Shailoh Hill

Player: Flora
Race: Human
Age: 15
Weapon Proficiencies: Maces, Balanced Throwing Weapons, Greatswords, Light Blades
Favored Element:
Armor Type: Unarmored
Meta Bonus: 5 (Might), 4 (Subtlety), 4 (Leadership)
Status and Equipment
HP: 33 37
SP: 43 47
Damage: 6 (Piercing), 4 (Slashing)
To Hit: 6
Evasion: 5
Endurance: 9
Willpower: 1
Search: 0
Sneak: 11
SP Reductions: -1 SP Costs
Equipped Weapon: Cooke's Dinner Knife
All Purpose Pouch
Weapon Belt
Potion Satchel
Concentration Bracers
Name Effect Heal Date
Injury Points 0/16


Tree: Might Subtlety
Passive: Ire Untouchable
Tier 1 Bash Vigilance Endurance Subvert Obscure Snatch
Tier 2 Rush Quicken Guard Debilitate Divert Sly Strike
Tier 3 Brandish Tenacity Knockdown Raid Observe Puncture
Tier 4 Fling Shatter Immortal Maim Exploit Abscond
Tree: Leadership
Passive: Wrangler
Tier 1 Attack Order Defend Order Rally Order
Tier 2 Heal Order Shake Off Heroic Charge
Tier 3 Desperate Cry Inspiring Words Chosen One
Tier 4 Presence Pile On Rise Up
Adventuring Skills
Vitality +4 “I can take it!”
Survival +5 “I can take care of myself I don't need any help.”
Speed +4 “I know when to run away.”
Dexterity +4 “I'm good with my hands.”
Acrobatics +5 “Catch me if you can.”
Thievery +7 “How else am I gonna get food?”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Knot Tying +8 “Mom taught me all she knew.”

Best Friend

Windsor, The Sly Pig
Tiny ▸ Beast ▸ Cunning
A small, but very firey Savage Babe who is always at Shailoh's side.
Savage Strikes Rolls of 18 - 20 apply Bleeding.
HP 31 HIT 4 (+2)
DAM 3 (+2) EVA 7
MOV 12 SNK 16
Adventure Skills
Speed +8 Strength +4
Survival +4 x
Weapon & Armor

Equipment & Gear

Cooke's Dinner Knife
Base Stats 6 Slashing Piercing Damage. A long and pointed thrusting sword, much larger than a typical rapier.
Maker's Mark Estoc Damage is changed to Piercing, and +1 Damage vs. Unarmored Units.
Enchantment Relentless A flat attack roll of 20 with this Weapon causes the wielder to Attack again in the exact same way, but at no Action cost (still SP cost). This is not a choice!
Pirate's Chain Undershirt
Base Stats Provides 1 Physical, Fire, and Ballistic DR.
All Purpose Pouch Adds 2 Equipment Slots for Consumable Items only.
Weapon Belt Adds 2 Equipment Slots for Weapons only.
Potion Satchel Adds 2 Equipment Slots for Potions & Poisons only.
Concentration Bracers +1 To Hit & +3 Concentration.
Pirates Bandolier Adds 3 Equipment Slots for Potions and Grenades.
Pirates Bandolier
Greater Healing Potion Heals 19 HP and removes 1 Rank of a negative alchemical condition.
Greater Healing Potion Heals 19 HP and removes 1 Rank of a negative alchemical condition.
Healing Potion Restores 10 HP
All Purpose Pouch
Restorative Remedy The imbiber gains a Rank of Regeneration.
Greater Healing Potion Heals 19 HP and removes 1 Rank of a negative alchemical condition.
Weapon Belt
Guardian Key 6 Slashing Damage Apparently, these were rewards for thinking outside of the box in the Bay of Trials..! The Cap'n claims they missed all of them, but that seems unlikely.
Dwarven Crafted Morning Star 5 Blunt Damage. +3 vs. Broken & Damaged.
Pouch of Marbles A bag of lots of colorful glass marbles!
Custom-made Slingshot 3 Blunt Damage. What was once a treasured toy is now a means of survival.
Household Hammer 3 Blunt Damage. What was once a treasured toy is now a means of survival.
Adventuring Shoes Adds +2 when rolling against Dangerous Terrain.
Dwarven Crafted Throwing Knives 4 Slashing. +3 vs. Broken & Damaged.
Midnight Cloak A dark black cape that naturally curls around the body. The wearer has +2 Sneak. While in Stealth, and for a Turn after leaving Stealth, they passively have Rank 1 Shielded.
Oridecon Woven Undershirt 2 Physical Damage Resistance.
Sneaky Soles To be placed on the bottom of shoes. They add +1 to Sneak.
Healing Potion Restores 10 HP
Healing Potion Restores 10 HP

Boons & Study

Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Description
For Queen And Clan Major Shailoh's head is filled with fragments of memories, and combat techniques, that aren't her own. Shailoh has learned to use Light Blades. She automatically avoids the first Attack of Opportunity against her each turn, and deals +1 Damage from behind her target. Shailoh may recall small vestiges of Turtle Clan lore, where appropriate.
Titan's Blood Minor +1 Evasion
Os' Blood Minor +1 Willpower
Name Description Research Time
Name Description Research Time


Zeny 222,120
Stat Math
HP 29 [Base] + 4 (Might Meta) = 33
SP 39 [Base] + 4 (Leadership Meta) = 43
HIT 5 [Might Meta] + 1 (Concentration Bracers) = 6
EVA 0 [Base] + 4 (Subtlety Meta) + 1 (Titan's Blood) = 5
END 0 [Base] + 5 (Might Meta) + 4 (Leadership Meta) = 9
WIL 0 [Base] + 1 (Os' Blood) = 1
DAM 5 [Blunt], 3 [Blunt]
Search 0 [Base]
Sneak 0 [Base] + 8 (Subtlety Meta) +1 (Sneaky Soles) = 9
Combat Skills 12 [Might] +12 [Subtlety] +12 [Leadership] = 6/42 pts
Adventure Skills 4 Vitality [2 Runian, 2 Might] +2 Survival [2 Might, 3 Skill Points] +4 Speed [2 Might, 2 Subtlety] +4 Dexterity [2 Might, 2 Subtlety] +2 Acrobatics [2 Subtlety, 3 Skill Points] +2 Thievery [2 Subtlety, 5 Skill Points] = 19/30 pts
NC Skills 5 [Knot Tying] = 10/15 pts
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