Character Profile
Player: Dawn
Income: Library Paid Volunteer [2500z]
Expenses: Room & Board 1) [0z]
Money: 51,250z
Racial Trait(s): Fleet Feet (+1 Evasion), Nature's Grace (+2 to Acrobatics)
Cultural Trait: Mana Drought (+1 to Perception)
Locational Trait: Landless (+2 to Tech Lore)
Race: Light Elf
Age: 75 (Adult)
Weapon Proficiency: Magical Scripts, Magic Dueling 2), Light Spellsword 3)
Weapon Expertise: Magic Bolters, Spellblades
Favored Element(s): Wind, Fire
Armor/Armor Type: Sage Academy Uniform (Unarmored)
Meta Bonus: Perception VIII, Elemental II, Artifice II
Status and Equipment
HP: 35
MP: 6
STM: 36
Damage: 4 (Magic Bolter) / 4 (Magic Bolter) / 3 (Necklace)
To Hit Bonus: 8
Evasion: 9
Endurance: 0
Willpower: 4
Movement: 12
Search: 10
Sneak: 0
Clarity Points: 8
STM Reductions: -1 to Skills (Unarmored)
Equipped Weapon: Magic Bolters x2, Emerald Necklace
Equipment & Gears
Elemental Vellum (Earth)
Energy Potion
Health Potion
Ivory Charm (Light)
Injury Type Description Heal Date
Injury Points 0/17


Passive: Fixation (+8 Evasion, +8 Search, +8 Clarity Points)
Tier 1 Aimed Strike (1) Loose Strike (1) Change Up (1)
Tier 2 Strafing (2) Pinpoint (2) Blitz (2)
Tier 3 Scatter (3) Concentrate (3) Waylay (3)
Tier 4 True Sight (4) Slay (4) Killshot (4)
Elemental Magic (Wind)
Passive: Balance (+2 Willpower & +2 SP)
Tier 1 Locked Breathe (1) W. Barrier (1)
Tier 2 Locked Breeze (2) W. Brand (2)
Tier 3 Locked Locked Imbue W. (3)
Tier 4 Locked Flight (4) Locked
Passive: Temperance (+2 Willpower & +2 SP)
Tier 1 Hush (1) Analyze (1) Locked
Tier 2 Locked Anticipation (2) Mimicry (2)
Tier 3 Locked Silence (3) Pierce (3)
Tier 4 Locked Locked Locked
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Acrobatics +10 The character’s flexibility and balance. It’s used in tasks like fitting into tight spaces, keeping balance on poor footing, tumbling after falling, and bending into odd positions.
Tech Lore +8 The character’s knowledge of larger contraptions that are far more complex than Gadgetry covers. Airships, automobiles, trains, and even things like incredibly modern firearms and devices fall under this category.
Speed +8 The character’s physical swiftness and running speed. It’s used in tasks like sprinting, swimming quickly across bodies of water, or for things like footraces.
Dexterity +8 The character’s manual dexterity and ability to perform actions with their hands quickly. It’s used in tasks like tying knots, catching flying objects, and repeating patterns.
Vitality +6 The character’s stamina as well as their resistance to being thrown around. It’s used in tasks like running for a length of time, enduring pain over time, or not flinching at sudden pain.
Thievery +6 The ability to pick locks, steal items unnoticed, remain briefly out of sight, or do whatever else that less than savory types are known for.
Gadgetry +6 The character’s knowledge of small gadgets, typically purely mechanical, that aren’t too complex. Anything from bear traps to grenades! It’s used in disarming physical traps, usually.
Mana Sensing +2 The ability to sense mana that’s out of place. It’s commonly used to try and search for magical traps, or get a better sense of the area around the party.
Mana Control +2 The ability to shift the flow of nearby mana. They might turn a torch into a blazing fireball, or cause water to create a giant wave, or anything such as that.
Spell Lore +2 The knowledge of magic and its inner workings. It can be used in anything from magical study to dismantling magical traps, if their primary function is magical.
Relic Lore +2 The character’s knowledge of magical implements, including Magical Scripts. It can also be used to dismantle traps, if they make of use magi-technology or have a catalytic source.

Equipment & Gears

Magic Bolter & Magic Bolter
Base Stats 4 Magical (Element varies by Favored Elements) 4 Magical (Element varies by Favored Elements)
Description A type of one-handed firearm that resembles a typical pistol, but instead fires magical bolts. While certainly less startlingly deadly than a typical gunpowder firearm, it still packs a significant punch. A type of one-handed firearm that resembles a typical pistol, but instead fires magical bolts. While certainly less startlingly deadly than a typical gunpowder firearm, it still packs a significant punch.
Sage Academy Uniform
Base Stats -1 to SP Costs, +2 MOV.
Description Standard robes provided by the Sage Academy. Very comfy and allows free movement most of the time!
Emerald Necklace
Base Stats 3 Magical DMG (Element varies by user) / Jewelry deals +1 Damage with single-target spells. Jewelry has +4 Evasion, Willpower or Endurance vs Disarm.
Description Standard necklace from the Sage Academy.
Maker's Mark Singular: +1 Damage with a single Element (Earth), but -3 vs. Breaking.
Energy Potion Heals 10 SP.
Healing Potion Heals 10 HP.
Equipment & Gears
Magical Scripts
Elemental Vellum (Earth) 5 Charges. Holds Vines, Quake and Regrowth
Ivory Charm (Light) 5 Charges. Holds Bless, Kyrie and Haste.


Equipment & Gears

Magical Research, Training Time & Other

Source Description Research Time
Magical Armaments 102 This is a more advanced course in Magical Armaments, which will teach you how to ‘point and shoot’. Bolters and cannons can be cast through as well, but that will be taught in a later course. 7/28/20 - 9/14/20
Source Description Training Time


Spell Tome
A blue-colored worn tome that was given by her mother when she first entered into the Academy. It fits up to 50 spells and it's always in Piers' possession, taking it along with her wherever she goes.
Pages 1 - 4 Bless Kyrie Haste Vines
Pages 5 - 8 Quake Regrowth


1. +2 to Acrobatics due to Nature's Grace.
2. +2 to Search due to Sharp Ears passive.
3. +2 to Tech Lore due to Landless trait.
4. Light Elves start with 1 Favored Element of their choosing. Took Wind as Starter.
5. +1 to Perception due to Mana Drought trait.
6. Light Elves have a base stat of 1 for Evasion due to Fleet Feet trait.
Driver's License Official driver's license to drive automobiles in the Republic.

Stat Point Expenditures

Piers' Stat Breakdown
HP: 32 (Base) + 3 (Combat Skill Points) = 35
STM: 32 (Base) + 2 (Elemental Meta) + 2 (Artifice Meta) = 36
MP: 2 (Elemental Meta) * 3 = 6
DMG Bonus: 4 (M. Bolter) = 4
DMG Bonus: 4 (M. Bolter) = 4
DMG Bonus: 3 (Necklace) = 3
To Hit Bonus: 8 (Highest Meta) = 8
Evasion: 1 (Base) + 8 (Perception Meta) = 9
Endurance: 0 (Base) = 0
Willpower: 2 (Elemental Meta) + 2 (Artifice Meta) = 4
Movement: 10 (Base) + 2 (Equipped Armor = 12
Search: 2 (Base) + 8 (Perception Meta) = 10
Sneak: 0 (Base) = 0
Clarity Points: 8 (Perception Meta) = 8
Skill Point Expenditure
Perception 25 pts
Elemental (Wind) 6 pts
Artifice 6 pts
Fire Element 3 pts
Health 2 pts
Combat Points Used 42/42
Adventuring Points Used 30/30
Non-Combat Points Used 0/15
1) The Yuno Academy provides for her upkeep.
2) Orb, Magic Bolter, Spellblade, Wand
3) Anthame, Magic Bolter, Spellblade, Twin Jewelry
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