Xiao Lian

Player: Arla
Income: x
Expenses: x
Race: Beast Youkai (Fox)
Age: 100+ (Adolescent)
Racial Traits: Elemental Variability, Volatile Elementalism, Extra-Sensory, Transformation
Cultural Trait: Refined Magistry
Locational Trait: Payon Hidden Spring (+4 Vitality)
Weapon Groups: Ba Jinian Martial Artist, Mixed Magician, Heavy Spellsword
Weapon Proficiency: Discipline, Quarterstaff, Spear Hand, Tonfa, Jewelry, Twin Jewelry, Staff, Runeblade, Swordstaff
Exotic Proficiency: Glaives
Weapon Expertise: Staff, Jewelry 1)
Favored Elements: Fire, Wind
Secondary Element: Lightning
Armor Type: Fighting Garb (Light Armor)
Meta Bonus: Elemental 5, Might 3, Opportunity 5
Status and Equipment
HP: 38 [15]
SP: 60
Damage: 6 Slashing
To Hit: 5
Evasion: 6 [5]
Endurance: 3 [2]
Willpower: 7 [10]
Search: 5 [5]
Sneak: 5 [15]
SP Reductions: None
Equipped Weapon: Basic Guandao
Equipment Special Powers and Boons
Sacred Spring Jug Steamy Vapor Globe Tsuchigomo’s Grief
x Steamy Vapor Globe Zuianfiu's Favor
Sacred Spring Jug x x
Golden Bell x x
Injury Type Description Heal Date
x x x x
IP 0/19
Elemental V
Fire Lightning
Passive: Amplify Amplify
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Barrier Steam Ember L. Barrier L. Brand Imbue
Tier 2 Brand Backdraft Sear Thunderclap Chain L. Shock Nova
Tier 3 Imbue Inferno Detonate x x x
Tier 4 Field Mastery Prism Blast x x x
Might III Opportunity V
Passive: Fervor Adventurer
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Bash Provoke Fend Cover Pitch Item Chill Out
Tier 2 Rush Quicken Guard Writhe Topple Tumbling
Tier 3 x Tenacity Revenge Cripple Push H. W-Ventured
Tier 4 x x Bulwark Scream Prosperity Heroism
Augmented Skills
Steam Augmented Soothe. Applies R1 Regeneration if there are no conditions to remove.
Inferno Augmented Ignite. +1 Damage to Burning applied by Inferno.
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Elementalism +9 “Why wouldn’t I be good at it?”
Insight +9 “”How about we don’t question my greatness?”
Vitality +8 “Hey, hey, hey! Don’t bruise my cute form!”
Acrobatics +7 “My balance is per~fect. Don’t challenge it!”
Speed +6 “Out of my way! You’re too slow.”
Spell Lore +6 “I know more than you do.”
Precision +5 “Move, and let me grab it!”
Illusions +5 “Oooh, what’s that over there?”
Strength +5 “Oh, nooo. My little arms can’t– Just kidding. ♥”
Thievery +4 “E-even great people have their off days! Okay?”
Survival +2 “I found a stick!… My stick!”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Trickery +6 Hahaha! Humans are fun.”
Dual Skill :: Soul-Bound Stance (Xiao Li)
“Watch this, watch this!”
Description Xiao Li & Xiao Lian join hands, sharing their Favored Elements. They gain access to all Secondary Magic Skills, but add +1 to All SP Costs. Both are considered Grappled to one another at Rank 1, leaving them vulnerable. They do not suffer Grappled’s To Hit penalty.


Basic Guandao
Base Stats 6 Slashing. +2 Weapon Range (6). +2 Weapon Range with AoEs (8). Brutality is considered a self-AoE. A weapon that measures 6’ from tip to end, decorated with bells and tassel.
Craftsman x
Material x
Enchantment x
Improvement x
Golden Bell
Base Stats 3 Magical DMG. +1 vs Single Target. Can be used from Equipment Slot. A golden bell fastened around Xiao Lian’s right wrist. It contains a catalyst.
Craftsman x
Material x
Enchantment Chime of Protection :: Once per encounter, the wielder can ring the bell to conjure a Spirit Shield with Highest Magic Meta x 3 [15] HP. A certain someone is also likely to hear…
Improvement x
Natural Weapon :: Claws
Base Stats Xiao Lian's Claws deal 4 Damage in her Personal Element (Fire).
On flat Attack rolls of 18 - 20, they apply its Negative Condition (Burning) or Bleeding. Choose!
Natural Weapon :: Fangs
Base Stats Xiao Lian's Fangs deal 4 Piercing Damage and have a -4 To Hit penalty.
A successful bite applies Grappled (vs END) without that penalty.
Fighting Garb (Light Armor)
Base Stats +1 EVA & 2 SNK. Green and pink, and form-fitting. The material is decently durable!
Craftsman x
Material x
Enchantment x
Improvement x
Sacred Spring Jug x2 A jug of water from the Hidden Hot Spring. Restores 30 HP & 15 SP.
Steamy Vapor Globe x2 A glass globe full of ethereal blue fog. A 'grenade' that applies Soul Burn (vs WIL) in a 5 x 5 Area of Effect.
Golden Bell 2) See Weapons for details.

Boons & Studies

Boon Type Level Description
Tsuchigomo’s Grief Major - Tsuchigomo's influence is gone, but an imprint remains. +1 to Opportunity Meta & Cap. Xiao Lian gains access to the War Torn Passive despite being an Adventurer.
Zuianfiu's Favor Major - The least a Titan can do when freed from centuries, or perhaps a millenia, of slow torture. +2 Survival. Xiao Lian can carry Flasks of Water with 3 Charges or drink directly from clean sources. Consuming 1 Charge is a Sub Action and Heals 8 HP & 4 SP. Consuming 2 Charges is a Standard Action and heals 16 HP & 8 SP. Consuming 3 Charges is a Focused Action and heals 24 HP & 12 SP.
Other Type Description
Elemental Variability Racial (Beast Youkai) Varied in all shapes and form, Beasts start with two Favored Elements. They cannot favor Light or Shadow, however.
Volatile Elementalism Racial (Beast Youkai) Xiao Lian’s first Favored Element is her Personal Element (Fire). Unlike most Elementals, she can make use of the opposing Elements’ Magic Skills - but at +2 Stamina Cost (only +1 for Secondary Elements).
Extra-Sensory Racial (Beast Youkai) Xiao Lian adds +2 Search, and +2 more when Searching for Units.
Transformation Racial (Beast Youkai) Xiao Lian may assume Beast Form. This tiny fox has Elemental Meta x 3 [15] HP & Sneak, Elemental Meta x 2 [10] WIL, Elemental Meta [5] EVA & Search, and ½ Elemental Meta [2] END.
Source Description Research Time
x x. x x
Source Description Research Time
x x. x x

Notes, Stats, & Misc.

Currency x
Ichika Clan Venom Oil x5 A bottle of dark red oil meant to be splashed over weapons. It feels potent… Applied to a Melee or Throwing Weapon as a Sub Action. It applies Flammable (vs END) with all Attacks, or Burning (vs END) if a Unit has Rank 2 Flammable. Once it’s applied Burning, the Weapon Oil is used up and ceases to function.
Stat Notes
HP 35 [Base], -5 [Adolescent], +3 [Might 3], +5 [Tsuchigomo’s Grief] = 38
SP 45 [Base], +5 [Adolescent], +5 [Elemental 5], +5 [Tsuchigomo’s Grief] = 60
HIT 5 [Base] = 5
EVA 0 [Base], +1 [Light Armor], +5 [Opportunity 5] = 6
END 0 [Base] +3 [Might 3] = 3
WIL 2 [Base] +5 [Elemental 5] = 7
DMG 6 [Basic Guandao], 3 [Golden Bell]
Search 2 [Base], +3 [Tsuchigomo’s Grief] = 5
Sneak 0 [Base] +2 [Fighting Garb], +3 [Tsuchigomo’s Grief] = 5
Combat Skills 16 [Elemental 5], +9 [Might 3], +12 [Opportunity 4], +2 [Jewelry Expertise] = 39/42
NC Skills 6 [Trickery] = 6/15
Adventure Skills +3 [Strength], +1 [Thievery], +3 [Precision], +4 [Acrobatics], +6 [Elementalism], +6 [Insight], +3 [Spell Lore], +2 [Illusions], +2 [Speed] = 30/30
+1 Equip Slot for Jewelry
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