Oliver Chance

Player: Flora
Upkeep: Common Tattoo (100z)
Race: Mutant (Feline)
Racial Trait(s): Flexibility, Ascendant, Bestial
Cultural Trait: Specialized Training (+1 Agility)
Locational Trait: Republican (+2 Field Medicine)
Age: 27
Weapon Proficiencies: Discipline (MA), Fist Weapons, Pistols
Favored Element:
Armor Type: Light Armor (Weathered Leather Coat)
Meta Bonus: Might VIII, Agility VI
Status and Equipment
HP: 70 74
SP: 49 53
Damage: 5 (Magma/Ice Lizard Scale Gauntlets)
To Hit: 9 (+2 in the dark)
Evasion: 11
Endurance: 10
Willpower: 1
Search: 2 (+2 in the dark)
Sneak: 2
SP Reductions: N/A
Equipped Weapon: Magma/Ice Lizard Scale Gauntlets
Charm of Succor
Concentration Bracers
Potion Satchel XL
High Energy Potion
High Healing Potion
Melty Moxie
Name Effect Heal Date
Injury Points 0/35


Tree: Might VIII Agility VI
Passive: Ire Momentum
Tier 1 Bash Vigilance Endure Deft Strike Flourish Flow
Tier 2 Rush Quicken Guardian Lunge Feint Sweep
Tier 3 Brandish Tenacity Punish Leverage Focus Chain
Tier 4 Fling Shatter Last Bastion Skyward Reposte Coup de Grâce
Improved Skills
Guardian Improved Guard. Oliver may instead choose to defend two Friendly Units, but he can only block one source of Damage per Unit. +1 Bonus-to-Hit on next Attack for each instance of Damage taken.
Punish Improved Knockdown. Oliver may apply Unbalanced if his target is already Prone.
Last Bastion Improved Immortal. Oliver may deliver another Attack with his normal To-Hit and Damage following the first attack.

Active Signature Skill – Solar Plexus
“Give me a minute – I got this!”
Benefit Oliver enters a meditative trance consuming his entire Turn. On his next Turn, he takes 2 actions + 1 for each instance of Damage he took during his trance.
Drawback He cannot avoid Damage in this state, and will always take it with no dodge roll.
Passive Signature Skill – Hero Complex
“A hero's work is never done!”
Benefit Ever the hero, the splicer is always willing to put himself in danger for the sake of others. When needed, Oliver can reach an ally within double the normal distance when using Guardian.
Drawback When making the stretch, he takes the full amount of damage.
Adventuring Skills
Vitality +13 “I'm pretty hard to take down.”
Strength +11 “Yes fellas, these guns are loaded. Please kill me.
Dexterity +9 “I got the magic touch.”
Acrobatics +9 “My body is still pretty fluid in motion.”
Speed +8 “Can't catch me!”
Thievery +5 “I've done things I'm not proud of.”
Gadgetry +5 “Think I know how this works.”
Field Medicine +4 “Not very much first aid in the slums.”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Cooking +13 “If I can be proud of one thing, it's being able to do this.”
Nerves of Steel +3 “I've seen hell and I ain't scared.”
Alcohol Tolerance +3 “How many was that…? I lost count.”

Equipment & Gear

Magma Lizard Scale Gauntlet
Base Stats 5 Blunt Damage. Martial Arts weapon created using the Great Materia (Magma Lizard Scale) Applies Burning on hit (vs END). This instance of Burning deals Magma, rather than Fire, Damage.
Material Magma Lizard Scale
Ice Lizard Scale Gauntlet
Base Stats 5 Blunt Damage. Martial Arts weapon created using the Great Materia (Ice Lizard Scale) :: (Applies frozen on hit (Vs. END), if target is frozen, applies Flanked, granting allies a 1/2 Blacksmith meta to hit (+3)
Material Ice Lizard Scale
Weathered Leather Coat (Light Armor)
Base Stats +2 Evasion & Sneak It may have some bullet holes but it’s dependable enough to weather through battles.
Enchantment Healing Stream Regenerate 2 HP per turn. Regenerate 6 HP per turn instead if imbued with Wind, Lightning or Storm.
High Energy Potion Restores 20 SP.
High Healing Potion Restores 20 HP.
Battle Potion Grants +5 Bonus To Hit for an encounter.
Charm of Succor The wearer's Stamina KO threshold is -5, instead of 0.
Potion Satchel XL Adds 3 Equipment Slots for Potions & Poisons only.
Concentration Bracers Enchanted copper bracelets that add +1 To Hit & +3 Concentration.
Potion Satchel XL
Healthy Hypo IV Restores 30 HP when injected.
Healthy Hypo IV Restores 30 HP when injected.
Melty Moxie The imbiber gains a Rank of Courage.
Currently Listening To
'David & Co.' Discography Adds +1 to your character's two highest Adventure Skills. Self-coined 'Electro Swing' band David & Co. continue to bless the Republic with dance music each year!
Potion Satchel Adds 2 Equipment Slots for Potions & Poisons only.
All Purpose Pouch Adds 2 Equipment Slots for Consumable Items only.
Restorative Remedy The imbiber gains a Rank of Regeneration.
Light Weapon Oil+ (x2) Can be splashed on a melee weapon as a Sub Action. After doing so, the next 9 attacks are Light and also apply Nulled (vs END).
Revolver A small, standard six chamber revolver.
Bleeding Nettle Tea Imbibing at any point during an encounter reduces 1 Injury Point from all sustained injuries.
High Energy Potion (x3) Restores 20 SP.
Awakening Potion (x6) Grants +3 Bonus To Hit for an encounter.
Mystic Potion (x6) Grants +3 Willpower for an encounter.
Health Tonic α (x2) Restores 15 HP.
Steel Knuckle Gloves Leather-covered hard knuckles for great protection.
Portable Cassette Player A hand-held cassette player with headphones, good for on-the-go.
Cassette Collection
'David & Co.' Discography Adds +1 to your character's two highest Adventure Skills. Self-coined 'Electro Swing' band David & Co. continue to bless the Republic with dance music each year!
'Pump It Up!' Discography Reduces Training time by 2 Days, ignoring the usual caps. Known for fast-paced beats and electronic music, 'Pump It Up!' is a collection of artists more than a band.

Boons, Training, & Research

Name Description Research Time
Name Description Research Time
Orcish Skullsplitter III Skullsplitters are fierce combatants that typically use large weapons to great effect. They harness the Orcs’ Battle Rage to far greater lengths than any of their kind, carving bloody swathes with anger as their fuel. 7/16 - 8/11
Path of the Skullspliter II
Boon Type Level Description
Aspiring Chef Minor +3 Cooking After working as hard as he could to focus on his passion, Oliver has acquired the skills he needs to become a professional chef!
Fortitude Major +4 Maximum HP
Veni, Vidi, Vici Major +1 Piercing & Fire Damage Resistance. +1 Movement
Nephilim's Blood Minor +1 Endurance
Titan's Blood Minor +1 Evasion
Vigor Tattoo+ Temporary +2 Vitality
Orc Medicine Minor +3 Maximum HP Oliver drank a disgusting, chunky liquid that tasted like sugar and dirt.
Remnant of Lucent's Champion Major +6 HP & SP. +1 to any non-Crafting Meta & Cap (Might). Oliver applies Pained on flat rolls of 16 - 20 (vs END) with Might Skills. Caedoch's annex was likely more of an exchange, and Oliver's gained from it..


Zeny 67,200z
Favor 40
GP 57
Stat Math
HP 40 [Base] +3 [Stat Points] +8 [Might Meta] +4 [Fortitude] +6 [Agility Meta] +3 [Orc Medicine] +6 [Remnant of Lucent's Champion] = 70
SP 40 [Base] +3 [Stat Points] +6 [Remnant of Lucent's Champion] = 49
HIT 8 [Might] +1 [Conc. Bracers] = 9
EVA 1 [Base], +4 [Feline Grace], +6 [Agility 6], +2 [Weathered Leather Coat] +1 [Nephilim's Blood] = 11
END 1 [Base] +8 [Might 8] +1 [Titan's Blood] = 10
WIL 1 [Base]
DAM 5 [Magma/Ice Lizard Scale Gauntlets]
Search 2 [Base] (+2 in the dark)
Sneak 2 [Base] +2 [Weathered Leather Coat] = 4
Might 4 [Skills] +1 [Racial] +1 [Stat Points] = 6
Agility 4 [Skills] +1 [Specialized Training] + 1 [Stat Points] = 6
Combat Skills 12 [Might] +12 [Agility] +2 [HP] +2 [SP] +9 (Might Meta) +4 [Agility Meta] = 41/42 pts
Adventure Skills 3 [Vitality] +3 [Strength] +5 [Dexterity] +3 [Acrobatics] +5 [Speed] +5 [Thievery] +5 [Gadgetry] +2 [Field Medicine = 30/30 pts
NC Skills 9 [Cooking] +6 [Drinking] = 15/15 pts
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