Zoria Brynne

Player: Briar
Upkeep: 4,000z
Income: 12,000z (Near and Far Club)
Income: 2,000z (Jorc & Coco Deal)
Race: Human
Age: 26
Weapon Groups: Heavy Ranger, Heavy Mercenary, Heavy Martial, Sybirian Cavalry
Weapon Proficiencies: Gauntlets, Bows, Crossbows, Throwing Axes, Spears, Polearms, Greatswords, Greataxes, Greatmaces, Carbines
Extra Proficiencies: Explosive Crossbows, Natural Weapon: Claws
Favored Elements: Wind
Armor Type: Medium
Meta Bonus: Potency 6, Leadership 5, Ranger 5
Status and Equipment
HP: 49 [98]
SP: 39 [78]
Damage: 6 Dismantler, 9 TCL, 7 MWS, 10 D.Curve, 7 E.Crossbow, 7 Bear Form
To Hit: 7 [7]
Evasion: 3 [6]
Endurance: 10+3 [20+6]
Willpower: -
Search: -
Sneak: -
Resistance: 4 Physical, 3 Water/Ice, -2 Shadow on all Incoming
SP Reductions: -
Equipped Weapon: Turtle Clan Lance
Equipment Equipment Equipment
Steel Spear Pendant Bear King's Pendant Moskovian Riding Boots
Death's Curve Haste Potion H. Healing Potion
Saddle Bag
- - -
Name Effect Heal Date
- - -
Skill Tree: Potency 6
Passive: Slayer
Tier 1 Batter Psych Up Amp Swing
Tier 2 Cleave Headbutt Accost
Tier 3 Wound Invigorate Deep Focus
Tier 4 Dizzy Swing Accelerate Grand Slam
Skill Tree: Leadership 5
Passive: Wrangler
Tier 1 Attack Order Defend Order Shield Order
Tier 2 Heal Order Shake Off Rear Back
Tier 3 Desperate Cry Pick Me Up Dogpile
Tier 4 Presence Rise Up Frenzy
Skill Tree: Ranger 5
Passive: Fletcher
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Tension
Tier 2 Waxed Great Materia Deft Draw
Tier 3 Superior Flare Shot Crossfire
Tier 4 Excellent Grand Materia Air Raid
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Strength 10 “…”
Dexterity 9 “…”
Vitality 8 “…”
Speed 7 “…”
Survival 6 “…”
Harvesting 6 “…”
Acrobatics 6 “…”
Herbology 5 “…”
Creature Lore 4 “…”
Gadgetry 2 “…”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
- - -
Active Signature Skill – Dire Bear Form
Assume Dire Bear Form, doubling HP, SP, END, and EVA. Hit and DAM are set to Aspect Level (7), and you are limited to Physical (except Subtlety) and Bear Aspect skills.
Passive Signature Skill – A Fistful of Arrows
Zoria may use multiple types of Special Ammo when making multi-hit attacks, at the cost of pulling a charge from each type of ammo used.
Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
Special Training Racial - +1 Leadership Meta.
Far Eastern Racial - +2 Creature Lore
Aspect of the Bear Tiered 6+1 You know what Bear Aspect does. +1 Potency Meta.
Embrace of the Bear Major - +1 EVA, WIL, and END for Companion.
Morgan's Compendium Major - +1 Potency Meta, +2 CP. Automatically use Shortcut if a project's CP cost is 8 or more.
Potion of Ancient Power Minor - +1 HP, SP, Hit, EVA.
Mystic Arrows Minor - So long as she has a Catalyst in her Equipment Slots, or her Weapon is Catalytic, Zoria may enchant an Arrow or Bolt with any Favored Element before it's fired by adding +1 to the SP Cost of the Skill being used (it costs 1 SP if it's a plain NWA).


A pale white cornus, with a disciplined if haughty and regal temperament. In Sybir, it is- Or was- Illegal for anyone save the kingdom's royal guards to own one.
TYPE Medium Mounted Beast. +2 Physical DR. Flat attack rolls of 18-20 apply Bleeding.
HP 44 DR 6 Piercing/Lightning
Sneak 0 END 8
Search 5 Move 16
Adventure Skills
Speed 10 Strength 5
Vitality 5 - -
Unique Trait
Lightning Cornus Guinnevere's horn is catalytic, and deals Lightning DAM (vs WIL) at a range. Rolls of 18-20 apply Numbed.
Dwarven Flight Barding Companion Armor (Legendary). Grants +2 EVA/WIL. When performing a Divebomb, base rolls of 12 or higher allow wearer to immediately re-enter Flight.
Cyclonic Sash Companion Weapon. Grants +1 Damage. The Companion may Attack at Range with the Wind Element, whether it could normally do so or otherwise. When using Attack Order, the Leader may spend 1 Charisma to add +2 Area of Effect (max 3 for +6) in the form of a large cyclone.
Improvement Adaptive Alloy :: +2 Physical DR. Treat the first instance of Ballistic DAM every turn as Physical DAM instead.
Improvement Saddle Bag :: Carries either 1 piece of Equipment or 2 Consumables. Bag contents are only accessible when mounted or within 4 cells of Companion.


Bear Clan Armor (EQUIPPED)
Base Stats Medium Armor. 1 EVA/END, 1 Phys DR.
Enchantment Arctic Form :: +1 Bear Aspect Level. The character can now breathe and move completely freely underwater inside and outside of Dire Bear Form. Additionally, they gain 3 Water & Ice Resistance and Immunity to Drenched. While in Dire Bear Form, they are also Immune to Frozen.
Masterwork Stone Armor
Base Stats Heavy Armor. 3 END, 3 Phys DR, -3 Movement.
Maker's Mark Stone Form :: Set EVA to 0. Add 1/2 total Physical Meta (4) to Physical DR.
Legendary Granite Plating :: -3 EVA, -2 Movement. The first instance of Physical DAM taken every turn is reduced by 1/2 (round down) before DR is applied. The wearer is immune to Prone/Unbalanced.

The Dismantler
Description A heavy, ancient Nephilim axe, made magically adept at cleaving through certain arrangements of metal and technology.
Base Stats Great Axe. 6 Slashing DAM. +2 to applying Bleeding, +1 to applying Damaged/Broken.
Enchantment Automaton Bane :: +2 DAM and To Hit against Automatons, Machines, and Constructed Objects.
Improvement Grounded :: Weapon deals Lightning DAM and grants Immunity to Lightning when held.
Turtle Clan Lance (EQUIPPED)
Description A polearm made of stone and metal once wielded by Nephilim of the Turtle Clan. Enormously heavy, and sure to knock the wind out of anything it strikes.
Base Stats Polearm. 6+1 Piercing DAM. +1 Damage against Unarmored or Light Armored Units. Ignores counter effects of striking Magical Shields.
Maker's Mark Colossal :: +1 DAM, +1 SP costs when attacking.
Improvement Extreme Weight :: Once a turn, apply Knockback 5 (vs END) alongside an attack, at the cost of making an END save (DC 13) vs Unbalanced on self.
Moskovian War Staff
Description A long pole made of a dark alloy with a regal, scepter-like blunt head. A crimson banner with the emblem of New Moskovia hangs just below it.
Base Stats Great Mace. 7 Blunt DAM. Ignores 1 Physical DR, +2 when applying Pained.
Maker's Mark Great Reach :: Weapon's range is extended to 6. When making attacks, make an END save (DC 8) vs Unbalanced on self.
Improvement Rebel Standard :: Attack rolls of 19-20 generate 1 Charisma. The threshold is lowered by 1/2 of highest Physical Meta. (16-20)
Death's Curve (EQUIPPED)
Description A wicked bow once wielded by vampiric Nephilim, with a unique arrangement of two strings that cross over eachother to add more power to shots.
Base Stats Bow. 6+2 Piercing DAM. Shots arc over Half/Full cover with -2 Hit. Ignores Cover's bonus to EVA/WIL. Can't fire within 4 cells.
Temporary Boon Waxed :: +2 Hit and DAM on the next 4 bolts fired.
Enchantment Pain :: +2 Shadow DAM on all outgoing and incoming attacks.
Improvement Hypertensive String :: Apply Pained with +4 Hit on all attacks.
Explosive Crossbow
Description A scrappy, volatile looking contraption invented by Zoria. A long, bulky crossbow with collapsing parts and pressurized gas tank that turns arrows into enormous bullets. Produces a loud 'bang!' with every shot.
Base Stats Explosive Crossbow. 7 Ballistic DAM, 6 Dead Zone. +1 to the numerical effects of special ammo fired, +2 To Hit against Units not in Cover. Base rolls of 1-2 (14 Minus Physical/Ranger/Tinker Meta) deal 4 True Blunt DAM to the wielder Automatically. Requires Crossbow or Carbine Expertise.
Temporary Boon Waxed :: +2 Hit and DAM on the next 4 bolts fired.
Silver Gale Stud
Base Stats Jewelry. 3 DAM.
Maker's Mark Coven Secrets :: Weapon and its modifications can't be replicated.
Enchantment Regency :: Weapon adds +2 To Hit and +1 DAM to the wearer's Companion.

Steel Spear Pendant Grants +2 DAM to Piercing-type attacks.
Bear King's Pendant +4 HP. Heal 1 HP every turn. In Dire Bear Form, this increases to +8 HP and 2 HP every turn.
Moskovian Riding Boots +2 EVA. Grants +1 EVA to Companion when mounting them.
High Healing Potion Heals 24 HP and removes 1 Rank of a Negative Alchemical Condition. Made by Redoran Carmac.
Haste Potion Grants the Haste Condition for an encounter. Made by Redoran Carmac.
Money 226,000z
All Purpose Pouch XL Contains 3 slots for Consumables.
Chivalry Crossbow Pin If the wearer has Crossbow Proficiency, it's upgraded to Expertise. If they have Expertise, they add +2 To Hit with Crossbows.
Ranger's Bow Kit +1 To Hit with Special Ammunition, +1 CP, +2 Survival.
10x Juniper Townshrooms Eating this applies Drowsy and Frightened Automatically…
10x Crimson Townshrooms Eating this applies Envenomed and Sickened Automatically…
Weighted Arrowheads Utility. The Ranger Skill 'Air Raid' lets you choose 2 Units instead. It also adds +2 Arrows or Bolts.
Sentinel's Amulet A silvery chain affixed to an otherworldly, green-gemmed eye. Once a day, shift your point of view into the eye for 1 minute.
Belt of Immortality +2 Physical DR, -2 Magical DR. Gain 1 Regen when at 1/4 (11) HP or less. Heals the wearer back to full HP after combat ends.
Fire Arrows x6 Ammunition that deals Fire element Damage.
Light Arrows x4 Ammunition that deals Light element Damage.
Banishing Arrows x2 +2 Hit/DAM against incorporeal, undead, and Corrupt Units, -1 Hit/DAM to all others. Made with various religious symbols from different cultures.
Banishing Bolts x1 +2 Hit/DAM against incorporeal, undead, and Corrupt Units, -1 Hit/DAM to all others. Made with various religious symbols from different cultures.
Incendiary Arrows x3 Applies Burning (vs END).
Explosive Arrows x4 Single Target attacks gain an AoE of 3×3.
Aruni Fire Arrows x2 Deals 0 Damage. A fragile clay pot of flammable oil is attached to arrows, spilling in an AoE of 2 Cells around them and applying Flammable (vs END).


Craft Source Description Research Time
x x x x - x
Crafting Points 8 Max 8/8 CP available
Work Station Zoria's Barn Workshop (Rare) -4 CP costs.
Gathering Area Glastheim Woods 1 CP / 1 Common, 2 CP / 1 Rare Wood Materials
Permits & Licenses
Merchant's License Kingdom of Glastheim Zoria is permitted to run a business in the kingdom.
Bowyer's License Kingdom of Glastheim Zoria is permitted to make and sell archery goods.
Schematics & Blueprints
Common Rare Legendary
Primary A/Bs Secondary A/Bs -
Hookhead A/Bs High A/Bs -
Dousing A/Bs Incendiary A/Bs -
Banishing A/Bs Explosive A/Bs -
Singing A/Bs Dispelling A/Bs -
Manarod A/Bs Drillhead A/Bs -
Aruni Fire A/Bs Hammerhead A/Bs -
Explosive Crossbow - -
Wood Materials
Common Rare
36 40
Name Amount Rarity Craft Description
x x x x x
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