Shale Lynn Carmac

Player: Nexxus
Job: Verdaheim Druid (5,000z)
Expenses: 2,500z1)
Race: N-Elf
Race Traits: Magic Affinity, World Tree
Age: 25
Weapon Groups: Geffenian Oracle2), Mixed Magician3), Light Magician4)
Weapon Expertise : Jewelry, Staff, Twin Jewelry, Wand
Favored Element: Wind, Fire, Earth, Light, Spirit
Armor Type: Dragon Clan Garb (Magical Attire)
Meta Bonus: Elemental X, Superior IV
Status and Equipment
HP: 62 [124]
MP: 8/33
SP: 60 [120]
Hit: 14 5)
Evasion: 6
Endurance: 5
Willpower: 16 [32]
DR: 3 Fire
MOV: 12
Search: 8
MCA: 9 (5 GG; +1 ST)6)
Equipped Weapon: Heart of the Forest
Equipment (6) Boons
Dragon Princess' Crown Gemmed Gloves Listed Below Gear
Silver Star Pendant Wind's Totem l
H.H Pot H.E Pot l
Potion Satchel Mana Tulsi v
Injury Type Description Duration
x x x x
Injury Points 0/
Elemental IX
Wind Fire
Passive: Balance (+2/cast, +2/turn)
Cost: T+1 (HoTF), Tier (EG) T+1 (HotF), Tier (EG)
Tier 1 W. Barrier Breathe Gust F. Barrier Soothe Enflame
Tier 2 W. Brand Arise Breeze F. Brand Backdraft Cauterize
Tier 3 Imbue W. Tornado Zephyr Imbue F. Ignite Live Warmth
Tier 4 W. Field W. Mastery Whirlwind F. Field F. Mastery CoF
Earth x
Cost: T+1 (HotF), Tier (EG) x
Tier 1 x x x x x x
Tier 2 E. Brand x Vines x x x
Tier 3 Imbue E. Quake Salt x x x
Tier 4 E. Field E. Mastery Regrowth x x x
Superior Magic IV Sovereign Dragon Form VI
Passive: Paragon x
Cost: Max HP/MP 4
Tier 1 Focus State Cast Cancel Mana Flux Breath Bite Stomp
Tier 2 Preserve Wild Growth SoulSuccor Buffet (5) Swipe Sweep (3)
Tier 3 Land Protect Fire Protection Nourish Swoop (3) Flight (1) x
Tier 4 Transmute Soul Shackle Disaresta x x x
Nephilim Arts x
Passive: x x
Cost: Varies x
Tier Rising Tide x x x x x
Active - Sovereign Dragon Form Passive - Mana Well
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Spell Lore +15 ”Patterns of mana and runes, it’s terribly fascinating.”
Mana Control +127) “You have to feel the 'flow'~.”
Mana Sensing +11 ”It’s everywhere and in all of us, afterall!”
Speed +7 ”Race me?”
Vitality +7 ”A key part of the adventurers repertoire!”
Survival +6 ”When you hunt with dragons, you catch on quick.”
Acrobatics +4 Bendy.”
Dexterity +2 “Wiggly fingers!”
Herbology +2 ”I’m married to an alchemist!”
Creature Lore +3 “You learn to identify things when you're in the woods, so often!”
Strength +1 ”It's called the 'gun show', right? Right?”
Nos Lore +1 “Nosgard is almost as fascinating as Aurora, afterall~.”
Tech Lore -1 ”I kicked the auto-cleaner down the stairs…”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Singing (Traditional8)) +5 ”Eeheh-heheh, it's actually rather embarrassing.”
Dragon Lore +7 ”They're really as varied as people, if you think about it!”
Runic Spells
Wind Brand Zephyr
Multi-target spell that sheaths multiple weapons in breezy Wind. An invigorating gale.
Runes Rheeh ❧ Irdas ❧ Ekda ❧ iht Rheeh ❧ Hazad ❧ iht ❧ Nukda ❧ alth ❧ Rheeh ❧ Irdas
Light Barrier Tornado
A massive burst of protecting, comforting Light. Devestating, destructive winds.
Runes Lhux ❧ Axtah ❧ Ekda ❧ Nukda ❧ eht Rheeh ❧ Thazad ❧ Magda ❧ Alda ❧ iht ❧ Rheeh ❧ Khasta ❧ Igda


Weapon & Armor
Heart of the Forest, my Purest Endeavor Dragon Clan Garb (Cloth)
Stats 6 DAM, +3 DEFs vs Interrupts. Tall, gnarled, and slender. A large crystalline gem is tangled in the upper wood, surrounded by sprigs of leaves. Many charms dangle from the 'branches', while the staff itself is bound with deep green cloth. +1 WIL, +1 EVA, +2 MOV The garb of the dragon clan, in a deep forest green.
Craftsmen Fjalar of the Earth Dragon Clan
Nephil Innate Nature's Guardian: HotF's healing can be used to heal natural structures and materials (including land), as well as people. Embrace of the Wyrm9): Gain +5 against Dispel in all Forms, including no Form at all, instead of just Dragon.
Legendary The Will of the Wild: Spells cast with HotF are Pahn - cannot be enchanted with another element. Spells vs friends heal instead of damage. AoEs through HotF can hit either all friends or all foes in radius.
Enchantment Soul-Bound: Prevents Disarm. If HotF leaves Shale's hand and goes more than 20-meters, it will return to her. Soul of the Wyrm: Gain a +5 against Dispel while in Dragon Form. Gain the senses of a Dragon (+6 to searches) both in and out of form.
Enchantment Savant: +2 DAM w/ Magic and -2 to All Magic Skills' SP Cost. x
Improvement Catalytic Lacquer: +1 DAM,Immune to Corroded. x
Gear & Item Notes
Dragon Princess' Crown Inlaid rubies, emeralds, sapphires and topazes. It has a constant, dull orange glow. No effect on any race but Nephilim. Bestows True Form & Upgrades Form to Sovereign Form.10)
Gemmed Gloves The gemstones that fit into Shale's gloves. Each pair of gloves has a slot for them to sit in! 2-Handed, 5 DAM, +1 DAM/Heals Single Target, +2 vs disarm. Faithful: 1 MP at the start of every turn.
Silver Star Pendant A silver chain with a pendant in the shape of a five-pointed star, worn on her belt. Absorbs 2 Null effects before they reach the caster. Rechargeable.
Wind's Totem A pendant on a leather choker! +2 Mana Control w/ Wind. 'Tap' the totem via a Sub for +1 DAM w/ Wind for an encounter; May be tapped up to 4 times (1/3 ele meta round up).
Mana Tulsi Eating this bitter flower generates 1 MP on the turn it is eaten, and then every turn there after.
Potion Satchel
H. Healing Potion++ Caramel Apple flavour with a rich, delicate texture! +24 HP, remove Nulled.
H. Energy Potion Caramel Apple flavour with a smooth creamy finish! +24 SP, remove R1 of a Negative Physical Condition.
Key Items

Path, Boons & Studies

Path of the World's Guardian
Boon Type Level Description
World's Blessing Blessing 2 The blessing of the Sacred Tree.
Aspect of the Dragon Tiered 6+411) “This has become part of who I am!”
Boon of the Orcs Tiered 2 “It was an honour, eheh.”
Call to the Elements Major - A special series of movements…
Elemental Fluidity Major - Mana flows through Shale a little differently than most! Allows use of Elemental skills with Light/Shadow/Spirit.
Embrace of the Bear Major - Closer to the Elemental Wells. +5 Maximum HP & STM. +1 MP per spell cast.
Ymir's Sorcery Major - One tiny fragment of power. A taste of what was and could have been. +1 Ele Meta, unlocks the ability to channel in a certain way.
Breezy Burst Minor 3SP Learned from a Dragon's Hoard! +1 Speed. May grant an ally +3 Speed on their next out of combat roll.
Distant Whisper Minor - A gift from Freya. +1 to NC skill: Singing.
Magic Lessons Minor - +1 Hit w/ Magic.
Language of Magic Minor - “This is always how I've envisioned it, too!” +1 Spell Lore.
Orc Medicine Minor - “It was super gross, eheh!” +3 HP.
Orb Specialization Minor - The Orb Perk is now '+1 DAM with all Magic'. For 3 SP a Turn, suspend an Orb in the air with Wind Magic.
Rimpaerde Curiosities Minor - “There's so much about Verdaheim we don't know!” +1 to the Nos Lore Restricted Adventure Skill.
Song of the Corotrangul Minor - “I won't say I don't feel guilty.” Focused no longer removed by gaining Ranks of Agitated & vice-versa.
Skinwalker Scarification Minor - -1 Dex. Unit in an encounter adopts an Animal Form, +1 WIL for the rest of the encounter.
The Favor of Titans
Ravennae's Favor Minor - May you always find your voice beneath the sea. Shale can speak/breathe underwater.
Temporary Boons
Name Source Duration What it Do
Source Description Research Time
x x x
Source Description Training Time
x x x

The Hoard

Coin Pile 12,482 Zeny, 40 Explorer's Guild Tokens
Delicacies & Potions
Ambrosia 1 portion. Full Heal HP/SP. Removes most Injuries (DM Discretion).
H. Energy Potion Caramel Apple flavour with a smooth creamy finish! 2x. +24 SP, remove R1 of a Negative Physical Condition.
Prismatic Weapon Oil Very pretty. 1x. Sub Action, coat weapon. The next 9 attacks mimic the Element of any Field in play.
Gungnir; The Holy Spear Kept on the Isle of Verdaheim, it's overwhelming mana signature is masked by Verdaheim's itself.
Key to the Pale A guardless gold-orange katana belonging to the Dragon Clan. Inscriptions on either side read 'THE IVORY DEMON SLUMBERS FOREVER' and 'SHATTER HIS CHAINS AND DOOM THE WORLD'. 2+4 Slash DAM.
Nephil-Emp :: Catalytic, uses full DAM for MCA, +2 to the numeric effect of Negative Magical Conditions. +2 DAM/+5 vs Corroded/Damaged/Broken.
Blade of Fate :: Always strikes Elemental Weakness vs Dragons/Undead. Units that fit both criteria, DAM/Hit are doubled instead.
Crown of the First Flame A fiery, treasured item. Powerfully enchanted! Begin combat w/ Rank 1 Courage. +1 HIT/DAM every time Shale attacks the same Enemy without changing targets (cap +3).
Explorer's Guild Champion Sash A scarf with a pauldron shaped like a unique blue and gold crest. May hold any Enchantment that can go on non-descript Gear. Increases all Numeric Effects of the Enchantment laid on it by +1, or a single Numeric Effect by +2.
“Persistence” A thick leather/fur title belt, with a wooden emblem that depicts a mask adorned with feathers and tribal markings. It shimmers with a powerful enchantment. +2 WILL. When activated (Sub Action), the wearer heals 4 SP at the cost of 4 HP. Heal 2 SP (for HP) at the start of every turn, until cancelled or dispelled. Once every 24 hours.
Sky Gem A spherical green gem that fits in the palm of the hand. A tiny emblem in the shape of the Runian cross with wings is etched onto it. Holding this prevents averse effects from extremely high elevation.
Silver Star Pendant A silver chain with a pendant in the shape of a five-pointed star, worn on her belt. Absorbs 2 Null effects before they reach the caster. Rechargeable.
Magic Conch A pristine seashell that glows blue. Curiously, it won't break even under great force! Allows 1 hour of underwater breathing & speaking.
Mermaid's Wrapping A length of dazzling sheer cloth, blue in color. It goes around the wearer’s waist, and has transformatory effects… When wrapped around the waist, the wearer’s legs transform into a fin like a mermaid’s. Shared between those that found it!
The Thirsty Decanter A crystal flask that fills with an revitalising water as one casts. Uncork during battle as a Free Action. Spells deal -1 DAM, but each used fills the Decanter with 1 SP.
Bear Head Bracelet Topaz. +1 Survival, Vitality, and Harvesting (2x if B. Aspected).
Dragon Fang Bracelet Ruby. +1 Herbology, Mana Control, and Mana Sensing (2x if D. Aspected).
Gryphon Talon Bracelet Emerald. +1 Speed, Strength, and Creature Lore (2x if G. Aspected)
Turtle Shell Bracelet Sapphire. +1 Clairvoyance, Illusions, and Thievery (2x if T. Aspected)
Rheeh Vine Bracelet Crafted from twisted, brittle vines Main-hand Weapon is passively affected by Wind Brand!
The Count R. Charm “I don't use my ringer much, but this is cute!” Captain Edition; Once a day, automatically succeed an Illusion Adventure Skill roll.
Book of Nahr A transcribed tome from the Arunafeltz' Tribe of Fire. If one studies this book they eventually learn the 'Gift of Fire'! It's a long study, but Shale treasures the book.
Vessel Spell Circles Runic in nature, a Master Study reduced by Mana Control & Spell Lore! Carefully copied into her tome.
Nephil Book A blue covered book that contains the spell 'Disaresta'. Expert Study reduced by Mana Control/Spell Lore.

Stat Calculations

Stat Notes
Expenditure Click me!
HP 45 [Base], -5 [Adolescent], [D Blood Potionx3] +3, [Orc Medicine] +3, [Dragon Aspect] +5, [Boon of the Orcs II] +5, [Potion of Ancient Power] +1, [Embrace of Bear] +5, [Might I] +1 = 63
MP 10 [Ele Meta IX] * 3, +3 [Boon of the Orcs II] = 33
SP 45 [Base], +5 [Adolescent], [Embrace of Bear] +5, [Dragon Aspect] +5 = 60
HIT 10 [Highest Meta], +1 [B Blood Potionx1], +2 [Boon of the Orcs], +1 [Mara's Magic Lessons] = 14
EVA 3 [N-Elf], +2 [Paragon I&II], +1 [Magical Attire] = 6
END 3 [N-Elf], +2 [Paragon III&IV] = 5
WIL 3 [N-Elf], +10 [Elemental X], +1 [Paragon III], +1 [World's Blessing II], +1 [Magical Attire] = 16
Search 2 [Sharp Ears], +6 [Dragon Clan Garb] = 8
MCA 6 [HoTF], +2 [Savant], +1 [Catalytic Lacquer] = 9 (+1 Nat Area, +1 w Spirit); 5 [Gemmed Gloves] = 5 (+1 Nat Area, +1 Spirit, +1 Single Target)
Eles Wind [Starter], Earth [Elemental Font], Fire [Skill Points], Holy [Skill Points], Spirit [World's Blessing]
Meta 7 [Elemental Skills(24)/age max], +1 [Ymir's Sorcery], +1 [Dragon Aspect], +1 [Boon of the Orcs] = 10 Elemental
SP Cost 0 [Base], [Savant] -2 = -2 (Base with Gloves)
1) 5,000z split w/ Redoran
2) Jewelry, Staff, Swordstaff, Twin Jewelry
3) Jewelry, Staff, Twin Jewelry, Wand
4) Cane, Jewelry, Orb, Wand
5) , 6) +1 Nat Area; +1 Spirit
7) +2 w/ Wind
8) Elvish, melodic tunes
9) Treat your Dragon Aspect Level as 2 higher instead of 1, from this Equipment.
10) +2 to Dragon Aspect Level.
11) 6 w/o Clan Gear
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