Nadine Frost

Player: Briar
Upkeep: 4000z/mo (Nightmare House Owner)
Income: 15,000z/mo (Nightmare House Owner)
Race: Mimic Fiend
Age: 34
Weapon Proficiencies: Small Arms, Long Arms, Automatics, Throwing Weapons, Magic Catalysts
Favored Elements: Cosmic
Meta Bonus: Subtlety 6, Arcanism 6
Status and Equipment
HP: 42
SP: 42
Damage: 4/Revolver, 6/Repeater, 5/Magic
To Hit: 6/Base, 9/Revolver
Evasion: 9
Endurance: 6
Willpower: 5 (-1)
Search: 8
Sneak: 16
Resistance: -
SP Reductions: -1
Movement: 12
Equipped Weapon: Nobless Revolver & Swift Repeater
Equipped Armor: Aletheia's Inquisition Robes
Equipment Equipment Equipment
Tri Coven Earrings Corvine Boots Bullet Trinkets
Revolver Loader Wendigo Skull Rowena's Golden Necklace
Temp Boons & Injuries
Name Effect Heal Date
we good fam
Source Description Research Time
- - -
Skill Tree: Subtlety VI
Passive: Trickster
Tier 1 Subvert Obscure Snatch
Tier 2 Debilitate Sly Strike Divert
Tier 3 Raid Observe Blindside
Tier 4 Abscond Exploit Pounce
Skill Tree: Arcanism VI
Passive: Sorceress
Tier 1 Pain Sigil Ward Sigil Barrage
Tier 2 Stinging Sigil Aegis Sigil Dismissal
Tier 3 Death Sigil Mercy Sigil Titan Sigil
Tier 4 Detonation Extension Sigil Savant
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Illusions 16+2 “…”
Mana Sensing 10 “…”
Dexterity 8 “…”
Mana Control 8 “…”
Acrobatics 8 “…”
Speed 7 “…”
Tech Lore 5 “…”
Thievery 3 “…”
Relic Lore 3 “…”
Spell Lore 1 “…”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Sleight of Hand 8 “…”
Throwing Darts 6 “…”
Memorization 6 “…”
Juggling 5 “…”
Brew Tolerance 4 “…”
Active Signature Skill – …
Still searching…
Passive Signature Skill – Shoot More Bullets
Making a NWA with 1-Handed Firearms is a Sub-Action rather than a Standard Action for Nadine.
Boon Type Level Description
Cosmic Soul Racial - Grants Cosmic as a Favored Element. You can no longer safely be Soul-Linked with, harness Spirit or Superior Magic, or make use of most boons associated with the two.
Night Dweller Racial - +2 To Hit, EVA, Sneak, & Search at night. -5 END against light-based sources of blind.
Fiendish Secret Racial - +1 Subtlety Meta (but not cap). +6 Non-Combat points to spend on performance, impersonation, or charisma-related skills.
Quattori Locational - +2 Tech Lore.
Delightful Patron Major - +4 END against Envenomed, Sickened, Dazed. +4 Non-Combat points to spend on tolerance of different substances.
Book of Tricks Minor - +1 Illusions and Spell Lore.
Fiendish Powers
Subtle Form Innate - You take on the appearance of a Human, Elf, Cubi, or similar humanoid race. This carries no bonuses or penalties, and Transforming into this form is a Free Action.
Umbral Presence
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Eyes of Truth - Grants Tier +1 (2) WIL/Search, and +3 Illusions / +2 Mana Sensing. Nadine has eye-like mutations around her collarbone and on the back of her hands.


Nobless Revolver
Base Stats Revolver. 4+1 DAM, 6 Ammo. Ignores Rapid Stance's Hit penalty.
Maker's Mark Stable Grip :: Rapid Stance’s To Hit penalty is reduced from -4 to -2.
Improvement Barrel Extension :: +3 To Hit. -4 Movement, except on turns when the weapon is not fired.
Swift Corps. Repeater
Base Stats Repeater Pistol. 4 DAM, 10 Ammo. Treat Reloading as a Sub-Action. Add a follow-up NWA to all attacks. If your base roll is over 10 on both shots, add another follow-up NWA.
Maker's Mark Stable Grip :: Rapid Stance’s To Hit penalty is reduced from -4 to -2.
Enchantment Atroce's Acceleration :: +1/2 Weapon DAM (2). Physical Attack Skill SP costs are doubled. (After SP reductions.)
Tri Coven Earrings
Base Stats Twin Jewelry. 5 DAM, +1 DAM/Healing with Single-Target Spells, +2 against Disarm.
Maker's Mark Coven Secrets :: Weapon and its modifications can't be replicated.
Enchantment Illusive :: You're passively Rank 1 Shrouded and add +2 to the Illusions Adventure Skill.
House Frost Dress
Base Stats Unarmored. -1 SP Costs, +2 Movement.
Maker's Mark Darkshimmer :: +2 Sneak.
Enchantment After-Image :: +2 EVA. Upon successfully evading an attack, +2 EVA/WIL/END against the next attack.
Aletheia's Inquisition Robes
Base Stats Magic Attire. +1 EVA / WIL, +2 Move.
Legendary The Painful Truth :: +2 WIL. As a Sub-Action, apply Frightened and Censured (vs WIL) in an AoE. Censured applies 2, 3, and 4 Cosmic DV per Rank, and deals 1 Cosmic DAM when affected Units speak in an aggressive or untruthful tone. Censured can only affect sentient units. Outside of combat, nearby Units must pass a Vitality roll (DC: 10+Highest Meta) to lie.
Zeny 107,100.
GobTix 2,500.
Wendigo Skull Once per encounter, this may be held over the head to produce an unearthly howl and a brilliant flash of red from both eyes. It applies Blind (vs EVA) and Sickened (vs END) to all other Units.
Corvine Boots A pair of elegant, high-heeled boots decorated with dark feathers. As a Standard/Quick Action, for 4 SP, summon a terrible swarm of illusionary crows in an AoE of 4 squares around you, granting 2 Ranks of Shrouded and breaking enemy Units’ Line of Sight. The crows, and Shrouded, disperse at the end of your next phase.
Bullet Trinkets A variety of brassy, accessories in the shape of small and large bullets connected by thin chains. -1 WIL. As a Sub-Action, add a follow-up NWA to the next attack you make with a Firearm. Cannot be used with Heavy Arms or Unique Firearms.
Rowena's Golden Necklace A long, double-looped necklace made with dozens of handgun and assault rifle bullets. They’re engraved with Cosmic runes. +4 EVA against Ranged attacks. Magically replenish 1 Ammo to whichever firearm you are currently wielding at the start of each turn, and 1 more when making successful EVA rolls.
Revolver Loader A conveniently shaped tool for quickly reloading firearms. Treat Reloading Revolvers as a Sub-Action.
Heirloom Earrings Twin Jewelry with base stats.
Book of Party Tricks It's full of mostly harmless tricks for a certain kind of person. Reading this requires an Intermediate Study reduced by Illusions & Spell Lore. After completion, it grants a Minor Boon called 'Book of Tricks' that gives +1 to those Adventure Skills.
Sparkly Sticker Set They're in animal shapes and covered in glitter. Gain a Temporary Boon until your next encounter that adds +1 EVA & WIL. They have to be visible!
Health Soda x2 Heals 20 HP. Fizzy drinks that come in a variety of fruity and herbal flavors.
Chilled Coffee x4 Heals 20 SP. Cold, sweet coffee in a can. Available in mocha, caramel and vanilla.
Beacon of Suppression x3 A dull grey, fist-sized cylindrical crystal bound with a ring of magitek circuitry. As a Quick Action, ignore an instance of damage greater than 1/2 your Max HP, and divide it by 4. Suffer that much damage as an irremovable Damage Over Time effect over 4 Turns. If the source of Damage kills you outright, the beacon triggers automatically.


Stat Math
HP ….
SP ….
HIT ….
EVA ….
END ….
WIL ….
DAM ….
Search ….
Sneak ….
Point Expenditure -
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