Teleris Elondar

Player: Arla
Income: Gardener (7,500z)
Expenses: The Lily Pad (2,000z)
Currency: 152,500z
Race: Common Elf
Racial Trait(s): Fleet Feet, Nature's Grace (+4 to NC)
Cultural Trait: Magic Affinity (+2 Spell Lore/Mana Control)
Locational Trait: World Tree (+2 Mana Sensing)
Age: 243 (Adult)
Weapon Groups: Light Magician, Umbalan Ranger
Weapon Proficiency: Cane, Jewelry, Orb, Anthame, Bow, Dagger, Wand
Exotic Proficiency: Umbalan Sentinel
Weapon Expertise: Wand, Bow 1)
Favored Element: Earth, Spirit
Armor Type: Zulekha's Robe of Deflection (Unarmored)
Meta Bonus: Perception 6, Elemental 4, Chef 5
Status and Equipment
HP: 32
SP: 36
Damage: 2 Piercing, 2 Magical (Courageous Longbow)
To Hit: 7
Evasion: 9
Endurance: 2
Willpower: 5
Search: 8
Sneak: 2
Movement: 12
Stamina Reductions: -1 All
Equipped Weapon: Courageous Longbow
Equipment Special Powers and Boons
Ranger's Bandolier High Energy Potion Listed Below!
High Healing Potion x l
x Mocking Scale l
Black Lotus Ranger's Leaf Cloak V
Injury Type Description Heal Date
Slashed Up Scar Teleris has a significant amount of slash scars on her body, concentrated most heavily on her torso and arms. -1 END and -1 to all Physical Adventure Skills. Never
IP 0/16
Tree: Perception VI Earth Magic IV
Passive: Cognition (6) Balance (12)
Cost: Tier Tier
Tier 1 Aimed Strike Loose Strike Scan Earth Barrier Growth Stumble
Tier 2 Strafing Pinpoint Distract Earth Brand Spike Vines
Tier 3 Scatter Concentrate Pop Flare Imbue Earth Quake Salt
Tier 4 True Sight Slay Flurry Earth Field Earth Mastery Regrowth
Tree: Chef V x
Passive: Caterer x
Cost: Varies x
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia M. Infusion x x x
Tier 2 Quick Meal G. Materia Trail S. x x x
Tier 3 Superior Cooking S. Five Star x x x
Tier 4 Excellent Gr. Materia Banquet x x x
Adventuring Skills
Herbology +14 “I'm good with plants. That isn't much of a surprise, is it?”
Precision +12 +11 “I've put in so, so much practice… Am I doing well?”
Acrobatics +6 +5 “I was a clumsy child… But less so now, I hope.”
Spell Lore +6 “I'm learning, but there's plenty I don't know.”
Survival +7 +6 “I can tell you the edibility of some things.”
Labor +6 +5 “Would you care to accompany me on a nature hike?”
Insight +4 “It's on the edge of my senses, but feels so out of reach.”
Elementalism +4 “I'm not terribly good at this.”
Speed +3 +2 “I'm an average person, I'm afraid.”
Non-Combat Skills
Cooking (Elvish) +5 “Perhaps my favorite way to spoil the ones I love! If they're happy, I'm happy.”
Sewing +2 “Ah… I learned from my mother. She's a seamstress, you know - but much better at this than I am.”
Gardening (Ornamental) +13 2) “Aren't flowers wonderful? They add so much beauty to the world.”


Courageous Longbow
Stats 2 Piercing/3 Magical DMG. Bows may arc arrows over Half or Full Cover with a -2 To Hit penalty. A bow of Elvish design, green in color with decorated wings at both ends.
Material x
Craftsman x
Enchantment Courageous :: This weapon's damage is set to 2, but gains 2 Damage every Turn (Caps at 10). Resets back to 2 when combat ends or its wielder is knocked unconscious.
Improvement Catalytic :: Teleris' bow is infused with a catalyst that deals 3 Damage with no Perks.
Zulekha's Robe of Deflection (Unarmored)
Stats +2 Movement, -1 to All SP Costs. A beautifully prismatic robe that seems to constantly sway in a light breeze.
Material x
Craftsman x
Legendary Enchantment Sheltering Breeze ::The wearer gains +3 END and may choose to avoid a single Physical or Magical Attack per encounter by way of a deflecting gust of wind, before they roll to avoid it. After they do so, they lose the END bonus and gain +3 EVA (if it was Physical) or +3 WIL (if it was Magical) for the encounter instead.
Ranger's Bandolier 3)
High Healing Potion Heals 24 HP and removes 1 Rank of a Negative Alchemical Condition.
Black Lotus A pitch-black flower that blossoms, very rarely, from dead organic matter. Eating the Black Lotus' bud grants 6 total Combat Resources from any Skill Tree(s). Roll a flat d20 when the Black Lotus is consumed - its bud regrows in a number of days equal to the result x 3.
High Energy Potion Heals 24 SP and removes 1 Rank of a Negative Physical Condition.
Mocking Scale (Divine Purpose) A dark purple dragon scale that swells with a large amount of Light mana. When used as a Sub Action, it casts Divine Purpose. The Mocking Scale may only be used once per encounter. Divine Purpose :: Applies Focused to a Unit. This instance of Focused only lasts this Turn.
Ranger's Leaf Cloak A cloak that's made from one gigantic leaf. It uses plant fibers for the seams, and smaller leaves for accents. Grants +1 Evasion. The wearer gains a Rank of Shielded and Shrouded when in the forest or jungle.

Special Powers & Boons

Boon Type Level Description
Freya's Distant Whisper Minor - +1 to any Non-Combat Skill (Gardening) with points already invested into it.
World's Blessing Blessing 2 See below.
The Annals of Glastheim Tiered 1 See below.
Behemoth's Gift Minor - Teleris was given a magical jump-start of some kind… +1 To Hit. (counts as a Behemoth's Blood Potion.)
Star's Guidance Major - The Star of the World has taught Teleris some interesting techniques. ++1 to Perception Meta & Cap. So long as Teleris is in a natural (non-constructed) area, she may conjure arrows made from flowering brambles. These apply Withering (vs END) on even rolls and Envenomed (vs END) on odd rolls. They add +2 SP Cost to any Attack they're used in.
Gryphon Ascendant Major - “Before the Gryphon, you are worthy.” Apparently, Teleris is fit to be the Queen of the Gryphon Clan. +1 to Gryphon Aspect Level & Evasion.
Ravennae's Favor Major - “May you always find your voice beneath the sea.” Teleris can breathe and speak underwater.
Ravennae's Knowledge Major - “My children are brave, but not invincible.” Teleris gains +1 Chef Meta (no Cap), learns where to harvest Prism Seaweed, and can craft Titan Te Maki.
Careful Collector Minor - Learned by perusing a light green book with a hydrangea on its cover. +1 Precision. Teleris may add ½ her Precision to Harvesting once per encounter.
Mystic Arrows Minor - The Silver Gale Coven showed Teleris a neat trick… So long as she has a Catalyst in his Equipment Slots, or her Weapon is Catalytic, Teleris may enchant an Arrow or Bolt with any Favored Element before it's fired by adding +1 to the SP Cost of the Skill being used (it costs 1 SP if it's a plain NWA).
Learned Gardener Minor - From reading the Gardener's Guidebook. +1 Harvesting and Herbology.
Temp Boon Duration Desc
Fortune of Harvesting Skill Check A particular segment of Teleris' fortune stands out to her… She'll have to keep it in mind. The next time Teleris makes a Harvesting Adventure Skill roll, she rolls twice and chooses the higher option.
Other Type Description
Fleet Feet Racial (Common Elf) Teleris adds +1 Evasion due to her graceful movement.
Nature's Grace Racial (Common Elf) Teleris adds +4 to a Nature Non-Combat Skill (Gardening).
Temp Boon Duration Description
x x x
World's Blessing II
Tier Name SP Cost Description
I Spiritual Freedom - Favor the Spirit Element. Teleris gains Spirit Fluidity, allowing her to cast all Magic Skills in the Spirit Element.
II World's Will - Teleris has +½ Tier Damage & To Hit w/ Spirit, and adds +½ Tier to her Willpower and its Cap.
The Annals of Glastheim I
Tier Name SP Cost Description
I Blood Magic - Teleris may sacrifice HP equal to Tier Level (presently 1) as a Free Action to increase the Damage of a spell by the same amount that she sacrificed. The process involves opening a small wound of her own accord. Adds +2 to Spell Lore.
Passive Signature Skill :: Mindful Gardener
“All it takes is a little love and patience.”
Description When Harvesting seeds from plants that produce them, Teleris gains +1 Seed no matter her roll.


Studies & Training
Study Source Description Time
Prism Petal Garden Beautiful flowers where every petal is a different technicolor. Quite a display! 5/26 - 6/16 (Finished)


Crafting Points 5 Max 5/5 CP left.
Currently Crafting - Titan Te Maki, repeating every other week.
Detailed List
Common Rare Legendary
x Titan Te Maki x
Common Materials 0
Rare Materials 0
Legendary Materials 0
Prism Seaweed x1 Rare. A curious sea kelp that shines all of the colors of the rainbow. This is charged with a minuscule amount of Pahn…

Notes, Stats, Misc.

Teleris' Garden
Seed & Plant Collection
The Star of the World This five-pointed fruit grows only once every one-hundred years. It has no rind, and resembles the inside of an orange with a 'break point' in the middle that separates it into 5 pointy slices. 1/5 slices, a slice works once per character. Offers a full respec, or a step forward…
Yallapple x1 A fruit in the shape of the apple that's perfectly and flawlessly clear. Eating this cures the Major Injury 'Corruption Sickness' instantly. A gift from Rurik!
Coupon x1 Valid for 1 free Synthesized Skill Potion at Redoran Carmac's shop!
Rose Earrings 3 DMG. +3 to being disarmed, +1 DMG to single-target spells. Catalyst gems embedded into a pair of cute rose earrings.
Ranger's Practice Bow An Elven Ranger's bow. Has some wear, suggesting it was pre-owned…
High Healing Potion+ x2 Heals 13 HP.
Ring of Soul Bonding A golden ring that glows a gentle blue. One half of a pair. Wearing one of these rings forms a passive Soul Link with the other wearer. It's passive, but can be Dispelled (and will not return until the encounter ends, if it is).
Titan Te Maki x0 Consumable (Food) :: Cone-like treats made from rainbow-colored seaweed and a delicious filling. Instantly removes a Minor Injury from non-Cosmic Units. When consumed by Titans, it treats Major & Critical Injuries with a roll of 20 + Chef Meta.
Bangle of Illusory Flora 3+1 DMG. +3 to being disarmed, +1 DMG to single-target spells. A yellow bracelet to dangle from the wrist or ankle. When it's charged with mana, it begins to leak illusory flowers at a near constant! Enchanted with Gardener's Trick.
The Gardenmaster A squirtgun made(?) by Rudie. It's full of a luminescent green liquid, and seems to refill on its own over time… Magitech Device :: The wielder can squirt this on an ally once per encounter. It heals them for 10% of their HP (round up), increases their Physical Damage by 1 for the encounter, and causes them to grow significantly for the same duration… (@size 3).
Sky Gem Holding one prevents averse effects from extremely high elevation.
Elven Dress A dress that seems more designed for freedom of movement than protection.
Vested Dress +1 EVA, +2 SNK. A simple dress with a vested section made of thick, slightly rough cloth. Has the Maker's Mark Flexible, and is enchanted with Recurrence.
Tender's Quiver A quiver of arrows that glow a beautiful rainbow color. A quiver that holds 6 Pahn Arrows. If fired from a Bow that strikes Elemental Weakness, they add +2 Damage & Bonus To Hit on top of the usual bonus. Bonus Effect :: After use, arrows re-grow within the quiver at a rate of 1 arrow per 7 days, but never more than 6 are present at a time.
Hollow Potion Removes all Positive and Negative Physical and Alchemical Conditions, then renders the drinker immune to these Conditions for 3 Turns.
Rheeh Tracker's Armor Brown and green with a fur trim.+1 EVA, +2 SNK, 5 Wind DR, and +3 MOV. Enchanted with Atroce's Guile.
Ranger's Lantern An odd lantern that looks like it was grown rather than made. Its light source is a very bright flower behind its cage. Once per encounter, it can be shaken vigorously to apply Blind to all Units in a 6 x 6 area around the wearer (vs END). Otherwise, it acts as a very good light source.
Nahr Miner's Tea A bottle full of hot brown tea! It never gets cold… Grants +3 Harvesting and +5 Max SP for an encounter. The SP is filled as it’s granted.
Umbalan Sentinel 5 Piercing/5 Magical DMG. Sentinels can arc over Half or Full Cover, and add +3 To Hit when they do. +1 Damage while outside in a natural environment. May use any of their wielders' Favored Elements for Physical Attacks (or Piercing). Sentinels are recurve bows made of green wood coiled with vines. Flowers on them bloom while outdoors. Comes with the High Impact Maker's Mark.
HP 32 [Base]
SP 32 [Base], +4 [Elemental 4] = 36
HIT 6 [Base] +1 [Behemoth's Gift] = 7
EVA 0 [Base] +1 [Fleet Feet], +6 [Perception 6], +1 [R. Leaf Cloak], +1 [Gryphon Ascendant] = 9
END 0 [Base]
WIL 0 [Base] +4 [Elemental 4] +1 [World's Blessing] = 5
Search 2 [Elven Hearing] +6 [Perception 6] = 8
Sneak 2 [Rheeh Tracker's Armor]
DAM 2 [Bow]
Combat Skills 16 [Perception 5], +12 [Earth Magic], +2 [Bow Expertise], +12 [Chef 4] = 42/42 pts
NC Skills 5 [Cooking], +2 [Sewing], +8 [Gardening] = 15/15 pts
Adventure Skills +11 [Herbology], +3 [Acrobatics], +3 [Survival], +6 [Precision], +4 [Labor] = 27/30 pts
Equipment Slots 6
+1 Boon, +4 Racial
2 Slots for any combination of Potions, Poisons, Arrows, or Bolts
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