Poet Vitale-Ellery

Character Profile
Player: Aravae
Upkeep: 5,000z 1)
Income: 7,500z
Zenny: 89,766
Race: Human
Age: 34
Weapon Proficiencies: Magical Catalysts, Magical Scripts, Exotic Weapon: Weaponized Vellum
Favored Elements: Wind, Water
Secondary Element: Storm
Armor Type: Faysal’s Trick
Meta Bonus: Artifice 8, Mystic 6, Paragon 2, Golemancer 2
Status and Equipment
HP: 44
SP: 48
Damage: 3/ 4 with Water Spells
To Hit: 92)
Evasion: 4
Endurance: 4
Willpower: 8
Search: 0
Sneak: 0
SP Reductions: -1 [Faysal’s Trick]
Equipped Weapon: Tissanfonia's Tome, Adaptable Charm
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Ivory Charm Charm of Endurance Immortal Knowledge
Chivalry Health Draught Charm of Healing Forgotten Nos Techniques
Chivalry Stamina Draught Glasses of Arcana Veni, Vidi, Vici
- - The Annals of Glastheim
- - Favor of the Storm God
- - Erudite Tattoo
- - Remnant of Lucent's Champion
- - The Hunt for Dornhall
- - Knowledge Eternal
- - Nephilim Golemcraft
- - Fortune of Clan Lore3)
Racial Traits
Trait Type Description
Scholarly Training Cultural 2 Favored Elements instead of 1.
Republican Locational +2 to Relic Lore.
Injury Type Description Heal Date
x x x x
Injury Points 0/20
Combat Skills
Skill Tree: Artifice
Passive: Temperance
Tier 1 Hush Analyze Polarize
Tier 2 Discharge Anticipation Mimicry
Tier 3 Siphon Silence Pierce
Tier 4 Spell Steal Unweave Tempered
Skill Tree: Mystic
Passive: Scribe
Tier 1 Shortcut (1) Materia (1) Rekindle (1)
Tier 2 Volume (2) Great Materia (2) Deny (2)
Tier 3 Superior (3) Overload (3) Overcharge (3)
Tier 4 Excellent (4) Grand Materia (4) Wild Magic (4)
Skill Tree: Superior
Cost: Max HP
Weakening Plague (6) Return Magic (4) Megido (4)
Arcane Boost (6) Arcane Nulling (6) Starlash (2)
Soul Steal (8) Soul Break (8) x
Skill Tree: Nephilim Arts
Cost: 6 SP & Rank 1 Bleeding
Cleansing Touch x x
Skill Tree: Golemancer
Passive: Core Forger
Tier 1 Shortcut Efficiency Empower Golem
Tier 2 Monthly Check-Up Peak Efficiency Disable Golem
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Relic Lore 14 ”I wish I could say I've read about just about everything, but I'll never be satisfied.”
Spell Lore 15 ”Even without sleep, there wouldn't be enough time to learn everything I want.”
Insight 10 ”That's day one of school type material.”
Elementalism 9 ”It's around you at all times, you'd best know what to do with it.”
Illusions 3 ”It really helps with the whole story telling and magic tricks thing.”
Clairvoyance 2 ”It's my seventh sense! The sixth one is top secret.”
Herbology 2 ”Don't eat that!–Ah, or go ahead, we might learn something.”
Civics 5 ”Ask me anything, I've most likely already ready about it!”
Investigation 4 ”It's important to stay sharp!”
Clan Lore [Turtle] 6 ”They're quite interesting to read up on if you have the time.”
Clan Lore [Bear] 2 ”I know enough of them that I should at least do a little homework now and then!”
Vitality -14) ”You're tired already?”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Origami 4 “It's a paper-tiger! Get it?…You don't get it?”
Cooking 3 “Tell me what you like!”
Animal Handling 3 “I have a way with animals–mainly birds.”
Passive Signature Skill – Learning For Two
“The only thing better than walking the path of knowledge is walking alongside others!” Both an obvious extrovert and a fan of multi-tasking, Poet feeds off of working with others and enjoys taking on as much of the workload as he can. And being Glastheim's librarian, it only makes sense that he's always ready to aid someone in research.
Description When participating in a Group Study, Poet counts as 2 people instead of 1.
Dual Skill – Birds of a Feather (Westel & Poet)
Within 5 squares of each other, Westel and Poet may use this skill as a Stance as a Sub Action (+1 SP costs) that allows them to share MP and ranks of Feedback. This shared pool can be used without spending Feedback for MP via Mimicry, and both benefit from Wrath's passive Feedback bonus and drawback.


Portable Cassette Player
Listening To Description
'Johan Lichtenberg' Discography Reduces Study time by 2 Days, ignoring the usual caps.
Tissanfonia's Tome
Base Stats 5 Magical Damage. A hybrid Catalyst and Magical Script that contains a considerably powerful Unique Magic Skill. It has 1 Charge, but may be Recharged even while full. It gains +1 To Hit per 12 Charges and +1 Damage per 18 Charges they've accrued. A dark red hardcovered tome with golden pages. No peeking.
Enchantment Rapid Recharge: Recharge Ratio is 1 SP : 3 Charge and is a Sub Action.
Enchantment Reverser Coating: Converts Damage to Healing and vice-versa with Magic Skills cast through it.
Faysal’s Trick
Base Stats A dark grey and blue robe with gold accents. A clawed blue hand reaches over one shoulder. Unarmored. -1 to SP costs. +2 Movement.
Enchantment Water Claw: This Armor grants access to a third hand. It adds 1 Equipment Slot that can hold anything a normal hand could, or if left empty will follow-up all Attacks with 4 Water Damage (vs WIL). It also grants +3 Dexterity, Mana Control & Gadgetry.
Enchantment Barrier Runes: +3 to All DR and creates a Spirit Shield at the start of combat encounters. The Spirit Shield's HP is equal to your Highest Skill Meta x 2.
Chivalry Health Draught Heals 30 HP. If consumed at full HP, you gain 2 Ranks of Regenerating instead.
Chivalry Stamina Draught Heals 30 SP. If consumed at full SP, you gain 1 Rank of Focused instead.
Charm of Endurance Grants +3 END. On every even Turn, this bonus increases by +1.
Charm of Healing Grants +2 to all outgoing Healing and +2 to all incoming Healing. These do stack, when Healing yourself.
Glasses of Arcana Excellent Effective Particular. +1 To Hit, +1 Damage with Water Spells. This set of glasses adds +2 To Hit for each Negative Magical Condition that your target is suffering.
Ivory Charm Holds 3 different spells of a single High Element. [5 Charges; Kyrie, Haste, Ressurect]
Tissanfonia's Tome Holds 1 Unique Spell and may be Recharged even while full. [1 Charge; Godlike Presence]
Adaptable Charm Holds 2 Unique spells of any Element. [2 Charges; Be Rid of Annoyances, Chain Heal]


A simple leather bound book with a clasp. It looks very loved, but is still in decent condition. It has now been rebound with the Star Tome!
Pages 1 - 3 Surge Purity Drown
Pages 4 - 6 Smite Kyrie Flash
Pages 7 - 9 Chain Heal Sanctuary Erase
Pages 10 - 12 Gust Breeze Cyclone
Pages 13 - 15 Jekyll’s Dancing Sprites Be Rid of Annoyances Downpour
Pages 16 - 18 Freeze Bomb Gravelight Torrent
Pages 19 - 21 Ethereal Cloak Rebirth Clearance
Pages 22 - 24 Mana Feast Tornado Wind Field
Pages 25 - 27 Wind Brand Bless Haste
Pages 28 - 30 Heal Ice Barrier Ice Prism
Pages 31 - 33 Tears of Spite Storm Barrier Storm Bolt
Pages 34 - 36 Jekyll’s Dazzling Light Jekyll’s Suffocating Dark Banish
Pages 37 - 39 Dampen Regeneration Empower
Pages 40 - 42 Eye of Chayula Discern Absolve
Pages 43 - 45 Zeal Resurrect Brightstorm
Pages 46 - 48 Tranquil Walk of Peace Essence Drain Soul Split
Pages 49 - 51 Tame Shadow Shadelight Twilight’s Embrace
Pages 52 - 54 Debilitate Reckoning Darkness Falls
Pages 55 - 57 Lunar Wind Warlock's Mark Pillar of Agony
Pages 58 - 60 Luminous Familiar Murky Familiar Godlike Presence

Boons & Studies

Boon Type Description
Immortal Knowledge Major Adds +1 more to a single Adventure Skill from Artifice Tree.
Forgotten Nos Techniques Minor When casting Superior Magic, act as though you know one more Superior Spell than you do for the purposes of calculating spells that use such.
Veni, Vidi, Vici Major +1 Piercing & Fire Damage Resistance. +1 Movement.
The Annals of Glastheim Tiered See Tier chart below
Favor of the Storm God Minor +1 Storm Resistance. Poe cannot be drowned in liquid by any means while KO.
Erudite Tattoo Minor A unique tattoo of a bird below Poet's collarbone, designed by Westel Vitale. For 3 SP, allows a Magical Adventure Skill reroll once per day, excluding Magic Healing.
Remnant of Lucent's Champion Major +6 HP & SP. +1 to Artifice. Apply Agitated on flat rolls of 16 - 20 (vs END) with Artifice Skills or Spells cast from Relics.
The Hunt for Dornhall Major +2 to the Bear Clan Lore and Turtle Clan Lore Adventure Skills.
Knowledge Eternal Major Poet gained access to some of the memories of Magnus, the creator of the golem cores called Neverenders. +1 Mystic Meta & Cap and +3 Turtle Clan Lore.
Nephilim Golemcraft Major Magnus' many notes and books have allowed Poet to piece together the secrets left behind in one of his old workshops. Poet acquires the Golemancer Skill Tree and gains +2 CP. Golemancer's Efficiency & Peak Efficiency CP Cost is ½.
Fortune of Clan Lore Temporary A particular segment of Poet's fortune stands out to him… He'll have to keep it in mind. The next time Poet makes a Clan Lore Adventure Skill roll, he rolls twice and chooses the higher option.
Nephilim Enchanter Minor Poet's worked with a few Nephilim goods, and that's given him some insight. +1 to Turtle Clan Lore.
Delicious Food Temporary5) ”Peco Three Ways”: Grants +3 EVA and +2 Movement. Macaroni and Cheese: Grants +4 Max HP & +8 Max SP. Sweet Glaze: Grants +3 to all outgoing Direct Healing and +1 more when your Heals affect a Brilliant or Catalyzed Unit. ”A Little of Everything”: A completely random effect that will only be revealed when the combat encounter actually starts.
Conduit Magitech Tattoo Temporary6) Begin combat with a Rank of Focused.
Charm of Reflection Temporary7) Reflect the first hostile spell used against you during your next encounter. Automatically hits a single target.
The Annals of Glastheim
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Blood Magic - You may sacrifice HP when using any Magic Skill to raise its Damage by that much. The amount of HP you can sacrifice is equal to Tier. Gain +2 to Spell Lore.
II Occultism - While under the effect of a Soul or Spite Link, you gain Willpower equal to Tier Level. In addition, you gain +2 to the Clairvoyance Adventure Skill.
III Apothecary - While under the effect of a Positive or Negative Alchemical Condition, you gain Endurance equal to Tier Level. In addition, you gain +2 to the Herbology Adventure Skill.
IV The Skyborne - You gain Corrupt Resistance equal to Tier. You learn the Nephilim Art 'Cleansing Touch'.
Source Description Research Time
Tissanfonia's Tome A magic tome with many elaborate details, many of which Poet and Gabi cannot divine the meaning of, but are working together to figure out. 11/27/21


Craft Description Research Time
x x x
Crafting Points 6 Max [+48)] 4/10 CP left.
Currently Crafting 0/0 CP x
Work Stations
Local Station Common A local work station that can only Craft Common & Rare products. Still useful!
Magnus' Workshop Legendary The legendary Golemancer named Magnus made use of these tools. Reduces the CP Cost of Golemancy Crafts by 8.
Permits & Licenses
Mystic Glastheim Poet can legally practice Enchanting & Scribery in the Kingdom of Glastheim.
Merchant's License Glastheim Poet can legally sell magical items he's made in the Kingdom of Glastheim.
Common Materials 154
Rare Materials 121
Legendary Materials 0
Bits of Vessel Chain x2 Rare. They can be used in a Craft, or pursued as an Expert Study reduced by Mana Sensing & Relic Lore.
Nephilim Oridecon Golem Core This core is cloudy, but that might be intentional. It's attuned to the Spirit Element. The Golem this Core is installed into gains +4 HP & SP, as well as +1 Willpower.
Neverender Fragment x5 Effects Unknown; They will need to be used in a Craft or Studied.
Name Type Description
Scarab Soul Transfer Legendary A potent enchantment to be placed on a specific piece of a Nephilim Scarab.
Scarab Soul Storage Legendary A potent enchantment to be placed on a specific piece of a Nephilim Scarab.
Standard Core Enchantment Common An adaptable enchantment that can be carefully placed on a core.
Quality Core Enchantment Rare An adaptable and powerful enchantment that can be expertly laid on a core.

Stat Calculations

Stat Math
S. Expenditure 12 [Artifice Skills] +6 [Artifice Meta] +12 [Mystic Skills] = 30/42
A. Expenditure 4 [Relic Lore] +6 [Spell Lore] +6 [Insight] +2 [Elementalism] +4 [Civics] +5 [Investigation] +3 [Vitality] = 30/30
NC Expenditure [Origami] +4 [Cooking] +3 [Animal Handling] +3 = 10/15

Key Items

Vox Glasses A pair of lenses designed to read ancient texts in Nephilim.
Tippy the Owl R. Charm A beloved cartoon owl with a little crown of thorns. +2 to a Non-Combat Knowledge Skill.
Scrollodexter Patented! Gear. A charming, airborne robotic helper that sorts paper stacks and books, scans them, and reprints them in seconds. The Scrollodexter has a retracting ‘tail’ that plugs into nearly any data-storing device in the Republic and El Quattor as well, copying [s]or stealing[/s] data nigh-instantly. Works up to 15 cells away from owner.
Illusory Catalyst Spells cast through this 'weapon' deal no damage, but still appear as they normally would.
Darklight Quill An opalescent white feather quill with a gently glowing tip. Writing with this leaves invisible 'ink' in the form of mana that only displays itself in near or total darkness. It lasts until the writer dispels it personally.
Wild Mage's Pin A pin that adds +1 to Spell Lore.


Wendigo Skull An animal skull that doesn't look like any Auroran sort. Once per encounter, this may be held over the head to produce an unearthly howl and a brilliant flash of red from both eyes. It applies Blind (vs EVA) and Sickened (vs END) to all other Units.
Polymorphic Potion - Owl The drinker gains the 'Owlsight'9) and 'Avian Maneuverability'10) Traits for an encounter. Their eyebrows elongate until they're a great length, and their hair turns into feathers.
Waterspeaker's Bracelet A beautiful bracelet made from blue and green shells. The wearer can speak and breathe underwater indefinitely.
Bangle of Barriers A thick golden bangle with a blue teardrop gem in its center. Shield: +2 Willpower. Enchantment - Barrier Focus: The wearer's Barriers have +3 HP. The first time the reactionary effect of their Barriers is triggered (per Barrier), its effect is applied Automatically.
Leviathan R. Charm An incredible sea-serpent, coiled around itself in a spiral. Grants water-breathing, indefinitely.
Tilted Cross Pin A black pin in the shape of a cross with a purple gem in the middle. No matter how it’s put on, it always seems to tip to one side…The weight’s a bit off. Skills cast from the Tilted Cross Pin gain +1 Damage or Healing & To Hit for each Undead Unit in the encounter (friend or foe). Holds 2 different Shadow spells. [3 Charges; x, x]
Ivory Charm Holds 3 different spells of a single High Element. [5 Charges; x, x, x]
Primary Element Script Holds 2 different spells of a single Element. [4 Charges; x, x]
Ventus Charta Vellum that can be manipulated and seemingly brought to life, allowing Poe to deal Physical (Slashing) Damage. Gain +1 Bonus To Hit for every Charge missing. [5 Charges]
Elemental Vellum Holds 3 different spells of a single Primary Element. [5 Charges; x, x, x]
Secondary Element Vellum Holds 2 different spells of a single Secondary Element. [3 Charges; x, x]
Voidhome An orb that sucks in all the light around it…It looks a bit like holding a hole in space-time. [1 Charge; Erase]
Jingxi Spirits This stuff smells horribly potent… Restore +25 HP/SP but the drinker is put into Rank 2 Dazed instantly for the rest of the fight (Or until cleansed)
Stamina Potion Restores 10 SP
Salted Lamb Jerky Heals 12 HP
High Healing Potion Heals 27 HP
Greater Healing Potion Heals 19 HP
Yallorbs (x3) Highly-concentrated mana gems.
Elementalist's Ward A bracelet with a gem in it that's split into four colors - red, green, blue, and yellow. The wearer is immune to the damaging or negative effects from Primary Elemental Fields.
Improv Hero Badge A golden badge with a pin on the back. It’s circular with a smiley face on it. Allows use of an untrained (+0) Adventure Skill once per encounter. To calculate its bonus, take highest Skill within the same category (Physical, Magical, or Technical) and divide it by ½.
Magic Cutlery A fine box with assorted silverware inside. It’s enchanted! Add +1 to all numeric values when consuming food or drink that grants a Temporary Boon.
Wildflower Delight Purple wildflowers imported straight from Avicennia, it has quite the pleasant smell, as the mana resonating from the liquid feels enticing. When using Build to gain MP, gain +1 instead. If user does not have MP, gain +1 to Hit instead.
Weapon Belt XL Adds 3 Equipment Slots for Weapons.
Potion Belt Adds 2 Equipment Slots for Potions only.
High Healing Potion Heals 27 HP
High Energy Potion Heals 20 SP and removes 1 Rank of a Negative Physical Condition.
Emerald Eye Once per encounter, this heals the bearer's HP to full as a Sub Action.
Hand of Wisdom
Base Stats 3 MCA DMG. A golden gauntlet forged in the shape of a dragon curled around the hand.
Enchantment Endless Wisdom: The wearer's invested Magic Metas are increased by 1, and they always qualify for at least a 1/4 reduction in Study time. Invested Physical Metas are reduced by 2, and all Physical Adventure Skills take a penalty of -4.
Enchantment Wise: Roll after Magical Skills (Threshold: 8) to gain an Extra Standard Action. This Extra Standard Action must be used on another Magical Skill and has +2 SP Cost.
Maker's Mark Nephilim Gold: This weapon is Catalytic. Negative Magical Conditions applied by this weapon add +1 to their numeric effect.
Pocket Watch
Base Stats 3 DMG, +1 with single target spells. +3 Eva, End, or Wil to being disarmed. An elegant looking pocket watch with intricate engravings and a gem on the center. The image of a bird is printed inside, on the watch.
Enchantment x
Improvement x
Gold-Embroidered Suit
Material Golden Thread: Reagent. Mimics the Element of any Field put into play for one Turn. In the presence of a Minor or Major Well, it mimics that Well's Element until the wearer leaves the area.
Craftsman Aida Marcus
Base Stats Unarmored. -1 to SP costs. +2 Movement.
Enchantment Circle of Protection+: Armor withstands even large blows, gaining +4 Physical Damage Resistance. Enchanted by Gabrielle DeAngelis.
Thalj Overseer’s Garb
Base Stats Unarmored. -1 to SP costs. +2 Movement.
Enchantment Ktullanux’s Canopy: 5 Water Damage Resistance and (near) immunity to pneumonia as well as frostbite.
Golemancer's Wand (x2)
Base Stats A wand with a spherical catalyst near its handle. Curiously, the channels for mana inside of it resemble circuitry lines. 4 Magical Damage.
Maker's Mark Golemancy: Magic Skills used via this Weapon always strike Elemental Weakness against Golems and other innately Magical Units. Additionally, non-Spirit Healing used via this Weapon can affect such Units who might otherwise be immune.
2,500z split with Westel
+1 Glasses of Arcana
Until a Clan Lore Adventure Skill roll is made
Hand of Wisdom
5) , 6) , 7)
Golemancer Meta + Nephilim Golemcraft
You can see in dark or dim light and track Units even with your eyes closed.
You add +½ Highest non-Crafting Meta to EVA & Movement.
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