Player: Briar
Income: 10,000z/mo (Treasure Hunter)
Race: Psionic Fiend
Age: 1781
Weapon Proficiencies: Light Blades, Heavy Blades, Shield Combat, Small Arms
Favored Elements: Cosmic
Armor Type: Medium
Meta Bonus: Agility 7, Leadership 3
Status and Equipment
HP: 55
SP: 45
Damage: 6 Myron's Last Laugh, 5 The Hammer, 4 Navigator, 9 Antique Revolver
To Hit: 7 Myron's Last Laugh, 7 The Hammer, 7 Navigator, 9 Antique Revolver
Evasion: 8 Base, 10+1 The Hammer
Endurance: 4 1
Willpower: 3 Base, 5 Core
Search: 0
Sneak: 0
Resistance: 10 Physical, 4 Magical, 7 Cosmic.
SP Reductions: -1 (Agility)
Equipped Weapon: Myron's Last Laugh, The Hammer
Equipment Equipment Equipment
Cloak of the Firebird Potion Satchel XL Dugath's Prank
Large Fire & Rice Bar Black Tea Elysian Omni Vest
Potion Satchel XL (3 Slots)
- Crimson Cooler -
Source Description Research Time
- - -
Name Effect Heal Date
Road Bruises Minor Injury, 2 IP. A dozen or more unfortunate impacts with the pavement have left Tetra b it scuffed during her driving lessons… Tetra is passively R1 Pained, and suffers +1 SP Costs. May 17th (30 Days)
Skill Tree: Agility VII
Passive: Grace
Tier 1 Deft Strike Flourish Juke
Tier 2 Lunge Sweep Grip Change
Tier 3 Leverage Focus Chain Dance
Tier 4 Giantsbane Coup de Grace Riposte
Skill Tree: Leadership III
Passive: Commander
Tier 1 Attack Order - Rally Order
Tier 2 Heal Order - Heroic Charge
Tier 3 Desperate Cry - Chosen One
Tier 4 Presence Pile On Rise Up
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Acrobatics 12 “Don't let my age fool you…”
Speed 9 “I'll never be caught again!”
Vitality 9 7 “Just try and knock me down!”
Strength 8 6 “Look, everything is made to be broken eventually.”
Dexterity 6 “You think I can hit that man from here?”
Tech Lore 4 (Indignant) “Uhh, I am pretty sure I know what an electro-version is.”
Relic Lore 2 “Whatever that does, I'm certain it's bad. Or maybe not?”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
…. x A description of the skill.
…. x A description of the skill.
…. x A description of the skill.
Augmented Skills
Name SP Cost Description
Giantsbane 6 Augments Skyward. Only works on Units at least twice as big as Tetra. Standard: Deals NWA +2 DAM to a Unit (vs EVA) and can hit Units in Flight. Focused: Apply Grappled 2 (vs END) and mount the Unit, but do not prevent them from Moving. Tetra uses her full To Hit against Struggle attempts.
Active Signature Skill – Surmounting the Odds
”Watch! I'm going to climb it!“
When mounting a large opponent, as a 3 SP Standard Action, Tetra makes an NWA +3 as True Damage against them. Every time this attack succeeds, the next attack gains an additional +3 Damage. Every time this attack fails, Tetra's suffers -2 Acrobatics, and her foe makes a roll contesting Acrobatics to shake her off. Tetra's Damage bonus and Acrobatics penalty are reset when she stops mounting her foe.
Passive Signature Skill – Unresolved Anger
”Never tell me to calm down!”
Tetra automatically converts ranks of Drowsy and Pacified into equivalent ranks of Agitated and Enraged, respectively, but not the other way around. When Agitated, she treats the original source of Drowsy as her source of Agitated.
Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
Wild One Major - +1 Agility Meta, +5 HP.
Retained Knowledge Major - +1 Agility Meta, -1 Agility SP Costs.
Unburdened Hero Major - +2 Movement. Courageous adds +1 Movement per Rank.
Treasure Hunter Experience Major - +2 WIL, +2 Relic Lore.
Core Barrier Minor - +2 WIL when defending against Magical Attacks that target the Golem Core.
Fit for Summer Minor - +1 Strength & Vitality.
Mark of Gloom Minor - Tetra's sight is unhindered by the dark.
Rough Driver Minor - Treat the Tech Lore requirement for operating any vehicle as though it were 2 lower.
Fortune of Strength Temporary - The next time Tetra makes a Strength Adventure Skill roll, she rolls twice and chooses the higher option. Lasts until a Strength roll is made.
Racial Traits
Cosmic Soul Racial - Grants Cosmic as a Favored Element. Tetra cannot learn Superior Magic or benefit from certain Worldly forces. Tetra applies Discordance to all Units in a Soul Link.
Night Dweller Racial - Grants +2 To Hit, EVA, Sneak, and Search in the dark, and the ability to see through it. -5 END against light-based sources of Blind.
Mimic Tendency Racial - Tetra is similar to a Mimic Fiend in appearance, and can shapeshift into similarly humanoid forms when not in combat.
Catalytic Racial - Tetra can cast Magic without a Catalyst, with a base MCA of 3.
Charged Racial - Tetra doesn't die at -1/2 HP or maximum IP, and instead shuts down. She can be revived via the 'Recharge' skill, for a # of Charges equal to 2x her HP. (110 Charges).
Immortal Racial - Tetra cannot die of old age. Her core needs to be replaced every 3-500 years.
Orion-Make Racial - Replaces 'Personal Element' for Golems. Tetra gains 4 Cosmic DR, and possesses the qualities of a Fleshlike Human body. (+1 WIL).
Fiendish Powers
Empath Innate - Tetra passively feeds on the emotions of others, with great intensity. She can gain Agitated, Courageous, Drowsy, Enraged, Frightened, Pacified, or unique mental/emotional Conditions via a Sub-Action within 4+1 squares.
Myron's Last Laugh
Base Stats Sword. 4+2 Slashing Damage. +1 Damage when gripped with both hands as a Sub-Action. Removes Relentless and Tenacious Stance's To Hit penalty.
Legendary Reap & Sow :: All damage dealt with the weapon is compiled, and as a Sub-Action, the wielder is engulfed in an aura of darkness, providing 1/2 the compiled value as temporary HP that goes over the wielder's cap. Damage is not compiled while an aura is active. Temporary HP is capped at Maximum HP -10.
Cursed The Last Laugh :: Gripping the weapon causes the wielder's flesh to rot, dealing 1 True Damage with every Standard and Sub-Action. Rot damage is doubled every turn. Has no effect on artificial flesh.
Enchantment Biting Dark :: Weapon deals +2 DAM, and gains the Shadow element.
Improvement Reforming :: Weapon splits into many levitating parts at will, granting immunity to Disarm and Damaged/Broken.
The Hammer
Base Stats Round Shield. 1+2 EVA, 3+2 Damage. Grants Immunity to Flanked.
Legendary Bring it Down :: At the cost of 2 SP, make a follow-up NWA with the shield with a chance to knock the target Prone. Can be done once per action.
Enchantment Empower Weapon :: Sheathing a blade into the shield as a Free Action enchants it with any of the wielder's Favored Elements for 3 turns. Drawing a blade is a Sub-Action.
Improvement War Shield :: +2 DAM, +2 EVA.
The Navigator
Base Stats Rapier. 4 Piercing DAM. +2 EVA when the wielder's off-hand is empty, removes Elegant Stance's Damage penalty.
Legendary Dead Reckoning :: Allows you to change direction any number of times during a Movement Attack and increases the Damage of the next Melee Skill after one by 3.
Antique Revolver
Base Stats Revolver. 4+5 Ballistic DAM, 6 Ammo. Ignores Rapid Stance's Hit penalty.
Improvement High Impact :: +4 DAM. Requires 2 hands to wield, and reloading costs a Standard -and- Sub-Action.
Improvement Extra Kick :: +2 To Hit, +1 Damage. Requires 2 hands to wield.
Barony Outrider Armor
Base Stats Medium Armor. 1 EVA/END, 2 Physical DR. Requires 3 Physical Meta.
Enchantment Circle of Protection :: +3+1 Physical DR. (Volume MM: +1 to a Numeric Value)
Improvement Cavalry Fittings :: +2 Movement, +2 DAM from Movement-based attacks. Additional +2 Movement if mounted, and +2 Movement if airborne.
Cloak of the Firebird
Description An Aruni cloak seemingly made from flames, split into a pair of burning wings over the wearer's back. Screeches like a bird of prey when its enchantment is activated. Tetra had an enchanter make the flames a deep blue/violet in color.
Base Stats Magic Gear. Grants Fire/Magma immunity to the Torso and Head. Move exactly 15 spaces in a straight line as a Movement Action, with no change in elevation. If stopped early, take and deal Fire Damage equal to the number of remaining spaces. Roll with Hit for collision (vs WIL).
Revival Attire
Base Stats Unarmored. -1 SP Costs, +2 Movement. A gift from Nadine! This is way more colorful than anything she normally wears.
Maker's Mark Diverse Runes :: Grants +1 Grand DR.
'Technology Today' T-Shirt
Base Stats Unarmored. -1 SP Costs, +2 Movement. This is a gift, too! It's extra-large.
Maker's Mark EV Confidence :: Grants +1 Tech Lore to the wearer.
Large Fig & Rice Bar Heals 25 SP. It's good this never spoils, because it's been in Tetra's jacket pocket for at least a year or two now.
Black Tea +3 Endurance. Canned tea, rich with caffeine. Stays warm for up to three days, still tasty when cold.
Crimson Cooler Purges all Negative Conditions, and then applies 1 Rank of Coughing for 2 turns if consumed during combat.. A traditional Quattori drink made of non-alcoholic cider, rhubarb, ginger roots, and lemonade. Very sour, very spicy.
Elysian Omni Vest Grants 2+2 Physical DR. All DR on the vest is considered Physical and Magical. Immune to Corroded. (Excellent: Effective, Proofed)
Cloak of the Firebird See above.
Dugath's Prank A dwarven sharpening sheath with a small twist… It provides +3 Damage & To Hit to a Melee Weapon, but drawing it costs a 500z coin. This effect lasts three Attacks after drawing.
Potion Satchel XL Provides 3 Slots for Potions/Poisons.
SSM 'Hornet' Flyer A light vehicle with 2 seats and a storage compartment that has 2 Equipment Slots. An upgrade to the Mosquito, this flyer boasts a much louder, bulkier, flight-capable engine and magi-tech fins that passively draw in solar power.
Heavenly Half-Mask A mask that carries a faintly Cosmic aura. This was a big impulse purchase… (Quest item!)
Charm of Fiery Spirit Magic Gear. When combat ends, heals HP and SP by the wearer's highest Meta.
Barony Jackboots Gear. As a Standard Action, kick a Prone target for Physical Damage equal to your Physical Meta. Damage dealt cannot be healed until the end of battle.
Magnetic Brace Gear. If disarmed of a metal weapon or shield, return it to your hand with a Sub-Action. Can pull in other items made of metal at a distance outside of combat.
The Navigator See above.
Antique Revolver See above.
Ringer Charm Collection
Eastside A red charm shaped like an 'Σ' with two lines through it. Gear (Magical) :: Addictive drugs are reduced one level in severity. You can't get addicted to mildly addictive drugs.
Westside A blue charm shaped like a four-pointed star with a hole in the middle. Gear (Magical) :: When salvaging scrap metal or electronics of any kind, add +1 to all Material and (non-Legendary) Reagent yield.
Portable Casette Player
David & Co. Discography Self-coined 'Electro Swing' band David & Co. continue to bless the Republic with dance music each year! Adds +1 to your character's two highest Adventure Skills. (Acrobatics/Speed)
Pump It Up! Discography Known for fast-paced beats and electronic music, 'Pump It Up!' is a collection of artists more than a band. Grants a -2 Day Reduction to all Training.
Smoke Grenade Creates a source of Half Cover in an AoE of 6 for 3 Turns. Allows you to enter Stealth immediately.
Zeny 110,700.
Stat Math
HP ….
SP ….
HIT ….
EVA ….
END ….
WIL ….
DAM ….
Search ….
Sneak ….
Point Expenditure 15 Agility+Meta, 12 HP(+16), 9 Leadership, 6 SP(+8) = 42
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