Nor Jinan

Character Profile
Player: Patty
Currency: 55,400z
Veiled Sun Favour: 6 (Irha), 4 (Qisma), 5 (Yasmin) 1)
Race: Tangled (Rooted)
Racial Trait(s): Sharp Ears (+2 Search), Survive & Thrive (+1 END)
Cultural Trait: Magic Affinity (+2 Spell Lore & Mana Control)
Locational Trait: Umbalan (+2 Vitality)
Age: 171 (Adult)
Weapon Groups: Umbalan Tender2), Heavy Spellsword 3)
Weapon Proficiency: Instruments
Weapon Expertise : Staff, Swordstaff
Favored Elements: F̵̹̟͂̇̄ó̵̝͍̲r̷̝̎͆ç̶͑e̵̞̯͕̊͂͐, Fire, Water
Armor Type: Fortune Seeker’s Outfit (Reinforced Garb)
Meta Bonus: Performance 4, Agility 2, Elemental 3
Status and Equipment
HP: 48 53
SP: 52 57
Damage: 7 Poison, Dark / Magical (Swordstaff)
To-Hit: 4
Evasion: 8
Endurance: 1 3
Willpower: 2
DR: 1 Magical
Search: 4
Sneak: 1
SP Modifiers: +1 All SP Costs (Kombucha)
Equipped Weapon: Liar’s Staff
Equipment (6)
Eden’s Wicked Thorns Feather Poncho
Chilled Coffee Auspicious Feathers
⇌ Potion Satchel Glowing Vine Bracelet
Name Type Description Heal Date
Love Like You Scar (Cognitive) Jinan has lived a few pieces of Severo’s life - memories are bound to get tangled up. He sporadically falls into the mind-set and emotions of Russo; this is rare and happens more often when alone. He may find himself more willing to take exponential risks for the ones he loves. Never
Skinwalker Scarification Scar Jinan's right hand has another diagonal scar from just above the thumb to just below the pinky. It faintly glows under the right circumstances. -1 Dexterity. When any Unit in an encounter adopts an Animal Form, Jinan gains +1 WIL for the rest of the encounter. Never
Knotted Soul 8 IP (Critical, Soul) Something's very wrong inside of Jinan, and it doesn't feel like it'll go away anytime soon. Jinan has no access to the Spirit Element and has completely lost the Spirit Magic Skill Tree. Spirit Damage is True Damage against him, and Links can't be formed with his Soul under any circumstance. When this Injury heals, it'll leave a scar…. (365 Days) 7/5/21
Injury Points 8/24 31
Temporary Boons
Name Type Description End Date
Fortune of Acrobatics The next time Jinan makes an Acrobatics Adventure Skill roll, he rolls twice and chooses the higher option. Until next Acrobatics check.
Sun’s Consort Favor the Light Element and gain Fluidity with it in all other Magic Skill Trees. While in direct sunlight, you gain a Rank of Brilliant every Turn. In a year, this will downgrade into something else. (365 Days) 2/9/21
Sun’s Light +5 Max HP/SP (30 Days) 10/30

Boons & Special Powers

Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Tier Description
Eye for Adventure Major - +1 WIL. Jinan gains +2 to the following Adventure Skills: Relic Lore, Creature Lore, Harvesting.
Codex of Language Major - Grants knowledge of the ancient language, Cascadian. Jinan can now speak, read, and write in Cascadian (Elysian).
GIft of Terror Major - +4 Maximum HP. Reduce the IP value of all alchemical, drug-based, or withdrawal-related injuries to 0. Gain the Zurian Trance spell: When casted outside of combat, completely negate the negative (but not positive) effects of all ingested potions, medicine, drugs, and injuries related to them and their withdrawal. Maximum HP and SP are reduced by 8, and SP costs are raised by 1. The Trance can persist for days, or until the last injury heals, and the user is somewhat vacant and mystical in demeanor while active. This boon is Cosmic in nature.
Sunlight’s Embrace Major - A runic inscription carved into the back of Jinan’s right hand up to his shoulder, and delicately painted in and over with Solar Nectar. Once per Turn as a Sub Action, spend 2 SP to Heal 4 HP. In direct sunlight 4), both SP Cost & Healing are doubled and Immediately use Kiss (1 SP, 2 HP) after activating Embrace.
R̬̯͞o̪̜̙l̹̱̼̠͍͙̻̗ư̻̜͈̩̗w҉҉̹͍͖͙ǹ̻͓̮̰͚͓͈̠͜d͎͓͖͕̳͎'̸͈̭̹͕̣͚̙͍͝s͓͕̰̺̻̱̗͖ͅ ̜̹̰̳͠B̺͚͖̗̤̱̠͎ͅĺ̶̷̼͚e͏̼̠͕̫̬͇̯͖̻s̢̰̳̤̜͡s̴͖̼͈̫̜i͎̟̱̺̺̺n̩̳̯̮̜̳g͍̺͡ Blessing 5 See doc for all bonuses.
?̕͜͢?̷̵͞?̸̛̀͠'s Recollection ~ Missing Piece Minor 1 Jinan’s thoughts drift occasionally. He finds he likes exercise more than he did (yay, hiking and swimming!) he's a hint more impatient with his wants, and he may just crave a drink once in a rare while. +3 Non-Combat Skill: Alcohol Tolerance.
Sunlight’s Wrath Major - A small runic inscription carved into the back of Jinan’s left hand. Once per Turn as a Free Action, spend 1 SP to deal 2 Light DAM to enemy Units with 4 sq automatically. In direct sunlight 5), both SP Cost & DAM are doubled.
The Gift of Sanctuary Major - +4 Maximum HP. Reduce the IP of all Soul Injuries by 2. Gain +2 Vitality. Gain the Zurian Sanctuary spell: Focused Action, 6 SP. Create an area of 6 squares around you, reducing all incoming and outgoing Damage by 5, applying Pacified, and granting +15 Sneak (that does not go over racial caps) to friendly units inside. Units inside become incorporeal and may pass through objects up to a foot in thickness, while appearing only as faint refractions of light to outside viewers. This boon is Cosmic in nature.
Sunforge Slapdash Minor - The Sunforge Coven's Bubbling Cauldron has had a very strange effect on Jinan. Jinan adds +1 to an invested Adventure Skill of his choice.(Mana Sensing)
Fragments Major - Having another soul interwoven with his has left Jinan with a little forgein knowledge. He may get the feeling he and Severo know quite a bit about one another, now. Gain +2 Field Medicine and +2 Magic Healing.
Other Type Description
Tangled Soul Racial (Tangled) Jinan has a Potent Soul, which allows use of Superior Magic, Nephilim Arts, and other abilities that harm the user without suffering as dearly. His soul is also of the Force Element, but a strange and more turbulent version. Tangled do not become Force themselves.
Catalytic Racial (Tangled) Jinan requires no Catalyst to use Magic. He uses Jewelry’s Base Damage with no Perks if spells are cast this way.
Unbound Racial (Tangled) As long as SAS-216 stands, Jinan ceases to age. When and if he dies of other causes, PM Caitlin. He is no longer part of Aurora’s Soul Cycle.
Being of Force Racial (Tangled) Jinan automatically favours the Force Element and gains Fluidity with it even if he lacks Fire and Water, despite that being impossible & unprecedented.
Child of the Wood Racial (Tangled) Tangled accrue Roluwnd’s Gifts by nurturing their connection to SAS-216. For each Roluwnd’s Gift Jinan possesses, he adds +1 EVA, WIL, or END and +3 Maximum HP or SP. This bonus can change with each one acquired.
Peace Racial (Tangled) In the presence of A01 (The Wolf), A02 (The Butterfly) or any of the ‘Blessed’, Jinan will feel a sense of being at ease.
Wild Instinct Racial (Tangled) Roluwnd’s Gift. Circadian Dissonance. Each month at Upkeep, Jinan may choose to be Crepuscular, Diurnal, or Nocturnal.6) This can’t be changed until next month.


Tree: Performance IV Agility II
Passive: Martial Muse Grace (6)
Cost: Tier + 1
Tier 1 Gentle Breeze Cadenza Coming Storm - Flourish Gaslight
Tier 2 Hunter’s Wit Vivace Marksman’s Aim Lunge - Grip Change
Tier 3 For the Fallen Fortissimo Bloody Vengeance - Focus Chain Dance
Tier 4 Dragon Roar Sforzando Jagged Claws - - -
Tree: Fire I Water I
Passive: Balance
Cost: Tier + 1
Tier 1 Fire Barrier Sunsoothe - Water Barrier Wash Life Drop
Tier 2 Fire Walk7) - Cauterize Water Brand - Life Rain
Tier 3 - - Warm Glow8) - - -
Tier 4 - - - - - -
Unique Performance: The Colossus Deep
Drowning Psalm … A reverberant chime that rings through the body, focusing the attacks of allies and overwhelming those that succumb. (Standard Tune / 5 SP). Allies in Tune using Physical weapons roll to apply Numbed on Attack rolls of 16-20. Allies using Catalysts roll to apply Nulled on Attack rolls of 16-20. Numbed & Nulled applied this way only last a turn.
… Hollow Calm A lingering echo that hollows out the senses, inducing foes into a trance-like state. (Standard or Focused Crescendo / 5 SP). An Enemy Unit in Tune immediately rolls against a Rank of Pacified (vs. END). If they are Numbed or Nulled at any rank, apply one additional Rank of Pacified for each condition active. Pacified applied this way only lasts a turn. (Focused) As Standard, but affects all Enemy Units who are Nulled or Numbed in Tune Range.
Unique Performance: The Veiled Sun
Dazzling Dominion … Brilliance that forces all eyes toward the dancer, capturing enemies and allies alike! (Standard Tune / 5 SP). Friendly Units in the Tune have +1 Rank of Brilliant while inside the Tune. Apply Blind to all enemy Units in the Tune (vs END) on every second Turn the Tune is active.
… Awaken the Sun The dance builds to a heavy climax, finishing with a series of furious strikes and then both hands skyward as if in praise. (Standard or Focused Crescendo / 5 SP). Apply Blind to all Enemy Units in Tune Range (vs END). Afterward, deal NWA or MCA + 3 to enemy Units in Tune Range who are affected by Blind (vs EVA). (Focused) As Standard, but Damage is dealt to all enemy Units (rather than only Blind ones). If the enemy Unit is Blind, they roll flat to defend.
Adventuring Skills
Illusions +10 “Dreams and deceit, it’s a very thin line…”
Vitality9) +10 “In spirit!”
Acrobatics +9 ”My talents are easily applied to other things, I find!“
Relic Lore10) +9 “A whole universe of legends, don’t you find it fascinating?”
Mana Control11) +7 “All in the wrist, my friend.”
Mana Sensing12) +4 “Maybe I prefer surprises.”
Spell Lore13) +4 “Far more beyond a country full of secrets.”
Dexterity14) +5 ”If I wasn’t a little careful, I’m sure I would have set myself on fire by now - and what a tragedy that would be.”
Speed +3 ”I prefer slow and sensual.”
Clairvoyance +3 ”You think they’d be dying to talk to me.“
Creature Lore15) +2 ““It certainly looks… wild.””
Harvesting16) + 2 ”I absolutely judge books by their cover, and by books I mean things that aren’t expensive and magical.”
Field Medicine +2 “Don’t ask me to be gentle.”
Magic Healing +2 “Honestly, it doesn’t look that bad.”
Non-Combat Skills
Dancing (Folk) +15 ”As I live and breathe! And move, really - but I recommend standing a safe distance.” Jinan is a natural at most stepwork, but favors a more fiery method of dance.
Alcohol Tolerance +3 ”I could probably drink that entire bottle.”
Active Signature Skill – ??
”I’m plenty charming on my own, at least…“
Passive Signature Skill – Devil’s Luck
I wouldn’t call it a curse, per se.”
When landing on a flat roll of 10, Jinan must reroll regardless of success excluding threshold-based rolls (ie. Haste, Care). When this roll falls under a 10 twice in an encounter, his next Devil’s Luck is rerolled until above a 10.
Dual Skill – Watch and Learn (Avi & Jinan)
Taking notes?
In combat, Watch and Learn activates when Avi or Jinan miss an Attack in a combat encounter. If Avi misses, it will affect Jinan, and vice-versa. The one who benefits treats the same target as +1 Rank of Flanked until they miss or land an Attack. If they miss, this bonus transfers to the other and gains +1 Rank of Flanked. As soon as an Attack is landed, or one of them changes to a different target, Watch and Learn is reset.
Out of combat, this can also activate off of failed Adventure Skill checks, but only if Avi and Jinan are using Adventure Skills they've both invested in. If Avi fails, it will affect Jinan, and vice-versa. The one who benefits gains +2 to the Adventure Skill check. It will also activate when one of them has to make an Adventure Skill roll to save the other or make up for their failure (to 'show them up').


Armor: Fortune Seeker’s Outfit
It’s the same gaudy outfit - a bit far from cheap now, though.
Maker’s Mark Cheap: You got this for a steal, and most NPCs will only ask for ½ their normal price to repair it.
Base Stats Reinforced Garb. +1 EVA and +2 Maximum HP.
Improvement Warded Undervest: +3 END against Magical Conditions, +1 Magical DR.
Enchantment Pain☆: Add 3 Dark damage to all incoming and outgoing attacks.
Weapon: The Liar’s Staff
A long silver and blue staff with an array of chimes and glittering trinkets at the top.
Innate +3 EVA, WIL, END vs. Interrupts Attacks. No +1 SP Cost for all Magic Skills.
Base Stats Staff. 6 ➤ 9 Magical 3 Dark 17)18)19).
Legendary Enchantment Liar’s Trick: This Weapon grants access to the ‘Liar’s Trick’ Skill once per encounter. As a Standard Action for 8 SP, apply Water Brand and send a claw of Water flying for an enemy Unit (Called Attack - Neck vs WIL). If they successfully avoid your Attack, Automatically strike them from behind for MCA + 3 Water Damage via a similar claw that launches up from the ground there. If they did not, Automatically apply 2 Ranks of Coughing & Bleeding by wrapping the initial claw around their throat and yanking it backward.
Enchantment Eye of the Storm: +1 Damage and changes the weapon’s element to Storm. Once per combat encounter, you may create a storm centered on yourself that knocks back any targets in Melee range 8 Squares away (vs END). Friendly fire is enforced.
Weapon: Dancer’s Swordstaff (Storage)
A concealed blade-type staff, burnished gold and chimes when swung just right.
Innate Attack range is 6 sq. Add +1 to all EVA, WIL or END effects they create20). +2 to all Shield or Barriers effects they create 21).
Base Stats Swordstaff. 5 ➤ 7 Poison/3 Dark 22)23) & Magical
Enchantment Care: Weapon rolls after a Supportive Magic Skill (Threshold: 8) to perform a second Supportive Magic Skill at +2 SP cost.
Enchantment Mortal Cleric☆: Weapon has a blue-green glow, surging in the presence of mortal creatures. +3 healing to mortal races, -1 healing to immortal races..
Chilled Coffee +20 SP.
⇌ Potion Satchel
Health Soda (2) +20 HP.
Eden’s Wicked Thorns A sturdy crown of sharp, pointy brambles and a vivid green gem. It hurts a bit to put on. Gain +1 Magic Damage when in a natural area 24), or in the presence of any Elemental Field. As a Sub-Action, you may cast a Lightning MCA vs enemy Units within 8 squares, for 1 SP per Unit. When worn, you gain Fluidity with the Lightning Element, and can apply that element to any spell cast for +1 SP. You start every encounter by taking 3 DAM (from having put the crown on), and take 3 True Piercing DAM whenever you take it off.
Feather Poncho A small poncho made out of Veiled Sun Grand Peco feathers, it’s coloured in vivid reds, oranges and browns. Magical Gear. Gain +1 Movement & +2 Speed. Ignore Difficult Terrain (but not Dangerous Terrain).
Auspicious Feathers An eastern brooch consisting of an ornate pin surrounded by faintly glowing, mana-rich golden feathers, said to bring good luck. Gear. Once a day, this grants one of three effects: Fall from any height and land unharmed, automatically succeed an Acrobatics, Dexterity or Speed roll, or negate one Physical attack made against you in combat. The effect is activated automatically when the conditions are met.
Glowing Vine Bracelet A bracelet made from glowing, gently pulsating vines. Gear. Main-hand Weapon is passively affected by Poison Brand (+2 Damage & Poison Element).


Source Description Research Time
Warm Glow Living Warmth might be a good pick-me-up, but what if you can’t get to your allies in time? Prevent a battering with Kifaya! (Expert Study - ¼) Complete
Resplendent Radiance A set of Solar Ink tattoos that will connect all previous tattoos together, they take up a good deal of skin and are highly stylized. These are a high honour, and mark you as a distinguished member of the Veiled Sun - family, community member, and someone to look up to. (Master Study - ¼, Resumed from 98 Days) 12/18 - 3/26/21
Source Description Training Time
Oracle’s Offering Jinan has been teaching Irha Spirit magic - now Irha will see if Jinan can pick up something of her own. (Master Training - ¼, Resumed from 98 Days) Complete
Blaze Spark Kifaya is well known among the Sun for her dances that generally involve lighting herself on fire. She’d love a practice buddy for her latest edition to her routine, a different way of casting Cone of Flame. If you practice with her, she’ll teach you, too! (Master Study - ¼) 1/3 - 6/20
Key Items
Firestone Mancala Board A Mancala board carved of a lovely dark wood, polished to a sheen. The playing stones are a translucent fiery orange, and slightly prismatic when in the sun. A strategic counting game for 2 players! Magical Gear Every month at Upkeep, the owner and one friend of their choice can enjoy a game of mancala on this enchanted board. Doing so rewards them both with the 'Counting Stones' Temporary Boon until their next encounter. It adds +2 Search and allows them to double their Search if the roll is to either count objects or measure rough distance.
Solar Crystal Charm Carefully carved into the approximation of a leaf! It looks like it has the sun caught in it. There’s a small clasp at the end, making it ideal for a necklace, bracelet or earring. Magical Gear. In direct sunlight, gain +1 to outgoing Healing.
Ükhliin Nom, The Book of Death A weathered grimoire from the Far East bound in black leather from an unknown creature, written in a language from the Steppes. It gets its name from a wealth of detailed, macabre anatomical sketches of humanoids and strange monsters held inside. Easily misplaced, and staring at its pages gives the reader a headache with remarkable consistency…
Far Eastern Flag An enormous, gold-and-red flag bearing a complicated circular rune on it. It's made of a very soft, silk-like fabric, and Jinan's fairly sure that if he unfolded it all the way, it'd be larger than the floor of his dorm back in the Seeker's Camp… Occupies 2 Equipment slots, due to its size and weight, even when folded up. Carrying it on him grants -2 Speed and Acrobatics, for the same reason.
Magicked Ashes A non-descript sack of dark, faintly glittering ashes, that if Jorm is to believed, should burn continuously for several centuries when sparked. Occupies 1 Equipment slot.
Standard Willful Core A spherical core with an intricate web of grooves carved into it. The soul housed in this core gains +1 WIL.
Sea Piece Suit A fancy, three-piece suit in Quattori fashion, completely with a vest that’s a rich purple and bears a wavelike pattern. Grants +3 WIL, and imbues the wearer with Water. Only functions when the wearer submerged in water.
Dynamic Helmet Aerodynamic! Grants +2 Movement and 3 Water DR. Only functions when the wearer is submerged in water.
Leviathan R. Charm An incredible sea-serpent, coiled around itself in a spiral. Grants water-breathing, indefinitely.
Thalj Overseer’s Garb Unarmored. -1 SP Costs, +2 MOV. Ktullanux’s Screen: 5 Water DR and (near) immunity to pneumonia as well as frostbite.
Status Calculation
HP 33 [Base] +2 [Armor] +2 [Agility] +8 [Gifts] +3 [Ǵ̸͖i̴̤͛f̸̠͐ṫ̴̨] = 48
SP 44 [Base] +4 [Performance] +3 [Ǵ̸͖i̴̤͛f̸̠͐ṫ̴̨] +1 [Elemental] = 52
HIT 4 [Highest Meta] = 4
EVA 1 [Armor] +4 [ Performance] +2 [Agility] +1 [Blessing] = 8
END 1 [Racial] +1 [] = 2
WIL +1 [Eye for Adventure] +1 [Elemental] = 2
DAM 5 Physical / Magical [Swordstaff] +2 (Glowing Vine Bracelet) = 7
Search 2 [Racial] +2 [Ǵ̸͖i̴̤͛f̸̠͐ṫ̴̨] = 4
Sneak 1 [Blessing] = 1
Combat Skills 12 [Performance] +6 [Agility] +7 [Elemental] +4 [8 Adventure Skills] +3 [Element Favor] = 32/42
Adventure Skills 9 [Illusions] +6 [Acrobatics] +7 [Relic Lore] +3 [Mana Control] +3 [Vitality] +1 [Spell Lore] +3 [Mana Sensing] +3 [Dexterity] +3 [Clairvoyance] = 38/38
N-C Skills 15 [Dancing] = 15/15
1) -7 (Yasmin), -5 (Samira), -4 (Irha), -7 (Kifaya) spent
2) Anthame, Staff, Swordstaff, Wand
3) Magic Cannon, Runeblade, Staff, Swordstaff
4) , 5) and in the Tanglewood, or in the presence of Maeve, Sybil, Lydia, or Lunette
6) Currently: Crepuscular
7) , 8) Pending
9) +2 Umbalan, +2 Gift
10) , 15) , 16) +2 Eye for Adventure
11) , 13) +2 Magic Affinity
12) +1 Sunforge
14) -1 Skinwalker
17) Eye of the Storm: +1 DAM, Storm
18) , 22) Glowing Vine Bracelet: +2 DAM, Poison Brand
19) , 23) Pain☆: +3 Dark DAM
20) , 21) Magic Only
24) always active - T3 R̬̯͞o̪̜̙l̹̱̼̠͍͙̻̗ư̻̜͈̩̗w҉҉̹͍͖͙ǹ̻͓̮̰͚͓͈̠͜d͎͓͖͕̳͎'̸͈̭̹͕̣͚̙͍͝s͓͕̰̺̻̱̗͖ͅ ̜̹̰̳͠B̺͚͖̗̤̱̠͎ͅĺ̶̷̼͚e͏̼̠͕̫̬͇̯͖̻s̢̰̳̤̜͡s̴͖̼͈̫̜i͎̟̱̺̺̺n̩̳̯̮̜̳g͍̺͡
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