Walter Gray

Character Profile
Player: Koonjan
Upkeep: Noble 1)
Income: Glastheim Scholar (10,000z)
Race: Human
Racial Trait(s): Flexibility (N/A)
Cultural Trait: Scholarly Training
Locational Trait: Runian (+2 Spell Lore)
Age: 25 (Adult)
Weapon Proficiency: Magical Catalysts
Favored Element: Fire, Wind
Secondary Element: Lightning
Armor Type: Unarmored
Meta Bonus: Elemental 6
Status and Equipment
HP: 34
SP: 38
Damage: 4
To Hit: 6
Evasion: 0
Endurance: 0
Willpower: 6
Concentration: 12
Search: 0
Stamina Reductions: -1 to all (Unarmored)
Equipped Weapon: Mirrored Wizard Orb
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Radiant Tincture Greater Energy Potion Forgotten Nos Techniques (Minor)
Greater Healing Potion x The Annals of Glastheim (Tiered)
Greater Healing Potion x Immortal Knowledge (Major)


Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
Forgotten Nos Techniques Minor - Unearthed from Glastheim's grand castle library, these methods of drawing mana for Superior Spells offer an extra kick. When casting Superior Magic, act as though you know one more Superior Spell than you do for the purposes of calculating spells that use such.
Immortal Knowledge Major - If knowledge can be transferred, ideas will live forever. Each Skill Tree you have adds +1 more to a single Adventure Skill it encompasses.
The Annals of Glastheim
Tier Name SP Cost Description
I Blood Magic - Walter may sacrifice HP equal to Tier Level (presently 3) as a Free Action to increase the Damage of a spell by the same amount that he sacrificed. The process involves opening a small wound of his own accord. Adds +2 to Spell Lore.
II Occultism - While under the effect of a Soul or Spite Link, Walter gains Willpower equal to Tier Level. In addition, he gains +2 to the Clairvoyance Adventure Skill.
III Apothecary - While under the effect of a Positive or Negative Alchemical Condition, Walter gains Endurance equal to Tier Level. In addition, he gains +2 to the Herbology Adventure Skill.
IV The Skyborne - Walter gains Corrupt Resistance equal to Tier (4). He learns the Nephilim Art 'Cleansing Touch'.
Skill Tree: Elemental: Fire
Passive: Balance
Tier 1 Ember (1) Soothe (1) Fire Barrier (1)
Tier 2 Sear (2) Cauterize (2) Fire Brand (2)
Tier 3 Ignite (3) Living Warmth (3) Imbue Fire (3)
Tier 4 Cone of Flame (4) Prism Blast (4) Fire Field (4)
Skill Tree: Elemental: Wind
Passive: Balance
Tier 1 Gust (1) Breathe (1) Wind Barrier (1)
Tier 2 Breeze (2) Hover (2) Wind Brand (2)
Tier 3 Cyclone (3) Updraft (3) Imbue Wind (3)
Tier 4 Tornado (4) Flight (4) Wind Field (4)
Skill Tree: Elemental: Lightning
Passive: Balance
Tier 1 Lightning Barrier (4) Lightning Brand (6) Imbue Lightning (8)
Tier 2 Thunderclap (4) Chain Lightning (6) Shock Nova (8)
Skill Tree: Superior Magic
Passive: x
Cost: 3 Max HP & 3 SP
New-Type Pneuma x x
Skill Tree: Nephilim Arts
Cost: 6 SP; Gives Walter 1 Rank of Bleeding that can't be cleansed until combat ends.
Body x x x
Mind Cleansing Touch x x
Aura x x x
War x x x
Adventuring Skills
Acrobatics +3 “…”
Clairvoyance +2 “…”
Illusions +3 “…”
Herbology +2 “…”
Mana Control +8 “Malleable when mastered. A simple exercise, really.”
Relic Lore +5 “Many thanks, Gabrielle.”
Mana Sensing +10 “Absolutely elementary.”
Spell Lore +13 “As a patron of academia, it would be foolish not to withhold a high standard of personal education.”
Vitality +3 “…”
Non-Combat Skills
Charisma (Charming) +10 “An act of promising, without the guarantee.”
Dancing (Waltz) +5 “The first refinement of polished society.”
Name IP Effect Heal Date
x 0 x x


Mirrored Wizard's Orb
Base Stats 4 DAM, +1 DAM for AoE, +1 AoE Radius
Material x
Craftsman x
Enchantment x
Improvement x
Appearance A remarkably polished orb that reflects the appearance of the user. Ornately designed veins carve around the orb to reveal the swirls of mana within.
Velvet Trimmed Edwardian Coat
Material x
Craftsman x
Enchantment x
Improvement x
Appearance A staple item of the gentleman’s wardrobe, this coat is perfect for a day consisting of an Afternoon Tea engagement and a blissful carriage ride.
x x


Item Source Description Research Time
x x x x


Zeny 198, 566
Fame x
Infamy x
Radiant Tincture A glowing yellow bottle of liquid. When drunk, heals 20 HP and favors the Light Element for 24 hours.
2 Greater Healing Potions Heals 19 HP.
Greater Energy Potion Heals 15 SP.
x x

Calculations and Misc.

Status Calculation:
HP: 34 [Base] = 34
SP: 34 [Base] + 4 [Stat Points] = 38
DMG: 4 [Mirrored Wizard's Orb] = 4
TO HIT: 6 [Base] = 6
EVA: 0 [Base] = 0
END: 0 [Base] = 0
WIL: 6 [Elemental 6] = 6
SEARCH: 0 [Base] = 0
COMBAT SKILLS: 12 [Elemental Fire] + 12 [Elemental Wind] + 3 [SP] = 27/42
NC SKILLS: 10 [Charisma] + 5 [Dancing] = 15/15
ADVENTURE SKILLS: 5 [Manipulation of Mana] + 5 [Relic Lore] + 7 [Sensing Mana and Magic] + 6 [Spell Lore] = 23/30
His inheritance is able to provide for his upkeep.
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