Xiao Li

Player: Caitlin
Income: -
Expenses: - (Bummin' off Fou Lu)
Race: Beast Youkai
Age: 102 (Adolescent)
Racial Trait(s): Extra-Sensory, Transformation, Volatile Elementalism
Cultural Trait: Refined Magistry (+2 WIL)
Locational Trait: Payon Hidden Spring (+4 Herbology)
Weapon Groups: Quirky Spellsword, Mixed Magician
Weapon Proficiency: Anthame, Chrysm, Enchanted Reach, Staff, Twin Jewelry, Wand
Exotic Proficiency: Natural Weapon (Fangs), Natural Weapon (Claws)
Weapon Expertise: Jewelry
Favored Elements: Water, Earth
Secondary Element: Ice
Armor Type: Unarmored Garb (Shrine Garb)
Meta Bonus: Elemental Magic 6, Leadership 5
Status and Equipment
HP: 30 [18]
SP: 61
Damage: 3
To Hit: 6
Evasion: 2 [6]
Endurance: 5 [3]
Willpower: 7 [12]
Search: 8 [6]
Sneak: 0 [18]
Equipped Weapon: N/A
Sacred Spring Jug Sacred Spring Jug Sacred Spring Jug
Steamy Vapor Globe Steamy Vapor Globe Talisman Bracelet
Jewelry Slot (Ex) Golden Bell
Injury Type Description Heal Date
- - - -
Tree: Water Magic Leadership
Passive: Amplify Commander
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Life Drop Wash Reflection Attack Yip Defend Yip Rally Yip
Tier 2 Surge Life Rain Brand Heal Yip Shake Off Inspiration
Tier 3 Torrent Purity Imbue Desperate Yip Pick Me Up Chosen One
Tier 4 Mirror Sphere Waterfall Field Presence Rise Up All Out Attack
Augmented Skills
Reflection Augments Water Barrier. Reflection has no retaliatory effect, but confuses enemies with a perfect reflection. They have -½ Elemental Meta [3] To Hit when Attacking while Reflection persists.
Mirror Sphere Augments Drown. Drown no longer applies Grappled vs END, but applies Panicked vs WIL instead. The target is trapped within a perfectly reflective sphere, removing all sense of direction.
Adventuring Skills
Illusions +12 “Water is the most reflective of the elements.”
Mana Control +8 “Even a gentle stream is directed by the current…”
Mana Sensing +8 “A pulse.”
Dexterity +6 “Sister got her fingers stuck in a finger trap, once.”
Relic Lore +6 “Humans' toys are fun…”
Creature Lore +6 “My brother and sister don't count as 'creatures'…”
Harvesting +5 “I like to gather things…”
Herbology +5 “Poison things.”
Thievery +2 “Is it shiny….”
Non-Combat Skills
Mimicry +8 “I can be the perfect mirror.”
Dual Skill :: Soul Bound Stance (Xiao Lian)
“I'm better at it than Xiao Lian…”
Description Xiao Li & Xiao Lian join hands, sharing their Favored Elements.
They gain access to all Secondary Magic Skills, but add +1 to All SP Costs.
Both are considered Grappled to one another at Rank 1, but ignore its To Hit penalty.


Golden Bell
Stats A golden bell fastened around Xiao Li's right wrist. It contains a catalyst. 3 Damage.
Perks +1 Single Target Damage, usable from Equipment.
Enchantment :: Chime of Protection Once per encounter, the wielder can ring the bell to conjure a Spirit Shield with Highest Magic Meta x 3 [18] HP. A certain someone is also likely to hear…
Shrine Garb
Stats An outfit befitting a high ranked shrine maiden in white, black, and red. +1 EVA & WIL, +2 Movement.
Sacred Spring Jug x 3 A jug of water from the Hidden Hot Spring. Restores 30 HP & 15 SP.
Steamy Vapor Globe x 2 A glass globe full of ethereal blue fog. A 'grenade' that applies Soul Burn (vs WIL) in a 5 x 5 Area of Effect.
Talisman Bracelet A red rope bracelet with a small talisman attached. Fou Lu told Xiao Li to wear this, but wouldn't tell her what it does.

Path, Boons & Studies

Boon Type Level Description
Tsuchigomo's Voice Major - Tsuchigomo's influence is gone, but an imprint remains. +1 to Leadership Meta & Cap. If a friendly Unit resists one of Xiao Li's Orders, they incur a To Hit vs WIL roll to disobey.
Name Description
Extra-Sensory Xiao Li adds +2 Search, and +2 more when searching for Units.
Transformation Xiao Li may assume Beast Form. This tiny fox has Elemental Meta x 3 [18] HP & Sneak, Elemental Meta x 2 [12] WIL, Elemental Meta [6] EVA & Search, and ½ Elemental Meta [3] END.
Volatile Elementalism Xiao Li is naturally the Water Element.
Natural Weapon (Claws) Xiao Li's Claws deal 4 Damage in her Personal Element (Water).
On flat Attack rolls of 18 - 20, they apply its Negative Condition (Drenched) or Bleeding. Choose!
Natural Weapon (Fangs) Xiao Li's Fangs deal 4 Piercing Damage and have a -4 To Hit penalty.
A successful bite applies Grappled (vs END) without that penalty.

Stat Calculations

Stat Notes
HP 35 - 5 [Adolescent] = 30
SP 45 + 5 [Adolescent] + 6 [Elemental] + 5 [Leadership] = 61
HIT 6 [Meta]
EVA 1 [Magic Attire] + 1 [Skill Points] = 2
END 5 [Leadership]
WIL 6 [Elemental] + 1 [Magic Attire] = 7
Search 2 + 6 [Skill Points] = 8
Sneak 0
Damage 3 [Jewelry]
Elemental 6 [Skill Points]
Leadership 4 [Skill Points] + 1 [Voice] = 5
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