Will Warlow

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Player: Chocorooms
Expenses: 10,000z/month (shared) needs updates. 2,500z/month (Perk-It Pills)
Income: Royal Alchemist of Glastheim (20,000z/month)
Race: Common Elf
Age: 102
Weapon Groups: Quirky Spellsword
Weapon Proficiencies: Anthames, Chrysms, Enchanted Reach, Jewelry
Extra Proficiencies: xxx
Favored Element: Fire, Earth, Water, Spirit, Light
Armor Type: El Alquimista Solitario (Unarmored); 1 Cosmic Resist
Meta Bonus: Elemental 9, Alchemy 5, Spirit 1
Status and Equipment
HP: 34
MP: 0/30
SP: 41
Damage: 2 Slashing/3 Magical (Anthame)
To Hit: 12
Evasion: 3
Endurance: 2
Willpower: 9
Search: 2
Sneak: 0
SP Reductions: -1 (Unarmored), -1 Fire (Fire Focus E.I.N.E.)
Equipped Weapon: Sylvan Anthame
Equipment (6)
Gob Champion’s Girdle Deep Spider Silk Bandana
Amulet of Accelerated Casting Mocking Scale [Lazzantayn’s Breath]
Skyward Cape Ranger’s Bandolier
High Healing Potion
Ranger’s Bandolier
High Healing Potion High Healing Potion
Name Type Description Heal Date
xxx xxx - x IP xxx xxx xxx
Injury Points 0/17


Name Description
Longevity Elves don’t lose HP & SP for Old or Venerable, but gain no Skill Points.
Proficiency Elves may choose 2 Weapon Groups.
Sharp Ears Elves add +2 Search for their sensitive, pointed ears.
Fleet Feet Common Elves add +1 Evasion due to their graceful movement.
Nature's Grace Common Elves add +2 to Acrobatics, or +4 to a Nature or Dance Non-Combat Skill. +2 added to Acrobatics
Magic Affinity You could use magic from a young age, maybe even before you could speak! You add +3 to Elementalism or Spell Lore, or +2 to both. +2 added to both
Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
World’s Blessing Blessing 1 An unseen force that felt familiar and yet alien has expressed its gratitude… See below for full bonuses.
E.I.N.E. Tiered 5 The Experimental Implanted Neural Enhancer. Metal in your head for a few large benefits. What’s not to like? Fire Focus. See below for full bonuses.
The Annals of Glastheim Tiered 3 A series of books found in the Glastheim Restricted Library that detail the history of the ancient city as well as some long-forgotten magical secrets… See below for full bonuses.
Gift of Freya Major - The combination of the Book of Thalj and the Book of Nahr allowed Will to magically recall how to meditate more efficiently, as well as cleanse his body and mind with purifying fire. Will’s eyes are now a mysterious and deep purple color, and they subtly glow in dim or no lighting. He requires 2 less hours of sleep to function, and will always feel warm even in freezing environments. He gains Water, Fire & Light as Favored elements. When using Second Wind, he now restores half of his SP plus an amount equal to his highest Magic Meta and cleanses all Negative Conditions from himself with purifying fire.
Tri-Optimum LabAssistant Implant Major - Will gains +2 to numerical stats and healing of any potions he consumes, and any Batch of potions, hypos, weapon oils, or poisons he creates has 1 extra. Additionally, he heals 2 HP every turn and adds +3 to rolls that involve treating injuries. If struck by Lightning or Water or submerged in water, he cannot eat or drink without immediately vomiting, takes a -2 to numerical stats and healing of any potions he consumes, and loses 4 HP per turn until he reaches 25% HP for 24 hours.
Rekenber Alchemy Manual Major - +1 to Alchemy Meta and Cap.
Shaman’s War Paint Major - A blue mask adorned with feathers and bones, painted on the skin anywhere the Bludd Pitt Victor desires. (Will had his applied to his upper chest/collar.) Magically empowers spells, allowing its bearer to spend 2 SP to increase the Damage or Healing of any Magical Skill by 1.
Whisper of the Orcs Major - Though too burdened to accept the Orcs' full blessing, the ghost of it cradles your soul. Will gains +3 maximum Mana Points.
Immortal Knowledge Major - If knowledge can be transferred, ideas will live forever. Each Skill Tree you have adds +1 more to a single Adventure Skill it encompasses.
Alchemical Knowledge Minor - -1 to Alchemy CP costs.
Behemoth’s Gift Minor 3 Their serpentine friend gave them a magical jump-start of some kind… Grants +3 To Hit (Acts as a Behemoth’s Blood potion; Will drank two more doses of it, maximizing his To Hit bonus).
Cosmic Assimilation Minor - Will seems to have acquired a tolerance to otherworldly mana, for his bravado. Will adds +2 Defense against Cosmic Negative Conditions and passively has 1 Cosmic Damage Resistance.
Wild Wizard Minor - Will learned this from a dark red book with a picture of a bushel of berries on its cover, found in the den of a “Behemoth Dragon”. +1 Survival. If combat begins outdoors or in a natural environment, Will starts with a Rank of Catalyzed.
World’s Blessing
Tier Name Description
I Spiritual Freedom Favor the Spirit Element and gain Fluidity with it through all Magic Skill Trees. If you already Favored the Spirit Element, gain 3 Combat Skill Points instead.
Experimental Implanted Neural Enhancer [Fire]
Tier Name Description
I Fire Fluidity Fire Magic may now be cast in the Spirit element. If Spirit is not favored, gain it for free. Spirit’s critical debuff is Vulnerable, and its buff is Regeneration.
II Fire Familiarity +1 Elemental Magic Meta. All Elemental Magic skills have their SP costs reduced by 1.
III Conflagration Sear becomes Conflagration. It cleanses all Ranks of Burning from the target on hit, but adds MCA + 2 Damage for each Rank cleansed this way.
IV Fire Expertise +1 Elemental Magic Meta. Will can now automatically succeed at one out of combat roll that makes use of Elemental Magic’s Adventuring Skills per 24 hours.
V Prism Blast+ Prism Blast becomes Prism Blast+, and gains a 5th Charge Level that colors the beam White and has the following effects: Deal MCA x 2 + 15 True Damage, and Apply Burning 3 separate times (vs Endurance).
The Annals of Glastheim
Tier Name Description
I Blood Magic Will may sacrifice HP equal to Tier Level [3] as a Free Action to increase the Damage of a spell by the same amount that he sacrificed. The process involves opening a small wound of his own accord.
II Occultism While under the effect of a Soul or Spite Link, Will gains Willpower equal to Tier Level [3]. In addition, he gains +2 to the Clairvoyance Adventure Skill.
III Apothecary While under the effect of a Positive or Negative Alchemical Condition, Will gains Endurance equal to Tier Level [3]. In addition, he gains +2 to the Herbology Adventure Skill.
Passive: Amplify
SP Cost: Tier -1
Tier 1 Fire Barrier Soothe Ember
Tier 2 Fire Brand Backdraft Conflagration
Tier 3 Imbue Fire Ignite Detonate
Tier 4 Fire Field Fire Mastery Prism Blast+
Passive: Amplify
SP Cost: Tier
Tier 1 - - Splash
Tier 2 - Surge -
Tier 3 - Torrent Waterfall
Tier 4 - Water Mastery Drown
Passive: Amplify
SP Cost: Tier
Tier 1 - - Shards
Tier 2 - Spike Thorns
Tier 3 - Quake Shockwave
Tier 4 - Earth Mastery Fissure
Passive: Spite
SP Cost: Tier
Tier 1 Spirit Bolt - Indulgence
Tier 2 - Banish -
Tier 3 - - -
Tier 4 - - -
Passive: Apothecary
SP Cost: Tier
CP: 6
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Quick Dip
Tier 2 Inoculation Great Materia Pharmacist
Tier 3 Superior Triage Acid Demonstration
Tier 4 Excellent Grand Materia Alchemic Plume
Adventuring Skills
Acrobatics 0 (pts) +2 (Nature’s Grace) = +2 “…” Knowledge regarding living in the wilderness.
Survival 3 (pts) +3 (Alchemy) +1 (Wild Wizard) = +7 “…” Knowledge regarding living in the wilderness.
Vitality 2 (pts) +5 (Elemental) = +7 “…” How sturdy and unflinching a character can be.
Clairvoyance 0 (pts) +2 (Annals of Glastheim) = +2 “…” Communicating with spirits and ghosts.
Elementalism 5 (pts) +5 (Elemental) +2 (Magic Affinity) = +12 “…” Putting magic to basic or grandiose uses.
Insight 5 (pts) +5 (Elemental) = +10 “…” Sensing environmental mana.
Spell Lore 5 (pts) +5 (Elemental) +2 (Magic Affinity) = +12 “…” Knowledge of magical spells and their makeup.
Field Medicine 5 (pts) +3 (Alchemy) = +8 “…” Handling wounds without the use of magic.
Herbology 5 (pts) +3 (Alchemy) +2 (Annals of Glastheim) = +10 “…” Knowledge of plants and fungi, and how to use them.
Investigation 0 (pts) +3 (Alchemy) = +3 “…” Utilizing deductive reasoning.
Non-Combat Skills
Cooking +5 Similar, but not quite the same as alchemy, Will’s got a bit of a talent for cooking. Even without a recipe, he’s able to cook most ingredients without burning them.
Passive Signature Skill – A Fistful of Formulae
“Alchemy is the key to life itself!”
Benefit Will is capable of using his 'Training' slot to instead study Alchemical ingredients and formulas while studying another material. He may apply reductions from Adventuring Skills and Non-Combat Skills as well!
Drawbacks Will still suffers from Fatigue, and he is restricted to using his ‘Training’ slot for said Alchemical ingredients and formulas - meaning he can’t use it to study anything else.
Active Signature Skill – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
“There’s three kinds of people in this world…”
Benefit Coming soon…
Drawbacks Coming soon…


Weapon: Sylvan Anthame
Material Magic Wood
Craftsman Elemental Energies
Base Stats 2 Slashing OR 3 Magical Damage. A caster's dagger with a large gem of pure mana in its hilt. It glows yellow at a constant and radiates Earth mana. Anthames gain +1 Damage to their next Melee Attack every time a Magic Skill is used through them; upon use, this bonus resets to 0. Anthames add +4 Bonus To Hit when applying Bleeding. Expertise: Anthames that deal 4+ Melee Damage apply Bleeding (vs END).
Enchantment Nature’s Blessing. Earth & Poison magic launched with this weapon (including via Scripts) gains +1 Damage.
Armor: El Alquimisto Solitario
Material Tri-Op Flexible Plating & Fiber Weave
Craftsman Marie Sokolov
Base Stats Unarmored: -1 Stamina use, +2 Movement. A black poncho with a triangular clasp laid over a lightly armored vest and pants. It seems to have been made in the style of the attire that he came into Tri-Optimum’s facilities with, and was unfortunately forced to leave behind… Marie has added cowboy boots, of all things, complete with spurs that spin.
Enchantment Guardian Angel. When the wearer falls to 0 or less HP, they may immediately sacrifice SP to restore HP (at a 1 SP : 2 HP ratio) with no action cost. SP equal to their highest Magic Meta can be spent this way, and this can only occur once per combat scenario.
Improvement Tri-Optimum Featherweight Plating. +2 EVA.
Gob Champion's Girdle 1x A thick leather belt with a gold plate on its front, like a championship belt. Depicted on the plate is a silly crest with a frying pan and chef's hat. Grants +2 HP and Endurance, as long as it's worn. Can be used in a Gear Slot or placed into any Armor as an Improvement by any Blacksmith who has the Armorsmith Passive Ability. Removing it from Armor intact also requires a Blacksmith with the Armorsmith Passive Ability.
Amulet of Accelerated Casting 1x An amulet shaped like a crescent moon, hanging from a golden chain. When worn, the first spell cast in combat with Charge gains its first Charge immediately. 1 Charge. Can be recharged by artifice, but does not gain any additional uses from the artifice tree.
Skyward Cape 1x A glowing length of cloth with a clasp to drape it around the neck. Grants the use of the Skyward Agility skill, and permanent Haste (Threshold: 10) (If the wearer already knows Skyward, it becomes a Standard Action).
Deep Spider Silk Bandana 1x The Orcish Hunters worked tirelessly over the night to spin a proper reward for conquering the Death Pitt. This garment is ghostly silver in color, but shines every color of the rainbow when hit with light at certain angles… Grants immunity to Envenomed and Sickened.
Ranger’s Bandolier 1x A strap made to go over the chest that's made of Behemoth leather, traditionally. A Container with 2 Slots for any combination of Potions, Poisons, Arrows, or Bolts.
Mocking Scale (Lazzantayn’s Breath) 1x A dark purple dragon scale that feels full to its brim with Shadow mana. When used as a Focused Action, it casts Lazzantayn’s Breath. The Mocking Scale may only be used once per encounter. Lazzantayn’s Breath :: Deals 12 True Shadow Damage Automatically to all Units in a Cone 25 Area of Effect. If Interrupted, Breath still goes off but targets Willpower.
High Healing Potion 3x In PROPER glass bottles, now. Heals 20 HP and 5 SP.
- - - -


Other Information
Currency 1,137,332 z
Studying -
Studying/Training -
Stat Math
HP 32 (Base) +2 (Gob Champion’s Girdle) = 34
MP 9 (Elemental Meta)x3 +3 (Whisper of the Orcs) = 30 Maximum
SP 32 (Base) +9 (Elemental) = 41
HIT 9 (Base) +3 (Behemoth’s Gift III) = 12
EVA 1 (Base) +2 (Tri-Optimum Featherweight Plating) = 3
END 0 (Base) +2 (Gob Champion’s Girdle) = 2
WIL 0 (Base) +9 (Elemental) = +9
DAM 0 (Base) +2/3 (Sylvan Anthame) = 2/3
Search 2 (Elven Hearing) = 2
Sneak 0 (Base) = 0
Skill Point Expenditure
Elemental 25 pt
Alchemy 12 pt
Favored Elements 3 pt
Crafting Points 2 pt
Stat Points Used 45/45
Adventuring Skill Points Used 30/30
Non-Combat Skill Points Used 5/15
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