Sybil Price

Player: Briar
Upkeep: None
Income: 4,000z (Cult Allowance)
Race: Human
Age: 25
Weapon Groups: Mixed Magician, Magic Martial Artist, Ba Jinian Martial Artist
Weapon Proficiencies: Jewelry, Twin Jewelry, Wand, Staff, Enchanted Reach, Brawling, Discipline, Spear Hand, Tonfa, Quarterstaff
Extra Proficiencies: Hammerstaff (Exotic)
Favored Elements: Water, Earth, Wind, Force
Armor: Mabel's Tidecaller Robes
Meta Bonus: Elemental 6+2, Agility 5
Status and Equipment
HP: 53+4
SP: 43+6
Damage: 7/4 Hammerstaff, 6 Martial Arts, 7 Metal Pipe, 5 Magic Rings
To Hit: 6+2 (3 Blinder)
Evasion: 6+6
Endurance: 0+1
Willpower: 7+2
Search: 2
Sneak: 2
Resistance: 4 Physical, 3 Water, 1 Magic DV
Movement: 14+3 (12 Hammerstaff)
SP Reductions: -1 (Agility)
Equipped Weapon: Sparring Gloves
Emerald Studded Bangles Arcanomender Rings Charm of Evasion
Chivalry Health Draught Chivalry Stamina Draught Gushing Berry
Source Description Research Time
Elemental Totem A fascinating Orcish invention, Totems are tied to the World’s Primary and High Elements in such a way that they can draw mana from the air around them and feed it into you. Group Study w/ Aja, Sybil, & Aeden! (Simple 3+ Group Training - ¼) 4/27 - 5/12
Totem Caller I While a rare practice, rumor has it that the Orcs have discovered a way to fragment their soul. They call a piece of it seemingly from the sky in the form of a dangerous Totem that can control the Elements just as well as them. Group Study w/ Aja, Sybil, & Aeden! (Simple 3+ Group Training - ¼) 5/12 - 5/27
Injuries - 0 / 23 IP
Name Effect Heal Date
Dogs of War Cognitive Scar. Sybil sporadically falls into the mind-set and emotions of Russo. This is rare and happens more often when alone. Sybil may find herself feeling extra loyal to those she deems “hers”, she may develop an interest in medicine. Never
Clawed Eye Scar. A long, vertical scar runs down Sybil's face and over her left eye. The eye's gone cloudy, and her vision through it is blurred… (Effects pending!) Never
Call of the Abyss Negligible. Sybil's never actually gone there, but she was exposed. This'll stick as an annoying curiosity… May 25
Skill Tree: Agility V
Passive: Momentum
Tier 1 Deft Strike Flourish Flow
Tier 2 Martial Poise Sweep Slanted Strike
Tier 3 Leverage Anticipation Chain Strike
Tier 4 Skyward Coup de Grâce Posture
Skill Tree: Water Magic VI +2
Passive: Balance
Tier 1 Water Barrier Wash Life Drop
Tier 2 Water Brand Surge Life Rain
Tier 3 Imbue Water Torrent Purity
Tier 4 Water Field Water Mastery Bubble
Skill Tree: Earth Magic VI
Passive: Balance
Tier 1 Earth Barrier - Stumble
Tier 2 Earth Brand - -
Tier 3 Imbue Earth Quake Salt
Tier 4 - Earth Mastery -
Skill Tree: Cosmology
Passive: -
Esoteric Zurian Sanctuary - -
Skill Tree: Master Techniques
Passive: -
Vagrant Decimate - -
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Strength 12 “The screaming is the most important part!”
Dexterity 11 “Think I can hit that from here? I do.”
Mana Control 11 “I don't need control. I just need power.”
Mana Sensing 11 “It’s hard to grow up in Aquitaine without a sense for this stuff.”
Vitality 11 “Come at me, bitch!”
Speed 8 “I'll outrun anybody!”
Acrobatics 6 “Go with the flow.”
Tech Lore 6 “I'm pretty good at fixing up my arms, with the right tools.”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Swimming 9(-5) “Drowning is a bad way to go.”
? 6 “I need a new hobby…” (unspent)
Science (Marine Biology) 3 “This thing's got the wildest name, you won't believe it.”
Active Signature Skill – Phantom Fist
“Blink and you'll miss it!”
6 SP, Standard. Sybil makes a Melee NWA (vs EVA) against a Unit, If she hits, she builds 1 MP and heals any Magic Barrier she has for an amount equal to Damage dealt. This healing can exceed her Barrier's cap.
Passive Signature Skill – Steel Aura
“You won't break my guard.”
Sybil adds her Elemental Meta to any Barrier she casts, but only if she is the sole person benefiting from the barrier.
Augmented Skills
Name SP Cost Description
Martial Poise Passive Augments Lunge. Increase your Movement by 1/2 of your Agility Meta. Using your Movement Action or any Movement Skill (no external factors) generates 1 Rhythm.
Anticipation 4 Augments Focus. Remove 1 Rank of Agitated, Drowsy, Exhausted, or Unbalanced from yourself. If used as an Interrupt against an incoming attack, gain R1 Enraged and R1 Vengeance as a Positive Physical Condition. Vengeance grants 1 Follow-up NWA against the Unit that struck you, and only applies to a single enemy Unit at a time.
Zurian Sanctuary 6 Focused :: Create an area of 6 squares around you, reducing all incoming and outgoing Damage by 5, applying Pacified, and granting +15 Sneak (that does not go over racial caps) to friendly units inside. Units inside become incorporeal and may pass through objects up to a foot in thickness, while appearing only as faint refractions of light to outside viewers.
Master Techniques
Decimate 12 Vagrant Technique. Standard :: Deal NWA + Master Techniques Meta to a Unit and automatically inflict 1 Rank of Pained. If they are Prone, Grappled or Unbalanced, inflict 2 Ranks of Pained instead. Focused :: As Standard, but deal double damage if the target is Prone, Grappled or Unbalanced. Synergy: Greatsword, Greatmace, Greataxe. Inflict 2 Ranks of Pained regardless of disabling Conditions.
Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
DMK ‘Godhand’ Arm (Right) Arm Implant S.2 +4 Strength, +3 Dexterity / Speed, +1 Melee Damage, +3 to numerical bonuses of Martial Arts. Physical Skills can be performed at a range of 10 squares, and unarmed attacks Automatically destroy sources of Cover. +1 Magic DV.
MMN 'Vicejaw' Arm (Left) Arm Implant S.3 Adds +3 Strength & Dexterity and +1 Unarmed Damage. When making an Unarmed Attack, the arm can split open below the elbow joint and form a jaw-like vice for 3 SP. It closes around whatever it can at the point of impact, applying Grappled (vs END) or Automatically applying Bleeding if Grappled fails. The vice may be tightened on following turns as a Sub Action (3 SP), which repeats the process. At any time as a Free Action, the user may violently disengage and replace accrued Ranks of Grappled with Bleeding Automatically.
Holo-Ringer Interface Modifier Chip - A magically projected ringer interface that comes out of one’s palm.
Specialized Training Racial - +1 Elemental Meta.
Quattori Cultural - +2 Tech Lore.
Starcrossed Major - +4 HP, +2 Strength, +1 EVA. Sybil has lost most of whatever discipline she learned in the Navy…
The Gift of Sanctuary Major - +4 Maximum HP. Reduce the IP of all Soul Injuries by 2. Gain +2 Mana Control. Gain the Unique Skill, Zurian Sanctuary.
Gift of the Vortex Major - Grants Wind as a Favored Element, +2 Storm DAM. For 5 SP, Sybil can conjure Storm-element wings made of mana.
Catalysis Major - Sybil's body is a Water-Element Catalyst, with 3 DAM and no perks. She gains 3 Water DR.
Heightened Senses Major - +2 Search, +2 Mana Sense.
Whisper of the Orcs Minor - +3 Maximum Rhythm.
The Count's Clarity Minor - Roll flat, twice, when attempting to discern visual hallucinations or illusions and choose the better roll. Cannot be used with Adventure Skills.
The Thankful Mask Minor - As a Sub-Action, guarantee the next roll made is a 1, and the one after is a 20. Becomes unavailable for 30 days afterwards.
Recollection - Gobiidae Modrica Minor - Sybil is someone else. She finds she loves the sea even more than she did, she’s a bit more sensitive than she was, she may have the tendencies of a hopeless romantic. She hates the sound of crunching. +3 Science (Marine Biology).
Commissary Meal Temp - A meal made up of Peco Three Ways, Savory Meatballs, Light Salting, and Lucky Clovers. +3 EVA, +2 MOV, +3 Physical DR, +3/1 Incoming Direct/Indirect Healing. The first time per encounter that you roll a 1, it becomes a 12 instead.
Goliath Injection Temp - A syringe full of bright red liquid. When injected by a Health-orne doctor, it grants +4 Max HP & SP, +3 Movement, and Immunity to Minor Injuries for the duration of the Triad Tourney.
Synthesized Skill Temp - +2 Elemental Meta.
R̬̯͞o̪̜̙l̹̱̼̠͍͙̻̗ư̻̜͈̩̗w҉҉̹͍͖͙ǹ̻͓̮̰͚͓͈̠͜d͎͓͖͕̳͎̖ͅ'̸͈̭̹͕̣͚̙͍͝s͓͕̰̺̻̱̗͖ͅ ̜̹̰̳͠B̺͚͖̗̤̱̠͎ͅĺ̶̷̼͚e͏̼̠͕̫̬͇̯͖̻s̢̰̳̤̜͡s̴͖̼͈̫̜i͎̟̱̺̺̺n̩̳̯̮̜̳g͍̺͡ (Suppressed)
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Distorted Metamorphosis - +1 Sneak. You favor the Force Element, even though that's unprecedented (and impossible). Once per encounter as a Sub Action, you may surround yourself in a thin layer of Force that refracts light for one Turn. In this state, you are in Full Cover and gain +Tier x 3 Sneak.
II Earthbound Flare - Gain a permanent +1 EVA, +2 MOV. This boosts caps, as well. You may apply Blind alongside any Attack (vs END) by spending a Sub Action and 2 SP. Each time this is used against the same enemy, its To Hit is reduced by 3 for the encounter.
Favor of Amatsukaze
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I The Dance of Storms - Interrupt action. 4 SP. When you are knocked back, gain a free movement in a straight line. The maximum distance you move is equivalent to Tier x 3. (6)
II The Heavenly Winds - -1 Agility SP Costs. While at 1/4 of Max SP (10), -2 all SP costs instead.
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Peripheral Synthesis - +3 HP/SP. You can manifest a Virtual Weapon as a Free Action when combat begins or as a Sub Action otherwise for 3 SP. It'll take on the form of any weapon your character knows how to wield and can strike in any Element they have Favored (Spirit if they lack one). You can manifest a Virtual Weapon as many times as you want, with no restriction.
Note - - Virtual Weapons are called forth from ambient mana, and while damaging, they are translucent and extremely fragile. They dissipate when they leave your character’s hand. You roll flat vs Damaged/Broken, and they instantly destroy the Weapon if successful. If you are Disarmed, the Weapon is also instantly destroyed. You cannot manifest a Virtual Weapon while Rank 2 Nulled.
Description A Sybirian magical weapon resembling a warhammer with an overly long handle. The hammerhead is decorated with magical runes, and houses a dense, catalytic gemstone inside.
Base Stats Hammerstaff. 6 Blunt, 4 Magic. 6 Range, -2 Move. Can 'pre-cast' spells, via spending the SP/Resource as a sub-action on one turn, and casting them as a sub-action in melee on another. Focused Actions can't be pre-casted.
Maker's Mark Kagutsuchi Special :: When striking heavily armored foes, roll to apply Crushed, which grants -2 Physical DR (vs END). This can be applied once per foe.
Sokolov Sybil Special
Description A silver-blue pistol with 'SS' engraved along the sides and a pearly grip. A gift from Lydia, with a little cosmetic work done since then…
Base Stats Pistol. 4+1 Ballistic, 8 Ammo.
Enchantment Piercing Zephyr :: +1 DAM, weapon's Element becomes Wind. Once per encounter, turn a single-target Ranged attack into an AoE that pierces every target in a single line.
Mode Burst Fire :: -1 DAM, but each attack activates twice.
Mode Velocity :: Flat Attack rolls of 16-20 apply Damaged Armor (vs END).
Mabel's Tidecaller Robes
Description A layered outfit in ancient, Elysian fashion, decorated with shiny nautical charms that chime with every move.
Base Stats Magic Attire. +1 EVA / WIL, +2 Move.
Legendary The Maelstrom's Eye :: Grants +2 WIL. You passively gain a Water Barrier, using 3x your highest Magic Meta for HP. If there is a natural source of Water nearby, the shield gains +10 HP. While this barrier is active, Water, Ice, and Storm Element MCAs can be cast as a Sub-Action.
Improvement Oridecon Weave :: Grants +1 END and +1 Physical DR. For Triad Tourney use only!
Enchantment Urgency :: The Armor applies Catalyzed when its wearer takes more than 10 Damage in a single strike, once per Turn. For Triad Tourney use only!
Etherized JS SMG
Description A blue platinum SMG with wooden accents. It makes a satisfying rat-tat-tat when fired. Crafted by Jiahao!
Base Stats SMG. 3 Ballistic DAM, 10 Ammo. Adds 2 follow-up attacks with -5 To Hit.
Reagent Etherized Plate :: Indestructible. The SMG applies Vulnerable (vs END) with the first Attack that lands each Turn, with a maximum Rank of 4. Rank 4 Vulnerable is ‘You cannot avoid Magic Damage’ on top of Rank 3’s effects.
Improvement Gobbo Power Handle/Stock :: +2 To Hit. The weapon deals 1 Blunt DAM to the wielder with every shot.
Temp Fine Tuned :: +1 DAM and +2 To Hit. Lasts for 1 encounter when used.
Emerald Studded Bangles (E)
Description A pair of twin bangles adorned with polished, mana charged emeralds. Crafted by Poet!
Base Stats Twin Jewelry. 5 Magic DAM, +1 DAM/Healing with Single Target spells.
Reagent Mana Emerald :: +1 Healing with Magic Skills.
Improvement Reverser Coating :: The Weapon can convert Damage to Healing and vice-versa with Magic Skills cast through it.
Sparring Gloves Gear. Provides +1 Damage in Discipline, and remove Elegant Stance's Damage penalty.
Arcanomender Rings Four golden rings, with gems representing each Primary Element. The wearer adds +4 to Outgoing Healing while using Elemental Magic.
Chivalry Health Draught Drinking this red liquid Heals 30 HP. If consumed at full HP, you gain 2 Ranks of Regenerating instead.
Chivalry Stamina Draught Drinking this blue liquid heals 30 SP. If consumed at full SP, you gain 1 Rank of Focused instead.
Charm of Evasion This enchanted charm grants +3 EVA. On every even Turn, this bonus increases by +1.
Gushing Berry The consumer gains Water as a Favored Element and Fluidity with it throughout Elemental Skill Trees for an encounter. If they already have Water as a Favored Element, it produces +1 MP anytime it would produce MP for the encounter instead.
Mabel's Blinder Magic Gear. +2 To Hit. Wearing this makes you passively R1 Blind, but grants Immunity to further ranks of Blind. The wearer may benefit from Brilliant and Shrouded at the same time, and provides another +2 To Hit for each rank of either.
Mabel's Blessed Horn Magic Gear. 5 Charges. Heals 20 HP and SP, and cleanses all ranks of Sickened, Envenomed, and Pained, at the cost of being Drenched and halving your Movement range. The horn magically alters any liquid inside it, and can be ‘topped off’ to its full charges at the start of each month.
Magic Rings Twin Jewelry, 5 Magic DAM. +1 DAM/Healing to Single Target spells, +2 EVA/WIL/END against Disarm. A dozen plain catalytic rings, intended to be worn six per arm. Jingles a fair bit with movement.
Metal Pipe Quarterstaff, 5 Blunt DAM. +2 EVA for one turn on successful hit (stacking). +2 Hit when applying Unbalanced. A long, metal pipe, weighted well enough to beat things with.
Lord Orochi Ringer Charm A ringer charm bearing the anime-ified visage of the Great Serpent of Amatsukaze. Grants +1 HIT when Drenched or in the rain.
Cheeky Ringer Charm A silly looking cartoon girl with the Ba Jinian text for ‘Comical’ underneath. +1 Thievery, and allows use of the Subtlety skill ‘Snatch’, (even if you have the Assassin passive) using your highest Physical Meta in place of Subtlety.
Water Totem A small, wood-carved squid. Its eyes glow with watery mana. +2 Mana Control when using the Water Element. The totem can be ‘tapped’ as a Sub Action to increase Sybil's Damage with the Water Element by 1 for the encounter. It can be ‘tapped’ multiple times, but only equal to ⅓ Elemental Meta (round up).
Storage - Consumables
Health Soda x2 Heals 20 HP.
Red Sorcery Sludge Grants Fire Favor for a day. +1 Magic SP Costs.
Herbal Tea Grants +3 Willpower.
Edenplums x5 A large, sweet, vaguely tangy fruit, with a vivid blue color. Biting into one heals you for 30 HP, and Imbues you with Lightning for an encounter.
Box of Monkey Eye 2/5 Charges. For a day, negate all penalties of Minor and Major Injuries while increasing all Adventure Skills by 1. Extends the recovery time of all Injuries by 2 days. Staying away from this for a while…
Box of Tranquility 45/5 Charges. The user receives a rank of Regeneration and Pacified on use. Additional uses after the first do not apply additional ranks of Pacified, but consume 2 SP.
Sunlilly Bricks 24/5 Charges. Upon consuming, nothing happens for one turn. On the next, gain 3 All DR and 1 Rank of Blind, on account of hallucinations.
Storage - Outfits
Summer Clothes Unarmored, -1 SP Costs, +2 Move. Sybil's casual Quattori street wear.
SAS Volunteer Uniform Unarmored, -1 SP Costs, +2 Move. Improved with Lead Lining :: Prevents Injury and other adverse effects from low levels of Radiation.
Eastern Dress Magic Attire, +1 EVA / WIL, +2 Move. A cute dress, in modern Ba Jinian style. Has the Maker's Mark Darkshimmer :: +2 Sneak.
Revival Attire Magic Attire, +1 EVA / WIL, +2 Move. Loose, comfortable hippy-esque clothes. Has the Maker's Mark Diverse Runes :: +1 Grand DR.
Storage - Home
Quattori Dreamcatcher Hanging this inside your home (or frequently visited inn-room) prevents most nightmares and dream-related hauntings. Once a month, you can you can give yourself a Well Rested temporary boon, which grants -1 SP Costs if you have any Injuries that raise SP costs.
Dwarven Circuit Board x1 A Legendary Crafting reagent that does any number of things.
Zeny 172,700z
Den Money 182,500z spent at the Den, ever.
Stat Math
HP 34 (Base) +5 (Agility) +3 (HP up) = 42
SP 34 (Base) +5 (Elemental) = 39
HIT 6 (Meta)
EVA 6 (Agility)
END 1 (Basic Training)
WIL 6 (Elemental)
DAM (Unarmed) 4 (Discipline) +2 (Arm Implants) = 6
Search 0
Sneak 0
Point Expenditure 31 (Skills) +4 (+1 Agility Meta) +2 (3 HP) +4 (Twin Jewelry Expertise) +3 Earth Favor = 42/42
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