Sophia Galonwand

Player: Illdrian
Income: Nada
Expenses: Nada
Race: Human
Racial Traits: Specialized Training (Potency)
Age: 58
Weapon Familiarities: Runian Knight(Brawling, Crossbow, Sword, Shield Combat), Light Spellsword(Anthame, Twin Jewelry, Spellblade, Magic Bolter)
Weapon Expertise: Twin Jewelry
Favored Element: Light
Armor Type: Magic Attire
Meta Bonus: 6 Opportunity (Adventurer) 4 Light (Judgment) 4 Leadership (Commander)
Status and Equipment
HP: 38
SP: 38
Hit: 6
Evasion: 4
Endurance: 8
Willpower: 7
Search: 0
Damage: 4 with sword, 5 with twin jewelry
Equipped Weapon: Longsword
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Paired Prayer Beads and Rosaries(Twin Jewelry) x x
x x x
x x x
Injury Type Description Heal Date
x x Description. Stat stuff. x
Injury Points 0/19
Opportunity Light Magic
Passive: Adventurer Judgment
Cost: SP Cost SP Cost
Tier 1 Cover Pitch Item Chill Out Smite Heal Zeal
Tier 2 Writhe Topple Tumbling Absolve Bless Crux
Tier 3 Cripple Push Harder Well Ventured Flash Haste Consecrate
Tier 4 Scream Prosperity Heroism Sanctuary Ressurect Grand Cross
Passive: Commander
Cost: SP Cost
Tier 1 Attack Order Defend Order Rally Order
Tier 2 Heal Order Shake Off Inspiration
Tier 3 Desperate Cry Pick Me Up Chosen One
Tier 4 Presence Rise Up All Out Attack
Active - Sig Skill Link Passive - Sig Skill Link
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Creature Lore +10 ”I've seen my fair share of beasts.”
Harvesting +10 ”That does no good if you BREAK it while trying to collect it! CAREFUL.”
Mana Sensing +12 ”I can sense foul magics at work here…”
Spell Lore +12 ”I must assure you, I am quite well versed in Magical theory.”
Relic Lore +12 ”That belongs in a museum.”
Mana Control +6 ”Not my usual tasking, but I know a bit here.”
Strength +5 ”These old bones still have some strength in them.”
Vitality +5 ”I didn't live this long by not being hardy.”
Speed +5 ”Why do I always find myself running…”
Tech Lore +3 ”Newfangled ringers… I wish people would go back to reading parchment… far easier on my eyes…”
Non Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
History(Rune) +6 ”Have to have something to fill these hours with.”
Linguistics +6 ”That's a bit of an older dialect, but I can translate it roughly.”
Calligraphy +3 ”Helps with hard to decipher scripts.”


Weapon & Armor
Old Longsword Worn Magic Attire
Stats An old, but well maintained Longsword. 4 Slashing or Piercing Worn and somewhat haggered magical attire. Bears markings from the old Church of Odin. +1 EVA +1 WIL
Material Steel Padded Cloth and small amounts of leather
Craftsmen - -
Enchantment x x
Improvement x x
Gear & Item Notes
x What gear u got

Boons & Studies

Boon Type Level Description
x x - x
Other Type Description
x Racial (?) x
Source Description Research Time
x x. x x
Source Description Research Time
x x. x x

Stat Calculations

Stat Notes
Expenditures Nada
HP 34 [Base], + 4 Light = 38
SP 34 [Base], + 4 Leadership = 38
HIT 0 [Base], + 6 Opportunity = +6
EVA 0 [Base], + 1 Magic Attire = +1
END 0 [Base], + 4 Leadership +4 Opportunity = +8
WIL 0 [Base], + 1 Magic Attire + 4 Light + 2 Opportunity = +7
Search 0 [Base], + = 0
Sneak 0 [Base], + = 0
NWA 0 [Base], + 4 Sword = 4
MCA 0 [Base], + 5 Twin Jewelry = 5
Eles Light [Starter]
Meta 6 Opportunity [Creature Lore, Harvesting, Spell Lore, Mana Sensing] 4 Light [Mana Sensing, Mana Control, Relic Lore, Spell Lore] 4 Leadership [Harvesting, Mana Sensing, Spell Lore, Creature Lore]
SP Cost 0 [Base] = 0
Combat Points Spent 16 Opportunity (+1 Meta Specialized Training), 12 Points Leadership, 12 points Light, 2 points Twin Jewelry Expertise. = 42
Adventure Skill Points spent 3 Creature Lore, 3 Harvesting, 3 Mana Sensing, 3 Spell Lore, 6 Relic Lore, 2 Mana Control, 3 Strength, 3 Speed, 3 Vitality, 1 Tech Lore = 30


Currency 20,000z
x x
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