Vemvane Rainbowstride

Player: Karn
Theme: Spring of Recovery
Income: - (Rainbowstride Clan Leader)
Expenses: -
Race: Kobold
Age: 42 (Old)
Racial Trait(s): Shadow Paws, Small Paws, Tribe Lore, Wild Dog
Cultural Trait: Magic Affinity (+2 Relic Lore)
Locational Trait: Homeland (+2 Survival)
Weapon Groups: Kobold Spiritualist, Mixed Magician
Proficiency: Estoc, Spellblade, Wand
Expertise: Jewelry, Staff, Twin Jewelry
Favored Element(s): Fire
Armor Type: - (x)
Meta Bonus: Leadership 8, Arcanism 2, Mystic 2
Status and Equipment
HP: 28
SP: 34
Damage: 5
To Hit: 9
Evasion: 2
Endurance: 11
Willpower: 2
Search: 3
Sneak: 3
Movement: 12
Stamina Reductions: N/A
Damage Reductions: N/A
Equipped Weapon: Ancient Estoc
Crystal Ocarina Pickled Picky Egg Cyan Townshroom
Mystic's Tool Kit Pickled Picky Egg Venomclaw Vapors (Blue)
Injury Type Description Heal Date
- - - -
Tree: Leadership Arcanism
Passive: Wrangler Sorceress
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Attack Order Defend Order Shield Order Pain Sigil Ward Sigil Barrage
Tier 2 Heal Order Shake Off Rear Back Stinging Sigil Aegis Sigil Dismissal
Tier 3 Desperate Cry Pick Me Up Dogpile - - -
Tier 4 Presence Rise Up Frenzy - - -
Tree: Mystic -
Passive: Scribe -
Cost: Tier + 1 -
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Rekindle - - -
Tier 2 Resonant Great Materia Deny - - -
Flesh Eating Beetles (Swarm of Ferocious Beasts)
These live in a container at Vemvane's hip. They are her friends.
Savage When using Attack Order, they can deal ½ NWA twice instead.
Savage Strikes Flat Attack rolls of 18 - 20 apply Bleeding (vs END).
HP 31 HIT 14
DAM 8 EVA 11
SNK 16 SCH 0
MOV 12 DR ½
Adventure Skills
Speed 16 Survival 8
Thievery 8 - -
Unique Traits & Skills
Tasty Replaces Fur & Scale. Beetles Heal 2 HP when they deal Direct Damage.
Nibble Interrupt. Costs 2 Charisma. Apply Bleeding to a Unit (vs END).
Banquet Standard Action (6 SP). Costs 4 Charisma. Any Unconscious Unit must make a flat roll when being revived. If the result isn't 10+, they fail to Revive. Banquet lasts until the Beetles are used for another Action.
Adventuring Skills
Relic Lore +131) “What use is digging it up, if I don't know what it is?”
Harvesting +12 “Oh, I'm very good at finding things. Especially underground.”
Survival +8 “Ours is… Was? A very nomadic lifestyle.”
Mana Control +6 “Hmm. Sometimes it takes me a few tries.”
Mana Sensing +6 “Important in finding what's buried under our lands.”
Spell Lore +5 “I've seen so many of these 'runic circles'. They start to blend.”
Acrobatics +5 “Sometimes you need to squeeze into the ruins.”
Dexterity +5 “Steady paws come with the trade… But I'm growing old.”
Speed +4 “Mmm… I'll catch up. I don't mind taking my time.”
Non-Combat Skills
Appraisal (Artifacts) +10 “Oh, I think I know where and when this came from…”
Fine Art (Painting) +5 “Our paint is special; not to be used lightly.”


Weapon & Armor
Ancient Estoc Chieftess' Cloak
Stats 5 Piercing Damage +1 EVA & WIL, +2 Movement
Enchantment aD$df3#4s :: This enchantment hasn't faded with time, but something does seem to be wrong with it. -
Improvement - Rainbowstride Paint (Red) :: Armor is Catalytic with 3 MCA. When you use Determination, you cast Tectonic Crack with the Armor's MCA and no Friendly Fire. This Improvement can never be removed or replaced.
Crystal Ocarina An instrument that looks very alien. An Instrument Catalyst, but more importantly, it can be played to control Flesh Eating Beetles. If they are released without playing this, they will Attack anything and everything.
Mystic's Tool Kit Forever thankful. +1 WIL, +1 CP, and +2 Relic Lore.
Picked Picky Egg Never eating Beetle Crunch. Heals 12 HP & SP when ingested.
Cyan Townshroom Oh, how useful… Eating this applies Preserved (5+0).
Venomclaw Vapors (Blue) Good for long digs. When inhaled, gain a Rank of Pacified and ignore the next 6 Damage you take.

Boons, Special Skills, & Magical Research

Boon Type Level Description
Ectype - Spiro 1 - Details below.
Ectype - Spiro
Boon Level Description
King of the Dark 1 Vemvane learns the Estoc Weapon Proficiency. While holding an Estoc, she gains +1 To Hit. She can speak and read Nosgardian.
Name Description
Shadow Paws Vemvane adds +3 Search & Sneak.
Small Paws Vemvane can't use Greatswords, Greataxes, Greatmaces, or Runeblades.
Tribe Lore Vemvane adds +2 Survival.
Wild Dog Vemvane adds +1 EVA & END.
Passive Signature Skill – Accidental Archaeology
“Oh my, what's this I've found?”
Description When Vemvane rolls a natural 20 while Harvesting, she finds an additional small treasure (DM discretion).
Studies & Training
Study Source Description Time
- - - -
Training Source Description Time
- - - -


CP & Work Station
Crafting Points 2 / 2 Refreshes every Sunday!
Work Station Legendary -8 to CP Costs. 'Nomadic' doesn't mean 'ill-equipped'.
Common Rare Legendary
- Rainbowstride Paint -
Common Materials 0
Rare Materials 0


HP 28
SP 26 + 8 [Leadership] = 34
HIT 8 [Meta] + 1 [Ectype] = 9
EVA 1 [Wild] + 1 [Armor] = 2
END 1 [Wild] + 8 [Leadership] + 2 [Arcanism] = 11
WIL 1 [Armor] + 1 [Kit] = 2
Search 3
Sneak 3
Damage 5 [Estoc]
CP 2 [Mystic] + 1 [Kit] = 3
+2 Mystic Kit
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