Song Shin

Player: Nexxus
Income: x (x,xxx z)
Upkeep: Supplied
Race: Human
Race Traits: Magic Sight, Ba Jinian
Age: 27 (Adult)
Favored Weapons: Battles Fans1), Quarterstaves, Spear Hand, Catalysts2)
Favored Element: Spirit
Armor Type: Unarmored
Meta Bonus: Spirit VII, Agility IV, Leadership II
Status and Equipment
HP: 38
SP: 43
Hit: 7
Evasion: 4
Endurance: 2
Willpower: 7
Search: 0
Damage: 5 (3 MCA)
Equipped Weapon: Bo Staff
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Dragon Bracelet Beacon of Mending The Winter Wind
High Energy Pot Health Tonic α x
x Health Tonic α x
Injury Type Description Duration
x x x x x
Spirit VII Agility IV
Passive: Spite Momentum
Cost: Tier Tier
Tier 1 Bolt Nurture Mana Shield Deft Strike Flourish Flow
Tier 2 Enervate Banish Dampen Lunge Feint Sweep
Tier 3 Regenerate Empower Attune Leverage Focus Chain
Tier 4 Wrath Rebirth Reflect Skyward Riposte Coup de Grace
Leadership x
Passive: x x
Cost: Tier x
Tier 1 Attack Defend x x x x
Tier 2 Heal x Heroic Charge x x x
Tier 3 D. Cry x Chosen One x x x
Tier 4 Presence x x x x x
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Clairvoyance +10 “There are lessons to learn from one's ancestry.”
Acrobatics +8 “Suyin is the more skilled of us..”
Mana Sensing +6 “Like breathing, perhaps.”
Mana Control +5 “Control is necessary for temperance.”
Vitality +6 “I would prefer you not…”
Speed +5 “Reflex.”
Dexterity +5 “Required, for painting.”
Magic Healing +5 “It is not my speciality.”
Spell Lore +4 “Simple calculations.”
Strength +3 “Perhaps unfitting, but I do train..”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Etiquette +5 “Polite, but not overly so.”
Guóhuà +5 “I needed a delicate hobby.”
Fan Dance +4 “Suyin is far more elegant, with it.”
Sewing +1 ”Mother insists.”
Dual Skills
The Empress & The Bodyguard x
Desc Shin & Suyin, The Empress: Shin links to her sister, opening the path way between souls into a filtered window. Bolsters and hinders in equal measure, but it's as close to a 'benevolent' link as she gets. Both the positives and negatives of a Spite Link still apply.
Links Click Me! x


Weapon & Armor
Bo-Staff Training Garb (Cloth)
Stats 5 DAM, +2 range, +2 EVA after successful strike, +3 Hit when applying Dazed. Sturdy wood with metal tips. -1 SP Costs, +2 MOV Surprisingly fine material for simple training clothes. They fit perfectly.
Craftsmen x x
Enchantment x x
Enchantment x x
Improvement x x
Gear & Item Notes
High Energy Pot Heals 20 SP.
Health Tonic α Heals 15 HP.
Beacon of mending Immediately grants 2 Ranks of Regeneration to the user. One-use only. Cannot be recharged.
Dragon Bracelet A prized gift from her father, carved out of green jade. It fits like a cuff. 3 DAM, +1 DAM vs single target, +3 vs disarm.

Path, Boons & Studies

Boon Type Level Description
The Winter Wind Major - +2 to Clairvoyance & Magical Healing. +1 Spirit Magic Meta. All spells manifest in Spirit-Wind, which counts as both when considering Elemental Weakness and Strength.
Other Type Description
Magic Sight Racial (Anomaly) Shin sees the world like a painting, with colours that are constantly shifting and warping. Spells cast near her are very bright, and light sources can be unbearable. She has grown somewhat used to her ‘affliction’, however!
Benefits Gain the ability to see/ID magical effects on area or enemies (Hit Roll v Will/ DM Choice). Gain 1 Hit for each magical effect (positive/negative) on an enemy. Gain 2 search vs hidden enemies for each magical effect (positive/negative) on them.
Drawbacks Replaces human racial perk. Rolling vs blind is always a flat roll. Does not function if nulled.
Source Description Research Time
x x x
Source Description Training Time
x x x


Currency 17,000 Yuan (51,000z)
Stormcrow Necklace A rope necklace with a charm in the shape of a crow's talon, holding a glowing green crystal. Spirit rolls of 16-20 manifest in Spirit-Wind which counts as both Spirit and Wind for calculating Elemental Strength & Weakness.
Nulling Bracelet A gift from her Father, to quell her affliction. It doesn’t see much use. Not worn.
x x

Stat Calculations

Stat Notes
Expenditure Click me!
HP 34 [Base], +4 [Agi 4] = 38
SP 34 [Base], +7 [Spirit 7], +2 [Leader 2] = 43
HIT 7 [Spirit 7] = 7
EVA 4 [Agility 4] = 4
END 2 [Leader 2] = 2
WIL 7 [Spirit 7] = 7
NWA 5 [Bo-Staff] = 5
MCA 3 [Dragon Bracelet] = 3
Eles Spirit [Starter], Wind [Skill Points(3)]
Metas 4 [Spirit Skills], +2 [Skill Points(8)], +1 [Winter Wind] = 7 Spirit. 4 [Agi Skills] = 4 Agi.
Rhythm 4 [Agi IV] x 3 = 12
SP Cost 0 [Base], -1 [Unarmored] = -1
Taught by Karasu
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