Milena Jujubee Croquette

Character Profile
Player Lis
Battle Theme Claim Your Weapons Beg Me Tantrum
Race Psionic Fiendish Human Vampire
Racial Traits Flexibility 1), Proficiency 2)
Cultural Traits Vocational Training 3)
Locational Trait El Quattorian 4)
Age 22
Elements Shadow, Cosmic, Force
Meta Bonus Shadow Magic VI Tinkerer IV Subtlety IV
Weapon Groups Heavy Magician5), Magic Dueling6), Heavy Spellsword7), Magic Martial Artist8)
Weapon Expertise Orb, Staff, Heavy Arms
Health Points 44 34
Stamina Points 56 46
Damage Resistance 3 Cosmic DR, 1 All, 1 Fire
Willpower 89) 8
Evasion 710) 7
Endurance 111) -2
Sneak 2212)
Search 613)
Concealment 10
To Hit 8 SM-no.1 Oculus Orb 8 o030o Train Gun14)
Damage 5 SM-no.1 Oculus Orb15) 7 o030o Train Gun
Economy and Documentation
Wallet 152,750z 10,000/50,000z16)
Upkeep 0z 17)
Income Treasure Hunter18), SAS Part Time Researcher19)
Expenses 25,100z20)
Discounts None
Licenses None
Resources None
GobTix™ 125,400
Lighthalzen Punch Card 5/8
Merchant's Guild Bazaar Points 6
Research Credit 0
Equipment and Gear
Armor Barony Shadow Armor
Weapon SM-no. 1 Oculus Orb
CroqueTablet Beta Geology Dissquette, Sonar Disquette, Digitiser Disquette
All Purpose Pouch Tension Hypo III, Stamina Hypo IV, Health Soda
Smoke Grenades 1 of 3
KK Infiltrator
Ring of the True Martyr
Amethyst Eye Cat Burglar Drone21)
'eVe' Silver Choker
Charm Collection
Passive Items
G&G's Poring Doll Kept at Hand A cute stuffed poring, about the size of someone's head. It has a :3 expression. When placed in a residence (or workshop), it reduces Fatigue's SP penalty to +1 (instead of +2). Squeezing this is cute, but also feels weirdly revitalizing. It's maa~aagic.
Gob & Gobster's Leather Jacket For Gaming It's got Gobble Gob III's mask emblazoned on the back. When you wear this into Gob & Gobster's, you count as a Goblin.
Injury Points 24/
Siren's Presence 022) Minor Soul Injury Croquette feels an uneasy, cold chill at random times of day, like someone’s peering over her shoulder at an uncomfortably close distance. She experiences nosebleeds, seemingly at random, but particularly at the worst of times. Rolling a 3 or less on any action will result in gaining up to 1 Rank of Bleeding, via nose-bleeds. Croquette has 1 Cosmic DV (Damage Vulnerability). This Injury resets to its full duration every time Croquette meets with Nemea.
Autumn Floret 0 Unique Scar There’s a tangle of Force left within Croquette’s soul. She may not have become Tangled, but something has left a mark regardless. When using Cosmic, take 3 True Force Damage. When using Force, take 3 True Cosmic Damage. Both come in the form of a headache or small nose bleed. Gain use of Force and Fluidity with it (despite that being impossible). All Magic Stamina Costs +1, and conversion to Force costs +2 SP on top of that. Instead of feeling ease and at peace with the Blessed, she feels alert and jazzed (in a slightly manic but still pleasant way). They will feel similar with her, instead of protective - aware and excitable.
W̵̫͗ì̵̫t̵͆ͅn̵̦̋è̴͙š̶͈s̵͕̎ ̶̘͗i̶̼͘ṇ̷̋ ̵̭̾R̶̟͑e̸̫͛d̴̺͝ 0 Critical Soul Injury All of V03 lived many pieces of memory waste, and all together! That’s a terrifying first. The weight of those memories have left a mark. The members of V03 occasionally feel like someone else. They may miss a best friend they don’t know (Paula), they may feel like they’re still ‘below’ (wherever that is). This effect is rare, and happens more often when alone… But it’s disjointing and confusing, to say the least. Favorite colors might shift to more autumnal! They might miss a Home they don’t know.
Scattered Lives 0 Cognitive Scar Upon returning to the camp, the group is subjected to a cursory mana-scan. There’s a lingering trace of Cosmic mana on their souls, though it seems passive for now… May want to keep an eye on that. When you close your eyes, there’s a faint spec of red. You saw it.
Rotmouth 0 Scar Every so often, a bite of food or a mouthful of drink tastes sour or rotten. Bleeegh! +2 Consumables that are administered via eating or drinking have their Numeric Effect reduced by 1.
Fatigue 2 Major Injury Croquette picked up a second job, and she is paying for it with early mornings and late nights. Coffee might not be enough! +123) SP Costs.
Ripped Apart 8 Critical Injury The Distortion's final, desperate assault on the most negatively affected person in the group ended up being Croquette's bane. HP and SP are reduced by 10. She's passively R1 Pained and R1 Bleeding. 9/2
On Edge 4 Major Injury Croquette peered into the Distortion's cloak a bit too much… Her mind still struggles to make sense of what she saw. Passively R1 Frightened. When her Focused Actions are contested, she needs 2 Ranks of Focused to avoid being Interrupted. 8/23
Withering Venom 4 Major Injury Something was injected into Croquette that impairs her body's ability to heal… It's mostly gone, but traces of it will linger for a while, like a disease. All Healing effects on Croquette are reduced by 2. 8/23
Cosmic Mania 6 Soul Injury Croquette had a couple of Innate Powers already, and gaining a third still has her feeling the phantom jolt of electricity through her veins. At the start of every encounter, gain Haste (DC: 8), R1 Internal Bleeding24), R2 Sickened, and +2 SP Costs. 8/22
Name Type Description Finish Date
Driving Lessons X For a concerningly low price, Southside Motors offers ‘quick and dirty’ driving lessons through an enthusiastic if slovenly mechanic named Zoomer. He’ll claim to get you ready for the road in 2 weeks rather than 2 months, but you gotta show up every day and expect to take some bumps and bruises. They’ve got a dirt track around the back and some stock cars, trucks, and even flyers to practice on. FINISHED
EXTREME Driving Lessons X Once you’ve graduated from the 2-week Intro Course, Zoomer will teach you how the real pros drive. It’ll take a bit longer, and still won’t get you anything close to a real license, but if you’re thinking about getting into motorsports, it’s probably a sound investment… FINISHED
Scavvers' Bible Simple This hand-written book came from some loony in the wilderness. FINISHED
Safecracker’s Kit Intermediate A small, hand-made journal and a box of simple tools for cracking the most intricate sort of locks- Especially those used by banks and wealthy nobles. 8/10
Anomaly Research Simple Spend a few weeks working for the military, investigating a magical anomaly and then penning a full-fledged report on it. 8/26
“A Treatise on Anomalies” Simple Read a comprehensive thesis, written by an accomplished Sage from the Yuno Academy, on the Republic and its many anomalies. 9/11
Anomaly Research Simple Spend a few weeks working for the military, investigating a magical anomaly and then penning a full-fledged report on it. 9/27
“Standard Issue Labcoat” Simple Rekkenber’s advanced tools were the envy of all the Republic’s lesser scientists, and now some small portion of them can be yours. 10/13
Anomaly Research Simple Spend a few weeks working for the military, investigating a magical anomaly and then penning a full-fledged report on it. 10/29
Finger Skateboard Manual Intermediate Skateboard included. This stuff is popular in Goblin Town Reading this requires an Intermediate Study reduced by Dexterity & Thievery. After completion, it grants a Minor Boon called 'Tech Dexpert' that gives +1 to those Adventure Skills. TBD
Aquarium Set Intermediate It takes some work to set up, but it's pretty. Use incurs an Intermediate Study reduced by Creature Lore and Gadgetry. Once placed in a home or workshop and filled, it grants the Temporary Boon 'Fishwatching' to its owner at Upkeep. They may start their next encounter with a Rank of Pacified. TBD
Adventure Skills
Tech Lore 10 13 It's in my blood.
Gadgetry 10 13 Everything can always be fixed.
Dexterity 6 7 Nimble fingers for nimble things.
Mana Sense 9 11 I was never great at being aware of my surroundings.
Mana Control 9 11 I like to test my limits.
Illusions 4 7 Tricks or the trade.
Magical Healing 8 9 A bit out of practice but I do try.
Vitality 2 7 I do love life, but it don't always return the kindness.
Survival 2 3 I cannot survive without the ringer-net!
Harvesting 4 7 I need a reference for this still.
Acrobatics 625)7 I'm a bit out of shape but I can be quite bendy.
Thievery 10 13 What's yours can become mine.
Non-Combat Skills
Programming +7 I'm not the best.
Robotics +2 I really need to get a better handle on this.
Free-Diving +2 Swimming comes naturally when ya live near the water.
Unasuming Charm +5 Lil' ol me?
Trivial Knowledge +5 A single strand of Spaghetti is called a Spaghetto.
Skill Tree Shadow VIII
Passive Affliction
Tier 1 Sow Cloak Misery
Tier 2 Reap Ensnare Sap
Tier 3 Smother Descend Torment
Tier 4 Martyr Eclipse Slow Death
Skill Tree Tinkerer IV
Passive Magi-Technician
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Mech Masher
Tier 2 Ping! Great Materia Grenadier
Tier 3 Superior Keel Haul Short-Wave Interrupter
Tier 4 Excellent Grand Materia Overclock
Skill Tree Subtlety IV
Passive Assassin
Tier 1 Subvert Obscure Sever
Tier 2 Debilitate Observe Blend
Tier 3 Raid Sly Strike Vanish
Tier 4 Play Dead Exploit Covert
Skill Tree Perception
Passive Fixation
Tier 1
Skill Tree Cosmology
🟊 Gravity
SM-no.1 Oculus Orb
A high-tech, airborne magic orb, built like a stylized eye with a neon ‘iris’ that can be customized to any color. The Model 1 Oculus is advertised as the first truly ‘hands-free’ catalyst.
Base Stats 4 DAM. +2 AoE radius.
Crafstman The Charleston Electric Company
Maker's Mark +1 DAM; +5 against being broken
1st Enchantment
2nd Enchantment
1st Improvement Mind of its Own The Oculus is always scanning its environment and makes a free Search +3 Roll every turn in combat. If the Oculus discovers a hidden unit, it makes 3 MCAs with no damage bonuses against them.
2nd Improvement Laser-Guided The Oculus ‘eye’ emits a pale laser (in a color matching its iris), improving the aim of spells cast through it. +2 To Hit.
o030o Train Gun
Coated in a sleek Matte Gunmetal Black, save for a single eye-catching white rabbit decal along the side. Using Prismatic gem shards internally, to radiate neon lights that cycle through a rainbow spectrum only visible through a few thin gaps. Carried by a back adjustable strap with white-bunny silhouettes printed on it. Often with dangling of colorful charms that seem noisy but the gun is perfectly silent… Inspo
Base Stats 5 Ballistic DMG, Pierce 2 Ballistic DR, Activates Ranged Physical Attacks twice at full SP Cost, Automatically destroys Half/Full Cover if Attacking Unit
Makers Mark Soul Lock This weapon can only be used by the soldier it was assigned to.
1st Enchantment
2nd Enchantment
1st Improvement Accurate Excellent Heavy Silencer +1 To Hit, +3 Concealment. The weapon makes little noise and doesn’t break Stealth when fired. Can be applied to Heavy Arms.
2nd Improvement Ornament Ring XL A small ring that Ringer Charms can dangle from. Holds up to 3 Ringer Charms, but their effects are only active while the weapon is being held. -1 Sneak per Charm, whether the weapon is being wielded or not.
Fat Sparkrat R. Charm A Chubby neon blue raccoon, cradling his belly! +2 to Harvesting Adventure Skill.
Metaling R. Charm Unique to blind boxes, this Ringer Charm is in the shape of a cute metal poring. Grants +1 Damage and To Hit vs. Automatons and Constructs.
Sokolov R. Charm A cute chibi Lydia Sokolov! +1 To Hit to Firearms & Martial Arts.
SAS Uniform
A White, pale coloured uniform with accents of colour and silver. Inspo
Base Stats Reinforced Garb +1 EVA, +2 HP
Makers Mark Lead Lining: The wearer is Immune to Injury and other harmful effects from low levels of radiation. High levels may be diminished, but not entirely - they should still be avoided!
Craftsman SAS Issued
1st Enchantment
1st Improvement
Barony Shadow Armor
A black suit fitted to Croquette's form with thin colored trimming.
Base Stats +2 EVA, +2 Sneak. +4 to concealing items. Requires 4 Subtlety or Shadow Meta
Craftsman BGSF Issued
1st Enchantment Inverted Brilliance Brilliant and Shrouded can co-exist on the wearer.
1st Improvement Assassin Fitting When in Stealth, treat Reloading firearms as a Sub-Action, and changing weapons as a Free Action. You may only benefit from either once per turn.
++ CroqueTablet BETA
A thin tablet-like device with four slots for tiny discs on the side.
Base Stats The CroqueTablet is a modular container with 4 slots for specially-crafted discs. It increases the numeric effects of discs inserted into it by 3.
Maker's Mark Excellent +2 to all Numerical Bonuses provided by a Crafted Magi-Tech Tool or Device.
Geology Dissquette A green bottlecap-sized disc meant to be inserted into the CroqueTablet. Needs to be inserted into a CroqueTablet to function. The geology disc can be used to scan Metal Reagents of any rarity. The information it provides lowers the study difficulty of any scanned metal reagent by one tier or automatically identifies simple metal reagents. +3 Bonus.
Sonar Disquette A blue bottlecap-sized disc meant to be inserted into the CroqueTablet. Needs to be inserted into a CroqueTablet to function. The sonar disc ‘pings’ the surrounding area, capable of covering roughly one full room in size. It displays a rudimentary map of what it finds, adding +5 search when looking for physical objects or units. Be careful, it does make noise…!
Digitizer Disquette A pink disquette for the CroqueTablet that contains a program called ‘Digitizer’. When used from a CroqueTablet as a Sub Action, select ‘Devil’ or ‘Angel’ on the CroquTablet UI. If ‘Devil is selected, increase all friendly Units To Hit against a single enemy Unit by ½ the Crafters Tinker Meta ( round up ) +3. If ‘ Angel’ is selected, increase Direct Healing on a Unit by ½ the Crafters Tinker Meta ( round up ) +3. Both effects only last one turn.
Scrollodexter-C Disquette A yellow disquette for the croqueTablet that contains a program called ‘Scrollodexter-C’. Device [ Magitech ] When used from a CroqueTablet as a Standard Action, activate a nearby Cat Burglar Drone. It may act immediately, and continuing to control it on the following turn only costs a Sub Action.
Gear and Items
KK Infiltrator A wristwatch-like device with several 'prongs' that fit into most console ports. Etched onto the back face is a very rigid 'KK'. Adds +3 Tech Lore when used to infiltrate consoles, keypads, and similar devices. Once per encounter, it can be used to apply Haywire to a mechanical Unit (vs END) at the range. If Haywire doesn't apply, its single-use isn't consumed. Haywire Functions as Dazed, but lasts until a negative or harmful outcome is rolled.
Tension Hypo III / Adds +8 Evasion for an encounter when injected.
Health Soda Heals 20 HP. Fizzy drinks that come in a variety of fruity and herbal flavors.
Potion of Steel Skin++ Drinking this reduces EVA to 0 but grants 11 Physical DR for the encounter. The drinker's skin turns shiny and chromatic in quite a stunning display! It turns you into a robot! Not literally, but it may as well.
Ring of the True Martyr A nicked and heavily-abused silver ring with a black gem. +2 to Magical Healing & +1 to Illusions. The first use of the Shadow Magic Skill 'Martyr' per encounter has its effect doubled - both in Healing and Damage to its user.
Cat Burglar Drone +++ A tiny propeller-powered drone in the shape of a cat. It’s mostly quiet… Device [ Magitech ] The Cat Burglar Drone is Flying by default once turned on, and has sneak equal to 17. It has 15, and may ‘jack in’ to a console or other electronic device it comes within 2 squares of. While ‘jacked in’, the Drone will download whatever it can get its hands on. Typically, downloading everything on a single consol will take 120 seconds ( 2 Turns ). The Cat Burglar Drone can only take 3 instances of Direct Damage before it’s broken. Be Careful.
Amethyst Eye A deep purple gem, that lights with mana. Once per encounter, as a Sub / Quick Action, instantly teleport anywhere in your Line of Sight. If used as a Quick Action when attacked, the attack against you goes off before it's activated. You must move at least 10 squares away, and can't leave the battlefield entirely.
'eVe' Silver Choker A chunky pendant depicts eVe's mascot; a cartoon bunny. The wearer rolls twice against Stunned, choosing the higher result. +1 Mana Sensing.
Smoke Grenades1 of 3 Creates Half Cover in a 6 x 6 Area of Effect. Units inside can enter Stealth.
Innate Powers III
Contact Memory Touching various objects, particularly of importance to someone, often brings forth a range of memories for Croquette to piece together. Make a search roll to experience a vision, it has greater clarity if the last person to interact with the object had close, extended contact to it for a long time26).
Levitation Croquette spends much of her time suspended in the air, with unseen cosmic mana. Sub-Action, you may apply Hovering to yourself.
Bonding Croquette has a number of people she is unnaturally ‘in tune’ with, and performs better when she is near them. In the presence of such characters, you gain +2 to an Adventure Skill of your choice, and they gain +1. She may bond with up to Innate Powers + 1. Yuno Acrobatics
Boons and Favours
Blessing …..
Siren of the Expanse Tiered “Get it together, then. Let’s do some harm.” Details
Umbral Presence Tiered Croquette hungers for the cosmos and all the power within.Eye Inspo
Basic Training Major She's endured the rough training from the Barony for many years now. Time to put it to use. +1 END. Gain +2 to the following Adventure Skills: Survival, Vitality, Gadgetry. Gain +3 to any Non-Combat skill related to nautical expertise, Free Diving.
Shadow Training Major Maybe this is what spies go through, who knows. Secrets and secrets! +4 SP. Raises your Subtlety, Alchemist, or Shadow Magic Meta (and its cap) by 1, and gain an additional effect depending on your Meta choice. Gain Heavy Arms proficiency. (This does not count towards your Proficiency limit.) The Tech Lore requirement to use any special equipment is halved. Once per turn, as a Sub-Action, if you do not have any ranks of Shrouded, you may grant yourself one.
Close-Quarters Combat Training Major Looking at Croquette you'd never guess her training or the fact she takes enjoyment in it. Increases damage when using any Martial Arts by +2, or +1 when using a Fist Weapon. Grants the use of CQC Stance. +2 EVA against enemy units in melee, -2 EVA against enemy units at range. The Universal Skill Disarm and gains your full To Hit bonus instead of ½. The Universal Skill Trip targets the lower of Evasion or Endurance, rather than the higher. You only suffer ½ the Evasion and Will penalties of the Grappled Condition.
????’s Recollection ~ Finally Home Major Croquette experienced something odd in 216, and it’s left a mark on her. The knowledge that wasn’t hers before, but certainly feels like hers now remains with her. Gain +1 Perception Meta & Cap, despite having no Perception Skills. She gains the Fixation Passive. Croquette may have a soft spot for kobolds, now! She may enjoy the scent of fine cigars and hates cockroaches. She might enjoy working with electronics more, and programming!
U̴̠n̨͙͚̝̯̝d̩̬̩y͔̮̻͙ị̶͔̤̼̣̖ͅng̡̯̩ ̡͓̮͓̻Ṵ͡m͇͙̺̻b̷r̻̥̳̺̟̗̰a͏͚̪̱͇l͔ Major Croquette’s soul shines bright and stubborn, and refuses to let her body perish no matter how badly she might suffer. No rest for the wicked. You gain Potent Soul as a Racial Trait. You have infinite Injury Points, and no longer suffer from sickness. When using Second Wind, you only regain ¼ of your Maximum SP. When using Determination, add Tier (Siren of the Expanse) to your To Hit, EVA and WIL, and ½ Tier to your Damage and Healing.
CANVAS / USER_GUEST Major You are an outsider to this system, but perhaps you can be of use to its ruler. +3 HP/SP. You can manifest a Virtual Weapon as a Free Action when combat begins or as a Sub Action otherwise for 3 SP. It'll take on the form of any weapon your character knows how to wield and can strike in any Element they have Favored (Spirit if they lack one). You can manifest a Virtual Weapon as many times as you want, with no restriction.
The Mark of Suffering Minor Nemea burned something into her hand, and though she did ask for it, Croquette feels irrationally angry about this. Even when she settles down, she finds her patience is shorter than it used to be… Croquette gains Cosmic as a favored Element. Whenever she would gain a rank of Pacified or Drowsy, she gains a rank of Enraged, instead.
Tricks of the Trade27) Minor Croquette's advanced her craft, picking up some new techniques. Croquette adds +2 CP and reduces 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 Days from Studies related to Tinkering.
Conduit Tattoo+ Minor The magitech tattoo of a small spaceship scintillates between light, deep, or electric blues. +2 Gadgetry.
Pretty! Love! Dress Up! APK Temporary28) A game where you collect clothes and dress up characters. Play the semi-popular Ringer game called Pretty! Love! Dress Up!. While there are assorted mini-games, the main focus is putting fashionable clothes on little sprite bases. While playing Pretty! Love! Dress Up!, add +1 Tech Lore. Ceasing to pay the Upkeep is considered 'not playing it'. Your character only has time for one game.
Ziggurat Injection Temporary29) Croquette's control over magic has been expanded in an interesting way! Croquette's Magic Skills may manifest in their opposite Element (Shadow ~> Light; Cosmic ~> Pahn) at the cost of taking 3 True Piercing Damage paid alongside SP Cost. Activation sends a spike of pain through the arm where the injection was administered, and it aches for roughly 24 hours afterward. Thanks to her Fiend race, changing Cosmic to Pahn will deal additional True Damage equal to the Skill's Tier. Cosmology is considered 'Tier 5' for this purpose.
Tough Tablet Temporary30) To help stave off those aches and pains. Grants a Temporary Boon that grants Immunity to Minor Injuries for 30 Days.
Party Service Temporary31) Enjoy the company of up to six attractive companions during your stay at the Den, who’ll make you feel like ten million Taros for a wild evening. All of them know several fun party games, and the Den has a karaoke room on request. Grants a Temporary Boon for 30 days that increases Maximum SP by 8 and all Physical, Magical, or Technical Adventure Skills by 2.
Lively Lozenge Temporary32) It never hurts to be more prepared for adventure! Grants a Temporary Boon that adds +4 Max HP & SP for 30 Days.
Companion Service Temporary 7/29 - 8/28 Enjoy the company of one or two attractive companions during your stay at the Den, who’ll make engaging conversation, listen to you talk, or curl up and enjoy all the same vices that you came for. It’s a poorly kept secret that the Den’s companions are all Mimic Fiends who’ll take on any race, gender, and disposition upon request. +5 Maximum SP and +3 Vitality for a month. Purchased with Zefi, Aishe, Elliot, Sybil, Moonlight?
Tension Destroyer Massage Temporary 7/29 - 8/28 One hell of a name for one hell of a massage. Grants a Temporary Boon for 30 Days that adds +2 EVA.
Wellness Injection Temporary 7/31 - 8/30 This may be bad. Restores 3 HP & SP each Turn during combat for one full month.
Crafting Table
Schematic Details
Crafting Points 5/5
Workstation Varies
G&G's Poring Doll A cute stuffed poring, about the size of someone's head. It has a :3 expression. When placed in a residence (or workshop), it reduces Fatigue's SP penalty to +1 (instead of +2). Squeezing this is cute, but also feels weirdly revitalizing. It's maa~aagic.
Common Rare Legendary
CroqueTablet BETA Cat Burglar Drone x
Geology Disquette Scrollodexter-C Disquette x
Sonar Disquette Digitiser Disquette x
Currently Crafting …. Completion Date
x Nothing Special Yet~
1) Even Meta Cap
2) Start with 3 Weapon Proficiencies
3) +3 skills from Tinkerer Skill Tree
4) +2 Tech Lore
5) Cane, Orb, Staff, Twin Jewelry
6) Orb, Magic Bolter, Spellblade, Wand
7) Magic Canon, Runeblade, Staff, Swordstaff
8) Brawling, Discipline, Enchanted Reach, Jewelry
9) , 11) +2 Dim/Dark/Night Areas
10) +2 vs Melee Units, +2 Cosmic DR, +2 Dim/Dark/Night Areas
12) , 13) , 14) +4 Dim/Dark/Night Areas
15) +1 Aoe DMG, +3 AoE Range
16) Gifted from Yuno
17) Provided by 7th Division Seekers Camp
18) 10,000z
19) 6,000z
20) Pretty! Love! Dress Up! APK, Perk-It Pill Xtra, Rotti's Cup Runneth Over until 12/30/2020 20/120
21) She Full
22) Only Occurs AFTER a Meeting
23) G&G's Poring Doll
24) Internal Bleeding works identically to Bleeding, except it cannot be removed until combat ends except by exceptional means.
25) +2 With Yuno
27) Tinkerer
28) 100z Upkeep Each Month
29) 7/7 - 9/5
30) 7/10 - 8/10
31) 7/12 - 8/11
32) 7/18 - 8/17
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