Pukla Puki

Player: Karn
Theme: When I Was Done Dying
Income: -
Expenses: -
Money: 29,700z
Race: Golem (Elemental Fiendish Succubus)
Age: 23 (Adult Presenting)
Racial Trait(s): Charged, Natural Curiosity, Willful
Cultural Trait: Destromage (+2 Spell Lore, Fire Favored Element)
Locational Trait: Goblin Townie (+2 Gadgetry)
Weapon Groups: Ba Jinian Trooper, Goblin Zapper, Heavy Martial
Weapon Proficiency: Cane, Carbine, Greataxe, Greatmace, Greatsword, Katana, Magic Bolter, Magic Cannon, Odachi, Revolver, Spellblade
Singular Proficiency: Clockwork Rifle
Weapon Expertise: -
Favored Elements: Cosmic, Wind, Fire
Secondary Element: Lightning
Armor Type: Alecto's Hand Me Downs (Unarmored Garb)
Meta Bonus: Leadership 7, Arcanism 2, Opportunity 2, Elemental Magic 2, Subtlety 1
Status and Equipment
HP: 50
SP: 79
Damage: 5
To Hit: 7
Evasion: 5
Endurance: 11
Willpower: 5
Search: 8
Sneak: -6
Movement: 17
Stamina Reductions: -1 Physical
Damage Resistance: 3 Cosmic & Wind
Equipped Weapon: Jagged Katana & Piece of the Dawnshard
Barony Scanner Immortal Medallions Mask of the Mother
Health Soda Health Soda Weapon Belt
Weapon Belt Clockwork Rifle -
Injury Type Description Heal Date
- - - -
Tree: Leadership Subtlety
Passive: Wrangler Trickster
Cost: Tier + 0 Tier - 1
Tier 1 Attack Order Defend Order For the Cause Subvert Obscure -
Tier 2 Heal Order Shake Off Rear Back Debilitate - -
Tier 3 Desperate Cry Pick Me Up Dogpile - - -
Tier 4 Presence Rise Up Frenzy - - -
Tree: Opportunity Arcanism
Passive: Adventurer Synergist
Cost: Tier - 1 Tier + 0
Tier 1 Cover Pitch Item - Pain Sigil - Defensive Casting
Tier 2 - Topple Tumbling - Aegis Sigil Boon Burst
Tier 3 - Push Harder Well Ventured - Mercy Sigil Elemental Wall
Tree: Fire Magic Wind Magic
Passive: Balance Balance
Cost: Tier + 0 Tier + 0
Tier 1 Barrier Soothe - - Breathe Gust
Tier 2 - - - Brand - -
Tier 3 - - - - Tornado -
Tree: Master Techniques Cosmic Powers
Passive: - -
Cost: 12 8 (Standard) / 4 (Focused)
Tier 1 Solar Flurry - - Soul Surrender - -
For the Cause Sub / Standard Action (4 SP) :: If Sub, purge 2 Ranks of Courageous from your Companion to gain 1 Charisma. If Standard, act as Shield Order, but the Companion gains a Rank of Courageous each time they take a hit.
Notable Skills
Solar Flurry Standard Action :: Deal NWA Fire Damage (vs EVA) Meta + 1 times in a Line Attack 6. For every Unit hit, apply Burning to all Units hit (vs END). If they're already Burning, it 'ticks' instead. Synergy (Estoc, Rapier, Spear, Polearm) :: +Meta to Line Range.
Soul Surrender “Uhm… Don't worry about this one. I'll worry about this one.”
A docile, but friendly, little squid that moves through the air like it's water. Nearly translucent!
Critical Range Flat Attack rolls of 18 - 20 apply Discordance (vs END).
Personal Element Sourdough is a Cosmic Element Unit.
Silent While in Stealth, Sourdough has +1 Damage & +2 To Hit.
HP 43 HIT 9
SNK 23 SCH 9
MOV 5 DR Abs Cosmic
Adventure Skills
Acrobatics 7 Mana Control 7
Mana Sensing 7 Speed 7
Unique Traits & Skills
Adoration Sourdough produces feelings of affection and serenity. He can mitigate or even negate negative emotional effects of certain Injuries and Scars.
Catalytic Mass Sourdough can be used as a Catalyst with Leadership Meta [7] MCA if he's within 4 squares. He can use Magic Skills as normal and with Cosmic Fluidity. He can hold 1 Enchantment, too!
Thinnyspawn Sourdough is passively Hovering. His Movement is 5, but he can be carried as a Two-Handed Weapon.
Adventuring Skills
Vitality +141) “Bet you can't knock me ov– OOF. I wasn't ready!”
Mana Sensing +12 “WHOA! It's all so… Here! I can see forever!”
Tech Lore +9 “Hee hee, my brain's still the same.”
Gadgetry +9 “I just have to get my fingers to cooperate…”
Spell Lore +8 “It's like I can see a whole new dimension!”
Acrobatics +72) “Check it out, I'm so bendy now!”
Speed +63) “I'm fun and fancy free, in this pretty shawl!”
Mana Control +6 “I do what I used to, but it's like POW! Too much!”
Dexterity +4 “O-Or to hold anything, for right now…”
Strength +34) “Not gonna lie, this is all my pretty medallions.”
Non-Combat Skills
Dragon Handling +8 “Do you think Fiero'll recognize me?!”
Tinker (Hobbyist) +4 “Whooaaa! I can feel shocks again!”


Jagged Katana
Stats A very brutal looking katana in an Orcish style, of all things. It's a little thick, but they got the idea… 4+1 Slashing Damage.
Perks +2 EVA. +6 [+10] To Hit when applying Bleeding. -1 to Physical SP Costs.
MM :: Barbed +2 To Hit when applying Bleeding.
I :: Carnium Edge +1 DAM. +2 To Hit when applying Physical Conditions.
I :: Jagged Edges Applies Bleeding on flat 16 - 20. Bleeding can't be lowered beyond Rank 1.
Piece of the Dawnshard
Stats “What the heck is a Dawnshard? Well, it's pretty!” +3 EVA.
Perks Provides Immunity to Flanked.
Maker's Mark Dawnshard Fragment :: Every time the wielder successfully avoids an Attack, they gain 1 Daylight. At 3 Daylight, the next time they avoid an Attack they apply Blind (vs END) to their attacker.
Clockwork Rifle
Stats “Norah gave me this forever ago! Uhm, not to brag. Hee hee!” 5 Ballistic Damage.
Perks 15 Ammunition. Dead Zone of 6. Add a follow-up Attack after every other Attack. +1 To Hit per shot, reset after each Attack.
Silver Wish (Magic Attire)
Stats A shawl made from strangely alien material. It glows in the dark. +2 EVA & WIL, +6 Movement.
Maker's Mark Grand Materia (Strange Spider Thread) :: +4 Movement, Speed & Acrobatics. -8 Sneak.
Improvement Technicolor Embroidery :: +1 EVA & WIL. When Attackers' flat roll is 1, you apply Agitated (vs END) to them.
Barony Scanner “Hey, this one's light!” +4 Search. When a Unit in Stealth Moves, spend 2 SP to make a reactionary Search roll.
Immortal Medallions “My old pals!” +6 HP, +2 END, +3 Strength & Vitality. -2 EVA & WIL. Pukla deals +2 Melee Damage and can wield one Two-Handed Weapon in a single hand. Her weight is tripled.
Mask of the Mother “At least I still have my masks!” Once per encounter as a Sub Action, Heal 2 HP per enemy Unit in Line of Sight.
Health Soda Heals 20 HP. In iced tea flavor!
Weapon Belt “Yep… I can put all my, uhm… Hm.” A Container with 2 Slots for Weapons.

Boons, Special Skills, & Magical Research

Boon Type Level Description
Hero of the Guild Tiered V See below!
Gift of the Wind Major Pukla may summon Wings as a Standard Action. She increases outgoing Wind Damage by 2 and gains 3 Wind DR.
Gift of Voices Major Pukla can speak with (most) people who don't understand her language. Once per day, she can make a flat roll to receive Cosmic whispers. Near Cosmic Forces, it uses Search and is unlimited.
Escapist Minor Pukla reflects on herself and gains +1 EVA.
Trait Source Description
Charged Golem Pukla doesn't die at -½ HP and Shuts Down instead. She can be resurrected with Recharge for twice her HP in Charges [100].
Cosmic Soul Fiend Pukla gains the Cosmic Favored Element & 3 Cosmic DR.
Night Dweller Fiend Pukla gains +2 To Hit, EVA, Sneak, and Search at night. She can see perfectly in the dark, but takes a -5 penalty vs light-based Blind.
Natural Curiosity Goblin Pukla rolls twice when using Search and picks the higher roll.
Willful Cubi +1 WIL.
Hero of the Guild V
Name Tier Description
Mettle I +6 HP & SP. Pukla treats Agitated & Frightened as -1 Rank.
Insight II +6 HP & SP. +Tier - 1 [4] Search. Pukla may counter-Attack Units found via reactionary Search rolls.
Veteran III +6 HP & SP. +1 Leadership Meta & Cap and +2 Vitality.
of Souls
IV +Tier x 3 HP & SP Cap [15]. +Tier - 1 [4] EVA, WIL & END Cap. +Tier - 2 [3] Search Cap.
Heart of
the Cosmos
V +6 HP & SP. +½ Tier [3] Defense vs Attacks to Pukla's Core. She's Immune to Possession-like effects.
Fiendish Transformation – Sylvan Touch (Standard)
“Check it out, I've got chitin! How's that pronounced? Chitin? Kitin? I've got– I'm pretty!”
Pukla imbues herself with the Earth Element, gaining DR equal to her Innate Powers + 3 [4] or +5 [6] if outdoors in a natural setting. This DR can be distributed between Slashing, Piercing, Blunt, Ballistic, Primary, and High Damage types but can't can't go higher than 3 for each. She gains the Earth Favored Element and Fluidity with it through all Elemental Magic Trees.
Active Signature Skill – Spark of Inspiration (Standard)
“When lightning strikes, so does inspiration! AND SO DO AAAAGH IT HURTS!”
Thunder booms in the sky, striking Pukla and all Units in 4 squares for 10 Lightning.
Pukla rolls a 20 on her next Adventure Skill Check.
Spark of Inspiration can only be used outdoors with a clear shot to the sky.
Spark of Inspiration has one use per encounter.
Studies, Training & Projects
Type Name Source Description Time
- - - - -
- - - - -
- - - - -


Big the Warg (Inactive)
A massive Warg that Pukla bought from the Orcs. He's very aloof…
Devoted During Shield Order, Big can roll to take ½ Damage.
Fur & Scale +2 Physical DR.
Savage Strikes Flat Attack rolls of 16 - 20 apply Bleeding (vs END).
Shared Boons
Hero of the Guild +2 HP / Tier Level [10]. +½ Tier Level to one non-Damage Stat [To Hit].
HP 67 HIT 10
DAM 10 EVA 6
END 12 WIL 6
MOV 12 DR 1 All, 3 Phys
Adventure Skills
Vitality 14 Speed 7
Strength 7 - -
Unique Traits & Skills
Thick Hide Big has 1 All DR.
Bloody Maw When Big hits a Unit that's Bleeding, he Heals 2 HP per Rank on them.
Devour Focused Action (10 SP). Costs 4 Charisma. Big bites a chunk out of an Unconscious or Dead organic Unit. If Unconscious, it gains a Dire Injury. Big Heals ½ Maximum HP.
Weapon & Armor
Steel-Capped Jaws Spellplated Barding
Stats Savage Strikes' range is doubled.
+1 Damage & To Hit.
+2 WIL.
Buggy Boi (Inactive)
A bipedal automaton styled to look like an armored beetle. Pukla finds this adorable!
Devoted During Shield Order, Buggy Boi can roll to take ½ Damage.
HP 50 HIT 8
END 11 WIL 9
MOV 8 DR 3 All
Adventure Skills
Vitality 14 - -
Dexterity 7 Strength 7
Unique Traits & Skills
Armored Replaces Metal Body. Buggy Boi has 3 All DR and can't heal via Magic or Potions.
Impact Field Replaces Self Repair. When Buggy Boi takes Damage, it heals friendly Units within 4 squares for ½ Meta [3].
Recoup Standard Action (6 SP). Costs X Charisma. Buggy Boi heals itself for Meta [7] X times. If 3 or more Charisma is spent, it gains Shielded.
Best-BUD (Support Form) (Inactive)
A projection of 'hard light' prototyped by the Harupi. This unstable creation needs time to recharge, after it's dispersed…
Critical Range Flat Attack rolls of 18 - 20 apply Vulnerable (vs END).
Personal Element Best-BUD is the Spirit Element.
Silent While in Stealth, or on the Turn that Best-BUD is first activated, it gains +1 Damage & +2 To Hit.
HP 50 HIT 8
END 6 WIL 10
MOV 12 DR -3 Physical & +3 Magical
Adventure Skills
Mana Control +7 Mana Sensing +7
Speed +7 Strength +7
Unique Traits & Skills
Hard Light Construct -3 Physical DR, +3 Magical DR.
Bio-Arithmeticks Focused Action (6 SP). Costs X Charisma, where X is equal to the number of friendly Units in the encounter. A Unit gains Damage & To Hit equal to X for their next Action.
Controlled Acceleration Standard Action (5 SP). Costs 2 Charisma. A Unit's next single target Action activates three times at ½ effectiveness.
Dwarven Tower Shield
Stats A hulking shield that's durable, but incredibly heavy. +4 EVA.
Seriously?! “This thing's too heavy?!”
MM :: Sturdy +3 Defense vs. Damaged & Broken
Puk Puk II (A.K.A. The New Old Pukla)
Stats A charleston maid body that's covered in dings, dents, scratches, and burns. Its chest cavity is open and empty.
E :: Draw Generates 1 MP at the start of every Turn.
I :: Ballistic Sleevetrap Twice per encounter, counter-Attack in Melee after an Evade for 4 Ballistic Damage (vs EVA). Automatically applies Bleeding.
Best-BUD Generator “It makes 'hard light'! Crazy, right?” Required to create and control the Best-BUD Companion. It can be used once per encounter as a Standard Action (or when combat begins, if declared). If Best-BUD is rendered Unconscious, it disappears immediately.
Calibrated Goggles As a Standard Action, add +2 To Hit & Search vs one Unit for the encounter.
Gob Mining Laser “Oof, so heavy…” Deals 24 Fire (True Fire to Constructs & Heavy Armor) vs WIL. Automatically destroys Cover. After use, it's Damaged.
Immortal Medallions “Weee're gonna keep you off, for now…” Provides a different effect based on equipped Armor.
Greater Repair Kit Heals 15 HP to a mechanical Unit or constructed Device.
High Repair Kit x 7 Heals 20 HP to a mechanical Unit or constructed Device.
Lava Gem “This feels really nice in the new body.” Protects from adverse affects caused by extreme heat.
Mask of the Wailing Woods “I love my masks.” As a Sub Action paired with any Attack, apply Frightened (vs END).
Scionic Stamina Kit Heals 20 SP to a mechanical Unit.
Scionic Antidote Kit Removes all Ranks of 1 Negative Condition from a mechanical Unit or constructed Device.
Visage of the Blind Seer “This one kinda still creeps me out.” +3 WIL, -3 EVA & +1 to Highest Magic Meta [N/A].


HP 26 + 24 [Hero] + 6 [Medallions] = 56
SP 46 + 24 [Hero] + 7 [Leader] + 2 [Elemental] = 79
HIT 7 [Meta] = 7
EVA 1 [Subtlety] + 2 [Katana] + 1 [Escapism] + 2 [Armor] + 1 [Shield] - 2 [Medallions] = 5
END 7 [Leadership] + 2 [Arcanism] + 2 [Medallions] = 11
WIL 2 [Elemental] + 2 [Opportunity] + 2 [Armor] + 1 [Willful] - 2 [Medallions] = 5
Search 4 [Insight] + 4 [Scanner] = 8
Sneak 2 [Subtlety] - 8 [Silver Wish] = -6
Movement 10 + 6 [Armor] + 1 [Tumbling] = 17
Damage 5 [Weapons] / 7 [Sourdough]
Leadership 6 [Skill Points] + 1 [Hero] = 7
Combat Points 20 [Leadership] + 3 [Subtlety] + 6 [Elemental] = 29 / 42
Adv Points 8 [Tech Lore] + 6 [Mana Sensing] + 3 [Vitality] + 2 [Acrobatics] + 2 [Dexterity] + 2 [Gadgetry] + 2 [Mana Control] = 25 / 32
NC Points 8 [Dragon Handling] + 4 [Tinker] = 12 / 15
1) , 4)
+3 Medallions
2) , 3)
+4 Silver Wish
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