Shale Lynn Carmac

Player: Nexxus
Job: Verdaheim Druid (5,000z)
Expenses: 2,500z1)
Race: N-Elf
Race Traits: Magic Affinity; World Tree; Common; Catalytic; Perfect Health; Progenitor2)
Age: 25
Weapon Groups: Geffenian Oracle3), Mixed Magician4), Light Magician5)
Weapon Expertise : Jewelry, Staff, Twin Jewelry, Wand
Weapon Proficiency: Talis
Favored Element: Wind, Fire, Earth, Light, Spirit
Armor Type: Dragon Clan Garb (Magical Attire)
Meta Bonus: Elemental X, Superior IV
Status and Equipment
HP: 62 [124] 70 [140]
MP: 8/33
SP: 60 [120] 72 [144]
Hit: 14 6)
Evasion: 7 8
Endurance: 5 8
Willpower: 16 [32]
DR: 3 4 Fire
MOV: 12 15
Search: 8
MCA: 9 (5 GG; +1 ST)7), +3 Heal
Equipped Weapon: Heart of the Forest
Tourney Equipment
Dragon Princess' Crown Momentous Rings Charm of Evasion
Gloves of Gathering Chivalry Health Draught Chivalry Stamina Draught
Equipment (6); NOT IN USE Boons
Dragon Princess' Crown Gemmed Gloves Listed Below Gear
Silver Star Pendant Wind's Totem l
Swiftcast Tome H.E Pot l
H.H Pot Potion Satchel v
Injury Type Description Duration
x x x x
Injury Points 0/
Elemental IX
Wind Fire
Passive: Balance (+2/cast; +2 +1/turn)
Cost: T-1 (HoTF), T+1 (EG) T-1 (HotF), T+1 (EG)
Tier 1 W. Barrier Breathe Gust F. Barrier Soothe Enflame
Tier 2 W. Brand Arise Breeze F. Brand Backdraft Cauterize
Tier 3 Imbue W. Tornado Zephyr Imbue F. Ignite Live Warmth
Tier 4 W. Field W. Mastery Whirlwind F. Field F. Mastery CoF
Earth x
Cost: T-1 (HotF), T+1 (EG) x
Tier 1 x x x x x x
Tier 2 E. Brand x Vines x x x
Tier 3 Imbue E. Quake Salt x x x
Tier 4 E. Field E. Mastery Regrowth x x x
Superior Magic IV Sovereign Dragon Form VI
Passive: Paragon x
Cost: Max HP/MP Varies
Tier 1 Focus State Cast Cancel Mana Flux Bite Tail Sweep Dragon's Guile
Tier 2 Preserve Wild Growth SoulSuccor Buffet Breath Stomp
Tier 3 Land Protect Fire Protection Nourish Swipe x x
Tier 4 Transmute Soul Shackle Disaresta x x x
Nephilim Arts x
Passive: x x
Cost: Varies x
Tier Rising Tide x x x x x
Active - Sovereign Dragon Form Passive - Mana Well
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Spell Lore +15 “All spells are made up of patterns, if you re~eally look.”
Elementalism +128) “You have to feel the 'flow'~.”
Insight +11 “Mana is the most beautiful thing, and it's everywhere around us.”
Speed +7 “Race me?”
Vitality +7 “A key part of the adventurers repertoire!”
Acrobatics +6 Bendy.”
Survival +5 “When you hunt with dragons, you catch on quick.”
Investigation +3 “Dragon's have a keen mind, you know~.”
Precision +2 “Wiggly fingers!”
Herbology +2 Those berries aren't poison!”
Civics +2 “I've been dealing with the city-states, here and there.”
Strength +1 “It's called the 'gun show', right? Right?”
Nos Lore +1 “I feel like I should know at least a little, if I'm going to use so much of their magic!”
Tech Lore -1 “I always forget my ringer, eh-heh.”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Singing (Traditional9)) +5 “Hmhm, it's actually rather embarrassing.”
Dragon Lore +7 “They're terribly fascinating! There are rare cases of habitat effecting breath type and– Oh! I'm rambling. ”
Runic Spells
Cálë Weapon Invigoration
A multi-targeted sparkling Light Brand with a subtle blue glow inside of it. Very pretty! Overwhelming, torrential spirit energy that refreshes its target.
Runes Lhux ❧ Shifta ❧ Erda ❧ acto ❧ Khasta ❧ Thalj ❧ Shifta ❧ Dect ❧ ekda Pahn ❧ Thazan ❧ Erda ❧ resta ❧ Khasta ❧ Rheeh ❧ Thazan ❧ Deband ❧ iht
Providence Ward Gifoie
An extremely potent shield, manifesting in any number of elements. Cursing flames that course over the battlefield in a vicious vortex.
Runes Riyadh ❧ Hasar ❧ Estah ❧ eht ❧ acto ❧ Nhox ❧ Hasar ❧ Khasta ❧ acto Nahr ❧ Jellen ❧ Estah ❧ eht ❧ Zalure ❧ Nahr ❧ Jellen ❧ Zalure ❧ igda ❧ Estah
Dual Skills
Acidic Typhoon A Noxious Entanglement
Desc Eiri & Shay :: One caster uses their Standard Action, the other their Sub Action. Apply 2 Ranks of Envenomed Automatically & 1 Rank of Numbed (vs END) in a 7 x 7 AoE (½ their combined Elemental Meta). Each caster may spend 2 MP to make Envenomed tick immediately after application. TT; Eiri, Shay, Ruth :: Shale conjures vines of mana, applying Rank 3 Grappled to the enemy Automatically. Eirianwen douses their thorns in poison mana, causing them to apply Bleeding and Envenomed (vs END) as well. Ruth must make 1 - 3 NWAs or MCAs on them immediately (vs EVA), with each hit removing a Rank of Grappled. Focused Action (User) & 2 Subs; If Interrupted, it still goes off but does not apply Bleeding & Envenomed


Weapon & Armor
Heart of the Forest, my Purest Endeavor Dragon Clan Garb (Cloth)
Stats 6+3 DAM, +3 DEFs vs Interrupts. Tall, gnarled, and slender. A large crystalline gem is tangled in the upper wood, surrounded by sprigs of leaves. Many charms dangle from the 'branches', while the staff itself is bound with deep green cloth. +1 WIL, +1 EVA, +2 MOV The garb of the dragon clan, in a deep forest green.
Craftsmen Fjalar of the Earth Dragon Clan
Nephil Innate Nature's Guardian: HotF's healing can be used to heal natural structures and materials (including land), as well as people. Embrace of the Wyrm10): Gain +5 against Dispel in all Forms, including no Form at all, instead of just Dragon.
Legendary The Will of the Wild: Spells cast with HotF are Pahn & cannot be enchanted with another element. Spells vs friends heal instead of damage. AoEs through HotF can hit either all friends or all foes in radius.
Enchantment Soul-Bound: Prevents Disarm. If HotF leaves Shale's hand and goes more than 20-meters, it will return to her. Soul of the Wyrm: Gain a +5 against Dispel while in Dragon Form. Gain the senses of a Dragon (+6 to searches) both in and out of form.
Enchantment Savant: +2 DAM w/ Magic and -2 to All Magic Skills' SP Cost. x
Improvement Catalytic Lacquer: +1 DAM, Immune to Corroded. x
Tourney Inventory
Dragon Princess' Crown Inlaid with rubies, emeralds, sapphires & topazes. It has a subtle orange glow. No effect on any race but Nephilim. Bestows True Form & Upgrades Form to Sovereign Form.11)
Momentous Rings Generate 4 MP at the start of an encounter. These can be split between any number of Skill Trees.
Charm of Evasion This enchanted charm grants +3 EVA. On every even Turn, this bonus increases by +1.
Gloves of Gathering These soft gloves grant you 1 Charge after you use 4 Magic Skills. This may take effect any number of times per combat encounter.
Chivalry Health Draught Heals 30 HP; +2 Ranks of Regenerating if used at Full HP.
Chivalry Stamina Draught Heals 30 HP; +2 Ranks of Regenerating if used at Full HP.
Inventory; NOT IN USE
Dragon Princess' Crown Inlaid with rubies, emeralds, sapphires & topazes. It has a subtle orange glow. No effect on any race but Nephilim. Bestows True Form & Upgrades Form to Sovereign Form.12)
Gemmed Gloves The gemstones that fit into Shale's gloves. Each pair of gloves has a slot for them to sit in! 2-Handed, 5 DAM, +1 DAM/Heals Single Target, +2 vs disarm. Faithful: 1 MP at the start of every turn.
Silver Star Pendant A silver chain with a pendant in the shape of a five-pointed star, worn on her belt. Absorbs 2 Null effects before they reach the caster. Rechargeable.
Wind's Totem A pendant on a leather choker! +2 Mana Control w/ Wind. 'Tap' the totem via a Sub for +1 DAM w/ Wind for an encounter; May be tapped up to 4 times (1/3 ele meta round up).
Swiftcast Tome Purple, with a special glyph inscribed. WHIRLWIND; When a spell is recorded in the tome and cast through it, its Action Cost is reduced by one13). Only one spell at a time, must be refilled after use.
Potion Satchel
H. Healing Potion++ Caramel Apple flavour with a rich, delicate texture! +24 HP, remove Nulled.
H. Energy Potion Caramel Apple flavour with a smooth creamy finish! +24 SP, remove R1 of a Negative Physical Condition.
Key Items

Path, Boons & Studies

Path of the World's Guardian
Boon Type Level Description
World's Blessing Blessing 2 The blessing of the Sacred Tree.
Aspect of the Dragon Tiered 6+414) “This has become part of who I am!”
Boon of the Orcs Tiered 2 “It was an honour, eheh.”
Call to the Elements Major - A special series of movements…
Elemental Fluidity Major - Mana flows through Shale a little differently than most! Allows use of Elemental skills with Light/Shadow/Spirit.
Embrace of the Bear Major - Closer to the Elemental Wells. +5 Maximum HP & STM. +1 MP per spell cast.
Perfect Runic Structure Major - Superior Magic may manifest in any Favored Element. Adds +3 Spell or Relic Lore when identifying Runic Magic in the field.
Runic Magic Major - Gaina access to Runic Magic, with Spell Slots equal to 7(½ Total Magic Meta)
Ymir's Sorcery Major - A tiny fragment of power. A taste of what was and could have been. +1 Ele Meta & Cap. Gain the 'Perfect Runic Structure' & 'Runic Magic' Boons.
Breezy Burst Minor 3SP Learned from a Dragon's Hoard! +1 Speed. May grant an ally +3 Speed on their next out of combat roll.
Distant Whisper Minor - A gift from Freya. +1 to NC skill: Singing.
Magic Lessons Minor - +1 Hit w/ Magic.
Language of Magic Minor - “This is always how I've envisioned it, too!” +1 Spell Lore.
Orc Medicine Minor - “It was super gross, eheh!” +3 HP.
Orb Specialization Minor - The Orb Perk is now '+1 DAM with all Magic'. For 3 SP a Turn, suspend an Orb in the air with Wind Magic.
Rimpaerde Curiosities Minor - “There's so much about Verdaheim we don't know!” +1 to the Nos Lore Restricted Adventure Skill.
Song of the Corotrangul Minor - “I won't say I don't feel guilty.” Focused no longer removed by gaining Ranks of Agitated & vice-versa.
Skinwalker Scarification Minor - -1 Dex. Unit in an encounter adopts an Animal Form, +1 WIL for the rest of the encounter.
The Favor of Titans
Ravennae's Favor Minor - May you always find your voice beneath the sea. Shale can speak/breathe underwater.
Temporary Boons
Delicious Food Triple Triad Tourney Commissary Match 2 Softshell Vadon: +3 END, +1 Existing DR; Mac & Cheese: +4 HP, +8 SP; Sweet Glaze: +3 Outgoing Direct Healing, +1 when effecting Bril/Catalyzed; Lucky Cloves: 1st 1 becomes a 12
Goliath Injection Caravan Circle (Miram) Tourney +4 Max HP & SP, +3 Movement, and Immunity to Minor Injuries
Conduit Magitech Tattoo Caravan Circle (Westel) Match 3 Begin Combat with a Rank of Focused
Charm of Reflection Caravan Circle (Miram) Match 3 Reflects the 1st hostile spell used against her. Automatically hits a single target.
Source Description Research Time
x x x
Source Description Training Time
Gaius; Runian Monk Intermediate Group Training w/ Ruth & Eirianwen; Reduced by Precision & Speed. Shale's learning - she has no interest in melee fighting, really, but she likes Gaius very much! May 9th - June 13th


A purified Beholder, wholly unique, with yellow scales and a light blue eye. It's rambunctious and energetic!
Element & Critical Pahn; Rolls of 18-20 may apply Vulnerable (2 Ranks).
Cunning Begin combat in stealth.
HP 15 HIT 4
END -4 WIL 2
MOV 12 DR 0
Unique Traits & Skills
Dazzling Beam Heal Order applies Regeneration to its target.
Mind Link Nel counts as a qualified member in any Group Study from a book or text.
Fascination Nel can instantly divine the characteristics of Simple Magical Reagents. So long as his owner is nearby, this information is beamed into their head via Mind Link.
Shared Boons
x x

The Hoard

Coin Pile 34,982 Zeny, 0 Explorer's Guild Tokens
Delicacies & Potions
Ambrosia 1 portion. Full Heal HP/SP. Removes most Injuries (DM Discretion).
Mana Tulsi Eating this bitter flower generates 1 MP on the turn it is eaten, and then every turn there after.
H. Energy Potion Caramel Apple flavour with a smooth creamy finish! 2x. +24 SP, remove R1 of a Negative Physical Condition.
Prismatic Weapon Oil Very pretty. 1x. Sub Action, coat weapon. The next 9 attacks mimic the Element of any Field in play.
Gungnir; The Holy Spear Kept on the Isle of Verdaheim, it's overwhelming mana signature is masked by Verdaheim's itself.
Key to the Pale A guardless gold-orange katana belonging to the Dragon Clan. Inscriptions on either side read 'THE IVORY DEMON SLUMBERS FOREVER' and 'SHATTER HIS CHAINS AND DOOM THE WORLD'. 2+4 Slash DAM.
Nephil-Emp :: Catalytic, uses full DAM for MCA, +2 to the numeric effect of Negative Magical Conditions. +2 DAM/+5 vs Corroded/Damaged/Broken.
Blade of Fate :: Always strikes Elemental Weakness vs Dragons/Undead. Units that fit both criteria, DAM/Hit are doubled instead.
Crown of the First Flame A fiery, treasured item. Powerfully enchanted! Begin combat w/ Rank 1 Courage. +1 HIT/DAM every time Shale attacks the same Enemy without changing targets (cap +3).
Explorer's Guild Champion Sash A scarf with a pauldron shaped like a unique blue and gold crest. May hold any Enchantment that can go on non-descript Gear. Increases all Numeric Effects of the Enchantment laid on it by +1, or a single Numeric Effect by +2.
“Persistence” A thick leather/fur title belt, with a wooden emblem that depicts a mask adorned with feathers and tribal markings. It shimmers with a powerful enchantment. +2 WILL. When activated (Sub Action), the wearer heals 4 SP at the cost of 4 HP. Heal 2 SP (for HP) at the start of every turn, until cancelled or dispelled. Once every 24 hours.
Sky Gem A spherical green gem that fits in the palm of the hand. A tiny emblem in the shape of the Runian cross with wings is etched onto it. Holding this prevents averse effects from extremely high elevation.
Silver Star Pendant A silver chain with a pendant in the shape of a five-pointed star, worn on her belt. Absorbs 2 Null effects before they reach the caster. Rechargeable.
Magic Conch A pristine seashell that glows blue. Curiously, it won't break even under great force! Allows 1 hour of underwater breathing & speaking.
Mermaid's Wrapping A length of dazzling sheer cloth, blue in color. It goes around the wearer’s waist, and has transformatory effects… When wrapped around the waist, the wearer’s legs transform into a fin like a mermaid’s. Shared between those that found it!
The Thirsty Decanter A crystal flask that fills with an revitalising water as one casts. Uncork during battle as a Free Action. Spells deal -1 DAM, but each used fills the Decanter with 1 SP.
Bear Head Bracelet Topaz. +1 Survival, Vitality, and Harvesting (2x if B. Aspected).
Dragon Fang Bracelet Ruby. +1 Herbology, Mana Control, and Mana Sensing (2x if D. Aspected).
Gryphon Talon Bracelet Emerald. +1 Speed, Strength, and Creature Lore (2x if G. Aspected)
Turtle Shell Bracelet Sapphire. +1 Clairvoyance, Illusions, and Thievery (2x if T. Aspected)
Rheeh Vine Bracelet Crafted from twisted, brittle vines Main-hand Weapon is passively affected by Wind Brand!
The Count R. Charm “I don't use my ringer much, but this is cute!” Captain Edition; Once a day, automatically succeed an Illusion Adventure Skill roll.
Book of Nahr A transcribed tome from the Arunafeltz' Tribe of Fire. If one studies this book they eventually learn the 'Gift of Fire'! It's a long study, but Shale treasures the book.
Vessel Spell Circles Runic in nature, a Master Study reduced by Mana Control & Spell Lore! Carefully copied into her tome.
Nephil Book A blue covered book that contains the spell 'Disaresta'. Expert Study reduced by Mana Control/Spell Lore.

Stat Calculations

Stat Notes
Expenditure Click me!
HP 45 [Base], -5 [Adolescent], [D Blood Potionx3] +3, [Orc Medicine] +3, [Dragon Aspect] +5, [Boon of the Orcs II] +5, [Potion of Ancient Power] +1, [Embrace of Bear] +5, [Might I] +1 = 63
MP 10 [Ele Meta IX] * 3, +3 [Boon of the Orcs II] = 33
SP 45 [Base], +5 [Adolescent], [Embrace of Bear] +5, [Dragon Aspect] +5 = 60
HIT 10 [Highest Meta], +1 [B Blood Potionx1], +2 [Boon of the Orcs], +1 [Mara's Magic Lessons] = 14
EVA 3 [N-Elf; Progenitor], +1 [Common Elf], +2 [Paragon I&II], +1 [Magical Attire] = 7
END 3 [N-Elf; Progenitor], +2 [Paragon III&IV] = 5
WIL 3 [N-Elf; Progenitor], +10 [Elemental X], +1 [Paragon III], +1 [World's Blessing II], +1 [Magical Attire] = 16
Search 2 [Sharp Ears], +6 [Dragon Clan Garb] = 8
MCA 6 [HoTF], +2 [Savant], +1 [Catalytic Lacquer] = 9 (+1 Nat Area, +1 w Spirit); 5 [Gemmed Gloves] = 5 (+1 Nat Area, +1 Spirit, +1 Single Target)
Eles Wind [Starter], Earth [Elemental Font], Fire [Skill Points], Holy [Skill Points], Spirit [World's Blessing]
Meta 7 [Elemental Skills(24)/age max], +1 [Ymir's Sorcery], +1 [Dragon Aspect], +1 [Boon of the Orcs] = 10 Elemental
SP Cost 0 [Base], [Savant] -2 = -2 (Base with Gloves)
Nel Stat Notes; Tiny Cunning Magical (Pahn)
HP 15 [Base], +0 [Leadership(3x)] = 15
DAM 0 [Leadership], -2 [Tiny] = 1
HIT 0 [Leadership], +4 [Tiny] = 4
EVA 0 [Leadership], +2 [Tiny] = 2
WIL 0 [Leadership], +2 [Magical] = 2
END 0 [Leadership], -2 [Tiny], -2 [Magical] = -4
Search 0 [Leadership Meta], +2 [Cunning] = 2
Sneak 0 [Base], +0 [Leadership(3x) Tiny)], +2 [Cunning] = 2
Move 10 [Base], +2 [Magical] = 12
DR 0 [Base] = 0
5,000z split w/ Redoran
+2 Elementalism, +2 Spell Lore; +2 Insight; +1 EVA, +2 Acro; +3 Base EVA/END/WILL
Jewelry, Staff, Swordstaff, Twin Jewelry
Jewelry, Staff, Twin Jewelry, Wand
Cane, Jewelry, Orb, Wand
6) , 7)
+1 Nat Area; +1 Spirit
+2 w/ Wind
Elvish, melodic tunes
Treat your Dragon Aspect Level as 2 higher instead of 1, from this Equipment.
11) , 12)
+2 to Dragon Aspect Level.
Basic Spell Trees Only; Focused > Standard > Sub > Free
6 w/o Clan Gear
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