Player: Reed
Expenses: Frugality (0z)
Income: Traveler (0z)
Race: Youkai (Harupi)
Path: N/A
Racial Traits: Everlasting, Potent Soul, Sky Affinity, Flight, Aerodynamic, Eyes of Prey, Living Elemental
Caste: Steel Tempest
Caste Trait: Martial Focus
Locational Trait: The Rise (+4 Dexterity)
Age: 2791 (Venerable)
Weapon Proficiency: Discipline, Katanas, Odachi, Greatswords, Polearms
Favored Element: None*
Armor Type: Medium Armor (Pilgrim’s Kamishimo)
Meta Bonus: Agility 6, Leadership 5
HP: 60
SP: 58
Damage: 6
To Hit: 6
Evasion: 10
Endurance: 9
Willpower: 0
Search: 2
Sneak: 0
Movement: 13
SP Cost Modifiers: -1 Physical (Odachi)
Damage Resistance Modifiers: Wind (Absorb), -3 Lightning, -3 Storm, -1 Physical
Equipped Weapon: Serrakura
Red Mana Gem Blue Mana Gem (empty)
Health Soda (Lychee) Chilled Coffee (empty)
Injury Type Description Heal Date
The Wavering Blade Scar ”I’ve lost myself…“ Navara’s long slumber has stripped her of most of her fighting abilities, but her will remains… Her combat capabilities are limited until the day she feels whole again. Until she finds her way
Injury Points 0/27
Tree: Agility Leadership
Passive: Grace (18 Rhythm) Commander (5 Charisma)
Tier 1 Deft Strike (2) Flourish (2) Flow (2) Attack Order (2) Defend Order (2) Rally Order (2)
Tier 2 Lunge (3) Feint (3) Sweep (3) Heal Order (3) Shake Off (3) Heroic Charge (3)
Tier 3 Leverage (4) Focus (4) Chain (4) Desperate Cry (4) Inspiring Words (0) Chosen One (4)
Tier 4 Skyward (5) Riposte (5) Coup de Grâce (5) Presence (P) Pile On (5) Rise Up (5)
Adventuring Skills
Dexterity +9 “With precision.”
Acrobatics +9 “I soar through the skies.”
Speed +9 “The wind is forever at my back.”
Vitality +9 “I may look soft, but…”
Tech Lore +9 “The ‘how and why’ is best left to the Visionaries, but my understanding of these things is most solid.”
Strength +6 “I am much more suited for delicate work…”
Non-Combat Skills
Storytelling +3 “A few who frequent Lumina have said I am good at telling stories… I but recited reports on battles that took place long ago. Is it my accent?”
Passive Signature Skill – Press the Attack
“Give no pause to your attacks! We strike as one!”
Benefit Whenever Navara issues an Attack Order and her ally rolls 18-20 on the resulting action, she rolls to strike the same target for NWA if within range.
Active Signature Skill – ??? (LOCKED)
The culmination of my technique– I remember it well but it remains out of my reach.”
Benefit -
Drawback -
Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
- - - -
Other Type Description
Everlasting Racial (Youkai) Youkai are immortal so long as they have mana to sustain their existence.
Potent Soul Racial (Youkai) Youkai suffer reduced penalties for using and being struck by certain Spells and Skills.
Sky Affinity Racial (Harupi) Innately of the Wind element, with 3 Lightning and Storm Damage Resistance. Automatically favor Wind and gain access Lightning and Storm magic without favoring Water and Fire, provided the Elemental Meta requirement is met. Body is Catalytic and uses Jewelry’s Base Damage with no Perks, if spells are cast this way.
Flight Racial (Harupi) Harupi possess two sets of wings, allowing them to fly.
Aerodynamic Racial (Harupi) Harupi gain +3 Movement, aided by their wings and lightweight bodies.
Eyes of Prey Racial (Harupi) Harupi possess avian eyes, granting them 20/20 eyesight and a natural +2 Search.
Living Elemental Racial (Harupi) Harupi cannot breed with any race, and their ability to experience emotions is severely impaired.
Steel Tempest Caste (Harupi) Can only learn and use Physical Skills. Body is suited for direct physical combat, altering Stat and Meta Caps and granting Tier 1 and 2 Skills of a chosen tree for free (Agility).
Martial Focus Caste Trait (Harupi) Lose the ability to gain Favored Elements. Gain +1 Damage to a single Weapon Proficiency (Odachi) and +2 Meta Cap to the initially chosen tree (Agility).
Hero of the Guild
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Mettle - +6 HP & SP. Treat the Agitated and Frightened Conditions as though they were a Rank lower.
II Locked ? ?
III Locked ? ?
IV Locked ? ?
V Locked ? ?
VI Locked ? ?
VII Locked ? ?
Weapon: Serrakura
Material Sacred Steel
Craftsman ???
Base Stats Odachi. 5 DAM. A long eastern blade made of pitch black metal with a silver edge and a floral design along the flat. The handle is made from fragrant wood, and several roots appear to grow out of it, gripping the base of the blade.
Perks Odachi have an attack range of 6 instead of 4. They add +3 Bonus To Hit when applying Bleeding and reduce the SP cost of Physical Skills by 1.
Legendary Enchantment The End of Spring: This weapon causes a faint rain of illusory cherry petals to drape over the wielder. They feel refreshed and awake, though not enough to make it noticeable. This enchantment has lost its power with time, and is little more than a cantrip as a result.
Enchantment -
Enchantment -
Improvement -
Improvement -
Armor: Pilgrim’s Kamishimo
Material Canvas Cloth
Craftsman Visionary Sora
Base Stats Medium Armor. 1 EVA & END, 1 Physical DR. Requires 2 Physical Meta. Travelling samurai regalia, light and breezy.
Enchantment -
Improvement -
Red Mana Gem Restores 25 HP to a being that can consume mana, then crumbles to nothing.
Blue Mana Gem Restores 25 SP to a being that can consume mana, then crumbles to nothing.
- -
Health Soda (Lychee) Restores 20 HP. Lychee flavoured!
Chilled Coffee Restores 20 SP. What a buzz!
- -
Currency 0 Zeny
Fame Navara of the Steel Tempest (The Rise and Roost)
Infamy N/A
Source Description Research Time
Source Description Research Time
Key Items
Seal of the Guild An indestructible medallion bearing an intricate emblem of a trident piercing through waves and clouds.
Skill Point Expenditure
Such curiosity. Very well.
Stat Math
HP 48 [Base] +6 [Agility] +6 [Hero] = 60
SP 48 [Base] +5 [Leadership] +6 [Hero] = 59
HIT 6 [Highest Meta] = 6
EVA 3 [Base] +1 [Medium Armor] +6 [Agility] = 10
END 3 [Base] +1 [Medium Armor] +5 [Leadership] = 9
WIL 0 [Base] = 0
DAM (Odachi) 5 [Weapon] +1 [Martial Focus] = 6
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