Player: Nexxus
Income: Treasure Hunter (12,000z)
Expenses: Vagrant Codex (800z)
Race: Fiend (Aquatic)
Racial Traits: Vagrant, Specialized, Ba Jin, Cosmic Soul, Night Dweller1)
Age: 23 (Adult)
Weapon Groups: Heavy Martial2), Mixed Martial Arts3)
Weapon Expertise : x
Weapon Proficiency: Meteor Hammer4), Orianne
Favored Element: Cosmic
Armor Type: Unarmored (Cute Street Clothes)
Meta Bonus: Might V
Status and Equipment
HP: 60
SP: 44
Hit: 5 (+2 phys con)
Evasion: 6
Endurance: 6
Willpower: 6
DR: 3 Phys (+1 ALL between friend/foe); 3 Pois5)
MOV: 10
Search: 2
Sneak: 0
Damage: 10 BMH; 4 Box/Brawl
Equipped Weapon: Unarmed (Boxing)
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Dancing Dragon Charm Pink Plastic Ring Hero of the Guild I
x x Umbral Presence
x x Nascent Saturation
x x Wyrm Veins
x x ZAIBATSU Seniority
Missing Left Arm “Look Ma!! No.. Hands- uh.. Arm. Hhh;.” May not use 2 Handed Weaponry, Strength & Dexterity -1/2. (These effects are reversed by having an artificial arm, thankfully!)
Injury Type Description Heal Date
Witness In Red Soul (0) “I don't know what I saw, but I sure did see it..! Heeeh;.” There’s a lingering trace of Cosmic mana on Yuno's soul, though it seems passive… -
Burning Blood Major (4) “Not that bad, all things considered heh-ehhh… Ow, tho;!” You are passively R1 Pained and R1 Drenched (via sweating). You have 1 Physical and 1 Piercing DV. June 17th
Injury Points 4/23
Might V
Passive: Fervor
Cost: +1
Tier 1 Bash Vigilance Endure
Tier 2 Rush Quicken Guard
Tier 3 Brandish Tenacity Knockdown
Tier 4 Fling Shatter Immortal
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Strength 14 “Yuh! I can probably lift that!!”
Vitality 9 “You gotta clench your jaw first, y'know.”
Precision 9 “Farm work kind of requires decent hand-eye coordination!”
Labour 7 “It’s kinda what I used to dooo, you know??”
Illusions 5 “I have NO idea what I'm doing!!”
Speed 5 “Okay, but! I trip a lot!”
Acrobatics 5 “Wanna see if I can fit into that box? Ehhh?”
Survival 3 “I can diagnose oxen and ox related diseases!?”
Herbology 2 “Once I ate a bad mushroom and puked for three days!”
Cascadian Lore 2 “Who knew the gacha explorer had this kinda stuff on it?”
Non Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Animal Handling 6 “You gotta be friendly and non threatening.”
Farming 5 “My brothers are kind of better at it, tho!”
Intuition 4 “Gut feelings! Trust 'em! I do!”
Persuasion 1 “I'm, like, O-K at it??”


Weapon & Armor
Unarmed (Boxing) Unarmored (Cute Street Clothes)
Stats 4 Blunt DAM, +1 EVA/Hit until next turn on successful hit Very colourful! -1 All SP Costs, +2 MOV
Craftsmen Mass Produced Mass Produced
Gear & Item Notes
Dancing Dragon Charm Ringer charm +1 ALL DR between friend and foe.
Pink Plastic Ring “Heh-heh, it's super cute! It matches my ringer case.” Gain +1 EVA/WIL/END while at Fury Cap.

Boons & Studies

Boon Type Level Description
Hero of the Guild Tiered I “It's not what I thought it'd be! Kinda exciting!! I feel a bit bad, tho.” Mettle: +6 MAX HP/SP.
Umbral Presence Tiered I “I make a lot of bad choices, huh?” Eyes of Truth: T+1 WIL & Search (2), +5 Illusions, gain extra eyes in the form of growths on the body.
Nascent Saturation Major - “But, like, why?! Juno!” +2 HP, +1 WIL/END, +1 Phys/Mag DR
Wyrm Veins Major - “To be fair..! T-this one wasn't that bad?!” Immunity to most airborne toxins. Allows consumption of otherwise inedible, poison, or toxic materials. +3 Poison DR, 1/2 DAM reduction vs acid or chemical-based damages. Gain Acid Breath.
Acid Breath - - Standard: 6 SP, Deal 5 (Highest Meta) Poison DAM in a cone AoE of 5. Focused: 12 SP, Apply Damaged Armor (vs END) as well.
ZAIBATSU Seniority Major - She isn’t sure if her meager experience guarding a warehouse is seniority, but… +4 END vs Exhausted, +2 to NC Skill: Intuition.
Innate Powers II (Aquatic Fiend)
Haunting Chords “I keep getting, like, the urge to sing in the shower…!” Her voice occasionally has a surreal, ghostly quality to it. As a Free Action, once per Turn, deal 1 True Physical DAM (vs END) to all enemy Units in Melee range.
Scar Resilience “Alecto's real nice, tho! Even if getting in a big metal tube was scary.” Exceptionally tough scales! Gain 3 Physical DR and 1 EVA & END (½ Innate Powers).
Other Type Description
DMK ‘Champion’ Implant (L. Arm) A modded VULCAN design, with a tasteful geometric pattern. +3 STR; DEX; ACRO, +1 Melee DAM. Functions as a 3 DAM Catalyst. Standard Action (or Sub if Unarmed), apply Spirit to the arm! +1 Magic DV.
GACHAGOCHI Explorer Ringer “This stuff's so cool!!” Knight's Virtue (+1 Strength, +1 Hit, +1 Damage DAM w/ Swords/Greatswords); Uncommon Cascadian (+2 Casc Lore);
Temporary Boons
x x x x x
Source Description Research Time
x x. x x
Source Description Research Time
x x x


Currency 136,200 Zeny
Productivitizer “You're so good with gadgets, Sunny! Tune my ringer, too?!” Increases income by 20% (2k)! Functions from storage, made by Sang Hee.
x x.
CE Prosthetic L. Arm A sleek artificial arm & port! Modeled to look life-like aside from colour (dark grey-purple) and hexagonal pattering. +1 Martial Arts DAM. +1 Str, +1 Dex.
Turtle Colossus Charm Ringer charm! A fancy and BIG sea turtle. +1 to contested defensive stat when targeted by multiple foes at once.
High Healing Pot “Snapple!” Heals 20 SP.
Greater Energy Potion “Fake cherry- like the bitter kind..” Heals 15 SP.
Nahr Captain’s Armor Cut in Aruni Fashion in golds and reds. +1 EVA, +2 SNK; Ifrit’s Embrace: +5 Fire DR, Immunity to heat exhaustion & sunburns.
Potion Satchel XL 3 slots! Carrying High Healing Pot 2x (20HP) & Greater Energy Pot 1x (15SP).
Devo's Devotion A visor-like helmet made from unknown metal with two glowing wings on either side. Inscribed along the left side in Ba Jin is ????. Cannot KO while wearing, Death Threshold is doubled (-52).
Oridecon Undershirt Sturdy! +2 Phys DR
Bladed Meteor Hammer A very heavy and very bladed ball at the end of a chain. 7+1 Slashing DAM, 6 Range, Ignores 3 Phys DR. Auto-apply Grappled to Yuno on a roll of 1. Apply Proned to enemies on 19-20.
Morgana's Cerberus Skins A dark outfit in ancient Elysian fashion, topped with a poncho made from the hide of a five-headed hound. -1 All SP Costs, +2 MOV
Rent-a-Armor M-memories!! +1 EVA, +1 END, +1 Phys DR. Carbon Fibre: +3 END vs damaged/broken. Steel Plating: +2 Phys DR, +1 Ballistic DR.
Company Handgun “I was never reeeal good with it, tho!” 4-1 DAM, 6 AMMO, Removes Hit penalty of Rapid Stance. Makers Mark - Snub Nose: -1 DAM, +6 Conceal
ZAIBATSU Employee Book “I probably don't need this anymore, hehhh..!”
ZAIBATSU Mobile Communicator “I call my parents with it! OK?”

Stat Calculations

Stat Notes
Expenditures Click me!
HP 38 [Base], +5 [Might V], +6 [Hero I], +9 [6 Points], +2 [Nascent Saturation] = 60
SP 38 [Base], +6 [Hero I] = 44
HIT 5 [Might 5] = 5
EVA 3 [9 Points], +1 [Morgana's Cerberus Skins], +1 [Nascent Saturation], +1 [Scar Resilience] = 6
END 5 [Might 5], +1 [Scar Resilience] = 6
WIL 2 [6 Points], +1 [Morgana's Cerberus Skins], +1 [Nascent Saturation], +2 [Umbral Presence] = 6
Search 0 [Base], +2 [Umbral Presence] = 2
Sneak 0 [Base], + = 0
DAM 8 [BMH], +1 [DMK ‘Champion’], +1 [Carnium Edge] = 10 Meteor Hammer
Meta 4 [12 Might Skills], +1 [Specialised Training(Human)] = 5 Might
SP Cost 0 [Base] = 0
DR 0 [Base], +2 [Ori Undershirt] = 2 Phys (+1 between friend/foe).
MOV 10 [Base], +2 [Morgana's Cerberus Skins] = 12 MOV
2 Meta Less to Qualify 4 Stuff; +1 Might Meta; +2 Vitality; Cosmic; Gain Night Dweller in the Dark
Greataxe, Greatmace, Greatsword, Polearm
Boxing, Brawling, Disc, Spear Hand
½ Damage Reduction vs acid/chemical-based sources of Damage
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