Vaeril Selmer

Character Profile
Player: Aravae
Upkeep: N/A
Income: 2,500z [YB Entertainer, Waiter, & Misc Assistance ]
Zeny: 98,095
Race: Elf
Age: 65
Weapon Proficiencies: Magical Catalyst
Favored Elements: Earth, Dark, Spirit
Armor Type: Dragon Pride Garb
Meta Bonus: Elemental [4], Shadow [4], Mystic [3], Spirit [2], Might [1]
Status and Equipment
HP: 37
SP: 37
Damage: [Staff] 6, [Jewelry] 3
Hit: 4
Evasion: 1
Endurance: 0
Willpower: 10
Search: 0
Sneak: 11
SP Reductions: -1 [Dragon Pride Garb]
Equipped Weapon: Walking Staff, Topaz Pendant
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
High Healing Potion Lucky Devil's Omamori Dragon Aspect
High Stamina Potion Circlet of Extended Form Shaman's War Paint
Stamina Potion Topaz Pendant Star's Guidance
Injury Type Description Duration
One Good Ear Scar -1 to Search. His right ear is burnt and disfigured. Permanent
Bad Eye Scar -1 to Search. Not very visible, but his right eye isn't what it used to be. Permanent
Type Name Description
Cultural Musical Interest +4 to a musical Non-Combat Skill
Locational World Tree +2 to Mana Control
Skill Tree: Elemental
Passive: Amplify
Element: Earth
Tier 1 Shards (1) Growth (1) Earth Barrier (1)
Tier 2 Vines (2) Spikes (2) Stone Brand (2)
Tier 3 Salt (3) Crag (3) Imbue Earth (3)
Tier 4 Landslide (4) Regrowth (4) Earth Field (4)
Skill Tree: Shadow
Passive: Rancor
Tier 1 Sow (1) Bane (1) Cloak (1)
Tier 2 x Ensnare (2) Drain (2)
Tier 3 Smother (3) Cull (3) x
Tier 4 Negate (4) x Eclipse (4)
Skill Tree: Spirit
Passive: Spite
Tier 1 Spirit Bolt (1) Nurture (1) Mana Shield (1)
Tier 2 Enervate (2) Banish (2) Dampen (2)
Tier 3 x x x
Tier 4 x x x
Skill Tree: Mystic
Passive: Enchanter
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia x
Tier 2 Volume Great Materia Deny
Tier 3 Ensorcel x x
Tier 4 Breadth Grand Materia Wild Magic
Skill Tree: Ways of Nephilim
Passive: N/A
Tier 1 Quiet Ebb x x
Skill Notes
Quiet Ebb Sub Action (0 SP). Spend your Second Wind to completely reset your Sneak penalty and consider all attacks from then on to be Flanking and all Called Attacks you make use your full Base & Bonus To Hit. You passively have +3 Sneak at all times.
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Illusion 9 ”Have you met my shadow? He's hungry.”
Mana Control 7 ”It's important to have a grasp on these things.”
Mana Sense 8 ”It's sort of hard not to pick up on it, don't you think?”
Spell Lore 5 ”You really start to notice amazing things once you look into it!”
Magic Healing 2 ”Hold still, I'll see what I can do.”
Relic Lore 3 ”You should always know what you're working with.”
Clairvoyance 2 I'm not as skilled as some of my sisters, but I can tell you where they are.”
Survival 7 ”I have to keep up with the other hunters in the Pride.”
Dexterity 3 ”I can learn any instrument pretty fast if you give me some time with it.”
Strength 2 ”I'm in good shape these days.”
Vitality 7 ”J-Just because I'm a little banged up doesn't mean I can't keep up!”
Field Medicine 2 ”I'm out in the wild too often to be careless about these things…”
Harvesting 1 “Huh, this could be useful…”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Music [String instruments] 8 He’s had a lifetime passion for music and has taken the time to learn just about anything he can get his hands on.
Singing 5 One quality he takes pride in, following his ambition as a musician.
Dragon Lore 6 They're his family, he makes every effort to know everything he can about them.


Portable Cassette Player
Listening To Description
'Reggie Fats' Discography Out of combat, add +2 to resisting Panicked or any negative, mood-affective happenings.
Dragon Clan Staff
Base Stats +6 DMG. A staff that ends in the shape of a dragon's claw wrapped around a red gemstone! It's very old, but serviceable.
Material Catalyst Gem
Maker's Mark Nephilim Gold: +1 DAM & +1 to the numeric effect of Negative Magical Conditions applied via this weapon. +5 vs. Corroded/Damaged/Broken.
Note +3 Concentration, +1 SP costs
Topaz Pendant
Base Stats +3 DMG
Material Catalyst Gem
Enchantment Soundless Wind: When a Unit attempts to find you in Stealth, roll a d20 + Subtlety Meta. If the result is higher than your Sneak, you may use that instead to contest their Search roll. You can do this an amount of times equal to your Dark Meta, or once; whichever is higher.
Improvement -
Note +3 vs disarm, +1 DAM vs single target
Dragon Pride Garb
Base Status -1 SP costs, +2 MOV. A male version of the Dragon Garbs seen on members of the Pride, such as Shale.
Material Giant Spider Silk
Craftsman Dragon Clan
1st Enchantment -
2nd Enchantment -
Improvement -
Circlet of Extended Form An elegant golden circlet! There's a red ruby in the center of it, being 'embraced' by a small pair of dragon's wings. Extends Dragon Form's limit to 4 hours per day (instead of 1), but the act of assuming Dragon Form costs 10 SP.
Lucky Devil's Omamori A piece of fine paper with a symbol on it that's meant to be tied to something. It encourages good luck, supposedly. The wearer must re-roll the first 1 that they roll while wearing this Equipment, and it then burns up into ash.
High Healing Potion Heals 20 HP
High Stamina Potion Heals 20 Stamina
Stamina Potion Heals 10 Stamina

Boons & Studies

Boon Type Description
Aspect of the Dragon Tiered See Tier chart below
Shaman's War Paint Major A blue mask adorned with feathers and bones, painted on Vaeril's back. It magically empowers spells, allowing its bearer to spend 2 SP to increase the Damage or Healing of any Magical Skill by 1
Star's Guidance Major The Star of the World has taught Vaeril to stay better out of sight. Upon entering combat (or feeling threatened), he immediately gains a Positive Magical Condition called Shadow Form. It doubles his Sneak until he takes any action that isn't moving, at which point Shadow Form immediately wears off. This spell is cast reflexively, and can't be accessed otherwise. +1 Dark Meta.
Aspect of the Dragon VI
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Gift of Opportunity - Grants the ability to speak with Dragons.
II Freedom of Dragons - +5 STAM. Gain access to Dragon Wings, allowing for flight.
III Fire-Touched Skin - Passive fire resistance, +3 to resisting fire damage.
IV Dragon's Breath 4 Breath Weapon does Dragon Damage + Aspect Level. AoE.
V Draconic Power - +5 HP. Break racial limits, allowing access to the full might tree. +1 Might Meta.
VI Dragon Form - HP/STAM/END are doubled. While in form one may only use Magical skills and Dragon Skills. Dragon Form Skills (and only DFS) deal True Damage.
Source Description Research Time
x x x

Stat Calculations

Stat Math
CP Expend. 12 [Earth Skills], +9 [Dark Skills], +6 [Spirit Skills], +9 [Mystic] +3 [Earth Ele], +3 [Spirit Ele] = 42/42
AP Expend. [Illusion] +4, [Mana Control] +2, [Mana Sense] +3, [Relic Lore] +1, [Clairvoyance] +1, [Survival] +5, [Dexterity] +3, [Strength] +2, [Vitality] +7, [Field Medicine] +2 = 30/30
NC Expend. [Music (String)] +4, [Singing] +5, [Dragon Lore] 6 15/15
HP 32 [Elf] + 5 [Dragon Boon] = 37
SP 32 [Elf] + 5 [Dragon Boon] = 37
DAM [Staff] 6, [Jewelry] 3
HIT 4 [Highest Meta] = 4
EVA 1 [Elf] = 1
WIL 4 [Element] + 4 [Dark] + 2 [Spirit] = 10
Eles Dark [Starter], Earth [Points], Spirit [Points]
Search 2 [Elf] + -1 [Bad Ear] + -1 [Bad Eye] = 0
Sneak 8 [Dark] + 3 [Quiet Ebb] = 11


In Storage
Fisherman’s Charm A shiny fishing lure that is stuck into a ribbon, fastened tightly; Grants the ability to breathe water and attracts fish of all shapes and sizes to the bearer when worn underwater.
Volcano Lily Tea 2x Red tea with a delicious, nutty flavour - a hint almondy. This tea keeps the drinker cozy warm in cold weather (even if they're in their normal clothes!). Lasts for 2 hours or until dispelled.
Fire Faerie A glass bottle with a cork in it that holds a winged creature made of fire mana. It's not hot to the touch, curiously. Acts as a fairly bright light source and when uncorked, the bottle spills forth a cone of fire like dragon's breath that deals 3 Fire damage to all enemies in a cone. Needs 24 hours to recharge after use and is not a living creature.
Spectral Scarf When activated, the wearer takes on a ghostly appearance for 15 minutes; an illusive barrier around them depicts them as see-through with wisps of ethereal mana pouring off of them.
Gift from the Sky A glassy yellow golf-ball sized berry. Tastes/smells sweet and alluring! Delicious. Reduce Injury Time by 3 days, counts as 'Treatment'.
Luminous Potion Illuminates at small radius when held in hand, and emits light at a moderately-sized room when consumed. RP effect lasts for rough 30 to 45 minutes, with the character's veins lighting up when consumed. Grants ½ resistance to Fire in battle.
High Stamina Potion Heals 20 Stamina
Walking Staff
Base Stats +6 DMG
Material Catalyst Gem
Enchantment -
Note +3 vs interrupt, +1 SP costs (when using)
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