Maeve Miller

Player: Arla
Income: RDF - Medical Corps (1,500z)
Expenses: Room & Board (0z)
Currency: 130,850z
Race: Tangled (Rooted)
Age: 31 (Adult)
Racial Trait(s): See below.
Cultural Trait: Specialized Training (+1 Perception Meta)
Locational Trait: Republican (+2 Field Medicine)
Weapon Groups: Heavy Ranger, Mixed Soldier
Weapon Proficiency: Bow, Crossbow, Throwing Axe, Assault Rifle, Carbine, SMG, Sniper Rifle
Favored Element: Force
Armor Type: RDF Ghost Overcoat (Light Armor)
Meta Bonus: Perception 6, Subtlety 5
Status and Equipment
HP: 50 [70]
SP: 44 [64]
Damage: 7 Ballistic [4]
To Hit: 6 (8 w/ Sniper Rifle)
Evasion: 12 (+1) [12 (+3)]
Endurance: 0 [4]
Willpower: 1
Search: 6 (+4 w/ Sniper Rifle)
Sneak: 19
Movement: 12 [18]
SP Reductions: -
Damage Resistances: 2 Phys DR
Equipped Weapon: RDF Sniper Rifle
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
RDF Field Medical Kit x Listed Below!
Hypo Case UGK Pocket Knife l
Health Hypo IV Sturdy Vest l
Stamina Hypo IV x v
Injury Type Description Heal Date
Sokolov's Disguise Scar Being the Sergeant Major of the RDF is a tough job, but– Wait a second. Lydia’s memories are easier to recognize as not her own. It’s rare (usually at night/alone/when contemplating), but Maeve occasionally falls into the mindset of Lydia Sokolov. Never
Virnan :: Fallen Down Scar Maeve has pieces of Ulyss Virnan floating around in her head. Sometimes they seem like pieces of her. Maeve sporadically falls into the mind-set and emotions of Virnan. This is rare and happens more often when alone. She may find herself drawn to music. She may find it more comforting, and seek it out when she needs solace. Never
IP 0/25
Tree: Perception VI Subtlety V
Passive: Fixation Assassin
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Aimed Strike Loose Strike Change Up Subvert Obscure Sever
Tier 2 Strafing Pinpoint Blitz Skinner's Gambit Observe Blend
Tier 3 Scatter Concentrate Waylay Raid Sly Strike Vanish
Tier 4 True Sight Slay Killshot Play Dead Exploit Covert
Augmented Skills
Skinner's Gambit Augmented Debilitate. Deal NWA Damage to a Unit (vs EVA). Apply Skinned (vs END) as a Negative Condition. Skinned Units suffer 1/2 your Subtlety Meta as Bonus Damage when the Fire or Force Elements are used against them.
Adventuring Skills
Acrobatics +8 “Proper balance is important.”
Dexterity +9 “Many of my activities have required a delicate touch.”
Speed +9 “I lack muscle, but I am light on my feet.”
Gadgetry +6 “O-ho, what’s this?”
Tech Lore +3 “I enjoy keeping up with my country’s advancements.”
Field Medicine +12 “Stay still, or I will let you bleed.”
Vitality +5 “It… Hurts. But, I’m fine.”
Creature Lore +3 “Whose knowledge is this..?”
Strength +3 “I feel healthier than I ever have.”
Mana Control +6 “It still feels overwhelming… I'll get used to it.”
Non-Combat Skills
Instrument (Violin) +7 “A childhood… interest. It has grown on me.”
Instrument (Piano) +5 “Relaxing, on occasion, and other times dreadfully boring.”
Manipulation (Lying) +10 “You can thank my parents.”
Drawing +2 “It vaguely resembles a shape.”
Dancing (Folk) +3 “Please don't expect a performance…”


RDF Sniper Rifle
Stats 7 Ballistic DMG. Holds 3 Ammunition. +2 To Hit. +4 Search in combat. 1/2 To Hit Penalty if Attacked in Melee. A standard-issue black and gold RDF Carbine.
Craftsman RDF
Material Steel
1st Improvement Silencer :: +1 Maximum Concealment. Missed Attacks with this Weapon don't cause you to leave Stealth.
2nd Improvement Telescopic Scope :: Sniper Rifles gain +2 To Hit & Search.
Maker's Mark Eliminator:: To Hit penalty for Called Attack (Head) is ½.
RDF Ghost Overcoat (Light Armor)
Base Stats +1 EVA & 2 SNK. A black and gold (mostly black) coat with a bodysuit underneath.
Craftsman RDF
Material x
Enchantment x
Improvement Thauma Bodysuit :: Adds +1 Numeric Effect to Brilliant & Shrouded.
Hypo Case
Health Hypo IV Restores 30 HP when injected.
Stamina Hypo IV Restores 30 SP when injected.
x x
RDF Field Medical Kit A basic first-aid kit that straps to the hip or thigh. The wearer can treat non-Critical Injuries on the go, and adds +2 to Field Medicine when treating non-Critical Injuries.
Sturdy Vest Worn under her coat. Adds +5 Maximum HP.
UGK Pocket Knife A sturdy and surprisingly well-made pocket knife from the 'Underground Kangz', according to the included note. UGK is etched on the side. Adds +1 Gadgetry & Dexterity. When picking locks, the wielder can use Dexterity instead of Thievery.

Boons & Special Skills

Boon Type Level Description
?̕͜͢?̷̵͞?̸̛̀͠'s Recollection ~ Flight of Feathers Major - Weird jumbles of thoughts. Hers, sometimes… Maeve hates dragons, and has the urge to read a good romance novel. Maeve has +3 to Creature Lore and +2 to Drawing. Her Field Medicine applies in full when working with animals. Called attacks against animals deal +1 DMG.
R̬̯͞o̪̜̙l̹̱̼̠͍͙̻̗ư̻̜͈̩̗w҉҉̹͍͖͙ǹ̻͓̮̰͚͓͈̠͜d͎͓͖͕̳͎̖ͅ'̸͈̭̹͕̣͚̙͍͝s͓͕̰̺̻̱̗͖ͅ ̜̹̰̳͠B̺͚͖̗̤̱̠͎ͅĺ̶̷̼͚e͏̼̠͕̫̬͇̯͖̻s̢̰̳̤̜͡s̴͖̼͈̫̜i͎̟̱̺̺̺n̩̳̯̮̜̳g͍̺͡ Blessing 4 A strange “blessing”, not entirely unlike the Blessings one might receive from the Emirates Elemental Trials. This one, however, is seemingly foreign to Aurora—and comes with consequences.
?̕͜͢?̷̵͞?̸̛̀͠'s Recollection ~ The Ritual Minor - Weird jumbles of thoughts. Hers, sometimes… +3 to the Non-Combat Skill: Dancing (Folk). Maeve’s mind is not wholly her own! She finds herself the barest hint flirtier, more charming, she enjoys rich food (and especially raw seafoods), she may find she enjoys attention and hates being ignored.
ENH Emergency Nurse Major - Maeve has learned a lot in the Emergency Care Unit at the Einbroch Hospital. Maeve adds +1 to Field Medicine, and +1 to Treatment rolls when the Injury was caused by a Firearm or Poison.
Einbroch Outpost Medic Major - Maeve has gained in skill working as a medic at the Einbroch RDF Outpost. Maeve adds +1 to Field Medicine, and +1 to Treatment rolls when the Injury was caused by a Firearm or Slashing Damage.
Other Type Description
Tangled Soul Racial (Tangled) Maeve has a Potent Soul, which allows use of Superior Magic, Nephilim Arts, and other abilities that harm the user without suffering as dearly. (Her soul is also of the Force Element, but a strange and more turbulent version. Tangled do not become Force themselves.)
Catalytic Racial (Tangled) Maeve requires no Catalyst to use Magic. She uses Jewelry’s Base Damage with no Perks if spells are cast this way.
Unbound Racial (Tangled) As long as SAS-216 stands, Maeve no longer ages. She is no longer part of Aurora's Soul Cycle. (When and if they die of other causes, PM Caitlin!)
Being of Force Racial (Tangled) Maeve automatically favors the Force Element and gains Fluidity with it. Even if she lacks Fire and Water, and despite that being impossible and unprecedented. If she has no Mana Control, she gains it equal to half of her highest Adventure Skill (+6).
Child of the Wood Racial (Tangled) Tangled accrue Roluwnd’s Gifts by nurturing their connection to SAS-216. For each Roluwnd’s Gift Maeve possesses, she adds +1 EVA, WIL, or END and +3 Maximum HP or SP. This bonus can change with each one acquired.
Peace Racial (Tangled) In the presence of A01 (The Wolf), A02 (The Butterfly) or any of the ‘Blessed’, Maeve will feel a sense of being at ease.
Carapace Racial (Tangled) Roluwnd's Gift. Maeve gains 2 Physical DR and grows hardened pieces of bug-like armor in sparse sections along her body. She gains +3 Sneak, Vitality, and Strength. The first time per encounter she's brought to single-digit HP (or less), she re-enters Stealth immediately by way of a refractive flare. Non-Soul Injuries that cause Ranks of Conditions have their Rank reduced by 1 (each).
Temp Boon Duration Description
x x x
x x x


Studies & Training
Study Source Description Duration
Emergency Care ENH It's been more than stressful, but… 4/12 - 6/5; 6/15 - 7/5; 7/20 - 8/6 (Finished)
Training Source Description Duration
Einbroch Outpost RDF She's nearly been stationed here for a year… 4/12 - 6/5; 6/15 - 7/5; 7/20 - 8/6 (Finished)

Notes, Stats, & Misc.

Key Items & Notes
V-VIP So long as Maeve checks in at the SAS-HQ first, and gets a guest pass (and has a method of transport), she's free to visit the 216 Outpost and the SAS-HQ whenever she wants… This does not mean free access to the Tanglewood OR to the SAS containments, though.
Illusion Pendant A simple pendant worn around Maeve's neck to hide her mutations.
x x
HP 33 [Base], +9 [Combat Points], +5 [Sturdy Vest], +3 [Gift] = 50
STAM 44 [Base]
HIT 6 [Base]
EVA 0 [Base], +1 [Light Armor], +6 [Perception 6], +5 [Subtlety 5], +1 [Blessing] = 13
END 0 [Base]
WIL 0 [Base] +1 [Gift] = 1
Search 0 [Base] +6 [Perception 6] = 6
Sneak 0 [Base], +2 [Light Armor], +10 [Subtlety 5] +3 [Combat Points], +1 [Blessing], +3 [Gift] = 19
DMG 6 [RDF Sniper Rifle]
Perception 4 [Skills], +1 [Combat Points], +1 [Specialized Traiing] = 6
Subtlety 4 [Skills] +1 [Combat points] = 5
Combat Skills 16 [Perception 5], +16 [Subtlety 5], +2 [NC], +2 [Sneak], +6 [HP] = 42/42 pts
NC Skills 7 [Violin] +5 [Piano], +3 1) [Lying] = 15/15 pts
Adventure Skills 3 [Acrobatics], +3 [Dexterity], +4 [Speed], +3 [Tech Lore], +8 [Field Medicine], +2 [Vitality] = 23/30 pts
Equipment Slots 6
+3 no favored ele, +2 Combat points
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