Viktor Dmitriyev

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Player: Chocorooms
Upkeep: -
Income: Glastheim City Guard (10,000z/month)
Race: Human
Age: 23
Weapon Proficiencies: Spears, Polearms, Shield Combat
Favored Elements: n/a
Armor Type: Heavy Nephilim Armor, Oridecon-Weave Undershirt [+6 Physical DR]
Meta Bonus: Might 7, Leadership 4
Status and Equipment
HP: 47
SP: 46
Damage: 4 Piercing / 4 Blunt
To Hit: 7
Evasion: 4
Endurance: 10 (+7)
Willpower: 0
Search: 0
Sneak: 0
Move: 7
SP Reductions: -
Equipped Weapon: Silver Spear, Tower Shield
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Gryphon Warrior’s Armband Remnant of Lucent’s Champion
Potion Belt XL Sacred Flame
Oridecon Weave Undershirt The Spirit of Baseball
High Energy Potion -
High Healing Potion -
Spirit of Unity -
Potion Belt XL
High Healing Potion+
High Healing Potion
Haste Potion
Name Type Description Heal Date
- - - - -
Injury Points 0/20


A Rook-ranked Nos, called a Wide-Eye. It’s grown in size (and aggression) after consuming a chess piece!
Type: Medium Ferocious Magical Creature (Corrupt Element - Weak to Light and Shadow; Flat Attack rolls of 18 - 20 apply Soul Burn.)
Armor: -
Skill Item: -
Unique: Soggy is always Hovering. While Viktor and Soggy are within 4 squares of one another, he gains +3 WIL and Soggy gains +3 END. Soggy's Attack Order applies Unbalanced (Vs. WIL). When attacking via Attack Order, Ferocious Companions may instead deal ½ NWA twice as a Multi-Hit Attack.
HP 38 Hit +6
Dmg 5 Eva 5
End 4 Wil 7
Sneak 0 Search 4
Move 12
Adventure Skills
Vitality +4 Speed +4
Mana Control +4 Mana Sensing +4
Remnant of Lucent’s Champion Soggy gains +3 HP. Sacred Flame Soggy gains +1 END.


Perk Description
Flexibility Humans have the most even Meta Cap spread of all races.
Proficiency Humans may choose 3 Weapon Proficiencies.
Vocational Training Your character grew up working a specific job, whether it was their choice or a case of nepotism. Add +6 to a Non-Combat Skill that they worked with, or choose 3 Skills from a Crafting Tree for free.
Sybirian Your character grew up in Sybir, a Russian-styled country with a cold and punishing landscape. +2 to Creature Lore, Strength, Survival or Vitality (added to Creature Lore).
Boon Type Level Description
Remnant of Lucent’s Champion Major - Caedoch’s annex was more of an exchange; despite how Viktor feels about the entire situation, he’s gained something from it. +6 HP & SP. +1 to any non-Crafting Meta & Cap. One additional bonus based on affected Meta. (Might: Apply Pained on flat rolls of 16 - 20 (vs END) with Might Skills.)
Sacred Flame Minor - A fire burns within their souls; a burning reminder of pain endured. +1 END.
The Spirit of Baseball Minor - The Spirit of Baseball is alive and well within these chosen few… +2 Stamina Points, and +1 to either Vitality, Speed or Strength. (Added to Vitality!)
Skill Tree: Might
Passive: Fervor
SP Cost: Tier +1
Tier 1 Bash Vigilance Endure
Tier 2 Rush Quicken Guard
Tier 3 Brandish Tenacity Knockdown
Tier 4 Fling Shatter Immortal
Skill Tree: Leadership
Passive: Wrangler
SP Cost: Tier +1
Tier 1 Attack Order Defend Order Shield Order
Tier 2 Heal Order Shake Off Rear Back
Tier 3 Desperate Cry Pick Me Up Dogpile
Tier 4 Presence Rise Up Frenzy
Skill Tree: Master Techniques
Passive: xxx
SP Cost: 12 (base)
Vagrant Intensify Tempered Strike -
Master Techniques Description
Intensify Standard Action. 12 SP. Apply Passion to yourself as a Positive Physical Condition. Passion adds a follow-up NWA or MCA to all Attacks you make. Passion cannot affect a Unit with Haste and vice-versa. Weapon Synergy (Runeblade or Swordstaff): Passion’s follow-up NWA or MCA can manifest in any of your Favored Elements.
Tempered Strike Focused Action. 12 SP. Deal NWA + Master Technique Meta Damage. If you have follow-up Attacks, double the amount of them for Tempered Strike. If you have the Passion Positive Condition, Tempered Strike is a Standard Action (but dispels it). Weapon Synergy (Runeblade or Swordstaff): You may sacrifice any Positive Magical Condition rather than Passion to make Tempered Strike a Standard Action.
Adventuring Skills
Dexterity 5 +3 (Might) +2 (Leadership) = +10 “…” Your character’s manual dexterity and ability to perform actions with their hands quickly. It’s used in tasks like tying knots, catching flying objects, and repeating patterns.
Strength 5 +3 (Might) +2 (Leadership) = +10 “…” Your character’s raw physical strength. It’s used in tasks like lifting or shoving heavy objects around, forcing doors open, or keeping something weighty held up.
Survival 5 +3 (Might) +2 (Leadership) = +10 “…” Your character’s general knowledge of the wilderness and how to live within it. It’s used in tasks like making shelter, identifying poisonous edibles, and hunting.
Vitality 5 +3 (Might) +2 (Leadership) +1 (The Spirit of Baseball) = +11 “…” Your character’s stamina as well as their resistance to being thrown around. It’s used in tasks like running for a length of time, enduring pain over time, or not flinching at sudden pain.
- - “…” -
Creature Lore 5 +2 (Sybirian) = +7 “…” Your character’s knowledge of Aurora’s wildlife as well as certain magical creatures. It can be usually be used in combat as a Sub Action to get a better idea of what the party’s enemy might be able to do. It doesn’t work on everything, though…
Harvesting 5 = +5 “…” Your character’s ability to gather reagents from their environment, whether it’s blood and bones from a fallen creature or choice mushrooms from a patch of them.
Non-Combat Skills
Gun Show +5 (+3 - No Favored Element) ”I am being big strong man from Sybir!!” A lifetime of heavy farming in the Far East has gifted Viktor with plenty of muscle.
Farming +10 (+6 - Vocational Training) ”We are being family of potato farming, yes?” Basically his entire family’s livelihood, Viktor knows just about all there is to know about farming in the Far East.


Weapon: Silver Spear
Material Silver
Craftsman Aslan Yazdi
Base Stats 1-Handed Spear - 4 Piercing Dmg. Has an attack range of 6 squares. +1 dmg to Unarmored or Light Armored units. Ignores the side effects of attacking magical shields/barriers, but still damages the shield first instead of the target. A lightweight spear made of bright, reflective metal…
Enchantment -. -
Improvement Silver Bar. Great Materia Maker’s Mark - Crafted Weapon always strikes Elemental Weakness against Vampires, Nos, and Undead. When the Weapon is enchanted with the Light Element, it adds an additional +1 Damage & To Hit when striking Elemental Weakness.
Weapon: Tower Shield
Material Metal
Craftsman Mass-Produced
Base Stats Tower Shield - Requires 4 Physical meta to wield. 4 Blunt dmg. +4 Eva. While in Tenacious Stance or using the Universal Skill Defend, a Tower Shield provides Half Cover (+5 Evasion or Willpower vs Ranged) within 2 squares. A beginner's, basic heavy tower shield.
Enchantment -. -
Improvement -. -
Armor: Nephilim Heavy Armor
Material Nephilim Steel?
Craftsman ???
Base Stats Heavy Armor - +4 END, 3 Physical DR, -3 Movement, +2 damage from Lightning attacks. A set of heavy armor plundered from Vil Torum! Aslan repaired this for Viktor, free of charge, and Viktor is forever grateful to him.
Enchantment -. -
Improvement Oridecon Weave. +1 END, +1 Physical DR.
Gryphon Warrior’s Armband 1x A thick silver armlet with a green teardrop-shaped gem embedded into it. It feels powerfully magical. Once per encounter, as a Sub Action, the wearer may gain the following (for the length of the entire encounter): Flight, by way of Wings formed of Wind Mana; Enchanting their weapon with Wind, adding +1 Damage, too; or Gaining +3 Movement & +1 To Hit. This is a Positive Magical Condition, and is therefore dispellable.
Oridecon Weave Undershirt 1x A protective garment meant to be worn underneath armor. Provides 2 Physical Damage Resistance. Maker’s Mark: Sturdy - +3 vs. Damaged or Broken.
Potion Satchel XL 1x A large bag made specially for bottles. Adds 3 Equipment Slots for Potions & Poisons only.
High Healing Potion 2x Restores 20 HP.
High Healing Potion+ 1x Restores 24 HP and removes 1 rank of a Negative Alchemical Condition.
High Energy Potion 1x Restores 20 SP.
Spirit of Unity 1x A bottle of tea specially made for the Festival of Unity! It’s a gold color. Grants +1 Damage and +2 Fire, Water, and Wind Damage Resistance for an encounter.
Haste Potion 1x Grants Hastened for an encounter.


Other Information
Currency 175,333 Rune Zeny (or equal value)
Merchant’s Guild Points 16
Studying -
Training Passionate Combatant (10/18/2019)
High Healing Potion 3x Restores 20 HP.
Iceblink 1x 1-Handed Spear - 4 Piercing Dmg. Has an attack range of 6 squares. +1 dmg to Unarmored or Light Armored units. Ignores the side effects of attacking magical shields/barriers, but still damages the shield first instead of the target. Great Materia Maker’s Mark: Ice Lizard Scale - Applies Frozen on each hit (vs. END). If the target is Frozen, it applies Flanked, granting allies +1/2 Blacksmith’s meta as bonus To Hit. [+2] A masterfully crafted prototype spear that’s constantly chilly to the touch. Sometimes, it also carries a thin layer of frost!
Lance 1x 2-Handed Polearm - 6 Piercing Dmg. Attack range of 6 instead of 4. +1 Dmg to Unarmored or Light Armored units. Ignores secondary effects of attacking a magical shield, but still does damage to the shield instead of its user. A masterfully forged polearm in traditional Nephilim style.
[Clothing] 1x Unarmored: -1 SP costs, +2 Movement. A simple long-sleeved shirt and pair of rugged pants. These look hand-made…
Corpsehound Baseball Uniform 1x Unarmored - -1 SP cost, +2 Movement. A purple and black baseball uniform that's comfortable, if not very suited to adventuring or combat.
Steel-Woven Chain Shirt 1x Light Armor - Requires 1 Physical or Subtlety Meta to wear. +2 Eva, +2 Sneak. Bonus: +1 Physical DR. A simple and plain steel chain shirt. It’s a bit tougher than most, however!
Pitchfork 1x 1-Handed ‘Spear’ - 2 Piercing Dmg. Has an attack range of 6 squares. +1 dmg to Unarmored or Light Armored units. Ignores the side effects of attacking magical shields/barriers, but still damages the shield first instead of the target. Bonus: -3 vs. Damaged/Broken. A common farming tool with two sharp prongs on the end. It looks old and rusty. This isn’t supposed to be used for combat……
Scrap Shield 1x Round ‘Shield’ - Requires 1 Physical meta to wield. 2 Blunt dmg. +1 Eva. Grants Immunity to Flanked. Bonus: -3 vs. Damaged/Broken. This is just a piece of scrap with a handle screwed onto it… Does it provide any protection at all?
Merchant’s Guild VIP Card 1x A plastic card with the Merchant's Guild emblem on it, and the signature of Justine Dale. Showing this at the Alberta Merchant's Guild Bazaar will give Viktor a 10% Discount - and it has no expiration date.
Wizard’s Guild Library Card 1x A plastic card with Viktor’s name on it. There are blank squares where his picture should be. This allows free access to the Wizard's Guild Library for life.
Stat Math
HP 34 (Base) +7 (Might) +6 (Remnant of Lucent’s Champion) = 47
SP 34 (Base) +4 (Leadership) +2 (The Spirit of Baseball) +6 (Remnant of Lucent’s Champion) = 46
HIT 0 (Base) +7 (Highest Meta) = 7
EVA 0 (Base) +4 (Tower Shield) = 4
END 0 (Base) +7 (Might) +4 (Leadership) +1 (Sacred Flame) +4 (Heavy Armor) +1 (Oridecon Weave) = 10 (+7)
WIL 0 (Base) = 0
DAM 4 (Base) = 4
Search 0 (Base) = 0
Sneak 0 (Base) = 0
Skill Point Expenditure
Might 12pts
Might Meta 8pts
Leadership 12pts
Stat Points Used 37/42
Adventuring Skill Points Used 30/30
Non-Combat Skill Points Used 15/15
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