Player: Reed
Expenses: Seeker's Camp (0z), SAS Tablets (0z)
Income: Treasure Hunter (10,000z)
Race: Psionic Fiendish Human (Feral Tendency)
Path: N/A
Racial Traits: Flexibility, Proficiency, Cosmic Soul, Night Dweller, Feral Tendency
Cultural Trait: Specialized Training (+1 Perception Meta)
Locational Trait: Quattori (+2 Tech Lore)
Age: 31 (Adult)
Weapon Groups: Quattori Gunslinger, Light Soldier, Mixed Soldier, Quattori Serviceman
Weapon Proficiencies: Boxing, Handgun, Revolver, SMG, Assault Rifle, Carbine, Sniper Rifle, Dagger, Shotgun
Extra Proficiencies: Gunblade
Favored Element: Cosmic
Armor Type: Medium Armor (CE Specialist Suit)
Meta Bonus: Perception 5, Opportunity 2, Gunsmith 4, Tinker 4, A̸̵͞g̶̨̢̧͜i̴l̛͝i̵̴̛͏̀t͏́͟y͘͟͝ ̸̛̛͠͏1̵҉
HP: 41
SP: 40
Damage: 6 R.Arc-Welder, 4 Gunblade, 2 Handgun (HP & SP)
To Hit: 6 (8 at Night)
Evasion: 7 (9 at Night)
Endurance: 3
Willpower: 0
Search: 8 (10 at Night)
Sneak: 1 (3 at Night)
Movement: 12
Crafting Points 8 9
Damage Resistance Modifiers: -1/2 Lightning (After -1), -2 Physical, -2 All
SP Cost Modifiers: +2 All
Equipped Weapon: Retro Arc-Welder
Seal of the Destroyer - -
- Health Soda Crimson Cooler
Sidearm Holster
Riot Handgun
Grenadier Pouch
Injuries & Temporary Boons
Name Type Description End Date
Scattered Lives Cognitive Scar Quinn occasionally feels like someone else. She may miss a best friend she doesn't know (Paula), she may feel like she's still ‘below’ (wherever that is). This effect is rare, and happens more often when alone… But it’s disjointing and confusing, to say the least. Quinn likes autumnal colors a bit more, and often misses a Home she doesn't know. Never
Seedbed Critical Negligible Injury “Well, ain't this a shitty cake to bake.” There’s something deep inside of you, waiting for the day you let it propagate. Treated by SAS Tablets (Do not miss a dose. Do not drink alcohol.)
W̵̫͗ì̵̫t̵͆ͅn̵̦̋è̴͙š̶͈s̵͕̎ ̶̘͗i̶̼͘ṇ̷̋ ̵̭̾R̶̟͑e̸̫͛d Soul Injury When you close your eyes, there's a faint spec of red. You saw it. Never
Fatigue Major Injury All SP costs are increased by 2. Persists for 7 days after clearing. As long as she's busy
Injury Points 4/20
Tree: Perception Opportunity
Passive: Fixation (5 Clarity) Veteran (2 Opportunity)
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Aimed Strike Loose Strike Change Up - Pitch Item Quick Rise
Tier 2 Strafing Pinpoint Blitz Writhe - 100%
Tier 3 Scatter Concentrate Waylay - Push Harder War Torn
Tier 4 True Sight Slay Killshot - - -
Tree: Gunsmith Tinker
Passive: Powderhead Magi-Technician
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier +1
T1 Shortcut Materia Tune-Up Shortcut Materia Mech Masher
T2 Fine-Tuned Great Materia Sidearm Ping! Great Materia Grenadier
T3 Superior Steady Aim Crack Shot Superior Keel Haul Short-Wave Interruptor
T4 Excellent Grand Materia The Big One Excellent Grand Materia Overclock
Improved Skills
Adventuring Skills
Tech Lore +12 “Keeps things interestin'.”
Gadgetry +10 “-Real- interestin'.”
Vitality +10 “Reckon I was pretty tough before, but now? Yeesh.”
Speed +8 “Sometimes shit goes south, and so do I.”
Psionics +6 “Look, Pa! No hands!”
Acrobatics +6 “Just a li'l bit of stretching. Anyone can do it.”
Relic Lore +5 “You never know what'll blow up on your face.”
Dexterity +4 +2 “For workin' and shootin'.”
Field Medicine +4 “Oh shit, that's totally gonna scar. -Nice-.”
Strength +3 “Yea, I lift. Totes.”
Survival +1 “Eh, I was less about the shrooms and berries and more about sneakin' MREs when my squad wasn't lookin'.”
Non-Combat Skills
Bad Bitch +7 “Oh, bless your fuckin' heart.”
Cascadian Lore +5 “You gotta know your shit around the ruins.”
Robotics +3 “Charleston's rubbed off on me a bit.”
Programming +3 “Maybe more than a bit. It's useful stuff.”
Passive Signature Skill – Embrace the Metal
“Part of me. Literally!”
Benefit Quinn reduces the numerical penalties of prosthetics attached to her by ½ (round up).
Active Signature Skill – TBD
Benefit -
Drawback -
Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
Contact Memory Innate Power - You are able to catch brief glimpses of past events when handling certain objects. While touching inanimate objects, you may perform a Search roll to experience a vision of the last intelligent, sentient being to interact with it. Add your total number of Innate Powers as a bonus to Search. This vision comes as a brief snapshot, and it has greater clarity if the last person to interact with the object had close, extended contact to it for a long time. Objects only interacted with briefly, or a very long time ago, may not provide any vision of substance.
Telekinesis Innate Power - You gain a unique command over Cosmic mana, and can harness it to lift people and objects into the air. Gain a new Adventure Skills, ‘Psionics’. You may re-allocate any points you spent on Adventure Skills at Character Creation into this skill (-4 Dexterity/-2 Strength). Psionics can be used to perform acts of Strength, Vitality, and Dexterity magically. If you have 5 or more Innate Powers, gain any 3 Hollow Magic Skills, regardless of tier. Alternatively, raise your Hollow Magic Meta (and its cap) by 1.
CE Artificial Heart Innate - Cybernetic heart designed to pump blood to Quinn's organs, and electricity into her prosthetics. Allows Quinn’s body to endure any number of prosthetics, and prevents the effects of Cascade Failure and Extreme Cascade Failure. All Lightning damage taken is halved (after DR). For every 5 Lightning damage taken during the current Turn, regain 1 SP.
CE Technical Training Major - +1 Lightning DR. The Tech Lore requirement to use products made by Charleston Electric is halved.
?̶̨́͜?̢͘?͏͠?̶̶̧̛͝'s Recollection ~ Say Uncle Major - Gain +1 Agility Meta & Cap, despite having no Agility Skills. Quinn gains the Momentum Passive. Recollections :: Quinn may find she greatly enjoys the scent of dandelions, now. She may see herself as a Hero. She may find that she loves a brother she doesn’t have, and misses several people she doesn’t even know.
Rough Driver Minor - Lowers the Tech Lore requirements for driving any vehicle by 2.
CE Prosthetic Eye (R) Series 1 Implant - A natural-looking cybernetic eye made to replace Quinn's. +1 Search. Immune to all sources of Blind, save those caused by prosthetic malfunction. Eye color can be changed freely.
CE Prosthetic Eye (L) Series 1 Implant - A natural-looking cybernetic eye made to replace Quinn's. +1 Search. Immune to all sources of Blind, save those caused by prosthetic malfunction. Eye color can be changed freely.
CE Prosthetic Arm (R) Series 1 Implant - Sturdy artificial arm, plated in a carbon-colored polymer. +1 Martial Arts DAM. +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity. Capable of projecting a smart ringer interface, with built-in fitness app.
MMN ‘Bulwark’ Arm (L) Series 3 Implant - A black and grey arm implant that expands outward via telescopic plates. Follow-up Attack To Hit penalty with Firearms is reduced by 2. Your Arm and Torso are passively in Half Cover. -5 -2 Dexterity & Swimming.
CE Prosthetic Leg (R) Series 1 Implant - Sturdy artificial leg, plated in a carbon-colored polymer. +1 Movement. +1 Acrobatics, +1 Speed.
CE Prosthetic Leg (L) Series 1 Implant - Sturdy artificial leg, plated in a carbon-colored polymer. +1 Movement. +1 Acrobatics, +1 Speed.
Other Type Description
Cosmic Soul Racial Gain Cosmic as a Favored Element. +3 Cosmic DR. Cannot use Superior Magic or benefit from World-Aligned forces. If Quinn is Soul Linked with, every Unit in the Link gains a Rank of Discordance.
Night Dweller Racial Gain +2 To Hit, Evasion, Sneak & Search at night and perfect vision in the dark. Suffer -5 to defending against light-based sources of Blind. Quinn's prosthetics prevent light-based sources of Blind.
Feral Tendency Racial Quinn is similar to a Feral Fiend in appearance. She has white scales around her eyes and neck, curved horns, sharp fangs and a long, barbed and scaled tail. Her bones have solidified into a pitch black otherworldly metal. Any Injuries she sustains involving broken bones are one Severity level lower.
Retro Arc-Welder
Material Unknown
Craftsman Unknown
Base Stats Arc-Welder. 6 Lightning Damage, 10 Ammo.
Perks Deal True Damage to Mechanical Units and Heavy Armor. Apply Damaged vs 1/2 END to Mechanical Units and Heavy Armor. To Hit is reduced to 0 past 10 Squares.
Mode Laser Pulse: Can be used at any range with a Dead Zone of 6, and adds Follow-Up NWA with -5 To Hit. No longer applies Damaged.
Mode Laser Cutter: Can be used at any range with a Dead Zone of 10, and reduces Damage by 1/2. Gains the wielder's combined Crafting Metas as To Hit (+8) when making Called Attacks.
Enchantment N/A
Improvement N/A
Improvement N/A
CE Specialist Suit
Material CE-Brand Chrome Plating
Craftsman Charleston Electric
Base Stats Medium Armor. 1 EVA, END, 1+1 Physical DR. Requires 3 Physical Meta.
Maker’s Mark Chrome Plating: +1 Physical DR.
Mode Magnetized Cores: When moving towards targets made of metal, or situated in front of a metal surface, increase movement range by 5, and damage from Movement based attacks by 2. Increases Stamina costs by 1 while active.
Mode N/A
Improvement N/A
Seal of the Destroyer An Indestructible, round medallion engraved with the image of three rifles pointed bottom right to top left, bursting out of the sea and nearly puncturing the clouds with their bayonets. Magic Gear. Grants +2 All DR, +1 To Hit. Any Cascadian magi-tech devices that recognize the Guild Seal or Royal Seal should react similarly to this, too.
Health Soda Restores 20 HP. Passionfruit flavor!
Crimson Cooler Removes all Conditions, inflicts 1 Rank of Coughing. It's a good burn.
Currency 184,100 Zeny
Fame Hero (Charleston Electric), Machine Woman (Treasure Hunters)
Infamy N/A
Study, Training and Projects
Name/Type Source Description Research Time
Extreme Driving Lessons (Study) The Highway 7 Strip A great idea among terrible ideas. August 22nd
Novice Technician (Training) The Tower of Craftsman Ochre will show you the basics of advanced machinery. June 17th (Done!)
Apprentice Technician (Training) The Tower of Craftsman Ochre will give you some tips on repairing such machinery. July 29th
Expert Technician (Training) The Tower of Craftsman Ochre will guide you through a unique upgrading process. October 21st
Artisan Technician (Training) Ochre will delve into the realm of magitech implants. April 7th 3021
Key Items
Reading Glasses Quinn doesn’t need these anymore, but she’ll die before she breaks the habit of looking stylish.
Ringer Charm Collection
Kitty R. Charm A cute cat's face! Gear (Magical). Grants +1 Search in dim or dark areas.
Doggy R. Charm A winking dog's face! Gear (Magical). Grants +1 Search in well-lit areas.
Vogue R. Charm A pair of pursed lips! Gear (Magical). Grants +1 Bonus To Hit vs male Units.
Burly R. Charm A flexing bicep! Gear (Magical). Grants +1 Bonus To Hit vs female Units.
Zeny R. Charm A glittering zeny coin! Gear (Magical). Grants -1 CP to one Craft per month.
Artsy R. Charm A tiny paint brush! Gear (Magical). Grants +2 to a Non-Combat Art Skill.
Chef's R. Charm A little chef hat! Gear (Magical). Grants +2 to a Non-Combat Cooking Skill.
Groovin' R. Charm A dancing person! Gear (Magical). Grants +2 to a Non-Combat Dancing Skill.
Music R. Charm A tiny violin! Gear (Magical). Grants +2 to a Non-Combat Musical Skill.
Sprout R. Charm A cute little plant sprout! Gear (Magical). Grants +2 to a Non-Combat Gardening Skill.
Student R. Charm A little pencil and paper! Gear (Magical). Grants +2 to a Non-Combat Research Skill.
Del Sol R. Charm A rare charm! Gear (Magical). Grants +2 Numerical Bonus to equipped Potions & Poisons.
Sokolov R. Charm A rare charm! Gear (Magical). Grants +1 To Hit to Firearms & Martial Arts.
Von Meyer R. Charm A rare charm! Gear (Magical). Grants +1 Damage to One-Handed Magical Catalysts.
Beer Keg R. Charm A triangular charm, actually shaped like 3 beer kegs stacked on one another. Gear (Magical). Grants +2 to the positive, and +1 to the negative numeric effects of alcoholic consumables.
MultiTrack Cassette Player
'Johan Lichtenberg' Discography Johan was among the Republic's greatest composers of classical music in his time. A star lost too early. Grants a -2 Day Reduction to all Studies.
'F#CK' Discography Punk music that's abrasive to the ears, and yet somehow enjoyed by a rather large audience… Adds +1 to your character's Crafting Points.
Custom Model Machine Rifle
Material CE-Brand Chrome Plating
Craftsman Charleston Electric
Base Stats Assault Rifle. 4 Ballistic Damage, 10 Ammo. Requires 6 Tech Lore to wield.
Perks Modified AR. Adds 1 follow-up NWA after every shot. Loses 1 to Hit with every shot, with this penalty resetting between actions. Dead Zone is 6 squares. Ex: Nullify the To Hit penalty beyond 20 squares.
Mode IM Bayonet: With an MR Battery loaded, the firearm produces an immaterial blade along the barrel, and can be used as a Melee/Reach weapon, dealing 6 True Magic damage in the element of the MR Battery. The weapon cannot fire at range while this mode is active. +1 to SP costs while active.
Mode N/A
Improvement Smart Sights: As a Standard Action, the wielder can make a flat Search roll versus a target. Success grants the wielder knowledge of all magical buffs affecting their target, but not specific numbers.
Improvement N/A
CE Prosthetic Arm (L) Series 1 Implant - Sturdy artificial arm, plated in a carbon-colored polymer. +1 Martial Arts DAM. +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity. Capable of projecting a smart ringer interface, with built-in fitness app.
Riot Handgun
Material Steel
Craftsman SAS Outfitters
Base Stats Handgun. 4 Ballistic Damage, 8 Ammo.
Maker’s Mark Non Lethal: Weapon deals ½ damage, but deals it to both HP & SP. Flat Attacks Rolls of 20 apply Unconscious for One Turn, to most creatures/people.
Perks Handguns require a Sub Action (rather than Standard) to Reload. Remove Relentless Stance’s To Hit penalty.
Enchantment -
Improvement -
Lightning MR Battery Provides unlimited True Lightning ammo for CE Brand Rifles when loaded, and enables the usage of certain Modes.
Swift Model-1 Gunblade
Material Steel
Craftsman Karl
Base Stats Gunblade. 4 Slashing/Ballistic Damage, 6 Ammo.
Perks Melee attacks may be Loaded, gaining +3 DAM and the Force element by expending 1 Ammo and 2 SP. Special Ammo can confer its effects to Loaded Attacks, but 1 Charge lasts only until reloaded again.
Enchantment -
Enchantment -
Improvement -
Improvement -
Deep Black Ring A silver ring with a black gem in it. It looks flat and curved at the same time, denying all reason.Gear (Magical). The Deep Black Ring can be slipped on and off as a Sub Action. It grants +1 Rank of Focused and Hastened so long as it remains on a finger. Each Turn after the first that it remains on, it applies a Rank of Frightened. When Rank 3 Frightened is reached, the wearer must remove it as soon as possible and can't re-equip it for the rest of the encounter. Removal purges Frightened, but leaves a lingering unease regardless.
Skill Point Expenditure
Sure, why not?
Stat Math
HP 38 [Base] +2 [Opportunity] +1 [Agility] = 41
SP 38 [Base] +2 [Opportunity] = 40
HIT 5 [Highest Meta] +1 [Seal] = 6
EVA 5 [Perception] +1 [Medium Armor] +1 [Agility] = 7
END 1 [Armor] +2 [Opportunity] = 3
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