Player: Reed
Level: 25
Upkeep: Wild Life (0z)
Race: Tengu
Age: 400+ (Middle Aged)
Weapon Proficiencies: Bows, Magical Catalysts, Martial Arts
Favored Element: Wind, Fire
Armor Type: Light (Sniper’s Harness)
Meta Bonus: Marksmanship 6
Status and Equipment
HP: 31 25
Stamina: 31
Attack Bonus: 25
Defense Bonus: 20
Equipped Weapon: Ironwood Bow
NWA Bonus: 5
Items (3) Gear (3) Special Powers and Boons
Mountain Water x
Mountain Water x
Mountain Water x
Quivers (3) x x
Arrows x x
Windslayer Arrows (3) x x
Noxious Arrows (3) x x
Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
Flight of the Tengu Racial - Grants +3 DEF. The character can move as a free action, so long as they're above 50% HP.
Marksman's Pride Racial - The character gains Meta Levels every 2 skills for Elemental or Marksmanship. Pekoyama has chosen Marksmanship.
Elemental Prowess Racial - Grants a second Favored Element during character creation. This cannot be forfeited in favor of a stat point.
Injury Healing Date Effects
Mana Burns 5/10 Pekoyama was knocked unconscious by powerful magic, twice! Maximum HP is reduced by 6.
Signature Skill – Thrill of the Hunt
“I will hunt you down!”
Benefit Pekoyama can use Tracking Shot without a charge time.
Skill Tree: Marksmanship
Passive: Clarity (12 Points)
Tier 1 Aim (1) Disabling Shot (1) Volley (1)
Tier 2 Strafing (2) Scatter Shot (2) Repel (2)
Tier 3 Slaying Shot (3) Stunning Shot (3) Revealing Shot (3)
Tier 4 Tracking Shot [1](4) Reposition (4) True Sight (4)
Ironwood Bow
Material Ba Jinian Maple
Craftsman Pekoyama of the Tengu
Base Stats Bow. 3+2 ATK, 4+1 DMG, +5 against Breaking. The bow appears rigid and metallic, but upon a closer look it’s easy to tell that it is actually wooden and flexible.
1st Enchantment Hawkeye: Reduces the Stamina cost of Marksmanship abilities by 1.
2nd Enchantment Swift: Allows a single action during an Enemy Phase.
1st Improvement Fine-Tuning: +2 ATK.
2nd Improvement Iron Flax Bowstring: +1 DMG.
Sniper’s Harness
Material Beast Leather
Craftsman Ryoku of the Tengu
Base Stats Light Armor. 1 DEF, 3 Quiver Slots. A harness of thick leather, strapped tightly to the wearer’s body. A quiver hangs from each side, and a third one from the back.
Enchantment Camouflage: +6 Sneak when standing still.
Improvement Quiver Rack: The Item and Gear Slots provided by the armor were repurposed into quivers. An additional one has been added to make a total of 3.
Mountain Water (3): Very refreshing! Restores 8 HP and 8 Stamina.
Status Calculation:
HP: 7 (Base) +24 (Level) = 31
Stamina: 7 (Base) +24 (Level) = 31
ATK: 12 (Marksmanship) +5 (Bow) +8 (Level Points) = 25
DEF: 3 (Racial) +1 (Armor) +16 (Level Points) = 20
NWA: 5 (Bow) = 5
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