Redoran Lynn Carmac

Player: Karn
Upkeep: 2,500z (Heidelberg Home) Shared with Shale Lynn
Income: -
Race: Incubus
Racial Trait(s): Longevity, Weak Arms, Willful
Cultural Trait: Mana Rich (-2 Shadow SP Costs)
Locational Trait: World Tree (+2 Mana Sensing)
Age: 255 (Adult)
Weapon Groups: Geffenian Oracle, Heavy Magician
Weapon Proficiency: Cane, Jewelry, Orb, Swordstaff
Weapon Expertise: Staff, Twin Jewelry
Favored Element: Fire, Shadow, Spirit
Armor Type: Unarmored Garb (Moon & Star Kimono)
Meta Bonus: Subtlety 5, Alchemist 9, Superior Magic 1
Status and Equipment
HP: 33
SP: 42
Damage: 6
To Hit: 11 (+1 Magic)
Evasion: 2
Endurance: 2
Willpower: 7
Sneak: 15
Concentration: 25
Stamina Reductions: -2 Shadow, -1 All
Equipped Weapon: Cane of Nahr
Equipment (6)
Boosted Sapphire Eye Emirates Elixir Topaz Eye
Cruel Empress' Gaze Somatic Soda Grenade Belt XL
Grenade Belt XL Goblin Firecracker x 3
Pharmacist Slot Emirates Elixir
Name IP Effect Heal Date
Crafter's Fatigue 4 +2 to all SP Costs, no SP reduction applies.
-½ Maximum CP.
Tree: Alchemist Shadow Magic
Passive: Apothecary Affliction
Cost: Tier Tier - 1
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Quick Dip Sow Cloak Misery
Tier 2 Synth Skill Great Materia Pharmacist Reap Ensnare Sap
Tier 3 Superior Triage Acid Demonstration Smother Descend Torment
Tier 4 Excellent Grand Materia Alchemic Plume Martyr Eclipse Slow Death
Tree: Superior Magic Nephilim Arts
Passive: Paragon -
Cost: 3 SP & 3 Max HP 8 SP & Discordance
Tier 1 Cast Cancel Megido Clearance Quiet Ebb - -
Adventuring Skills
Harvesting +12 “It only needs a delicate touch~.”
Herbology +12 “Sure, I'll take a look~. I know my stuff…”
Field Medicine +9 “Mostly for Shay! I took quite a few courses…”
Spell Lore +8 “My wife never stops talking about it, so~.”
Mana Control +6 “Maybe I've neglected my magical studies…”
Mana Sensing +6 “The sacrifices I make for alchemy~.”
Illusions +4 “Shay never falls for them anymore. Too sharp~.”
Survival +4 “I really didn't like camping at first, but…”
Non-Combat Skills
Astronomy +9 “I've been reduced to pointing out constellations, but I don't mind.”
Cartography +9 “It's a habit I've fallen back into. I can't complain~.”
Active Signature Skill – Synthesized Skill
”One little sting and you'll be better than ever.“
Redoran has created the Synthesized Skill formula, which fully replaces his Inoculation Skill. He does not have access to Inoculation's usual effect. Instead, use of Synthesized Skill increases the recipient's Skill Meta (ignoring Cap) by ¼ his Alchemist Meta [2] until their next encounter. Each use costs him 6 CP (2x Inoculation's Cost) and 15,000z.
Cane of Nahr
Base Stats 4+2 Fire DMG. A fine golden cane with a design up the body of it that mimics a spiral of rising flame. At the top is a large red gem in the design of an eye that occasionally glances from side to side.
Enchantment Ifrit's Influence: All spells cast through this Cane convert to Fire and deal 2 additional Damage. When applying Burning to one target, apply it to all enemy Units within 4 squares, too.
Moon & Star Kimono (Unarmored)
Base Stats -1 Skill SP Costs, +2 Movement. An old Nephilim garb that's loose and breathable.
Enchantment Whispering Shadows: The wearer gains +3 Sneak, and the first spell cast per encounter does not trigger reactionary Search.
Sapphire Eye ε Redoran can nullify 3 Negative Conditions applied to him per encounter.
Cruel Empress' Gaze An eerie crown with a snake's head on it. When combat begins, the wearer applies Panicked (vs WIL) to all enemy Units in Line of Sight.
Emirates Elixir x 2 Heals HP to full and can Treat a Dire Injury.
Somatic Soda Heals 10 or 50% total HP, whichever is higher. Removes all Magic/Alchemic Debuffs.
Topaz Eye Redoran can diplicate one Positive Condition applied to him per encounter.
Grenade Belt XL A Container that can hold 3 Grenades of any kind.
Goblin Firecracker x 3 In the Grenade Belt XL. Tossing this deals no Damage, but applies Agitated in an 8 x 8 Area of Effect (vs END). If the user is in Stealth, it applies Panicked instead.
Boon Type Level Description
World's Blessing Blessing 1 Favor the Spirit Element and gain Spirit Fluidity.
Sanguine Supplement Tiered 3 See description below.
Nephilim Attunement (Bear) Major - -1 to SP costs when outdoors. +1 to EVA, WIL & END when outdoors.
Runic Wings Major - +5 HP, +1 Damage, +1 To Hit, & +2 Evasion. Allows Flight.
Behemoth's Blood Minor - Grants +1 To Hit.
Lhux Rune Minor - Superior spells can manifest in Light.
Maraveah's Magic Lesson Minor - +1 To Hit with Magic.
Pahn Rune Minor - Superior spells can manifest in Pahn.
Tricks of the Trade Major - All bonuses only apply to Alchemist. +2 CP. Shortcut removes 1 additional CP cost, Studies related to the craft take less time1), and Redoran gains 1 additional Great Stride.
Sanguine Supplement
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Dragon Blood - +2 HP, +1 Damage, +1 to any Physical Meta [N/A] and/or raise Physical Meta Cap to 4 for restricted races. Favors the Fire Element.
II Artificial Blood - +2 SP, +1 END, +1 to any Crafting Meta [Alchemist] & Cap. +4 vs Envenomed & Sickened (if Alchemical).
III Nephilim Blood - -1 to all SP costs. +1 to any Magical Meta [Shadow] & Cap and/or raise Magical Meta Cap to 4 for restricted races. Gain the Major Boon 'Nephilim Attunement'.
Zeny 3,875,399
Stat Math
HP 26 [Base] + 2 [Sanguine Supplement] + 5 [Runic Wings] = 33
SP 40 [Base] + 2 [Sanguine Supplement] = 42
HIT 9 [Highest Meta] + 1 [Runic Wings] + 1 [Behemoth] + 1 Magic [Maraveah] = 12
EVA 2 [Runic Wings]
END 1 [Paragon] + 1 [Sanguine Supplement] = 2
WIL 1 [Willful] + 6 [Shadow] = 7
MCA 4 [Cane] + 1 [Sanguine Supplement] + 1 [Runic Wings] = 6
Sneak 3 [Kimono] + 10 [Shadow] = 13
Shadow 4 [Skill Points] + 1 [Sanguine Supplement] = 5
Alchemist 8 [Skill Points] + 1 [Sanguine Supplement] = 9
Crafting Points 9 [Meta] + 2 [Tricks] = 11
Skill Point Expenditure
Right here!
In Storage
Goblin Firecracker x 3 In the Grenade Belt XL. Tossing this deals no Damage, but applies Agitated in an 8 x 8 Area of Effect (vs END). If the user is in Stealth, it applies Panicked instead.
Featherfall Parasol Passively protects wielder from falling damage, like a parachute. Can support up to two people.
Manafont Tonic Heals 15 SP. Brings MP to maximum.
Ocean Gem Allows passive underwater breathing (but not speaking).
Scrollodex Mk2 Can instantly scan and copy 100 pages of writings and illustrations upon a Data Cylinder. Prints to scroll at 5 pages per minute.
Key Items
Wedding Band of Tethered Hearts Runic Link: A series of intricately carved runes along the inside of the band. Allows whomever wears the partner band to feel the presence of it's wearer where ever they may be. Vague emotions, feelings, and general state of being can also be sensed through this 'link'.

Crafting & Research

Studies & Training
Study Source Description Time
- - - -
Training Source Description Time
- - - -
Currently Crafting - -
Crafting Points 11 5 Max 0 / 11 5
Work Station Rare -4 to CP costs. Redoran's home laboratory spares no expense!
Permits & Licenses
Alchemist's Glastheim Redoran can craft Potions & Common Poisons in the Kingdom of Glastheim.
Restricted Alchemist's Glastheim Redoran can craft Rare Poisons in the Kingdom of Glastheim.
Alchemist's Rune Redoran can craft Potions in all of Rune's City-States.
Common Materials 0
Rare Materials 0
Great Strides
Meta 5 - Ambrosia Potions that Heal HP add +4 Healing.
Meta 7 - Panacea Potions that Heal HP remove 1 Rank of a Negative Alchemical Condition.
Meta 9 - Relieve Potions that heal SP remove 1 Rank of a Negative Physical Condition.
Tricks - Quench Potions that heal SP add +4 Healing.
Meta 6 - ??? TBD…
Meta 8 - ??? TBD…
Reagents & Formulas
Have a look!
-2/4/6/8 Days dependent on complexity
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