Sun Kang

Player: Karn
Theme: Silver Face
Income: - (Westside Kingpin)
Expenses: - (Mind Yer Business, Cuh)
Race: Human
Age: 24 (Adult)
Racial Trait(s): Flexibility
Cultural Trait: Vocational Training (+3 Tinker Skills)
Locational Trait: Republican (+2 Tech Lore)
Weapon Groups: Light Soldier, Republican Gangster, Westside Ace
Weapon Proficiency: Carbine, Crossbow, Dagger, Handgun, Revolver, Sniper Rifle
Singular Proficiency: Instrument, Sawn-Off, Scrap Rifle
Weapon Expertise: Boxing, Handgun, SMG
Favored Element: -
Armor Type: Reinforced Garb (Hi Power Threads)
Meta Bonus: Performance 8, Tinker 7
Status and Equipment
HP: 48 + 22
SP: 42 + 27
Damage: 6 + 1
To Hit: 10 + 2
Evasion: 9 + 2
Endurance: 4 + 2
Willpower: 2
Search: 0
Sneak: 0
Movement: 11 + 2
Stamina Reductions: N/A
Damage Reductions: 6 Ballistic, 7 Physical, 3 Everything Else
Equipped Weapon: $crap Rifle
Bulwark Gaudy Rings Melody Bracelet Potion Satchel XL
Emperium Chain Undershirt Rapid Launcher All Purpose Pouch XL
Potion Satchel XL
Somatic Soda Somatic Soda Manafont Tonic
All Purpose Pouch XL
Rx-XL Smoke Grenade Rx-XL Smoke Grenade XL Fire Grenade+
Grenadier XL Fire Grenade+
Injury Type Description Heal Date
- - - -
Temp Boon Affects Description Until
Hot Scrap Massage N/A Applied by Rawn's Massage Parlor. +2 END. 10/20/19
Lively Lozenge N/A Applied by the Health-orne Emporium. +4 Max HP & SP. 10/20/19
VIP Room N/A +15 Max HP & SP. The first 3 times he'd KO, he stops at 1 HP. Next Encounter
Companion Service N/A +5 Max SP, +3 Vitality. Next Encounter
Fine Geffenian Champagne N/A +3 Max HP & SP, he starts combat with Catalyzed. Next Encounter
Inoculation N/A Applied by Maroon Piano. +4 Healing via Potions & Hypos. Next Encounter
Quattori Steak Salad N/A Applied by the Near & Far Club. +2 to all Direct Healing, +2 Harvesting/Herbology. Next Encounter
Fine Tuned Rifle Applied by Jimmy Gunz. +1 Damage & +2 To Hit. Next Encounter
Fitted Armor Applied by Sister Scissors. +2 Evasion & +2 Movement. Next Encounter
Tree: Performance Tinker
Passive: Martial Muse MagiTechnician
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Gentle Breeze Cadenza Coming Storm Shortcut Materia Mech Masher
Tier 2 Hunter's Wit Vivace Marksman's Aim Ping! Great Materia Grenadier
Tier 3 For the Fallen Fortissimo Bloody Vengeance Superior Keel Haul SW Interruptor
Tier 4 Dragon Roar Sforzando Jagged Claws Excellent Grand Materia Overclock
Unique Performances
Carry it All … Standard (5 SP). When a friendly Unit in the Tune would take self-inflicted Damage, it's redirected to the Performer instead. Feedback Damage taken this way activates Wrathful or Tempered, if they have it, in Tune Range.
… Drop the Beat Quick (5 SP). Requires Carry it All and cancels it. When used in response to a successfull Attack against a Unit in the Tune, the Damage they would take it split and shared among all friendly Units in Tune Range. They add an equivalent bonus as To Hit during the next Turn (max ½ Meta).
Free the Frail … Standard (5 SP). Friendly Units in the Tune gain +1 EVA, WIL & END. If they're Basic Races, this bonus is doubled.
… Make them Mighty Standard / Focused (5 SP). Requires Free the Frail and cancels it. Friendly Units in Tune Range gain +2 To Hit & +1 Damage this Turn, doubled if they're a Basic Race. Focused grants every friendly Unit in Tune Range the 'Potent Soul' Trait this Turn as well.
Adventuring Skills
Dexterity +12 “You bet I got that know-how.”
Tech Lore +12 “Cuh, the future is now.”
Thievery +10 “Creep up and jack your shit.”
Speed +8 “Then I'm gone; I fuckin' split.”
Acrobatics +6 “Uhh… I'm out, cuh.”
Gadgetry +5 “I'll think on it. Shit sucks.”
Non-Combat Skills
Poetry (Rhythmic) +9 “Don't test me.”
Poetry (Spoken) +9 “You won't win, cuh.”


$crap Rifle
Stats These are normally hunks of junk, but this one is chrome-plated. 6 Fire Damage.
Perks 4 Ammunition & 10 Square Dead Zone. Silenced, adds +2 Search, ½ To Hit if Attacked in Melee.
MM :: RK Adaptable Steel Weapon can hold 2 Temporary Boons.
E :: Euphony Numeric Effect of Gentle Breeze & For the Fallen and their SP Cost is 2x.
E :: Fire Spark The Weapon gains +1 Damage and the Fire Element.
I :: Digital Scope +2 Dead Zone. The Weapon uses full To Hit for Called Attacks.
I :: Rapid Reloader Reloading the Weapon is a Sub Action.
Hi Power Threads
Stats A bulky coat with fur accents. A logo on the back reads 'HI POWER' in electric blue. +1 EVA & +5 Max HP.
MM :: RK Ceramic Plate +3 Ballistic DR & +3 Max HP, -2 Movement.
E :: Barrier Runes +3 All DR. Creates a Spirit Shield at combat start with 16+6 HP.
I :: Barrier Embroidery Magic Shields on the wearer gain +6 HP.
Bulwark Gaudy Rings Gem-encrusted rings enchanted by Gabrielle DeAngelis. +3 HP & +4 END.
Emperium Chain Undershirt It has that signature yellow-orange color. +4 Physical DR.
Melody Bracelet A chrome bracelet enchanted by the Wizard's Guild. Tunes persist 1 Turn after a Crescendo is used.
Rapid Launcher Like a miniature tennis ball launcher. The Tinker Skill 'Overcharge' uses Throw Item when it affects a Grenade.
XL Fire Grenade+ x 2 Made by Sun Kang. Deals 13 Fire Damage in a 7 x 7 Area of Effect.
Rx-XL Smoke Grenade x 2 RDF Standard. This Magitech Grenade provides Half Cover in a 6 x 6 Area of Effect for 3 Turns. Additionally, Units in the cloud Heal 6 HP & 3 SP each Turn (including when it's deployed).

Boons, Special Skills, & Magical Research

Boon Type Level Description
??? Tiered 6 Sun Kang adds +2 To Hit, +2 WIL, +1 Performance Meta & Cap, and more.
Name Description
??? Sun Kang adds +1 Performance Meta & Cap, and more.
??? Sun Kang adds +1 Tinker Meta & Cap, and more.


HP 34 + 5 [Armor] + 3 [Rings] + 6 [???] = 48
SP 34 + 8 [Performance] = 42
HIT 8 [Highest Meta] + 2 [???] = 10
EVA 8 [Performance] + 1 [Armor] = 9
END 4 [Rings]
WIL 2 [???]
Search 0
Sneak 0
Damage 6 [Rifle]
CP 7 [Tinker] + 3 [???] = 10
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