Lunette Gael

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Player: Chocorooms
Expenses: n/a
Income: n/a
Race: Elf
Age: 57
Weapon Groups: Light Ranger, Mixed Dueling, Magic Martial Artist
Weapon Proficiencies: Bows, Bowguns, Daggers, Throwing Knives, Estocs, Rapiers, Swords, Brawling, Discipline, Enchanted Reach, Jewelry
Extra Proficiencies: (Natural Weapon (Claws))
Favored Element: Wind, Fire, Force
Armor Type: Reeh Tracker’s Armor (Light Armor), 3 Physical DR, 5 Wind DR
Meta Bonus: Subtlety 5, Agility 3, Elemental 3, Might 2
Status and Equipment
HP: 33
MP: 0/12
SP: 32
Concealment: 5/5
Damage: 4 (Sabre, Throwing Knives, Enchanted Reach, Claws)/3 (Dagger, Ring) (+1 Slashing)
To Hit: +3
Evasion: +11
Endurance: +4
Willpower: +4
Search: +2
Sneak: +16
Movement: 12 (+3)
SP Reductions: -1 (Draught of the Sages)
Equipped Weapon: Killer Dagger, Catalyst Ring
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Sabre R̬̯͞o̪̜̙l̹̱̼̠͍͙̻̗ư̻̜͈̩̗w҉҉̹͍͖͙ǹ̻͓̮̰͚͓͈̠͜d͎͓͖͕̳͎̖ͅ'̸͈̭̹͕̣͚̙͍͝s͓͕̰̺̻̱̗͖ͅ ̜̹̰̳͠B̺͚͖̗̤̱̠͎ͅĺ̶̷̼͚e͏̼̠͕̫̬͇̯͖̻s̢̰̳̤̜͡s̴͖̼͈̫̜i͎̟̱̺̺̺n̩̳̯̮̜̳g͍̺͡ II
Bronze Sword Pendant Aspect of the Bear IV
Concentration Bracers Runic Empowerment
Reeh Stalker’s Boots The Thankful Mask
Expert Thieves’ Tools Recollection ~ Under the Sea
- -
Hidden Pocket
Balanced Throwing Daggers
Name Type Description Heal Date
Damaged Eye Scar (0 IP) A deep set of gashes covers the left side of Lunette’s face, from the top-right of her forehead, across the bridge of her nose, and to the bottom of her left cheek. Her left eye was damaged, and is now cloudy and hard to see through. -2 To Hit, -3 Search. Never
Deep Burns Scar (0 IP) A trap in the Bear Clan Vaults exploded right in her face, leaving deep and garish burns across her chest and torso. -2 Maximum HP and SP. Never
Scar: Mutant Meal (Jerri) Cognitive Scar (0 IP) Lunette has lived a few pieces of someone’s life… Lune sporadically falls into the mind-set and emotions of “Jerri”. This is rare and happens more often when alone. As a result, Lune may find herself more open to eating mutant meat (dangerous, highly unrecommended). Hmm… Never
- - - - -
Injury Points 0/16


Name Description
Sharp Ears Add +2 Search, as Elves’ pointed ears are very keen.
Proficiency Elves may choose 3 Weapon Proficiencies.
Longevity Don’t reduce HP & SP for Old or Venerable, but gain no extra Skill Points.
Survive & Thrive Add +1 Endurance for a sturdier form, thanks to the jungle.
Wild Lore Add +2 Herbology or +4 to a nature-oriented Non-Combat Skill.
Magic Affinity Your character could use magic from a young age, perhaps even before they could speak! Add +3 to Spell Lore or Mana Control, or +2 to both.
Umbalan Your character grew up in Umbala, a sprawling city in the Vahk’Sala jungle. +2 to Acrobatics, Clairvoyance, Survival or Vitality.
Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
R̬̯͞o̪̜̙l̹̱̼̠͍͙̻̗ư̻̜͈̩̗w҉҉̹͍͖͙ǹ̻͓̮̰͚͓͈̠͜d͎͓͖͕̳͎̖ͅ'̸͈̭̹͕̣͚̙͍͝s͓͕̰̺̻̱̗͖ͅ ̜̹̰̳͠B̺͚͖̗̤̱̠͎ͅĺ̶̷̼͚e͏̼̠͕̫̬͇̯͖̻s̢̰̳̤̜͡s̴͖̼͈̫̜i͎̟̱̺̺̺n̩̳̯̮̜̳g͍̺͡ Blessing 2 Something is manifesting within Lunette, drastically altering her appearance and body. 2/? Tiers unlocked.
Aspect of the Bear Tiered 4 A sign of Lunette's connection to the mighty Bear Clan. 4/6 Tiers unlocked.
Runic Empowerment Minor - Standing in the middle of a runic portal spell did more than empower its catalyst… +1 HP and SP.
The Thankful Mask Minor - A curious chromatic mask that only they can see haunts them. It comes and goes, showing up where they least expect it and in places it shouldn’t be, no matter how often they throw it away. As a Sub Action, they may find the Thankful Mask on their person. Placing it on their face guarantees a 1 on their next roll, but also a 20 on the one after. After use, it vanishes from their face and ceases haunting them (becomes unavailable) for 30 Days. This can and does appear anywhere, often when she least expects it. Open the medicine cabinet and it's inside, pull open a drawer she hasn't opened in ages and it's staring up at her, etc! Likely frightening in the right circumstances, especially at first. It will haunt her with reasonable frequency, showing up at least once per week until it's used (and then goes away for a good month).
Recollection ~ Under the Sea Minor - Lune’s mind is elsewhere, sometimes. She finds she has a taste for fair food, she’s more of a thrillseeker, and she may occasionally get the urge to wind down with some Shimmerleaf (or more). +3 to the Non-Combat Skill: Swimming.
R̬̯͞o̪̜̙l̹̱̼̠͍͙̻̗ư̻̜͈̩̗w҉҉̹͍͖͙ǹ̻͓̮̰͚͓͈̠͜d͎͓͖͕̳͎̖ͅ'̸͈̭̹͕̣͚̙͍͝s͓͕̰̺̻̱̗͖ͅ ̜̹̰̳͠B̺͚͖̗̤̱̠͎ͅĺ̶̷̼͚e͏̼̠͕̫̬͇̯͖̻s̢̰̳̤̜͡s̴͖̼͈̫̜i͎̟̱̺̺̺n̩̳̯̮̜̳g͍̺͡
Tier 1 D̶isto͠r̡t͟ed M̧e͠t̀amo͢r̵p̨h̢o̧sis: Something is manifesting within you. Provides +1 Sneak. Lunette favors the Force Element, even though that's unprecedented (and impossible). Once per encounter as a Sub Action, you may surround yourself in a thin layer of Force that refracts light for one Turn. In this state, you are in Full Cover and gain +Tier [2] x 3 Sneak.
Tier 2 E̕arth̢͝b̛ơù͢n̢̧d̷͝ S̵t͜ȩalt̸h: Your legs have changed. Strengthened, elongated. You are a ground predator. Gain a permanent +1 EVA, +2 MOV. This boosts caps, as well. Lunette may gain a Rank of Refracted by spending a Sub Action and 2 SP. Refracted functions as Shrouded (and doesn't stack with it), but is not removed by Brilliant. You can still Stealth while Rank 1 Brilliant, but not at Rank 2 and up.
Aspect of the Bear
Tier 1 Mighty Roar: 3 SP. Lunette lets out a loud roar similar to a bear’s! Roll with Aspect Level [+4] to apply Frightened to all enemy Units in your Line of Sight (vs END). (Lunette can now also talk to bears.)
Tier 2 Thick Skin: Passive. Provides +3 Physical Damage Resistance.
Tier 3 Bear Claws: 3 SP. Equips claws made of mana, formed of any Favored Elements. No Favored Element results in Spirit element claws. They are Dual-Wielded with 4 Magical Damage, convert Martial Arts damage to Magical damage, and cost 3 Stamina to equip. On an attack roll of 18 - 20, they apply their Element’s Negative Condition, and gain a +4 when applying this Condition. They also remove Relentless Stance’s To Hit penalty.
Tier 4 Survival: Passive. Permanent +2 HP and +1 END. Gain +1 Physical Meta and cap, and raise all Physical Meta Caps on races who have lower caps to 4, before increasing Cap in this way. +3 to Search. +2 Survival.
Passive: Ire
SP Cost: Tier
Tier 1 Bash - Rile
Tier 2 Rush - Retaliate
Tier 3 Brandish Tenacity -
Tier 4 - - -
Passive: Grace
SP Cost: Tier
Tier 1 Deft Strike Flourish Juke
Tier 2 Lunge Sweep Grip Change
Tier 3 Leverage - Chain Dance
Tier 4 - - Riposte
Passive: Assassin
SP Cost: Tier
Tier 1 Subvert Obscure Sever
Tier 2 Debilitate Observe Blend
Tier 3 Raid Sly Strike Vanish
Tier 4 Play Dead Exploit Covert
Passive: Balance
SP Cost: Tier
Tier 1 Wind Barrier Breathe Gust
Tier 2 Wind Brand - -
Tier 3 Imbue Wind - Updraft
Tier 4 Wind Field - -
Passive: Balance
SP Cost: Tier
Tier 1 Fire Barrier Soothe Enflame
Tier 2 Fire Brand - -
Tier 3 - Ignite -
Tier 4 - - -
Adventuring Skills
Acrobatics 5 (Base) +1 (Agility) +2 (Subtlety) = +8 “…” xxxx
Dexterity 5 (Base) +1 (Might) +1 (Agility) +2 (Subtlety) = +9 “…” xxxx
Speed 5 (Base) +1 (Might) +1 (Agility) +2 (Subtlety) = +9 “…” xxxx
Strength 0 (Base) +1 (Might) = +1 “…” xxxx
Survival 0 (Base) +1 (Might) +2 (Bear Aspect) = +3 “…” xxxx
Vitality 0 (Base) +1 (Agility) +2 (Umbalan) = +3 “…” xxxx
Illusions 0 (Base) +1 (Elemental) = +1 “…” xxxx
Mana Control 5 (Base) +1 (Elemental) = +6 “…” xxxx
Mana Sensing 3 (Base) +1 (Elemental) = +4 “…” xxxx
Spell Lore 3 (Base) +1 (Elemental) +3 (Magic Affinity) = +7 “…” xxxx
Gadgetry 0 (Base) +3 (Expert Thieves’ Tools) = +3 “…” xxxx
Herbology 0 (Base) +2 (Wild Lore) = +2 “…” xxxx
Thievery 4 (Base) +2 (Subtlety) +3 (Expert Thieves’ Tools) = +9 “…” xxxx
Non-Combat Skills
Meat Carving +7 It doesn’t matter what kind of meat…
Wood Carving +5 Lunette passes her free time whittling pieces of wood into small trinkets, these days.
Swimming +3 (Recollection) “Drowning is a bad way to go.” Wait, what?


Weapon: Sabre
Material Steel
Craftsman Mass-Produced
Base Stats A plain-looking sword with a slight curve that’s light enough to wield with one hand. Sword - 4 Slashing Dmg. Can be gripped with both hands as a Sub Action for +1 Damage. Removes Relentless and Tenacious Stance’s To Hit penalty.
Enchantment Resurgence. Once per turn, you can make a NWA for a melee attack you avoid.
Improvement -. -
Weapon: Killer Dagger
Material Metal
Craftsman ???
Base Stats A dagger with a wickedly sharp edge. Dagger - 3 Slashing/Piercing Dmg. Uses full To Hit when making Called Attacks (penalties still apply). +4 bonus To Hit when applying Bleeding. Expertise: Applies Bleeding (vs. END) with successful Called Attacks.
Enchantment Killer. - This Weapon gains +1 To Hit per successful Attack, capping at +3.
Improvement -. -
Weapon: Catalyst Ring
Material Silver + Catalyst Gem
Craftsman Mass-Produced
Base Stats A simple catalyst ring that someone else loaned her. However, they never asked for it back. Jewelry - 3 Magical Dmg. +1 Dmg/Healing to single-target spells. +4 EVA/END/WIL vs. Disarm. Can be used from an Equipment slot as well as a Weapon slot.
Enchantment -. -
Improvement -. -
Armor: Reeh Tracker’s Armor
Material Fur and Cloth?
Craftsman Reeh Tribe
Base Stats Armor meant for a hunter, with a fur trim that isn’t thick enough to build excess heat. Most involve no shirt, or a sash or tube top for women. Light Armor - Requires at least 1 Physical, Subtlety, or Utility Meta. +1 EVA, +2 Sneak
Enchantment Atroce’s Guile. - Grants 5 Wind Damage Resistance and +3 Movement.
Improvement Hidden Pocket. - The Armor gains 1 Equipment Slot for a Dagger or Jewelry. Add +5 Thievery when concealing it.
Bronze Sword Pendant 1x A bronze chain with a pendant in the shape of a curved sword attached to it. So long as the wearer is wielding a slashing weapon, their damage is increased by 1.
Concentration Bracers 1x Enchanted copper bracelets that add balance to wearer's stance and strengthen wrist movement. Allows the wearer to gain a rank of Focused as a Sub Action once per Encounter.
Expert Thieves' Tools 1x A small discreet pouch that carries finely-made tools for all manner of illegal activities. Gear item. +3 to Thievery and Gadgetry.
Balanced Throwing Daggers xx A plain set of knives that are meant to be thrown. 4 Piercing Damage. +2 Bonus To Hit vs Flanked or Exploited Units. Throwing knives do not give defenders a reactionary Search roll if they miss. Halves To Hit if thrown at a Unit within 4 squares.
Reeh Stalker’s Boots 1x A pair of rough leather boots that generate a small breeze from their soles. Adds +1 EVA and causes Hovering to add +3 Sneak. At the start of combat, gain Hovering.
Odinite's Diary 1x A locked tome recovered from the body of a devout follower of the Church of Odin. It contains hints toward a fairly sinister-sounding plan, and states that the dead man and his brothers and sisters will not fail in their 'divine' task.
Nephilim Armor Fragment 1x A small, useless piece of armor found within the Bear Clan vault. A turtle insignia can be seen carved into it. Lunette seems to hold onto this as some sort of good luck charm…
- - -


Other Information
Currency 199,667 z
Studying -
Training -
Radiant Tincture 1x A bottle of brightly glowing yellow liquid. Heals 20 HP and favors the Light element for 24 hours.
Tetra Gem 1x An amulet that allows the wearer to survive one Tetra Vortex spell.
Daggers 2x A pair of plain-looking double-edged knives that can be thrown in a pinch. Dagger - 3 Slashing/Piercing Dmg. Uses full To Hit when making Called Attacks (penalties still apply). +4 bonus To Hit when applying Bleeding. Expertise: Applies Bleeding (vs. END) with successful Called Attacks.
Thief's Dagger 1x A dagger once wielded by a thief, which Lunette took as part of her reward for turning him in. Dagger - 3 Slashing/Piercing Dmg. full To Hit when making Called Attacks (penalties still apply). +4 bonus To Hit when applying Bleeding. Expertise: Applies Bleeding (vs. END) with successful Called Attacks.
(Redoran's) Remedy Potion 1x Removes all negative Conditions.
(Redoran's) High Healing Potion 1x Heals 24 HP and removes 1 Rank of a Negative Alchemical Condition.
Fencer's Draught 1x A runny blue potion that sharpens senses and gives energy. Tastes like raspberries. Adds +2 to Agility (?) Meta for one battle (or 1 hour).
Ocean Gem 1x Gear Item. A gem that allows breathing underwater for 3 hours. It can be recharged.
SaS Volunteer Uniform 1x Unarmored (Clothing) - -1 Stamina Cost, +2 Movement. A sleek white and grey outfit that looks very 'clinical'. It's not quite as loose as a labcoat, but not exactly skintight either. Improvement - Lead Lining :: The SAS Volunteer Uniform is lead-lined, preventing Injury and other adverse effects from low levels of Radiation.
Black Jacket 1x Unarmored (Clothing) - -1 Stamina Cost, +2 Movement. A fitted black jacket made of sturdy leather that follows each of the wearer's curves - offering a nice hood to protect one's face from the sun or cold. (It's a little bit tight on Lunette.)
Sailor’s Prep Daggers 1x Dagger - 3 Slashing/Piercing Dmg. Uses full To Hit when making Called Attacks (penalties still apply). +4 bonus To Hit when applying Bleeding. Expertise: Applies Bleeding (vs. END) with successful Called Attacks. Enchantment: Sailor’s Gift - These daggers are Water element, and add +1 Dmg if used as Throwing Weapons. A pair of daggers that are perfectly balanced for throwing.
GobTix 20x The currency used in Gobble Gob's store…
Stat Math
HP 32 (Base) +2 (Bear Aspect) +1 (Runic Empowerment) -2 (Deep Burns) = 33
MP 4 (Elemental Meta)x3 = 12 Maximum
SP 30 (Base) +3 (Elemental) +1 (Runic Empowerment) -2 (Deep Burns) = 32
HIT 5 (Base) -2 (Damaged Eye) = +3
EVA 0 (Base) +3 (Agility) +5 (Subtlety) +1 (R̬̯͞o̪̜̙l̹̱̼̠͍͙̻̗ư̻̜͈̩̗w҉҉̹͍͖͙ǹ̻͓̮̰͚͓͈̠͜d͎͓͖͕̳͎̖ͅ'̸͈̭̹͕̣͚̙͍͝s͓͕̰̺̻̱̗͖ͅ ̜̹̰̳͠B̺͚͖̗̤̱̠͎ͅĺ̶̷̼͚e͏̼̠͕̫̬͇̯͖̻s̢̰̳̤̜͡s̴͖̼͈̫̜i͎̟̱̺̺̺n̩̳̯̮̜̳g͍̺͡) +1 (Light Armor) +1 (Reeh Stalker’s Boots) = +11
END 1 (Base) +2 (Might) +1 (Bear Aspect) = +4
WIL 0 (Base) +4 (Elemental) = +4
DAM 0 (Base) +3 (all weapons) = 3
Search 0 (Base) +2 (Elven Hearing) +3 (Bear Aspect) -3 (Damaged Eye) = 2
Sneak 0 (Base) +10 (Subtlety) +1 (R̬̯͞o̪̜̙l̹̱̼̠͍͙̻̗ư̻̜͈̩̗w҉҉̹͍͖͙ǹ̻͓̮̰͚͓͈̠͜d͎͓͖͕̳͎̖ͅ'̸͈̭̹͕̣͚̙͍͝s͓͕̰̺̻̱̗͖ͅ ̜̹̰̳͠B̺͚͖̗̤̱̠͎ͅĺ̶̷̼͚e͏̼̠͕̫̬͇̯͖̻s̢̰̳̤̜͡s̴͖̼͈̫̜i͎̟̱̺̺̺n̩̳̯̮̜̳g͍̺͡) +2 (Light Armor) +3 (Reeh Stalker’s Boots) = 16
Skill Point Expenditure
Might 6 pt
Agility 9 pt
Subtlety 12 pt
Elemental 12 pt
Favored Element 3 pt
Stat Points Used 42/42
Adventuring Skill Points Used 30/30
Non-Combat Skill Points Used 12/15
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