Rhydian Stahl

Player: Reed
Expenses: None (0z)
Income: Barony Naval Combat Instructor (10,000z)
Race: Human
Path: Samurai
Racial Traits: Potent Soul, Flexibility
Cultural Trait: Specialized Training (+1 Agility Meta)
Locational Trait: Ba Jinian (+2 Vitality)
Age: 32 (Adult)
Weapon Groups: Ba Jinian Battlemaster, Ba Jinian Trooper, Heavy Martial, Quattori Serviceman
Weapon Proficiencies: Discipline, Katana, Odachi, Wakizashi, Carbine, Revolver, Greataxe, Greatmace, Greatsword, Polearm, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle
Extra Proficiencies: Swords, Nahrdeimo
Favored Element: Wind*
Armor Type: Medium Armor (Wyvern Lord's Shadewalker)
Meta Bonus: Agility 8, Might 6, Master 1
HP: 84
SP: 65
Damage: 6 (Azalea, Tachi, Just Reward), 4 (Falchion)
To Hit: 13
Evasion: 14
Endurance: 9 (12 vs Soul-targeted Attacks)
Willpower: 8 (10 vs Soul-targeted Attacks)
Search: 0
Sneak: 0
Movement: 12
SP Cost Modifiers: -1 Physical (Katana)
Damage Resistance Modifiers: Wind (Immune), -5 All, -3 Lightning, -1 Physical
Equipped Weapon: Azalea
Weapon Belt XL Potion Belt XL Swift Clockwork Bracelet
Arcanoshell Enchanted Scales of Ktullanux Brynn's Iron Band
Weapon Belt XL (3)
Vaalu's Just Reward Tachi no Yorumungando Boiling Blood Falchion
Potion Belt XL (3)
High Healing Potion Vital Healing Potion
Injuries & Temporary Boons
Name Type Description End Date
Invasive Presence Critical Passively R2 Vulnerable and R1 Sickened. Something will be left in its place. Healed on April 20th (Waiting for outcome)
Injury Points 0/42
Tree: Agility Might
Passive: Momentum (27 Rhythm) Fervor (12 Fury)
Tier 1 Bladewind (2) Flourish (2) Flow (2) Bash (2) Provoke (2) Fend (2)
Tier 2 Issen (3) Sweep (3) Slanted Strike (3) Rush (3) Quicken (3) Guard (3)
Tier 3 Leverage (4) Meditate (4) Higanbana (4) Brandish (4) Tenacity (4) Revenge (4)
Tier 4 Skyward (5) Akashic Trance (5) Posture (P) Fling (5) Shatter (5) Bulwark (P)
Tree: Master Techniques Nephilim Arts
Passive: Mastery (+1 WIL) x
Skills Meikyo Shisui (11) Ignition Break (11) Falling Star (11) Avatar of Tenacity (0) x x
Tree: Cosmology x
Passive: N/A x
Skills Soul Surrender (8) x x x x x
Improved Skills
Bladewind Improved Deft Strike. Extends attack range by 2 squares.
Issen Improved Lunge. Gain a bonus +3 EVA (over Cap) against Attacks of Opportunity.
Meditate Improved Focus. May restore 6 HP instead of cleansing a Condition.
Higanbana Improved Chain Strike. Apply a Rank of Bleeding (vs END) for each follow-up Attack.
Akashic Trance Improved Coup de Grâce. If this Skill KOs or kills a target, either restore half of the Rhythm spent, or immediately execute a second Akashic Trance against a new target, with half the strikes.
Vagrant Master Techniques
Meikyo Shisui Sub Action: You may choose which Passive Ability to use for the next 2 Might or Agility Skills. While under Meikyo Shisui, you generate 1 extra Fury or Rhythm with Might or Agility Skills.

Weapon Synergy: Katana, Odachi or Polearm. Meikyo Shisui lasts for one additional Might or Agility Skill.
Ignition Break Standard Action: Move up to 10 + Master Techniques Meta squares towards a Unit. Upon reaching melee range with them, deal NWA + Master Techniques Meta as Ballistic Damage (vs EVA). If the Unit is hit and lacks Ballistic Resistance, Automatically apply Damaged to their armor.

Focused Action: Deal NWA + Master Techniques Meta as Ballistic Damage in an AoE of 5 x 5 cells. If the Unit at the center of this AoE is hit and lacks Ballistic Resistance, Automatically apply Damaged to their Armor.

Weapon Synergy: Greatsword, Discipline, Quarterstaff. Instead of targeting your foes’ armor, you may apply Damaged to their weapon.
Falling Star Standard Action: Automatically take yourself and a chosen target into the sky (7 Squares) and deal NWA + Master Technique Meta Damage (vs EVA), before crashing down into the earth. You both take 7 Blunt Damage as you land, as Fall Damage.

Focused Action: As Standard, but you may avoid the Fall Damage component by slamming your target into the ground and using them to cushion your landing. Additionally, allows you to perform this Skill on a target much bigger and heavier than your character. (DM discretion)

“Weapon” Synergy: Being able to fly or perform Divebombs. Roll twice when using this Skill, taking the higher of the two rolls.
Adventuring Skills
Speed +20 “None quicker.”
Vitality +12 “I'm not just persistent– I'm tireless.”
Strength +12 “The outcome of many battles, won and lost.”
Acrobatics +12 “In battle and in life, you need to learn to take a fall or two.”
Dexterity +10 “I've got pretty deft hands!”
Tech Lore +6 “The wonders of our world. Norah and Elise rubbed off on me, I think.”
Survival +3 “Always good to know how to take care of yourself out in the wilderness.”
Non-Combat Skills
Painting (Ink Wash) +5 “A hobby I’ve had since I was very young. Relaxing, and passes the time fairly well.”
Navigation (Land & Sea) +3 “It's essential to know your surroundings.”
Conditioning (Cold) +3 “Part of my training. Winter can be harsh.”
Appraisal (Weapons) +3 “I find all sorts of unique and interesting things in my travels. But I love weapons the most.”
Dancing (Breakdancing) +3 “Let me show you how to have a good time!”
Cooking (Ba Jinian) +1 “Simple dishes. I don't cook that often.”
Passive Signature Skill – Fervor of Battle
“This is who I am! This is all I am.”
Benefit Rhydian regenerates X HP per turn, where X is equal to the number of the current turn. This caps at 1/2 of his highest Physical Meta (4). Stacks with other Regeneration-like effects.
Active Signature Skill – Warrior’s Spirit
“I cannot be stopped!!”
Benefit The first instance of damage that would KO Rhydian instead leaves him at 1 HP.
Benefit When Warrior's Spirit is triggered, Rhydian cannot be KO'ed by any means within the same Turn.
Drawback If he's hit a second time, he is inflicted with 2 Ranks of Withered.
Drawback If he's hit a third time, he is inflicted with 3 Ranks of Withered.
Drawback Half of any subsequent damage taken past the third hit is dealt to Rhydian as Healing Absorption.
Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
Blessing of the Tengu Blessing 3 Power of the Wind. Bonuses below.
Hero of the Guild Tiered 5 Power of the Guild. Bonuses below.
Gift of Voices Major - Able to communicate vocally despite language barriers. Once a day, roll d20 to commune with the Cosmic Winds for information. In the presence of Cosmic energies, d20 + Search and unlimited.
Codex of Language Major - Able to write and speak fluent Elysian, Common, Ba Jinian, Elven, Schwarzen and Sybirian.
Bushido Major - Begin combat with 1 Fury OR Rhythm. This value increases to match the number of party members who also possess Bushido.
Master of Chicks Major - +4 HP & SP, +1 HIT, +1 END.
Certified Adventurer Major - +1 HP & EVA.
Veterancy Major - Able to use Second Wind twice.
Starcrossed Major - +4 HP, +1 WIL, +2 Strength. Rhydian no longer has a lingering hatred for the Harupi.
Conqueror of Amatsukaze Major - +3 HP & SP. +2 to Acrobatics, +2 to Speed.
Solemn Oath Major - +1 END & WIL.
The Lamp's Blessing Major - Cap at 4 Ranks of Shrouded, rather than 3. Gain Half Cover at Rank 4.
Whisper of the Orcs Minor - The orcs' blessing is only given to those truly deserving. +3 Max Rhythm.
Behemoth's Blood Minor - Three doses of a legendary brew, shotgunned on a dare. +3 HIT.
Escapist Minor - +1 WIL.
Mark of Gloom Minor - Rhydian is favored by Myron, and can see in the dark.
Other Type Description
Potent Soul Racial Rhydian is a being of potent mana, and reduces the penalty of certain Skills and Spells when using them or being struck by them.
Flexibility Racial Rhydian's Meta Caps are evenly spread.
Blessing of the Tengu
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Wind Attunement - +1 EVA. Favor the Wind Element. Once per encounter, you may use Wind or Lightning Brand on your own Weapon as a Sub Action.
II Quick as Lightning - +1 Movement & +2 Speed. You may re-roll EVA twice per encounter, choosing the higher of the rolls.
III Lore of Zephyrs - +1 EVA & Movement. You are Immune to Wind Damage and have 3 Lightning Damage Reduction.
Hero of the Guild
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Mettle - +6 HP & SP. Treat the Agitated and Frightened Conditions as though they were a Rank lower.
II Insight - +6 HP & SP. At the start of every encounter, gain X Ranks of Wary, with X equal to 1/2 Tier (round down). As a Quick Action, you may spend 3 Ranks of Wary to gain All DR equal to Tier against a Stealthed attack.
III Veteran Warrior - +6 HP & SP. Gain +1 Agility Meta and Cap, and +2 to Speed.
IV The Heaviest of Souls - Racial HP & SP Caps are boosted by Hero of the Guild Tier x3 [15], to a maximum of 20. Racial EVA, WIL & END Caps are boosted by Hero of the Guild Tier -1 [4]. Racial Search Cap is boosted by Hero of the Guild Tier -2 [3]. Gain the Racial Trait: Potent Soul.
V Heart of the Cosmos - +6 HP & SP. Add 1/2 Hero of the Guild Tier (Round up) [3] to WIL/END attacks made directly against your soul. You are Immune to Possession.
VI Locked ? ?
VII Locked ? ?
Material Pahn Crystal
Craftsman World Tree
Base Stats Katana. 4 Slashing Damage. A sharp katana forged from glimmering, prismatic crystal.
Innate Pahn Element. Striking elemental weakness with this weapon deals 5 extra Damage as opposed to 3, even when Imbued with other elements. Can be used as a Catalyst, with no Perks.
Perks Grants +2 EVA and reduces Physical SP costs by 1. Add +6 Bonus To Hit when applying Bleeding. Expertise: +1 Damage.
Enchantment Brave: Roll after Physical Skills (Threshold: 8) to gain an Extra Standard Action. This Extra Standard Action must be used on another Physical Skill and has +2 SP Cost.
Enchantment Immortal Slayer++: +3 Damage against Immortal Units.
Improvement Parrying Hooks: On Evasion rolls of 18-20 where you avoid the attack, automatically perform a Parry and inflict your attacker with 1 Rank of Unbalanced.
Improvement x
Vaalu's Just Reward
Material Soul Tethered Gold
Craftsman Vaalu the Unburdened
Base Stats Katana. 4 Slashing Damage. A long, golden katana with a bear's head at the hilt and a single bell tied on a burgundy string where the blade meets the hilt.
Innate Can be used as a Catalyst, with no Perks.
Perks Grants +2 EVA and reduces Physical SP costs by 1. Add +6 Bonus To Hit when applying Bleeding. Expertise: +1 Damage.
Maker's Mark Soul Tethered: This weapon will change considerably when certain criteria are met. The current criteria reads: “Descend to the 'Engine of Change' fully unburdened. Drive me inside and claim your Just Reward.”
Challenge Criteria Locate a certain entity or object of power within the Abyss, and plunge the Just Reward into it while all Gear Slots are empty. Potentially naked.
Legendary Enchantment Unburdened Proficiency: For every two empty Equipment Slots, this Weapon has +2 To Hit. If all Equipment Slots are empty, it adds +1 to its wielder's Highest Meta.
Enchantment Chime of Victory: Flat Attack rolls of [20](20 - # of empty Equipment Slots) sound the Chime of Victory, granting the wielder and friendly Units within 6 squares Temporary HP equal to the wielder's Highest Meta. Lasts for a single turn, and doesn’t stack, using the highest application.
Enchantment Soulbound: This weapon cannot be Disarmed. If parted from its wielder, it can be recalled to their hand as a Sub Action with no SP Cost.
Improvement x
Improvement x
Tachi no Yorumungando
Material Elysian Flex-Alloy
Craftsman Norah Monroe
Base Stats Katana. 4 Slashing Damage. A menacing, draconic-looking blade covered in magitek circuitry pulsing a pale green. It exudes a dread presence.
Innate Can be used as a Catalyst, with no Perks.
Perks Grants +2 EVA and reduces Physical SP costs by 1. Add +6 Bonus To Hit when applying Bleeding. Expertise: +1 Damage.
Legendary Trait Terror Dragon: This weapon deals Cosmic Damage innately, and cannot be Enchanted or Branded with the Spirit or Pahn elements. Non-Cosmic enemies cannot gain Ranks of Courageous within 5 cells of the wielder, and passively lose 1 every turn. When striking an elemental weakness, the blade erupts with a draconic aura, dealing 2 Magic Damage in its current element to the wielder and all units within melee range of them.
Enchantment Immortal Slayer++: +3 Damage against Immortal Units.
Enchantment x
Improvement x
Improvement x
Boiling Blood Falchion
Material Nahr Red Steel
Craftsman Roshan Paria
Base Stats Heavy Blade. 4 Slashing Damage. A thick and slightly curved sword, traditional in the Emirates, forged of red steel with a golden inlay. A pattern like fire stretches from hilt to tip of the blade, and its keen edge has a dangerous orange gleam.
Perks Can be gripped with both hands or released as a Sub Action to increase the wielder’s Damage by +1, while disallowing the use of Stances. Removes the To Hit penalty for Relentless and Tenacious Stance.
Enchantment Blazing Wounds: Non Multi Hit attacks attempt to apply Bleeding with To Hit vs END. Upon applying Bleeding, also apply a Rank of Burning up to Rank 2.
Improvement x
Armor: Wyvern Lord's Shadewalker
Material Wyvern Lord Leather and Pahn Crystal
Craftsman Lain Strauss & Kazanan Hayalet
Base Stats Medium Armor. 1 EVA & END, 1 Physical Resistance. An armored coat of traditional military Quattori style made to evoke the apex predator of the Southern Seas. Crystalline scales cover the coat, constantly leaving trails of wispy darkness that give the wearer a tenebrous aura.
Enchantment Phantom Runes: +2 All DR. Gain 4 Ranks of Shrouded at the start of combat. Cannot gain Ranks of Brilliant under any circumstance.
Improvement Prismatic Scales: When struck by a Primary Element, take full damage from that attack and then gain 3 Damage Resistance to that element. Repeat when struck by a new element.
Weapon Belt XL Container. Adds 3 Equipment Slots for weapons only.
Potion Belt XL Container. Adds 3 Equipment Slots for Potions or Poisons only.
Swift Clockwork Bracelet Gear. A memento from Elise. Allows a single action during an Enemy Phase per combat encounter. If it deals damage, it's counted as an Interrupt.
Arcanoward Gear. Once per battle, as an Interrupt Action, Rhydian may produce an arcane shell that surrounds him and any allies within his melee range. True Magic Damage that strikes the shell becomes normal Magic Damage, and is reduced by his highest Meta [8]. A comfortable yet deceptively protective gauntlet, perforated with perfectly aligned holes that vent arcane energy. There is a bright, circular 'screen' on the back of the gauntlet's hand that produces a barrier of hexagonal plates when activated.
Enchanted Scales of Ktullanux Gear. Gain +2 WIL and remove all penalties from Drenched. While you are Drenched, add +1 to all Healing (direct and indirect) you receive. At the start of every Turn, gain Drenched. A brooch made from beautifully shining blue scales.
Brynn's Iron Band Gear. While worn, provides +2 Speed and +3 All DR. Your Movement range is increased by ½ towards enemy Units, and reduced by ½ away from them. Upon being equipped, it cannot be removed for the remainder of the encounter while the wearer is conscious. If there are no enemies present, the bracelet has no effect and can be safely removed. A plain, but polished looking iron bracelet, with minimal Cascadian patterns engraved on it.
Weapon Belt XL
Vaalu's Just Reward See above for stats.
Tachi no Yorumungando See above for stats.
Boiling Blood Falchion See above for stats.
Potion Belt XL
High Healing Potion Heals 24 HP and removes 1 Rank of a Negative Alchemical Condition.
Vital Healing Potion Heals 34 HP and removes 1 Rank of a Negative Alchemical Condition.
Currency 241,200 Zeny
GP 47
Lighthalzen Mall Punch Card 1/8
Fame Champion of Dorado (El Quattor), Orc Hero (Karnorc), Ambassador of the Tengu (Ba Jin), Slayer of the Leviathan (El Quattor), The Wanderer (Several Territories), War Veteran (Rune/The Republic), Rhydian of the East (Arunafeltz), Hero (El Quattor), Kidnapping Savior (Heidelberg)
Infamy Pirate, Scoundrel (The Republic)
Studying & Training
Source/Type Description End Date
Knock (Warrior Clan Hall)(Training) Why sweep an opponent of their feet when you can just beat them about the head and face? They’ll drop when they die, anyway. (Augmented Flourish) DONE! (Waiting for results)
Madden (Warrior Clan Hall)(Training) Mere provocation is rarely enough to rile an Orc, at least into a genuine frenzy. They prefer to make things a little more personal. (Augmented Provoke) DONE! (Waiting for results)
Claw of the Noble Warden (The Noble Warden)(Group Study) Studying this bizarre relic should provide Rhydian and his companions with a semblance of insight into the workings of the Abyss. Hopefully. August 23rd
Key Items
Seal of the Guild An indestructible medallion bearing an intricate emblem of a trident piercing through waves and clouds. An unseen magnetic quality radiates from this item… This is always clipped to Rhydian’s belt, and is soul-bound to him. A compass for the trials to come.
Mobile Ringer A compact device with a small screen and keypad, produced by several companies throughout El Quattor. Allows for audio or text-based communication to a list of contacts or dialed numbers, and includes an antenna to tune into any radio stations across the islands. Can be customized with different face plates, screen displays and ring tones. This model is an iridescent green flip-phone.
Cascadian Manual An amateurishly bound manuscript, written over many months that provides study material for those wishing to learn the dead language of Cascadia. Reading it for a month allows one to learn the basics of the language, while extended studying allows for deeper learning. This is a copied version.
Set of Collector's China This could be worth a lot to certain collectors… The point is to resell it, anyway.
Tortuga Multipass
Property License Standard to all citizens. Allows the purchasing of property, out of pocket.
Public Transit Pass Free use of the Public Trams throughout Tortuga Island, in all districts.
Flight Ticket (Northern Jingxi Co.) Allows the use of airborne public transport to any nearby destinations, free of charge.
Deathguard Soulstone A rough, obsidian colored crystal, engraved with an approximation of a skull and halved coin. A Soulstone containing the memories and deeds of a Deathguard, a Sybirian sellsword known for their alarming lack of regard for their own safety. Historically, the Deathguards lived fast and died young- But those that don’t make sizable fortunes by demanding double, triple, or greater sums of coin for their trade. Not a popular profession, nowadays. Grants the ability to learn the Path of the Deathguard, over time… However that works.
Well-Seasoned Lamb Jerky Heals 25 HP.
Well-Seasoned Lamb Jerky Heals 25 HP.
Launch Boots Gear. Passively allows the wearer to leap 15 feet into the air, and effortlessly over rough terrain. Characters with a Might or Agility meta of 5 or higher may perform a Divebomb via these boots, at the cost of 3 SP.
Blast Sheath Gear. As a Sub Action, sheathe your equipped weapon. Drawing the weapon with any Physical Attack launches it outwards with explosive force, adding +3 Damage to the attack and changing its damage type to Ballistic. Attacks made this way deal ½ their damage to the wielder as True Damage. A sheath made up of countless intricate, moving parts that reshape to fit any Light or Heavy Blade, or Katana. A projected illusion over the sheath attempts to replicate the aesthetic style of the last weapon contained within it, with mostly successful results.
Eastern Tidecaller's Boots Magical Gear. A pair of tall, royal blue boots with a small heel and embroidery of an eastern sea serpent on the side. Grants the wearer Water-Walking and Water-Breathing. When swimming or standing upon a body of water, +2 WIL and +4 Movement.
Scionic Ocean Bracelet Gear. Grants water-breathing, and immunity to all Drowning-like effects. A radiant, azure-blue gem affixed to a polished metallic bracelet. Staring into its surface is like gazing into an infinitely deep vortex of water.
Expedition Specs +1 HIT. Allows reading and understanding of Ancient Ba Jinian.
Nahr Miner's Tea Grants +3 Harvesting and +5 Max SP for an encounter. The SP is filled as it’s granted.
Nahr Warrior's Tea Grants +1 to all Melee Damage and +3 Fire Damage Resistance for an encounter.
Rage of Ifrit Tea Grants 2 Ranks of Enraged. This instance of Enraged only lasts this and next Turn.
Large Fig & Rice Bar Heals 25 SP.
Large Fig & Rice Bar Heals 25 SP.
Rheeh Slayer's Armor
Material Leather
Craftsman Domo Geni
Base Stats Medium Armor. 1 EVA & END, 1 Physical Resistance. Clothes meant for a hunter, usually with a fur trim that isn’t thick enough to build excess heat.
Enchantment Atroce's Guile: +5 Wind Damage Resistance and +3 Movement.

3 High Energy, 1 Awakening, 1 Guarding, 1 Mystic, & 1 Grounding Potions.

1x Leviatron R. Charm

Skill Point Expenditure
Have a look. I'm pretty open.
Stat Math
HP 34 [Base] +8 [Agility] +6 [Might] +24 [Hero] +1 [Adventurer] +4 [Starcrossed] +4 [Chickmaster] +3 [Conqueror] = 84
SP 34 [Base] +24 [Hero] +4 [Chickmaster] +3 [Conqueror] = 65
HIT 8 [Highest Meta] +1 [Samurai] +1 [Chickmaster] +3 [Behemoth] = 13
EVA 8 [Agility] +2 [Tengu] +1 [Adventurer] +1 [Medium Armor] +2 [Katana] = 14
END 6 [Might] +1 [Medium Armor] +1 [Oath] +1 [Chickmaster] = 9
WIL 1 [Starcrossed] +1 [Escapist] +1 [Mastery] +2 [Point Investment] +1 [Oath] +2 [Scales] = 8
Agility 5 [Skill Points] +1 [Combat Focus] +1 [Samurai] +1 [Hero] = 8
Might 6 [Skill Points] = 6
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