Yoko Okazaki

Player: Briar
Income: 15,000z/mo (BGSF Shadow)
Race: Human
Age: 26
Weapon Groups: Light Soldier, Quattori Privateer, Ba Jinian Assassin, Ba Jinian Battlemaster
Weapon Proficiencies: Gauntlets, Boxing, Brawling, Discipline, Handguns, Revolvers, Shotguns, SMGs, Daggers, Wakizashi, Rapiers, Katana, Odachi
Extra Proficiencies: Heavy Arms, Meteor Hammer
Favored Elements: Shadow
Armor Type: Reinforced
Meta Bonus: Subtlety 8, Opportunity 6
Status and Equipment
HP: 44
SP: 46
Damage: 4 Martial Arts, 8 Comet Hammer, 3 Combat Knife, 5 Train Gun
To Hit: 8 Base, 10 Train Gun
Evasion: 9 Base, 12 Combat Knife
Endurance: 4
Willpower: 3
Search: 6
Sneak: 19
Resistance: 6 Physical, 3 All Other
SP Reductions: -
Movement: 10
Equipped Weapon: Gemini Comet Hammer
Iron Mantra Beads Gemini Combat Knife Poison Pouch XL
Operative Train Gun Auroran Flora Lexicon -
Poison Pouch XL
Quickvenom Oil Starlilly Blood Seraphium Oil
Temp Boons & Injuries
Name Effect Heal Date
we good fam
Skill Tree: Subtlety VIII
Passive: Assassin
Tier 1 Subvert Obscure Sever
Tier 2 Debilitate Sly Strike Sleevetrap
Tier 3 Raid Observe Victimize
Tier 4 Abscond Exploit Execute
Skill Tree: Opportunity VI
Passive: Veteran
Tier 1 Cover Pitch Item Quick Rise
Tier 2 Writhe Topple 100 Percent
Tier 3 Cripple Push Harder War Torn
Tier 4 Scream Prosperity Veterancy
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Speed 12 “…”
Thievery 10 “…”
Acrobatics 8 “…”
Dexterity 8 “…”
Vitality 8 “…”
Herbology 6 “…”
Strength 4 “…”
Tech Lore 4 “…”
Harvesting 4 “…”
Field Medicine 4 “…”
Survival 2 “…”
Gadgetry 2 “…”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Swimming 6 “…”
Cooking (Ba Jinian) 5 “…”
Active Signature Skill – …
Still searching…
Passive Signature Skill – …
Still searching…
Path of the Shinobi V
Boon Type Level Description
Ba Jinian Locational - +2 Vitality.
Specialize Training Racial - +1 Subtlety Meta.
BG Basic Training Major - +1 END. +2 Survival, Vitality, Gadgetry. +3 Swimming.
SF Shadow Training Major - +4 SP, +1 Subtlety Meta and its cap. Gain Heavy Arms proficiency, and halve the Tech Lore requirement on any piece of equipment with one. Once per encounter, the you may use the Standard version Observe as a Sub-Action.
CQC Training Major - Grants access to CQC Stance. Increases Martial Arts and Gauntlet damage by 1. While active, gain +2 EVA against Melee attacks and -2 EVA against Ranged ones. Your EVA/WIL penalty from being Grappled is halved, and you can still attack your Grappled target at Rank 3.
Naturalists Manual Major - +1 END, +2 Field Medicine, Harvesting, Herbology.
Dragon's Blood x2 Minor - +2 HP/SP.


Gemini Comet Hammer
Base Stats Meteor Hammer. 8 Slashing, 8 Range. Attack rolls of 19-20 Automatically apply Prone. Rolls of 1 Automatically apply Prone to the wielder. (Struggle DC: 15) A round, bladed disc surrounds the hammer head. Looks like a planet.
Maker's Mark Forbidden Sharpening :: All instances of Bleeding applied with the weapon deal 1 more Damage than normal. This applies to Damage taken when the Unit moves, too.
Improvement Heavenly Lacquer :: Weapon is Cosmic Element.
Improvement Bladed Hammerhead :: Weapon deals +1 Damage, and its Damage type changes to Slashing. Rolls of 19-20 deal True Damage.
Gemini Combat Knife
Base Stats Dagger. 3 Slashing. Uses full To Hit with Called Attacks, and +4 to applying Bleeding. The Cascadian 'Gemini' mark has been emblazoned in gold along the side of the blade.
Maker's Mark Forbidden Sharpening :: All instances of Bleeding applied with the weapon deal 1 more Damage than normal. This applies to Damage taken when the Unit moves, too.
Improvement Parrying Spine :: +2 EVA. This bonus does not apply when wielding a Shield or another 1-Handed Weapon.
NM 'Operative' Train Gun
Base Stats Train Gun. 5 Ballistic, 18 Ammo, 8 Dead Zone. Skills used through it apply twice, at full SP cost. Automatically destroys sources of Cover. Someone engraved a cloud-covered moon and a few sweet words into the side.
Maker's Mark Excellent :: Steady / Accurate. +3 To Hit, +1 To Hit with Follow-ups.
Mode Sub-Automatic :: Weapon folds and collapses in on itself, taking on a smaller form. While active, Skills used apply only once and Damage is lowered by 2, but the weapon gains 2 Follow-up NWAs with -3 To Hit.
Mode Travel Mode :: Weapon splits in half and is made even smaller, taking on a bulky, rectangular form not easily identified as a Train Gun. +6 Thievery to concealing, +6 against Damaged/Broken while in this state. Cannot fire while in this mode.
Improvement Silencer :: Shots do not provoke reactionary Search rolls. Only functions while Sub-Automatic Mode is active.
BGSF Travel Attire
Base Stats Reinforced Garb. +1 EVA, +2 EVA. Yoko's military-esque attire, notably lacking in identifiable features, other than a pair of dog tags.
Improvement Elysian Alloy Vest :: Grants +3 Physical DR, 2 END. The emblem of House Tortuga’s naval forces is engraved into it.
Enchantment Mirage Runes :: Grants 3 All DR, and 3 Ranks of Shrouded at the start of encounters. The wearer can’t gain Brilliant by any means, but can lose Shrouded.
Zeny 433,350.
Iron Mantra Beads A leather string coiled around the wrist with dark, metal beads for counting. As a Sub-Action, reduce maximum HP and SP by 4, while increasing To Hit and Physical Damage by 1. This can be performed up to 3 times per encounter. Reduced HP does not affect Death threshold.
Poison Pouch XL Contains 3 slots for Poisons or Weapon Oils.
Quickvenom Oil 5 Charges. Attacks apply Envenomed (vs END) while active. If the Unit is already Bleeding, add Crafter’s Alchemist Meta (5) to To Hit.
Starlilly Blood 5 Charges. Weapon becomes Cosmic Element, and rolls of 15-20 (Alchemist 5) apply Discordance.
Seraphium Oil 4 Charges. Attacks apply Seraphium Drunk (vs END) while active. It grants +4 Search, +3 Mana Sensing/Clairvoyance, and a rank of Pacified/Frightened that cannot be cleansed for the day.
Auroran Flora Lexicon A book by J. Wilde. A thick book containing information on all kinds of plant life found throughout Aurora. Possessing this (even in Storage!) reduces Study Difficulty for Plant-based Reagents by one level. Simple Reagents can be immediately identified with it, as well.
Zip Packin' light


Stat Math
HP ….
SP ….
HIT ….
EVA ….
END ….
WIL ….
DAM ….
Search ….
Sneak ….
Point Expenditure -
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