Sam Finn

Player: Briar
Upkeep: Corporate Spy (10,000z)
Income: 0
Race: Human
Age: 32
Weapon Groups: Magic Soldier, Light Spellsword, Republican Sage, Quattori Sorceress
Weapon Proficiencies: Anthames, Spellblades, Jewelry, Twin Jewelry, Canes, Staves, Handguns, Magic Bolters, Magic Cannons
Extra Proficiencies: Assault Rifles
Favored Elements: Wind
Armor Type: Magic Attire
Meta Bonus: Artifice 8, Subtlety 5, Superior 4
Status and Equipment
HP: 54
SP: 49
Damage: 5/AB Spellblade(P), 4/AB Spellblade(M), 4/Blackfire AR, 4/Med Bolter, 4/Blaster, 2/Anthame(P), 3/Anthame(M)
To Hit: 9 (10 Magic)
Evasion: 10+2
Endurance: 0
Willpower: 10+1
Search: 0 (8 Magic & Living Things)
Sneak: 21
Resistance: 4 Physical, 2 Ballistic DR
Vulnerability: 2 Magic
SP Reductions: -
Equipped Weapon: Sunken Anthame
Patient Scabbard Scionic Stealth-Dome Climbing Kit
- - -
Blackfire Leg Implant
Blackfire II Medical Bolter Swift Blaster Pistol
Patient Scabbard Jewelry Expertise -
AB Spellblade - -
Name Type Description Heal Date
Lingering Terror Scar Certain Unit types inspire R1 Frightened in Sam (vs ½ WIL)(DC: 14) Never
Injury Points 0/27
Skill Tree: Artifice VIII
Passive: Wrath
Tier 1 Hush Analyze Exchange
Tier 2 Discharge Anticipation Reach
Tier 3 Siphon Silence Squeeze
Tier 4 Spell Steal Unweave Wrathful
Skill Tree: Subtlety V
Passive: Trickster
Tier 1 Subvert Obscure Snatch
Tier 2 Debilitate Sly Strike Divert
Tier 3 Raid Observe Blindside
Tier 4 Abscond Exploit Pounce
Skill Tree: Superior Magic IV
Passive: Paragon
- Megido Return Magic Preserve
- Arcane Boost Arcane Nulling Mana Flux
- Clearance Tacit Mana Feast
- Lesser Tetra Vortex Comet Focus State
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Acrobatics 12 “…”
Dexterity 10 “…”
Thievery 9 “…”
Tech Lore 6 “…”
Relic Lore 6 “…”
Spell Lore 6 “…”
Speed 6 “…”
Mana Control 6 “…”
Mana Sensing 6 “…”
Illusions 6 “…”
Vitality 4 “…”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
- - “…”
Active Signature Skill – …
None for now…
Passive Signature Skill – …
None for now…
Boon Type Level Description
Special Training Racial - +1 Artifice Meta.
Quattori Locational - +2 Dexterity.
Spiral Operative Major - +1 Artifice Meta and Cap, +1 DAM with a single Magic Catalyst or Weapon (Spellblades).
Artifacts of Cascadia, vol I-III Major - +1 Artifice Meta and Cap, +2 Relic Lore, +2 Spell Lore, +1 WIL.
Master of Chicks Major - +4 HP/SP, +1 To Hit, +1 END.
Magic Lessons Major - +1 To Hit with Magic. Seems like forever ago.
CE Shinobi Arm (Series 2) Implant - +4 Thievery, +3 Dexterity, +5 Sneak. 1H Melee Weapons ignore 3 DR, or 5 in Stealth. -2 Vitality, -1 END. +1 Magic Vulnerability.
U-MD Blackfire Leg (Series 2) Major - +4 HP, +2 Physical/Ballistic DR. Functions as a Container for the Blackfire II AR, a 1H Firearm or Ammo, and another 1H Weapon. +1 Magic Vulnerability.
SD Civilian Foot Major - A prosthetic replacement, reaching only half-way up the shin. Modified to match the opposite Blackfire Leg, aesthetically.


SD Operative’s Coat
Base Stats Magic Attire. +1 EVA/WIL, +2 Movement.
Reagent Parrot Behemoth Feathers :: Armor gains 2 Physical DR and 3 EVA.
Improvement Verdant Mana-Hide :: Grants Slow Falling, preventing most Damage caused by falling from great heights. +2 Movement.
Sunken Anthame
Base Stats Anthame. 2 Slashing / 3 Magic. +4 to applying Bleeding. Gians +1 Melee DAM each time a Magic Skill is used, and resets after successfully hitting. Expertise: Applies Bleeding (vs END) when striking for 4+ DAM in Melee.
Enchantment Wavecutter :: +2 To Hit when the wielder is submerged underwater, or against Water-element units..
Amber Bradium Spellblade
Base Stats Spellblade. 5 Slashing / 4 Magical (Expertise). +2 To Hit when enchanted with any Element, +4 To Hit when applying Vulnerable.
Reagent Amber Bradium :: Weapon gains +1 To Hit with Magic, and +3 against Breaking.
Enchantment Spell Echo :: Magical Skills cast through the Spellblade are used twice at full SP Cost, and can be used on different targets. Focused Actions are used twice as well, and can be Interrupted both times.
Improvement Baron’s Eye :: As a Sub-Action, for 4 SP, the Baron’s Eye performs a Search roll with a bonus of 8. Does not stack with Wielder’s Search bonus. Only Searches for living Units and strong sources of mana.
Blackfire II Assault Rifle
Base Stats Assault Rifle. 4 Ballistic, 20 Ammo, 6 Dead Zone. Adds a follow-up to all attacks at -3 To Hit. ½ To Hit beyond 20 squares.
Improvement Implant Weapon :: Increases Ammo from 12 to 20. The weapon can be fired via its Implant while Prone, replacing all To Hit penalties with a +2 To Hit bonus. Reloading while it’s attached to its Implant is a Focused action. This Improvement cannot be removed by any means.
Improvement Silencer :: The Weapon makes little noise and does not break Stealth when fired.
Medical Bolter
Base Stats Can be used with Revolver or Magic Bolter Proficiency. 4 Blunt/Light (Shooting) / 3 Magic (Casting), 6 Ammo. Can only function with one of two Modes active.
Mode Medical Mode :: Treat the weapon as a Light-element Magic Bolter, and convert all Damage done to Healing.
Mode Combat Mode :: Treat the weapon as a Revolver, that deals non-lethal Blunt Damage. Damage is reduced to 1 against Unconscious Units.
Swift Blaster Pistol
Base Stats Can be used with Magic Bolter/Cannon Expertise. 4 Ballistic, 10 Ammo. Shots contest WIL instead of EVA, and can be charged with a Favored Element or its opposite as a Sub-Action. Ammo replenishes by 1 per Turn, or 3 on any Turn where you do not Move.

Relics & Scripts

SD Solar Cube x2 A Script for Light, Fire, and Lightning spells. Spells cast through it gain +1 to Hit during the day. 3 Slots, 3 Charges. A neatly carved cube with linear, vivid golden patterns on it.
SD Lunar Cube A Script for Shadow, Water, and Ice spells. Spells cast through it gain +1 To Hit at night. 3 Slots, 3 Charges. A neatly carved cube with linear, light blue patterns on it.
SD Ebonite Cube A Script for Offensive spells of any Element. When casting a spell through it, roll to apply Bleeding to your target and self (vs WIL). The wielder can expend 1 Rank of Feedback to avoid targeting themselves. 2 Slots, 4 Charges. A neatly carved cube made from a pitch black, meteoric rock…
SD Puzzle Prism A Script for spells that deal no Damage, of any Element. When casting a spell through it, roll with Relic Lore (DC: 14) first, and lose your Movement action if you fail. The wielder may voluntarily sacrifice their Movement action for +2 To Hit on the next spell, instead. 6 Slots, 3 Charges. A neatly carved, diamond-shaped relic that twists and turns like a Rubik’s Cube…
Green Spell Lantern A Script for Wind and Spirit spells. Passively provides an intense source of light. As a Standard Action, roll to apply Blind (vs END) to all Units in a Cone of 4 squares infront of you. You may extend this cone by 2 squares per Rank of Feedback you have. 2 Slots, 6 Charges. A Cascadian relic, in the shape of a gem-powered lantern. It's been polished and restored a fair bit…


Climbing Kit Includes a secure body harness and oridecon grappling hook launcher that extends to 50 feet.
Patient Scabbard Grants 1 Equipment slot for a Melee weapon. The weapon gaints +1 Hit and DAM for every turn spent in the scabbard, counted at the end of the turn. This bonus is immediately expended on the first attack (or first hit, on a multi-hit attack) made with the weapon.
Scionic Stealth-dome Gear. Grants water-breathing, and immunity to airborne substances. +3 EVA and DR to attacks called attacks on the head and eyes. Disguises the wearer’s voice when in Stealth mode.
Spellbook (Will fill this out later…)
Zeny 153,000.
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