Orange Raincaller

Player: Karn
Theme: To a Space Faraway
Income: -
Expenses: -
Race: Wild Kobold
Age: 36 (Middle Aged)
Racial Trait(s): Shadow Paws, Small Paws, Tribe Lore, Wild Dog
Cultural Trait: Magic Affinity (+2 Relic Lore)
Locational Trait: Homeland (+2 Survival)
Weapon Group: Kobold Spiritualist, Light Magician
Proficiency: Cane, Instrument, Orb, Spellblade, Staff, Twin Jewelry, Wand
Expertise: Jewelry
Favored Elements: Water, Wind
Armor Type: Weathercaller's Robes (Unarmored Garb)
Meta Bonus: Elemental Magic 2, Spirit Magic 4, Performance 6
Status and Equipment
HP: 36
SP: 38
Damage: 4
To Hit: 6
Evasion: 7
Endurance: 2
Willpower: 8
Search: 3
Sneak: 3
Stamina Reductions: -1 All
Damage Reductions: 3 Water, 3 Storm
Equipped Weapon: Lifesprig & Shelter
Fragment of Rain Cactus Juice Cactus Juice
Rainbow Mushroom Cactus Juice Cactus Juice
Jewelry (Ex) Luna Clip
Injury Type Description Heal Date
- - - -
Tree: Water Magic Spirit Magic
Passive: Balance Benevolence
Cost: Tier + 0 Tier + 0
Tier 1 Barrier Wash Life Drop Spirit Bolt Mana Shield Nurture
Tier 2 Brand Surge Life Rain Enervate Banish Trance
Tier 3 - - - Regenerate Empower Attune
Tier 4 - - - Wrath Rebirth Cultivation
Tree: Performance Unique Performance
Passive: Spell Singer Spell Singer
Cost: Tier + 0 6 - 1
Tier 1 Gentle Breeze Cadenza Summer Rain Tranquil Pond Raging Ocean
Tier 2 Hunter's Wit Vivace Nature's Balance Stronger Together Formidable Alone
Tier 3 For the Fallen Fortissimo Quiet Prayer - -
Tier 4 Dragon Roar Sforzando Killing Breath - -
Unique Performances
Tranquil Pond… Allies in the Tune have +1 Rank of Pacified. If they don't Attack on any Turn, they gain 1 Rank of Catalyzed at its end.
… Raging Ocean Allies in the Tune are considered Rank 2 Enraged this Turn. If they have Ranks of Catalyzed, they may remove them for an equal number of free NWAs.
Stronger Together… Allies in the Tune are Soul Linked to the Performer (up to their usual limit). If they leave the Tune, the Link severs immediately.
… Formidable Alone Allies in the Tune sever their Soul Links and are considered Rank 3 Spiteful this Turn. Spiteful applied by Formidable Alone falls off 1 Rank each Turn until it reaches 0.
Adventuring Skills
Clairvoyance +10 “Mm… I can see many things.”
Mana Control +9 “Mana is life…”
Illusions +8 “Always for fun.”
Mana Sense +8 “I told you; I can see.”
Relic Lore +7 “What is that? I will see.”
Spell Lore +7 “What is this? Interesting.”
Dexterity +3 “Ah… Please help.”
Speed +3 “I can't keep up…”
Survival +3 “My Clan… They help.”
Non-Combat Skills
Dance (Ceremonial) +9 “My movements must be measured.”
Dance (Freestyle) +6 “But… Sometimes my feet take me elsewhere.”


Weapon & Shield
Lifesprig Shelter
Stats A curious wand that looks more like a branch broken off a small tree. 4 Magic Damage. A light blue bangle with a deeper-colored gem inserted into it. +2 Willpower.
Enchantment Rejuvenator :: After using a Magic Skill, the wielder regains 1 HP & SP. Bone Dry :: The wearer is immune to the Drenched Condition by way of a passive barrier around them.
Raincaller's Robe A thin robe made from roughly woven thread. +2 Movement, -1 to All SP Costs.
Cactus Juice Tastes like bubblegum… Orange's favorite. Heals 18 HP.
Fragment of Rain A shard of dark blue rock. Can be used in Raincaller rituals.
Luna Clip A jewelry catalyst in the shape of a crescent moon. It's a hairpin! This is a plain jewelry catalyst! 3 Magic Damage.
Rainbow Mushroom Blotched with many different colors. Orange just likes the way this looks.
The Rain Stone
“Very big. Very scary. Do not touch.”
Description The Rain Stone is a massive boulder with symbolic engravings over every inch of its surface. Orange, and other Raincallers, may use it to summon the rain through unknown means.
Fragments Fragments of the Rain Stone are called 'Fragments of Rain'. They can be chipped off and carried portably, but will disintegrate to dust after use.

Boons, Special Skills, & Magical Research

Boon Type Level Description
Raincaller's Chosen Tiered 4 See below.
Starcrossed Minor - +2 Max HP.
Raincaller's Chosen IV
Downpour 1 Orange may call a rainstorm on an area equal to 1 square mile.
This process requires the Rain Stone to be instantaneous, or a Fragment of Rain to take 10 minutes.
Weathered 2 Orange gains 3 Water & 3 Storm Damage Resistance.
Tsunami 3 Orange's conjured rainstorm may now be a tsunami.
A tsunami requires the Rain Stone and 60 minutes to deploy, and will cause severe damage to a plot of land equal to 1 square mile.
The Tempest 4 Orange may use Storm Elemental Magic Skills regardless of Elemental Magic Meta.
Name Description
Shadow Paws +3 Search & Sneak.
Small Paws Orange can't use Greatswords, Great Axes, Great Maces, or Runeblades.
Tribe Lore +2 Survival.
Wild Dog +1 Evasion & Endurance.
Studies & Training
Study Source Description Time
- - - -
Training Source Description Time
- - - -


HP 28 + 2 [StarX] + 6 [Skill Points] = 36
SP 26 + 2 [Elemental] + 4 [Spirit] + 6 [Performance] = 38
HIT 6 [Performance]
EVA 1 + 6 [Performance] = 7
END 1 + 1 [Skill Points] = 2
WIL 2 [Elemental] + 4 [Spirit] + 2 [Bangle] = 8
Search 3
Sneak 3
Damage 4 [Wand]
Water 2 [Skill Points]
Spirit 4 [Skill Points]
Performance 6 [Skill Points]
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