Newo Yorenguard

Player: Rurik
Upkeep: Lives on Campus (9z)
Income: 12500 (Asst. Professor)
Race: Jaguar (Feline) Splicer
Age: 23
Weapon Proficiencies: Magic Martial Artist, Heavy Spellsword, and Republican Sage
Weapon Expertises: Magic Cannons, Runeblade, Swordstaff, Jewelry
Favored Elements: Light
Cultural Trait: Specialized Training (Light)
Racial Traits: Flexibility, Proficiency, Ascendant, Bestial: Feline (Agility)
Splicer Traits: Wild Eyes, Feline Grace
Locational Traits Republican +2 Relic Lore
Armor Type: Heavy Armor
Meta Bonus: Agility 6, Artifice 5, Light 4
Status and Equipment
HP: 55
SP: 45
Damage: 5 Slashing/4 Magical/4 Blunt
To Hit: 6 (+2 in dark)
Evasion: 10
Endurance: 1
Willpower: 10
Search: 2 (+2 in dark)
Sneak: 2
Reductions: (+1) Physical
Equipped Weapon: Non-Lethal Runeblade
Equipped Armor: AAC 'Venture' Cloak
Containers Gear Special Powers and Boons
H. Hypo III(20HP) Potion satchel Yuno Academy Education
H. Hypo III(20HP) PCP (David&Co) x
Stam Hypo III (20SP) AAC 'Venture' Boots x
Jewelry Catalyst AAC 'Venture' Bracers x
x Chef's R Charm x
x AAC 'Venture' Neckerchief x
Skill Tree: Agility
Passive: Momentum
Tier 1 Deft Strike Flourish Flow
Tier 2 Lunge Feint Sweep
Tier 3 Leverage Focus Chain
Tier 4 Skyward Riposte Coup de Grace
Skill Tree: Artifice
Passive: Temperance
Tier 1 Hush Analyze Polarize
Tier 2 Discharge Anticipation Mimicry
Tier 3 Siphon Silence Pierce
Tier 4 Spell Steal Unweave Tempered
Skill Tree: Light
Passive: Judgement
Tier 1 Smite Heal Zeal
Tier 2 Absolve Bless Crux
Tier 3 Flash Haste Consecrate
Tier 4 Sanctuary Resurrect Grand Cross
Powers and Boons
Yuno Academy Education Tier Description
Academy Novice I +1 Spell Lore & Relic Lore. +1 To Hit with Magic Bolters & Magic Cannons. When Studying or Training Glyphs, add +2 Artifice Meta.
Academy Apprentice II +1 Spell Lore & Relic Lore. +1 Magic Damage with Magic Bolters & Magic Cannons. Newo can adjust her Scripts' Maximum Charges by 1 in either direction (- / +).
Academy Expert III +1 Spell Lore & Relic Lore. +2 To Hit with Spell Steal. Newo gains Expertise in 2 Magic Weapons she only has Proficiency in.
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Acrobatics 8 “I always land on my feet.”
Strength 9(+1) “The transformation also increased my muscle mass.”
Dexterity 9 “But sadly no claws…”
Vitality 8 “Though perhaps I have nine lives?”
Speed 7 “haha, I'm not in the habit of running away.”
Mana Control 9 “I wouldn't be much of sage without control would I?”
Mana Sensing 9 “Good for talent acquisition.”
Spell Lore 10 “Best to know what you're up against.”
Relic Lore 13(+1) “Well I know a thing or two about a gadget or two.”
Tech Lore 8 “Like I said, a device or two.”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Sibling Love 7 “Don't get between us.”
Baking 5(+2) “I do love a good cake!”
Poker 3 “Cards tell a lot about a person.”
Rune Blade
Base Stats 5 Slashing / 4 Magical
Craftsman Yuno Academy
Maker’s Mark Singular: +1 Damage with Light, -3 vs. Broken
Material Steel/Magical Gems
Enchantment n/a
Improvement n/a
Excellent Shortsword
Base Stats 3 Piercing, +1 DAM to Flanked/Exploited, +4 to apply Bleeding
Craftsman Aslan Yazdi
Maker’s Mark Excellent +2 to Hit
Material Steel
Enchantment n/a
Improvement n/a
Duke Shotgun
Base Stats 2×4 Ballistic, +1 Dam to Unarmed units
Craftsman RDF Surplus
Maker’s Mark Full clip: +25% Ammunition
Material Steel
Ammo 5
Enchantment n/a
Improvement n/a
Rune Blade
Base Stats 3 Slashing / 2 Magical
Craftsman RDF
Maker’s Mark Non-Lethal :: Riot Weapon deals ½ Damage, but it deals it to both HP & SP. Flat Attacks Rolls of 20 apply Unconscious for One Turn, to most creatures/people.
Material Steel/Magical Gems
Enchantment n/a
Improvement n/a
Singular Light Ring
Base Stats 3 MCA + 1 for Single Target spells
Craftsman Yuno Academy
Maker's Mark Singular :: All Weapons (not Scripts) purchased here come with this Maker's Mark. +1 Damage with a single Element (Light), but -3 vs. Damaged & Broken.
Military-issued Scalesuit
Base Stats +4 Endurance, +3 Physical Resist, -3 Move. Scalemail meant for front line fighters and less “tactical engagements”
Craftsman RDF
Material Steel and Ceramic plating
Enchantment x
Improvement x
AAC 'Venture' Cloak
Base Stats 1 Eva + 2 HP
Craftsman AAC
Material Wool?
Enchantment Well Ventured :: The wearer adds +1 to all invested Adventure Skills.
Health Hypo III 20 HP Heal with just a stickx2
Stamina Hypo 20 SP Heal with just a stick!
x ….
AAC 'Venture' Boots The wearer is Immune to Difficult Terrain and adds +2 Movement while Sprinting.
AAC 'Venture' Bracers The wearer is Immune to Called Attacks aimed at their Hands.
AAC 'Venture' Neckerchief The wearer's HP & SP KO Threshold is -7. Additionally… While the Neckerchief, Bracers, Boots, and Cloak are all equipped, they gain the Temporary Boon 'Venture Forth'. It lasts until any piece is unequipped and grants +1 to all invested Adventure Skills.
Light Kevlar Vest +1 Ballistic Damage
Potion Satchel Carries 2 potions/hypos
Light Ivory Charm A high element charm containing 3 spell slots
Fire Elemental Vellum A primary elemental vellum with 3 spell slots
Burly Man R. Charm x2 +1 to Hit versus Female Units
Kitty R. Charm +1 to searching in dim or dark
Zeny R. Charm -1 CP to one craft per month
Chef's R Charm Grants +2 to a Non-Combat Cooking Skill.
Von Meyer R. Charm Grants +1 Damage to all One-Handed Magical Catalysts.
Everglace R Charm If you have Assault Rifle Proficiency, upgrade it to Expertise. If you have Assault Expertise, add +1 To Hit with them.
Kafra R. Charm Grants +2 Tech Lore while working with extremely complex machinery, such as trains and automobiles. If you have Robotics, add +1 to it as well.
Florian Wolfchev R Charm Add +2 Maximum HP & SP for each Craft completed in the last 30 Days.
Portable Cassette Player A little scuffed from the Pawn shop. Plays cassettes portably.
David & Co Discography Adds +1 to your character's two highest Adventure Skills. Self-coined 'Electro Swing' band David & Co. continue to bless the Republic with dance music each year!
Zeny 117000z
Hornet Flyer A light vehicle with 2 seats and a storage compartment that has 2 Equipment Slots. An upgrade to the Mosquito, this flyer boasts a much louder, bulkier, flight-capable engine and magi-tech fins that passively draw in solar power.
Study Path Course :: Academy Sage, Step III. 42 Days. 9/3.
Path Completion 2/5
Stat Math
HP 40 + Agility 6 + Light 4 + 3 HP + 2 equips
SP 40 + 5 Artifice
HIT Agility 6.
EVA 3 Feline Splicer half Meta + 6 Agility + 1 SplicerSt + 1 Reinforced
END 1 Splicer
WIL Artifice 5 + 1 Splicer + Light 4
DAM 5/4
Search 2 Splicer
Sneak 2 Splicer
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