Zefi Ledge

Player: Nexxus
Income: TAU - Director of Summoning Sciences (10,000z1))
Expenses: 0z2); 1,700z (TAU Spa/Vitamins/Magazine/Gachagotchi)
Race: Mutant (Lupine)
Racial Traits: Noble, Vocational, Runian 3)
Age: 24
Weapon Groups: Heavy Magician4), Republican Sage5), Magic Soldier6)
Weapon Expertise : Cane, Staff, T. Jewel, Magic Cannon, Jewelry
Favored Element: Light, 🇫🇱🇴🇼
Armor Type: Unarmored (Adv. Rekkenber Labcoat)
Meta Bonus: Light 7 9, Leadership 7
Status and Equipment
HP: 55 67
SP: 54 66
Hit: 13 13
Evasion: 1 4
Endurance: 9
Willpower: 8 9
Search: 6
MOV: 12 17
DR: 0
MCA: 7 (16 19 Heal)
Equipped Weapon: Sage's Staff
Tourney Equipment
Rancher's Rod Fitted Conduit Vest Charm of Healing
Momentous Rings Chivalry Health Draught Chivalry Stamina Draught
Equipment (6); NOT IN USE Special Powers and Boons
Concentration Bracers Thunder Queen’s Mercy Certified Adventurer
Rancher's Rod TAU Med Kit GM: Shrubbery
UltraThermic Canister Hypo Case XL Irregular Knowledge
Stam Hypo IV Stam Hypo IV Light Caller II
Health Hypo IV Waking Dreamer IV
Whisper of the Orcs
Scar Origin Description
Dark Flow Waking Dreamer “S-sometimes I wonder what we truly are.” Gain use of 'Flow' & Fluidity with it for all High Magics. Magic SP Costs +1, & conversion to Flow costs +2 SP on top of that. Flow allows her to choose any of the High Elements' associated Positive or Negative Conditions to replace any that would normally be applied.
Sutured Soul Reckoning “I already have a- a permanent connection.” Zefi's soul is un-linkable.
Polar Opposite Splicex -50% HP, R1 Drowsy. -25%, she's R1 Pacified instead. At 1 HP, auto gain Sleeping.
Injury Type Description Heal Date
x x x x
Injury Points 0/25
Light VII Leadership VII
Passive: Forbearance Wrangler
Cost: Tier+1 Tier
Tier 1 Smite Heal Gloria Emerald Rend Defend Shield
Tier 2 Piety Bless Kyrie Heal Shake Off Rear Back
Tier 3 Flash Haste Baptize Howl of Rebellion Pick Me Up Dogpile
Tier 4 Sanctuary Resurrect Hospitaller Presence Rise Up Frenzy
Active - x Passive - Resonance of Dreams
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Healing (Magic) 15 12 “I-I think I'm fairly skilled?”
Elementalism 13 11 “I'm best with Light, b-but I appreciate all the High Elements.”
Insight 10 “A certain scent? It's hard to explain.”
Spell Lore 9 “You have to understand magic to Summon..”
Civics 9 “I had a noble's education, and now I'm a Director at TAU, it's just necessity.”
Field Medicine 10 7 “If I'm ever in a s-situation where I can't use mana.”
Herbology 7 5 “It's become, uhm- a bit more than a hobby.”
Tech Lore 6 “It s-sort of becomes second nature, in the Republic.”
Relic Lore 2 “From my days with the Guild.”
Survival 2 “I just.. Uhm. I just know a little about animals.”
Strength 2 “From Raziel.”
Vitality 2 “I can tolerate a little pain. Uhm, sort of. Not really.”
Non Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Magical Research 8 “My studies focus on the soul and ah, Summoning.”7)
Baking 5 ”A maid from, ah, our family estate taught me!”
Sewing 4 “Aha, I'm not very good at it, though.”
Gardening 2 “I'm learning a tiny bit..”
Cleaning 2 “My g-gachagotchi occasionally has these handy tips.”
Dual Skills
Accidental Synchronization x
Desc Nouv & Zefi :: Not intended, at all. Or understood… Raziel is empowered; Windy mana swirls around his paws. Gain Hovering, and 1 EVA as a buff. Pochemu is empowered; Light swirls gently around him. He gains the Light Element and 1 WIL as a buff.


Weapon & Armor
Sage’s Staff Advanced Rekkenber Labcoat
Stats Tall & Schwartzvald in style. 6 DAM, +3 DEFs v Interrupt A TAU logo has replaced the old one! -1 SP Cost, +2 MOV
Maker's Mark Singular :: +1 MCA with Light, -3 vs. Damaged/Broken RK Nano Weave: Repairs itself at Upkeep with no cost.
Craftsmen Mass Produced Mass Produced
Enchantment Mend: +3 Heal w/ Healing Skills. This weapon cannot DPS w/ Magic. Do No Harm: -1 DAM, but +1 Healing
Enchantment Precision+: Coated in a thin sheen of mana that glistens in the light. +4 Hit, +1/-1 WIL x
Improvement Vivid Coating: May revive KO'd Units with any Healing that it produces. Advanced Toolkit: +1 Outgoing Healing. Contains tools to deal with any kind of injury in the field, requires 3 tech or relic lore.
Improvement Catalytic Lacquer: 1 DAM; Immune to Corroded. x
Tourney Inventory
Rancher's Rod +2 Leadership Meta when calculating Summon stats. On combat, Raziel creates a Magic Light Shield with 14 HP (Leadership 2x)
Fitted Conduit Vest +1 WIL. Once per encounter,redirect any Magic Skill cast to yourself Automatically.
Momentous Rings +4 Charisma at the start of Fight!
Charm of Healing +2 to all outgoing Healing and +2 to all incoming Healing. Stacks when healing herself!
Chivalry Health Draught Heals 30 HP. If consumed at full HP, gain +2R of Regenerating instead.
Chivalry Stamina Draught Heals 30 SP. If consumed at full HP, gain +1R of Focused instead.
Inventory; NOT IN USE
Concentration Bracers Engraved copper bracelets that add balance to the wearer’s stance. Once per encounter, gain a Rank of Focused as a Sub Action.
Thunder Queen’s Mercy A lovely floral crown. Sometimes worm, sometimes on a belt. +2 Healing, +2 Mana Control, Magic Healing & Harvesting. +Fluidity w/ Lightning, access to Lightning Secondaries, can apply Lightning to any spell cast for +1 SP. Grants use of… Rejuvenation Jolt: Standard Action, 8 SP. Imbue yourself with Lightning & gain Haste. Whenever you cast a spell that provides Direct Healing, make a Lightning MCA to any enemy in your target’s Melee range.
TAU Medkit Adds +3 To Field Medicine. Allows treatment of all kinds of Injuries in the field, though it only has one use per encounter!
Rancher's Rod +2 Leadership Meta when calculating Summon stats. On combat, Raziel creates a Magic Light Shield with 14 HP (Leadership 2x)
UltraThermic Canister Filed With ~ Green Tea :: +3+2 EVA Canned tea, pleasant and mild. ;; Canister may be set to chill/heat its contents to a perfect temperature. Adds +2 Numeric Bonus to consumables8)
Hypo Case XL Capable of holding 3 Hypos! Filled with Stam Hypo IV 2x (heals 30 SP) & Health Hypo IV (heals 30 HP).
Key Items

Summons & Companions

Raziel, the Emerald Sun
A monstrously sized wolf with strange emerald, amber and pale white colours. He sheds a mixture of Light and Wind.
Savage Strikes Rolls of 13-20 may apply Soul Burn, Agitated, or Blind. Pick one!
Devoted Shield Order has a defensive roll. If successful, take 1/2 DAM instead.
HP 70 HIT 13
DAM 11 EVA 10
END 10 WIL 8
SNK 0 SCH 11
MOV 14 DR 2 Phys
Adventure Skills
Elementalism 9 Insight 9
Strength 9 Vitality 9
Unique Traits & Skills
Juri's Essence Raziel counts as an Elemental that is both Light/Wind - attacks may manifest in either. Uses Beast Stat Typing. Savage Strikes is modified!
Shared Boons
Waking Dreamer Raz gains +1 WIL. Presence provides an additional +1 Rank of Flanked for Zefi's Enthrall skill.
Atroce's Gift +1 Hit, +2 SCH/MOV. +1 CHA for Zefi at the end of turn if he has not received an Order.
Weapon & Armor
Rings of Perfect Striking Bracers of Agile Form
Stats A flower-like orb that floats around Raziel, empowering his attacks. +2 DAM, Hit & +2 to Critical Range. Temporary Enchant - TBH: For every weapon attack that successfully applies a Negative Condition, it applies Exploited (vs END) afterward with ½ To Hit. Gold bangles that float around the forepaws! Rare. +2 EVA and designed to stay on even between Summonings. Temporary Enchant - Brilliance: When the wearer would gain a Rank of Brilliant, they gain 2 instead.
A tiny freckled purple plant creature with razor sharp fangs and a closed bloom atop her head. She is fiercly protective of Zefi!
Element & Critical ????????; Rolls of 16-20 may apply Blind, Frightened, or Vulnerable.
Tiny Terror & Devoted Roll to avoid all DAM & Conditions when using Shield Order, redirecting the Attack uselessly. Can only trigger once per Turn. > Shield Order has a defensive roll. If successful, take 1/2 DAM instead.
HP 43 HIT 10
SNK 21 SCH 7
MOV 12 DR 0
Adventure Skills
Speed 7 Thievery 7
Elementalism 7 Healing (Magic) 7
Unique Traits & Skills
Seed Form If Falz dies, she coughs up a seed. If planted and taken care of, it will grow into a new Falz over 24 Days. This new Falz retains her memories and mannerisms, and is functionally identical.
Tiny Terror Replaces Devoted. Falz may roll to avoid all Damage and Conditions when using Shield Order, redirecting the Attack uselessly. Can only trigger once per Turn, after which it acts like Devoted again.
Creation Cut Standard Action (3 SP) :: Costs 2 Charisma. Falz coughs up a strange cube, then forms it into a shape resembling half of a pair of scissors. She gains +1 Damage & To Hit for the rest of the encounter. Creation Cut can be used twice to form a full pair of scissors (and stack its bonus).
Shared Boons
x x
Weapon & Armor
x x

Path, Boons & Studies

Path of Analyst III
Boon Type Level Description
Certified Adventurer Minor - +1 HP, +1 END.
Green Magic :: Shrubbery Major - Standard: Shrub Form! Max HP & MOV are halved, sneak set to racial max +5. Due to 'Waking Dreamer', Zefi may adopt 'Taraxide Form' instead; retain Max HP.
Irregular Knowledge Minor - +2 to any roll measuring/controlling Republican Magical Anomalies. Study time on 'Anomaly Research' -3 Days.
Light Caller Tiered 2 An unbreakable bond. +1 Leadership. +R2 Focused when using 'Summon' for the first time in combat.
Waking Dreamer Tiered 4 “It's just… Me, now, I s-suppose. I like it.” Remnants of the Manipulator Mutagen.
Whisper of the Orcs Minor - +1 Raziel WIL.
Other Type Description
GACHAGOCHI Explorer Ringer “Mine is a miniature maid..” Common Search (+1 SCH), Debut Innate Knowledge (+1 Any Adv Skill;Tech Lore), Debut Housekeeping (+1 Cleaning)
Lupine Splicer Racials +1 Light Meta, +1 Hit for each friendly Splicer (max +3), +1/2 highest Meta to search (+3)
Adrenal Injection TAU 1st of Month “I'm not really, um, fussed about needles.” Adrenal Hypo I; +2 Hit!
Imperial Medicine Zhunan 1st of Month “The 'traditional' medicine parts are interesting..” +1 Magic Healing.
Temporary Boons
Delicious Food Triple Triad Tourney Commissary Match 3 Peco 3 Ways: +3 EVA, +2 MOV; Mac & Cheese: +4 HP, +8 SP; Sweet Glaze: +3 Outgoing Heals, +1 extra on brilliant or catalyzed target; Lucky Clovers: First 1 becomes a 12
Conduit Magitech Tattoo Caravan Circle (Westel) Match 3 Begin Combat with a Rank of Focused
Charm of Reflection Caravan Circle (Miram) Match 3 Reflects the 1st hostile spell used against her. Automatically hits a single target.
Goliath Injection Caravan Circle (Health-orne) Match 3 +4 Max HP & SP, +3 Movement, and Immunity to Minor Injuries.
Synthesized Skill (Light) Caravan Circle (Redoran) Match 3 +2 To Light Meta.
Study Source Description Research Time
Genetic Tulips GSP “They're so pretty..” Simple Study duo w/ Jewel! Done; Waiting
Claw of the Noble Warden Death Pitt “I h-have a bad feeling.” Group study with Heath, Aishe, Elliot, Rhydian.9) Done; Waiting
Dreamwalking :: Advanced Valerie “I won't let this chance go to waste.” Master Study duo w/ Jewel! Done; Waiting
Clipping Bush GSP “They l-look like little hellebore flowers.” Simple Study duo w/ Jewel! 6 Days Left10)
Training Source Description Research Time
x x x x


Samples & Reagents
Creation Cube From GSP11) (Falzcyte); A weird, cube-like object full of holes. 2x. Magical Gear(???) If holding the Cube & thinking of a small object (no larger than a ballpoint pen), the Cube will change its shape to suit their desire. If released, the Cube returns to its regular form.
Dreamspore From GSP (Taraxide); resembles dandelion fluffs. 9x. Inhaled, DS auto-applies Pacified! Afterward, apply Drowsy (vs END) 4x. Alchemical effect listed under DS Potion.
Tarax-Oil From GSP (Taraxide); it's a slurry. Great at reducing friction, no practical use otherwise. Nourishing enough to eat/live off of, but… Ew. Tinkering use currently unknown.
Red Shard A strange red fragment that glows gently. This is a Shard of the Philosopher's Stone. Kept for later use w/ Tal.
Unstudied Samples & Reagents
Falz From GSP (Falzcyte); This is a lot more alive than a “plant” should be. MWA scanning revealed she is a mix of Spirit, Shadow, and Light Mana - a unique element that Zefi has named FLOW. Her makeup is also shockingly similar to than of a Titan's. Further Falz studies require use of TAU equipment, and are a Master Study (reduced by Herbology & Fiend Med).
Titan's Blood Light blue blood, with strange purple glittery specs. 1 Litre; Master Study reduced by Field Medicine & Herbology
4 Plots :: A well hidden secret garden. This stuff is definitely illegal.
Clipping Bush Bushy, with dark purple leaves and buds of large beautiful flowers. Simple Study, reduced w/ Field Med & Herb
Genetic “Tulips” Tall, wispy tulips with a lovely lavender colouring and creamy white centre. Simple Study, reduced w/ Field Med & Herb
Taraxide Swampy! Secretes a substance through it's stems that it then grows in. Clusters of little white flowers. Produces Dreamspore and Tarax-Oil (Harvest 1 at a time of either or).
Ringer Charm Collection
Currency 1,250 Zeny, 0 Research Credit(s), 100 GP, 6/8 Punches
Behemoth Eye Pin Pretty, if a little eerie. On a defensive roll of 16-20, roll 2x on the next Defense Roll. Pick the higher option! Can't proc off of a proc.
Antipode Charm A golden charm in the shape of a sun and moon. Light Favoured; gain access to Shadow. May use Light skills with Shadow, at a +3 SP penalty.
Rheeh Butcher’s Knife Glowing. If used to Harvest corpses/organics that could be harvested via knife, add +5 to your roll & multiply the Materials and Reagents received by 2.
Rheeh Tracker’s Armor Modified to look a hint more Republican! Light Armor; +1 EVA, +2 SNK; Atroce Guile: +5 Wind DR, +3 MOV
Hypos & Potions
Health Hypo IV 2x “It's lucky I don't mind needles..” Heals 30 HP when injected.
Teas & Drinks
Dreamspore Tea 8x Pretty, light-purple. Very thick! Apply Pacified, then apply it again on the next Turn. Begin applying Drowsy over the next 3 Turns.
Rheeh Sharpshooter’s Tea 2x Very white tea. It’s lukewarm… +1 to all Ranged DAM and +3 Wind DR for an encounter.
Thalj Seer’s Tea Chilled blue tea that never seems to warm. +3 Mana Control and +5 Max SP for an encounter. The SP is filled as it’s granted.
'Spirit of Unity' Tea Golden!+1 DAM/+2 Fire/Water/Wind DR.
Jolt Cola [Cucumber] “It's..! It's refreshing, alright?” Cleanses Drowsy. Exchanges Ranks of Numbed with Nulled and vice-versa.
Sweet Sal-Tea Pale blue, sweet tea served in a bottle with a rope cord around it. +3 DEX/+4 Search.
Slick-Anise Tea Juicy tea made from exotic Quattori herbs and slime. +3 Illusions/+5 SP!
Delta Marberry Tea Sweet, chilled tea made from a rare fruit! Cranberry vanilla. 2 WIL/+4 WIL/END against Magical Conditions.
Lunar Currant Tea Sour! +3 Mana Sensing/ Illusions.
Cassette Radio A combo record player and casette player! Plays music.
M1L3NK0 "It's weirdly, ah, relaxing." Active; +2 Herbology when gathering flora/plant things.

Stat Calculations

Stat Notes
Expenditures Click Me!
HP 40 [Base], +1 [Certified Adventurer], +14 [Light 7×2] = 55
SP 40 [Base], +14 [Leadership 7×2] = 54
HIT 7 [Highest Meta], +2 [Adr. Injection], +4 [Precision+] = 13
EVA 1 [Splicer] = 1
END 1 [Splicer], +1 [Certified Adventurer], +7 [Leadership 7] = 9
WIL 1 [Splicer], +7 [Light], -1 [Precision+], +1 [Great Stride on P+] = 8
Search 2 [Splicer], +3 [Wolf Senses], +1 [Gatchagochi Explorer; Common Search] = 6
Sneak 2 [Splicer] = 2
NWA 1 [Base] = 1
MCA 6 [Sage's Staff], +1 [Singular(Light)], +1 [Catalytic Lacquer], -1 [Do No Harm] = 7
Heals 6 [Sage's Staff], +1 [Singular(Light)], +1 [Catalytic Lacquer], +1 [Rekkenber Analyst], +1 [Do No Harm], +1 [Advanced Toolkit], +2 [Thunder Queen's Mercy], +3 [Mend] = 16
Eles Light [Starter]
Meta 4 [Light Skills], +2 [Skill Points (6)], +1 [PotW Racial] = 7 Light. 4 [Leader Skills], +2 [Skill Points (6)], +1 [Light Caller] = 7 Leadership.
SP Cost 0 [Base], -1 [Unarmored], +1 [Dark Flow] = 0 With Magic, -1 with Leadership
Raziel Stat Notes; Large Tenacious Magi-Beast
HP 25 [Base], +45 [Leadership/Rancher's Rod(x5)] = 70
DAM 3 [Base], +4 (7(+2)) [1/2 Leadership/Rancher's Rod], +1 [Large], +1 [Beast], +2 [Rings of Perfect Striking] = 11
HIT 5 [Base], +4 (7(+2)) [1/2 Leadership/Rancher's Rod], +1 [Beast], +1 [Atroce's Gift], +2 [Rings of Perfect Striking] = 13
EVA 3 [Base], +4 (7(+2)) [1/2 Leadership/Rancher's Rod], +1 [Tenacious], +2 [Bracers] = 10
WIL 3 [Base], +4 (7(+2)) [1/2 Leadership/Rancher's Rod], +1 [Tenacious], -2 [Beast], +1 [Waking Dreamer], +1 [Whisper of the Orcs] = 8
END 3 [Base], +4 (7(+2)) [1/2 Leadership/Rancher's Rod], +2 [Large], +1 [Tenacious] = 10
Search 7+2 [Leadership/Rancher's Rod, +2 [Atroce's Gift] = 11
Sneak 0 [Base] = 0
Move 10 [Base], +2 [Beast], +2 [Atroce's Gift] = 14
DR 0 [Base], +2 [Fur & Scale] = 2 Physical DR
Falz Stat Notes; Tiny Tenacious Magical
HP 25 [Base], +18 [Leadership(2x)] = 43
DAM 3 [Base], +3 (7) [1/2 Leadership], -2 [Tiny] = 4
HIT 5 [Base], +3 (7) [1/2 Leadership], +2 [Tiny] = 10
EVA 3 [Base], +3 (7) [1/2 Leadership], +2 [Tiny], +1 [Tenacious] = 9
WIL 3 [Base], +3 (7) [1/2 Leadership], +2 [Magical], +1 [Tenacious] = 9
END 3 [Base], +3 (7) [1/2 Leadership], -1 [Tiny], -2 [Magical], +1 [Tenacious] = 4
Search 7 [Leadership Meta] = 7
Sneak 0 [Base], +21 [Leadership(3x) = 21
Move 10 [Base], +2 [Magical] = 12
DR 0 [Base] = 0
+1 Monthly Hypo Injection
Paid by Sun Industries
HP/SP values for earned Skill Metas doubled, 1 Skill P = 3 Adve P; +6 Magical Research; +2 Spell Lore
Cane, Orb, Staff, Twin Jewelry
Cane, Magic Cannon, Jewelry, Twin Jewelry
Jewelry, Magic Bolter, Magic Cannon, Staff
From Vocation
Sodas, teas, etc! No Bonus for Potions
Master Group Study - ¼; others can join
Study Sabbatical Used for other days up til 22nd
Genetically Spliced Plant
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