Vera Holloway

Player: Briar
Upkeep: 25,000z/mo (Den of Delights)
Income: 75,000z/mo (Den of Delights)
Race: Mimic Fiend
Age: ?
Weapon Groups: Light Soldier, Light Spellsword, Heavy Magician, Quatori Sorceress
Weapon Proficiencies: Boxing, Anthames, Spellblades, Canes, Orbs, Staves, Twin Jewelry, Handguns, Revolvers, SMGs, Magic Bolters
Extra Proficiencies: Clockwork Rifles
Favored Elements: Cosmic
Meta Bonus: Hollow Magic 6, Opportunity 6, Cosmology 5
Status and Equipment
HP: 62
SP: 66 74
Damage: 4/Moonshiner, 4/Lawbringer, 6/Spellbreaker
To Hit: 15/Moonshiner, 7/Lawbringer, 10/Spellbreaker
Evasion: 1
Endurance: 7
Willpower: 7
Search: 2/Moonshiner, 5/Baron's Eye
Sneak: -
Resistance: 3 Cosmic, 3 All
SP Reductions: +4 All, -2 Magic
Movement: 15
Equipped Weapon: Moonshiner & Spellbreaker
Equipped Armor: Zurian High Priestess Robes
Equipment Equipment Equipment
Caliban's Lawbringer Leviathan Choker -
Health Soda x2 Chilled Coffee x2 -
Temp Boons & Injuries
Name Effect Heal Date
Serenity Addiction. All the nobles are doing it. It's a good time. -
Starlilly Bricks Addiction. Who can say no to chocolate? It comes in other flavors if you can. -
Drake Addiction. This business isn't gonna run itself. -
Hummingbee Addiction. Imported from Ba Jin. Fancy. -
Laughing Skull Addiction. Vera always gets the last laugh. -
Seraphium Addiction. One step closer to the heavens. -
Skill Tree: Hollow Magic VI
Passive: Psychopomp
Tier 1 Hollow Mark Shell Medicus
Tier 2 Harmonize Cascade Galvanize
Tier 3 Expel Anti-Pulse Velocity
Tier 4 Rekindle Phantom Limb Cosmic Salvo
Skill Tree: Opportunity VI
Passive: Adventurer
Tier 1 Cover Pitch Item Chill Out
Tier 2 Writhe Topple Tumbling
Tier 3 Cripple Push Harder Well Ventured
Tier 4 Scream Prosperity Heroism
Skill Tree: Cosmology V
Passive: -
5 SP Aether in Twain Providence Arcanoflux
6 SP Oculaflux Blood Arcana Entropy Arcana
6 SP Accordance Gravity -
7 SP Retrograde Antithesis Multiplicity
8 SP Supernova Imperium -
Skill Tree: Esoteric Cosmology
Passive: -
~ Terror Arcana Despair Arcana Anathemic Field
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Vitality 12 “I can handle it.”
Mana Control 12 14 “I am always in control.”
Illusions 10 12 “That won't work on me.”
Clairvoyance 10 12 “There's no rest for our kind.”
Magic Healing 10 12 “There's still work to be done.”
Mana Sensing 8 10 “The air doesn't feel right.”
Dexterity 7 “I don't miss.”
Herbology 6 “I know my product.”
Acrobatics 6 “I'll fit through there.”
Thievery 6 “You can do it when you're rich.”
Tech Lore 5 “Give me your ringer.”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
- - “…”
Active Signature Skill – …
Still searching…
Passive Signature Skill – …
Still searching…
Boon Type Level Description
Cosmic Soul Racial - Grants Cosmic as a Favored Element. You can no longer safely be Soul-Linked with, harness Spirit or Superior Magic, or make use of most boons associated with the two.
Night Dweller Racial - +2 To Hit, EVA, Sneak, & Search at night. -5 END against light-based sources of blind.
Fiendish Secret Racial - +1 Subtlety Meta (but not cap). +6 Non-Combat points to spend on performance, impersonation, or charisma-related skills.
Quattori Locational - +2 Dexterity.
Delightful Patron Major - +4 END against Envenomed, Sickened, Dazed. +4 Non-Combat points to spend on tolerance of different substances.
Life of the Party Major - +4 SP and +2 END. When consuming any drug with a DC to avoid ill effects, the DC is halved. Once a day, when consuming any drug with guaranteed ill effects, roll with END against a DC of 12/16/22 (Per Mildly/Highly/Extremely Addictive) to avoid the effect outright. This does not prevent addiction or injuries.
Gift of Terror Major - Grants +4 HP. Drug-based Injuries no longer cost IP. Allows use of Zurian Trance :: Out of combat, negative all harmful alchemical effects and Injuries. This state grants -8 HP and SP and +1 SP Costs, and persists until the last injury heals. The user's demeanor is vacant and mystical while active.
Gift of Sanctuary Major - Grants +4 HP, +2 Mana Control, -2 IP on all Soul Injuries. Allows use of Zurian Sanctuary :: Focused Action, 6 SP. In an AoE of 6 squares around you, grant +15 Sneak (up to Race Caps), reduce All Damage by 5, and apply Pacified. Units inside become incorporeal and may pass through objects up to a foot thick.
Master of Chicks Major - Grants +4 HP & SP, +1 HIT, +1 END.
Starcrossed Minor - Grants +2 SP.
Party Service Temporary - +8 SP, +2 Magical Adventure Skills. This is 'Temporary' in the loosest sense, for Vera.
Fiendish Powers
Subtle Form Innate - You take on the appearance of a Human, Elf, Cubi, or similar humanoid race. This carries no bonuses or penalties, and Transforming into this form is a Free Action.
Strong Form Innate - Grants +3 Strength/Vitality, +3 DR, and +2 To Hit/1 DAM with Melee Weapons. -2 WIL and EVA.
Short Form Innate - Grants +6 Search. Treat sources of Half-Cover as Full Cover. Cannot wield heavy 2H weapons. -2 WIL and END.
Stalker Form Innate - Grants +6 Movement and Sneak. Cannot wield Weapons, Martial Arts, or make use of Stances, but treat Unarmed attacks as Slashing and gain +3 DAM. Add a follow-up NWA to all attacks. -4 WIL and END.
Swift Transformation Innate - Treat Transformation as a Sub-Action, for 6 SP. This cannot be reduced by most means.
Blood Trick Innate - Passively gain a subconscious, illusory power, disguising your blue blood as crimson- At least while it’s close to your body.


Base Stats Blaster Pistol. 4 DAM, 10 Ammo, Sub-Action Reload. Shots Shots contest WIL instead of EVA. Can be charged with an Element as a Sub-Action. Regains 1 Ammo per Turn, or 3 at the cost of a Movement action.
Legendary Bottom's Up :: Grants +1 To Hit for every Addiction the wielder suffers, and 1 follow-up NWA if they are currently intoxicated.
Improvement Arcane Sights :: Grants +2 To Hit / Search. This bonus is doubled against Magical Units.
Enchantment Blade Dance :: The weapon causes Physical Skills used through it to activate twice at full SP Cost.
Base Stats Cane. 4+2 DAM. Grants +1 DAM to an Element when affected by a Brand spell, and +2 To Hit if the wielder is Imbued to match.
Legendary Break A Leg :: As a Sub-Action, the next spell cast through Spellbreaker becomes a Single Target Melee attack, contesting the lower of the target’s EVA or WIL. Out of Combat, the wielder can use Mana Control in place of Strength when striking things with the weapon.
Improvement True Baron's Eye :: Grants +5 Search, +3 To Hit. When looking through the weapon, the wielder can see through most illusions.
Enchantment Savant :: Grants +2 DAM with Magic and -2 Magic SP Cost.
Caliban's Lawbringer
Base Stats Revolver. 4+1 DAM, 6 Ammo. Ignores Rapid Stance's Hit penalty.
Legendary Capital Punishment :: The weapon deals True Damage, and Automatically marks any Unit it successfully attacks. For each Unit marked, the weapon gains +1 To Hit and DAM. The weapon compels its wielder to only make attacks with the intent to kill, and to prioritize shooting unconscious marked Units at least once before targeting a conscious Unit. This compulsion applies only to Units the wielder chooses to target initially.
Zurian High Priestess Robes
Base Stats Magic Attire. +1 EVA/WIL, +2 MOV.
Legendary Mistress of Vices :: Grants +4 SP Costs. The wearer negates the harmful effects of drugs, substances, hallucinations and illusions affecting them. Once per Unit per encounter, when consuming such substances, the benefits are magically spread to an allied Unit.
Improvement Heavenly Embroidery :: The wearer is passively Imbued with Cosmic, and gains the Potent Soul trait.
Enchantment Elysian Runes of Radiance :: The Armor adds 3 All DR and applies 3 Ranks of Brilliant at the start of combat encounters. The wearer can’t gain Shrouded under any circumstance, but can still lose Brilliant via Dispel-like effects.
Pocket Change 1,350,000z.
Leviathan Choker An ornate, blackened choker fashioned after the scales and wide-open eye of a sea creature. Grants +6 Swimming, +2 MOV, and Waterbreathing. The wearer’s complexion becomes blue, and they grow scales and fins like a terrifying sea creature.
Health Soda x2 Heals 20 HP.
Chilled Coffee x2 Heals 20 SP.
So Many Things Hidden.


Stat Math
HP ….
SP ….
HIT ….
EVA ….
END ….
WIL ….
DAM ….
Search ….
Sneak ….
Point Expenditure -
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