin. 7/28 - 8/23
Offensive Casting 301 Wizard's Guild This is a difficult course in Offensive Casting, which goes better into depth about the elements of magic that you learned years ago. Finally, her lessons with the Guild begin. 8/23 - 9/11
Defensive Casting 301 Wizard's Guild This is a difficult course in Defensive Casting, which concerns better defending yourself against all magic in general. Finally, her lessons with the Guild begin. 9/11 - 9/30
Training Source Description Duration
Yalla Researcher Work Nos need food, and she gets to earn it her favorite way: Studying. x
Craft Description Duration
x x x


Star Tome+
A purple, starry tome fastened shut with a magical lock that only responds to Gabrielle’s mana signature. Modified to fit 110 spells, and always in her possession. She isn't keen on sharing.
Pages 1 - 3 Revivify Ethereal Cloak Sanctuary
Pages 4 - 6 Chain Heal Waterfall Fire Brand
Pages 7 - 9 Ember Fire Barrier Cone of Flame
Pages 10 - 12 Rebirth Heal Bless
Pages 13 - 15 Ice Spear Icy Prism Freeze Bomb
Pages 16 - 18 Light's Justice Resurrect Mana Feast (Wells)
Pages 19 - 21 Clearance Death Sentence Dragon's Breath (Lightning)
Pages 22 - 24 Jekyll's Dancing Sprites Downpour Termina
Pages 25 - 27 Kyrie Cyclone Wind Barrier
Pages 28 - 30 Land Protector Royal Spirit Bolt Comfort
Pages 31 - 33 Erase Crush Torrent
Pages 34 - 36 Condense Solar Flare Life Drop
Pages 37 - 39 Wash Life Rain Windswept
Pages 40 - 42 Be Rid of Annoyances Heat Riser Debilitate
Pages 43 - 45 Earth Barrier Growth Vines
Pages 46 - 48 Twilight's Embrace Jekyll's Dazzling Light Jekyll's Suffocating Dark
Pages 49 - 51 Prosper Water Ward Gale
Pages 52 - 54 Jekyll's Grand Finale Warlock's Mark Backdraft
Pages 55 - 57 Cauterize Living Warmth x
Equipped Spells
Spell Element Type Description
Termina Spirit Unique Focused. Apply Termina (vs WIL) to a Unit with Rank 2 Nulled. If successful, sever the Unit’s ability to draw mana of any kind for days equal to Artifice Meta (12). This is a Critical Injury.
Fire Brand Fire - Standard. Apply Branded (Fire) to a Unit (vs END if unwilling). Branded (Fire) adds +1 Damage to a Unit’s Weapon and converts its Damage to Fire. While Branded (Fire) persists, they gain a secondary effect based on Passive Ability. Amplify :: Branded (Fire) causes the Weapon to apply Burning (vs END) on flat Attack rolls of 16 - 20. If you spend 3 MP on application, it’s applied with every Attack but limited to one successful application per Turn.
Cone of Flame Fire - Standard/Focused. Standard :: Deal MCA (9) + 2 Fire Damage (vs WIL) to all Units in a Cone Attack. Focused :: As Standard, but apply Burning (vs END) to all Units regardless of hit. In either case, Cone of Flame can ignore friendly Units up to ½ Artifice Meta (6).
Living Warmth Fire - Standard/Focused. Standard :: Heal a Unit for MCA (9) + Artifice Meta HP (12). Focused :: Revive a Unit at MCA + Artifice Meta HP.
Windswept Wind Unique Standard. Applies Windswept as a Positive Magical Condition to one Unit. Every Attack they make in a single Turn deals 1 more Damage than the last (including Multi-Hit). The Condition lasts an entire encounter, but its Damage bonus resets at the end of every Turn.
Torrent Water - Standard. Deal MCA (9) + 1 Water Damage in a Line Attack (vs EVA or WIL, lowest) from you. Amplify :: You can spend 3 MP to apply Stunned (vs END) to all Units hit. Balance :: If there’s a body of water larger than a puddle in the environment, Torrent can use that as the origin point instead of your character
Life Rain Water - Heal all Units in an Area of Effect for MCA (9) + ½ Artifice Meta HP (6). Units that are Drenched add your full Meta to Healing instead. You can spend 2 MP per Unit to apply Drenched before Healing is calculated.
Ember Fire - Deal MCA (9) Fire Damage to a Unit (vs WIL). Add +1 Damage for each Rank of Burning on them.
Earth Barrier Earth - Create a Magic Earth Shield around you with HP equal to MCA (9) + Artifice Meta (12). It protects your HP from everything but Fire, Lightning, Magma, and Storm Damage. Your Earth Barrier has 3 Physical DR, but reduces your Movement by 3. Balance :: You can spend 2 MP when casting Earth Barrier to remove the Movement penalty.


Crafting Points 18 Max 9/18 CP left. 12)
Currently Crafting 10 CP Efficient Quality Voice Module :: Week of 5/31 (Finished)
Currently Crafting 10 CP Efficient Quality Artificial Eyes :: Week of 5/31 thru Week of 6/7 (Finished)
Currently Crafting 10 CP Efficient Quality Listening Center :: Week of 6/7 (Finished)
Currently Crafting 96 CP Unrivaled Golem Body :: Week of 6/7 thru Week of 7/12 (Finished)
Work Stations
Enchanter's Briefcase Rare -4 to CP costs. A portable Work Station, kept nice and tidy in a briefcase.
Thorn's Enchanting Table Legendary -8 to CP costs. It's still technically portable.
Golemancy Bench Rare -4 to CP costs. Gabrielle has purchased Levantis' old workspace - which makes this hers, now.
Thalj Reverberating Sculpture A large crystal sculpture in an abstract shape. It's gently vibrating… Located in her home! Add +2 to all Excellent rolls. For each extra Property added by an Excellent roll near the Crystal, refund 2 CP to the Crafter.
Mia, Tiny Mechanical Spider
A little spider that barely reaches past Gabrielle's ankle. It looks delicate! (MobID# 3741). It helps Gabrielle around her shop, granting her +2 CP.
Groovy It can be used as a cassette player, and will play loud enough for a whole room to hear.
Recorder Recorded audio can be as long as 5 minutes (10 Turns), and pops out in the form of a cassette.
Operator Gabrielle adds +2 to Excellent rolls during Crafting. If you still fail, it'll play a sad jingle.
Permits & Licenses
Mystic Glastheim Gabrielle can legally practice Enchanting & Scribery in the Kingdom of Glastheim.
Golemancy Glastheim Gabrielle can legally practice Golemancy in the Kingdom of Glastheim.
Merchant's License Glastheim Gabrielle can legally sell her enchantments in the Kingdom of Glastheim.
Crafting Details
Common Rare Legendary
Glow Cauterize Holy Radiance
Earthy Glow Ethereal Wings x
Fiery Glow Chameleon x
Watery Glow Forceful x
Windy Glow Circle of Protection x
Precision Bulwark x
Reflex Tireless x
x Obfuscate x
x Swift x
x Invigorating Flame x
x Phantasm x
x Cloud Mantle x
x Burning Rage x
x Splash Healing x
x Blazing Amnesty x
x Blazing Alleviation x
x Urgency x
Common Rare Legendary
x Elemental Dog Tags x
x Hellfire Script x
Common Rare Legendary
Standard Voice Module Quality Voice Module Unrivaled Golem Body
Standard Artificial Eyes Quality Artificial Eyes x
Standard Listening Center Quality Listening Center x
Standard Golem Body Quality Golem Body x
Common Materials 0
Rare Materials 0
Legendary Materials 0
Ancient Ruby x1 Rare. In a script: Affected Script may also hold Fire Element Spells. In an enchantment: Affected Enchantment adds the Fire Element to whatever it's applied upon.
Dawnshard x1 A cut gem that is vivid yellow in color. It glows gently with Light mana. Identifiable with a Simple Study reduced by Mana Sensing & Relic Lore—or just use it in a Craft.
Duskshard x1 A cut gem that is dark purple in color. It glows gently with Shadow mana. Identifiable with a Simple Study reduced by Mana Sensing & Relic Lore—or just use it in a Craft.
Great Strides
Meta 5 :: Harmony When placed on Catalysts or Magic Weapons, Enchantments passively provide +1 WIL.
Meta 7 :: Poise When placed on Unarmored Garbs or Bangles, all Enchantments that provide a non-cosmetic effect grant +1 Primary DR.
x x
Meta 6 :: Respite 6 CP. Damaged Enchantments function at half their original effectiveness, but can still be Broken.
Meta 8 :: Sovereignty 8 CP. +2 to a single numerical bonus provided by an Enchantment, but -3 vs. Damaged, Broken, and Dispel-like effects.
x x

Notes, Stats, & Misc.

Key Items
Royal Library Card Allows Gabrielle access to the Restricted and Royal libraries.
Thorn's Spare Key An odd purple dagger that functions as a key. Gabrielle can access her new home almost anywhere by slicing the air! Neat.
Darklight Quill Doesn't occupy a gear slot. An opalescent white feather quill with a gently glowing tip. Writing with this leaves invisible 'ink' in the form of mana that only displays itself in near or total darkness. It lasts until the writer dispels it personally.
Yallorbs x3 Feeds Gabrielle for one (1) month; to be eaten every 10 days.
Food Storage
Yallorbs x11 Stocking up!
Items (Potions, Hypos, Etc.)
Fadeleaf Tea x1 Dark green. Flavourful and spicy, with whole cloves, ginger, and a hint of sarsaparilla. Under the initial fragrance of the tea is a mellow flavour more commonly associated with a green tea. Yum! +10 Stamina.
Health Hypo V Restores all HP. Made by Will Warlow.
All Niter An experimental new drug from Goblin Town! Popping one reduces the CP Cost of one Craft by 7, but it has some hefty side effects for most people…
Nodding Bitterberry Tea x2 Chamomile flavours with a hint of chrysanthemum, this particular tea combines all manner of herbs to create a very soothing brew! Lulls the imbiber into a sleepy state.
High Healing Potion Heals 24 12 HP and removes 1 Rank of a Negative Alchemical Condition.
High Energy Potion Heals 24 12 SP and removes 1 Rank of a Negative Physical Condition.
Potion Satchel XL A Container with 3 Equipment Slots for Potions, Poisons & Weapon Oils.
Incandescent Flask A glowing orange flask that corks with some kind of crystal. A Container with 1 Slot for a Potion. Liquid drunk from this Flask applies Magically instead of Alchemically.
Script & Trinket Collection
Fleeting Scroll An ivory-white scroll with a spell already inscribed. Haste cast through the Fleeting Scroll gains the following property: When you fail a Haste roll you may choose to succeed, but take True Light Damage equal to the Haste roll. [4 Charge; Light Ele; 1 Slot (Haste)]
High Dog Tag II Two silvery and black tags on a chain to be held around the neck. This relic contains Superior Magic. [1 Charge; Mana Feast (Wells)]
Metal-bound Spellbook A spellbook bound in metal.
Tears From the Sky A tarnished silver crown to be placed on the head, bearing a single (but large) teardrop aquamarine gem. It looks like it was once beautiful, before time and submersion claimed it. 3 Charges. Contains the unique spell 'Downpour'. This spell causes a rainstorm in a 1-square-mile radius with severity dependent on the caster's Artifice Meta. [Meta 6+ :: A veritable monsoon.]
Symbol of Duality This gold-and-silver trinket in the shape of the sun and moon glows white in the light and yellow in the dark. Can hold 3 supportive Light and/or supportive Dark spells and has 5 Base Charges. [5 Charges; Resurrect, Sanctuary, Heal]
Magic Conch A pristine seashell that glows faintly blue. Curiously, it won't break even under great force! 1 Base Charge. Allows 1 hour of underwater breathing & speaking.
Mana Battery Device. Gear Slot. Once per combat, bring a script to its full capacity +1 using a Sub-Action.
High Dog Tag I Two silvery and black tags on a chain to be held around the neck. Can hold 2 Light, Dark or Spirit spells. [5 Charges; Twilight's Embrace]
Orb of the Archmage A swirling prismatic orb that shifts between colors frequently. Can hold 2 spells of any element and has 5 Base Charges. Can be used as a Magical Catalyst (Orb). [5 Charges; Fire Brand, Cone of Flame]
Wishing Star A star-shaped relic made of a beautiful blue glass… These are exceedingly rare. Equipment (Magical Script) :: Once per encounter, the Wishing Star can produce an exact copy of any Magic Skill that was already used for 6 SP. It uses the same Action cost and Damage, but the wielder’s To Hit.
Circlet of Gathering Magic This crystalline loop responds to and siphons nearby mana, then spreads it out effectively. Every Magic Skill used by the wearer generates MP (but Elemental Magic doesn't generate extra). If they can't hold MP, it's donated to the nearest friendly Unit that can instead.
Explorer's Guild Champion Sash A scarf with a pauldron shaped like a unique blue and gold crest. Legendary Gear (Magical) :: This can hold any Enchantment that can go on non-descript Gear. It increases all Numeric Effects of the Enchantment laid on it by +1, or a single Numeric Effect by +2.
Duelist's Charm A small ornament that looks almost antique. Gabrielle gains +3 Bonus To Hit when using Counterspell or Spell Steal.
Enchanting Supplies
Expert Enchanter's Briefcase A gift from Danforth, this bulky metal briefcase lacks a maker's mark or any distinguishing features. Inside is a complex set of Enchanting tools that allows the application of enchantments on the go. These function as an 'Advanced' facility, reducing the CP cost of Enchanting by 4.
Scroll Case Carries an infinite amount of Gabrielle's recipes. Kept in her home. Currently holds: Cauterize, Ethereal Wings, Chameleon, Swift, & Urgency.
Mimic Scroll A pattern purchased from G&G, gifted to Gabrielle by Atlas.
Featherlight Vellum A pattern purchased from G&G. On her study list it goes!
Magma Beam Vellum A pattern purchased from G&G. On her study list it goes!
Big Boom A pattern purchased from G&G. On her study list it goes!
The Dinner Bell A huge mace with a head shaped like a giant bell with a ringer. 7 Blunt DMG. Death's Toll :: The wielder is passively Rank 2 Bleeding, but they Heal ½ of Damage dealt.
From Mundane to Mystical Vol. I by Stephanie Ivanova. Written by a Professor at the Yuno Academy who teaches the highest level classes in both enchanting and scribery, volume I is widely regarded as a bit of a bore! It's very stiff, and barely offers more than the basics… But everyone can agree that the whole series is worth a read. Reading it as a Simple Study will provide a Minor Boon for Mystics.
Beads of Premeditation Coils the wrist several times. 1 Spell Slot. [1 Charge; Windswept] The Beads of Premeditation can hold any Element. At the start of a combat encounter, the Magic Skill contained within is cast as a Free Action.
Weapons & Others
Chrysm A curious new weapon developed in Vahk'Sala. It produces an ethereal weapon of any chosen Element, when manipulated properly.
Magus Rifle A large metallic rifle, humming with electricity - looks like a prototype. 6 DAM. Loaded with LIGHTNING (24). Innate: Work of Art, Improvement: Special Loader, Improvement: Dispersed Energy
Fire Cell (24) Special ammo for the Magus Rifle. Elementally charged.
Mist Veil Cloak Unarmored Garb. Reduces all SP costs by 1 and grants +2 Movement. Enchanted with Cloud Mantle and Mist Veil. Crafted from Tatacho Fur.
Nahr Tribe Ceremonial Dress Unarmored Garb. Reduces all SP costs by 1 and grants +2 Movement. Enchanted with Ribbon of Flame.
Thalj Talis A combination between a throwing weapon and Magical Catalyst - very unique! This One-Handed Magical Catalyst comes with a guide for its use! It requires 30 Days of Study. Thalj Tali deal 4 Magical Damage and may arc Magic Skills over Full or Half Cover with a -2 To Hit penalty. Additionally, any Magic Skill that affects the user (such as Barriers or Self Area of Effects) may instead use the Talis as the point of casting. In the case of beneficial Skills such as Barriers, they will target whoever the Talis is touching.
MMN 'Bookworm' Eye This eye is specially tuned to help with reading quickly. It faintly glows orange. Gear (Magitech) :: A Series 1 Eye. Simple Studies that come from text-based sources are reduced by ⅙ and ⅓ instead of ⅛ and ¼. When studying Glyphs, add +1 to your Artifice Meta. -1 Search.
HP 30 [Base], +10 [Rook], -2 [Torso Scar] = 38
STAM 30 [Base], +10 [Rook], +1 [Dwarf Lung Tonic], -2 [Torso Scar], +2 [S.O.B.], +10 [Artifice 10] = 51
HIT 10 [Base], +3 [Precision], +1 [If Studying/Training] = 14
EVA 0 [Base]
END 1 [Base]
WIL 1 [Base] +10 [Artifice 10] +2 [Superior 2] +1 [Enchant], +2 [Tool Kit] = 16
Search 0 [Base]
DMG 8 [Topaz Mage Gloves] +1 [If Studying/Training Magical] = 9
Equipment Slots 6
Artifice 6 [Stat Points] +1 [Specialized Training], +1 [Retained Knowledge], +1 [Arcane Riddlemancer], +1 [Potent Soul] = 10
Mystic 6 [Stat Points] +1 [Rekkenber Enchanting Manual], +1 [Potent Soul] = 8
Combat Skills 20 [Artifice 6], 20 [Mystic 6], +2 [N.C.] = 42/42 pts
NC Skills 5+4 [Magical Research] + 10 [Excellent Memory] = 19/15 pts
Adventure Skills +1 [Relic Lore], +3 [Mana Control], +5 [Mana Sensing], +4 [Magical Healing], +4 [Harvesting], +4 [Creature Lore], +2 [Tech Lore] = 23/30 pts
Semy R. Charm
Effects Halved
4 if Studying/Training Magic
9 if Studying/Training Magic
14 if Studying/Training
Unarmored Garb + Unburdened Hero
+2 Mixed Education
+2 Annals, +1 Immortal Knowledge, +2 Mixed Education
+1 Immortal Knowledge
Combat Points
A Minor Injury worth 2 IP that lasts 7 Days. It incurs -3 Max SP and adds +1 to All SP Costs.
Yalla Researcher
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