Player: Karn
Income: 2,000z (Starlit Boutique Cut)
Expenses: 100z (Nickles & Dimes)
Money: 38,900z
Race: Human
Age: 40 (Adult)
Cultural Trait: Vocational Training (+3 Tailor Skills)
Locational Trait: Old Sograti (+4 SP)
Weapon Groups: Sograti Hedge Sorceress
Weapon Proficiency: Anthame, Khopesh
Weapon Expertise: Staff, Swordstaff
Favored Element: Spirit
Armor Type: Magic Attire (Desert Rose Garment)
Meta Bonus: Spirit 4, Tailor 6, Displacement 4, Superior 1
Status and Equipment
HP: 28
SP: 58
Damage: 6
To Hit: 6
Evasion: 1
Endurance: 1
Willpower: 6
Search: 0
Sneak: 0
Movement: 12
Stamina Reductions: N/A
Damage Reductions: N/A
Equipped Weapon: Guild Swordstaff
Blooming Ring Deep Spider Silk Sash Fiery Familiar Earrings
Black Briefcase Ranger's Lantern Winged Sandals
Injury Type Description Heal Date
Time-Lost Wound Scar Terra's torso bears an enormous diagonal scar from her left shoulder to opposite hip. -6 Maximum HP. -2 to the Acrobatics, Strength, Speed & Vitality Adventure Skills. Never
IP 0/14
Tree: Spirit Magic Tailor
Passive: Benevolence Seamstress
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Spirit Bolt Mana Shield Nurture Shortcut Materia Needles
Tier 2 Enervate Banish Trance Fitted Great Materia Acupuncture
Tier 3 Regenerate Empower Attune Superior Lingchi Pinprick
Tier 4 Wrath Rebirth Cultivation Excellent Grand Materia Pincushion
Tree: Displacement Magic Superior Magic
Passive: Prudence Paragon
Cost: Difficulty Based SP Difficulty Based Max HP
Simple Scrape Flip Divide Preserve - -
Intermediate Air Blade Relocate Launch Cast Cancel - -
Expert Void Recall Void Lock Void Shift Clearance - -
Master Implosion Void Bubble Void Mirror Lesser Tetra Vortex - -
Adventuring Skills
Mana Control +8 “Mmn… Outside of certain areas, it's not so good.”
Mana Sensing +8 “I-I'm not the one to look to, here.”
Harvesting +7 “I used to have to work with cactus needles…”
Spell Lore +7 “I picked up a few things, while studying…”
Relic Lore +7 “Ahh… It's all old knowledge. It barely applies, anymore.”
Survival +4 “The desert has always been harsh. Maybe it's better now..?”
Dexterity +3 “My fingers don't… L-Listen, always.”
Thievery +2 “A… A troubled youth.”
Magical Healing +2 “I used to be better, a-at this…”
Vitality +3 “Sometimes I feel a breeze could snap me in half.”
Tech Lore +11) “I play this game, on the Ringer. It's very fun..!”
Strength -2 “A-At least it's only closed jars that are my worst foe.”
Non-Combat Skills
Musician (Singing) +8 “I can't… No, no. I'm not good at that.”
Musician (Harp) +7 “Or this– Please stop asking.”


Guild Swordstaff
Stats A swordstaff made by the Wizard's Guild! Plain, for the moment… 5 Piercing / Magical Damage.
Perks +2 Weapon Range. +1 EVA, WIL & END to Magic Effects. +2 HP to Magic Shields.
MM :: Honed Mana +1 to Single Target Magic Damage, -1 to Area of Effect Magic Damage.
Desert Rose Garment (Magic Attire)
Stats A loose, flowing garment that's top-heavy in design. It's covered in flowing talismans of pastel pink cloth, including a long scarf that's pinned to the collar. +1 EVA & +2 WIL.
MM :: Great Materia (Coral Cloth) Magic Attire adds +1 WIL, but -2 Movement.
I :: Talismans of Nephthys' Requiem The wearer may no longer use Determination. Whenever they are rendered Unconscious, they provide a Rank of Courage to all allies in Line of Sight.
Black Briefcase “Wh… Uhm. What do you mean it doesn't match my 'style'? Please don't touch.”
Blooming Ring A green loop with a tiny flower bud made of glass instead of a gem. +3 to Direct SP Healing & +1 to Indirect SP Healing.
Deep Spider Silk Sash A sash made from eerie, luminescent spider webbing. The wearer is Immune to Envenomed & Sickened.
Fiery Familiar Earrings Dangling gem earrings in the shape of orange-red flames. Once per encounter as a Standard Action, the wearer can conjure a Fiery Familiar over their shoulder for 3 Turns. At the start of each Turn, it Attacks a Unit of their choice for ½ Leadership Meta (2 minimum) Fire Damage.
Ranger's Lantern An odd lantern that looks like it was grown rather than made. Its light source is a very bright flower behind its cage. Once per encounter, it can be shaken vigorously to apply Blind to all Units in a 6 x 6 area around the wearer (vs END). Otherwise, it acts as a very good light source.
Winged Sandals Gemmed sandals with little wings on either side of their ankles. +2 Movement & +2 Speed.

Boons, Special Skills, & Magical Research

Boon Type Level Description
Displacement Theory Minor - When using Displacement Magic, Terra counts her Highest Magic Meta as +1.
Void Mastery Major - Terra adds +3 WIL & END vs Displacement Magic.
Pretty! Love! Dress Up! APK - Terra is playing a Ringer Game. +1 Tech Lore!
Journey Across Amitrea Cassette - Terra is listening to a long story. Listening grants a single use of the Opportunity Skill 'Prosperity' (Adventurer Passive Only) per encounter.
Passive Signature Skill – Thread of the Magi
“I… I weave a little magic into everything I do.”
Description Terra creates Talismans, via Tailoring, that are considered Improvements and yet distinctly magical in nature. They have a wider variety of effects than typical Improvements, but creating one gives her Fatigue for 7 days. More Talismans created add more days onto that total, and it can stretch indefinitely this way.
Studies & Training
Study Source Description Time
- - - -
Training Source Description Time
- - - -


CP & Work Station
Crafting Points 9 / 9 Refreshes every Sunday!
Current Project - -
Work Station Common No SP Reduction.
Permits & Licenses
Tailor's Glastheim Terra may create and sell clothing in Glastheim.
Detailed List
Common Rare Legendary
Talismans of Osiris' Deathward Talismans of Set's Anarchy -
Talismans of Nephthys' Requiem Robe of Aego's Understanding -
Common Materials 0
Rare Materials 0
Great Strides
Meta 5 - Flowing Cloth Terra's Unarmored Garbs prevent Stamina loss from extreme heat out of combat.
Meta 6 - Magi Uniform 6 CP. When creating an Unarmored Garb, Terra may add +1 Secondary & High DR in exchange for -1 Physical DR.


HP 34 [Base] - 6 [Scar] = 28
SP 34 [Base] + 4 [Spirit] + 4 [Old Sograti] + 16 [Prudence] = 58
HIT 6 [Meta]
EVA 1 [Armor]
END 1 [Paragon]
WIL 4 [Spirit] + 2 [Armor] = 6
Search 0
Sneak 0
Damage 6 [Staff]
Spirit 4 [Skill Points]
Tailor 1 [Vocational Training] + 5 [Skill Points] = 6
CP 6 [Tailor] + 3 [Skill Points] = 9
Skill Points 16 [Tailor] +12 [Spirit] +6 [CP] = 34 / 42
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