May Bloomfield

Player: Briar
Upkeep: None
Income: None
Race: Human
Age: 23
Weapon Proficiencies: Runeblades, Spellstaves, Magic Catalysts, Small Arms, Long Arms
Favored Elements: Earth, Fire, Wind, Light
Armor Type: Clothing
Meta Bonus: Elemental 7, Alchemist 6
Status and Equipment
HP: 60
SP: 68
Damage: 5/Bloomspade, 4/Bolter
To Hit: 8
Evasion: 0
Endurance: 1
Willpower: 7
Search: 0
Sneak: 0
Crafting Points: 10
SP Reductions: -1 All
Equipped Weapon: The Bloomspade
Medical Bolter Deep Earth Leeches (5) -
Claw Gloves Launch Boots -
Skill Tree: Earth Magic VII
Passive: Amplify
Tier 1 Shards Growth Earth Barrier
Tier 2 Spike Vines Earth Brand
Tier 3 Quake Salt Imbue Earth
Tier 4 Fissure Regrowth Earth Field
Skill Tree: Alchemist VI
Passive: Apothecary
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Toxin Lore
Tier 2 Catalyzed Great Materia Purge
Tier 3 Quick Dip Triage Acid Demonstration
Tier 4 Concentrated Grand Materia Alchemic Plume
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Harvesting 8+2 “A few grass stains never hurt anyone!”
Herbology 8+2 “I’m pretty good at alchemy, for being self-taught!”
Mana Control 8 “Hey, check this out.”
Mana Sense 6 “Hold on, there’s somethin’ weeeeird in here…”
Survival 6 “Ah, don’t eat those! They’re really poisonous! And taste bad too.”
Field Medicine 5 “I know how to patch things up, a lil’!”
Strength 4 “Digging gardens is hard work, ya know?”
Creature Lore 4 “Careful, the small ones are bitey.”
Tech Lore 4 “Machines are just, like, convenient, man.”
Spell Lore 3 “Uh.. I should probably hit the books more.”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Gardening 7 “It’s like, all I do, man.”
Musical Instrument (Banjo) 6 “What do you mean no one plays these outside the islands?”
Trivia (Pop Culture) 2 “I remember stuff! Sometimes…”
Active Signature Skill – Heavy Sorcery
”I’m about to lose all my chill.“
Activated via a Sub-Action. May’s Elemental spells gain +2 Damage when striking an Elemental Weakness, and her Earth spells gain a chance to apply Damaged/Broken Armor. While active, May’s Movement Range is halved, and she is afflicted with Rank 2 Withering.
Passive Signature Skill – Mist Trails
”Don’t mind the fumes…!”
When May uses an Alchemy skill on a friendly unit, she produces a stationary Mist Trail, which passively heals all units within 4 cells of it for May’s Alchemy Meta -1 on the following turn, and then disappears. Each Mist Trail produced consumes 3 Common or 1 Rare Alchemy Reagents. Mist Trails are produced if May holds the necessary Reagents.
Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
Specialized Training Racial - +1 Elemental Meta.
El Quattorian Cultural - +2 Tech Lore.
Hero of the Guild Tiered 4 ”I’m turning my life around.” See below.
Naturalist Major - ”It was the, uh, family business…” +1 Alchemy Meta, +2 CP, +2 Gathering.
Master of Chicks Major - ”That seemed like a good idea at the time…” +4 HP & SP, +1 HIT, +1 END.
Elemental Fluidity Major - Allows use of the Light, Shadow, and Spirit elements with Elemental spells.
Codex of Language Major - May is fluent in Cascadian, Ba Jinian, Elvish, and Quattori.
Font of Light Minor - May gains Favor with the Light Element.
Font of Fire Minor - May gains Favor with the Fire Element.
Font of Wind Minor - May gains Favor with the Wind Element.
Hero of the Guild
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Mettle - +6 HP & SP. Treat the Agitated and Frightened Conditions as though they were a Rank lower.
II Insight - +6 HP & SP. Gain Tier -1 Search [2] and counter-attack with an NWA or MCA when you find an attacker with your reactionary Search roll.
III Veteran Sorcerer - +6 HP & SP. Gain +1 Elemental Meta and Cap, and +2 to Mana Control.
IV The Heaviest of Souls - Racial HP & SP Caps are boosted by Hero of the Guild Tier x3 [12], to a maximum of 20. Racial EVA, WIL & END Caps are boosted by Hero of the Guild Tier -1 [3]. Racial Search Cap is boosted by Hero of the Guild Tier -2 [2]. Now considered a being of potent mana, eliminating the penalties of certain Skills and Spells.
V Locked ? ?
VI Locked ? ?
VII Locked ? ?
The Bloomspade
Base Stats Swordstaff. 5 Piercing/Magic Damage. Reach. Increases numeric value of Magic Conditions affecting EVA/WIL/END by 1. Resembles an ornate shovel, covered in faintly pulsing vines and blooming, cerulean blue flowers.
Legendary Deepest Roots :: As a Sub-Action, May can plant the head of the shovel into the ground, sprouting magical roots that bind her legs and and the weapon to the floor. May’s Movement range is set to 0, and she becomes Immune to Unbalanced, Prone, and Knockback effects. When used in the wild, or an area reclaimed by nature, May’s MP generation is increased by 1.
Enchantment Life Well :: When the wielder has 10 or more MP, they passively gain 1 Rank of Regeneration. When the wielder has 20 or more MP, they extend 1 Rank of Regeneration to all units that remain within 4 cells of them.
Improvement Star Lilly Symbiote :: Vines grow and bloom along the wielder’s arms, draining toxins from veins and sealing minor wounds. Reduces HP/SP loss from Bleeding by 1 per Rank, removes 1 Rank of Envenomed/Sickened as a Sub-Action.
Medical Bolter
Base Stats Revolver/Magic Bolter. 4 Damage, 6 Ammo. Can only function with one of two modes active.
Enchantment Medical Mode :: Treat the weapon as a Light element Magic Bolter, and convert all Damage done to Healing.
Improvement Combat Mode :: Treat the weapon as a Revolver, dealing Blunt damage instead of Ballistic. Deals no Damage to Unconscious units.
Outback Dress
Base Stats Clothing. -1 SP Costs, +2 Movement. A summery, practical outfit in Quattori country style.
Improvement Botanist’s Tools :: +2 Herbology, +2 CP.
Claw Gloves A pair of heavy leather gloves, with the fingers shaped like claws. Handy for digging. +2 Gathering, in nature.
Jar of Deep Earth Leeches x5 Dispel all Alchemical effects and conditions and remove harmful substances from the user’s blood, including poisons. Applies 1 Rank of Pacified for 3 turns after use, while the Leech is aattached. Uses a Standard action.
Launch Boots Passively allows the wearer to leap 15 feet into the air, and effortlessly over rough terrain. Characters with Might or Agility Meta of 5+ may perform a Divebomb with their offensive actions, at doubled Stamina cost (4 Stamina for NWAs.)
Portable Cassette Player
「AMATSU SUNSHINE PARADISE」Discography Start an adventure with 1 Rank of Courage, that fades once combat begins.
David & Co. Discography +2 to two highest Adventure Skills.
Flora Fawn Discography +2 to two highest Non-Combat Skills.
F#CK Discography +1 CP.
Midare Discography +2 to any laborious or repetitive physical action while outside of combat.
Reggie Fats Discography Out of combat, +2 to resisting Panicked or any negative mood-affective happenings.
Alchemy Reagents
Common 62
Rare 24
Zeny 93,000.
Autonomous Alchemy Kit A folding, fully outfitted Alchemy station that moves around atop mechanical legs. May painted its exterior to look like a ladybug. Rare Work Station: Reduces CP cost of Alchemy crafts by 4.
Stat Math
HP ….
SP ….
HIT ….
EVA ….
END ….
WIL ….
DAM ….
Search ….
Sneak ….
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