Simon Wallace

Player: Flora
Race: Human
Racial Trait(s): Flexibility, Proficiency
Cultural Trait: Specialized Training (+1 Elemental)
Locational Trait: Runan (+1 Relic Lore)
Age: 20
Weapon Proficiencies: Magical Catalysts
Favored Element: Water
Armor Type:
Meta Bonus: Elemental VI
Status and Equipment
HP: 34
SP: 40
Damage: 5 Magical
To Hit: 6
Evasion: 0
Endurance: 0
Willpower: 6
Search: 0
Sneak: 0
SP Reductions:
Equipped Weapon: Aquamarine Imbued Black Leather Gloves
Midel 'Master Key'1)
Greater Healing Potion
Greater Healing Potion
Greater Energy Potion
Name Effect Heal Date
Injury Points 0/17


Tree: Elemental VI (Water)
Passive: Balance
I Life Drop Wash Water Barrier
II Surge Life rain Water Brand
III Torrent Purity Imbue Water
IV Drown Waterfall Water Field
Adventuring Skills
Dexterity +3 “It helps when I tickle the ivories.”
Mana Control +8 “Gotta know how to control magic before you use it.”
Mana Sensing +8 “I can sense the magic around us.”
Relic Lore +6 “Sometimes it pays being a bookworm.”
Spell Lore +8 “Can't just use magic all willy-nilly.”
Creature Lore +10 “I-Is this weird?”
Speed +1 “I'm not really all that fast…”
Acrobatics +1 “Or graceful.”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Academics (World History) +8 “Uh… good to know history so you don’t repeat it?”
Picture Perfect Memory +7 “It can be a blessing and a curse.”
Research +5 “I kinda get lost in the world of literature.”
Music (Piano) +3 “It helps to… keep myself grounded.”

Equipment & Gear

Aquamarine Imbued Black Leather Gloves
Base Stats 5 Magical. A pair of sturdy and stylish black leather gloves, each affixed with a medium sized aquamarine gem.
Wind Resistant Undervest
Base Stats +2 Damage Resistance against Wind.
Maker's Mark Flexible :: +1 to the Acrobatics & Speed Adventure Skills
Improvement Rainbowstride Paint - Silver :: Armor is Catalytic with 3 MCA and no Perks. When you use Determination, you create an Icy Prism (as the Secondary Magic Skill) with 15 HP. This Improvement can never be removed or replaced.
Greater Healing Potion (x2) Heals 15 HP
Greater Energy Potion Heals 19 HP
Midel 'Master Key' A golden key on a rope woven of what looks like gold itself! This key increases the wearer's Meta & Meta Cap in a single Skill Tree by 1. You choose the Meta now, and it won't/can't change later!
Greater Healing Potion (x5) Heals 15 HP

Boons & Study

Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Description
Name Description Research Time
Name Description Research Time
Gryphon Training Fiain and Simon have been offered the rare chance to train with the Prontera Chivalry. They'll learn how to tame and ride a Gryphon for personal use! 12/29 – 6/15


Zeny 29,300z
GP 10
Stat Math
HP 34 [Base]
SP 34 [Base] +6 [Elemental] = 40
HIT 0 [Base] +6 [Elemental] = 6
EVA 0 [Base]
END 0 [Base]
WIL 0 [Base] +6 [Elemental] = 6
DAM 5 [Aquamarine Imbued Black Leather Gloves]
Search 0 [Base]
Sneak 0 [Base]
Combat Skills 12 [Elemental] +8 [NC Points] = 20/42 pts
Adventure Skills 10 [Creature Lore] +5 [Relic Lore] +5 [Spell Lore] +5 [Mana Control] +4 [Mana Sensing] = 30/30 pts
NC Skills 8 [Academics] +7 [Picture Perfect Memory] = 15/15 pts
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