Laira Helthorne

Laira Helthorne
Player Lis
Battle Theme
Race Cubi
Racial Traits Longevity, Proficiency, Weak Arms, Willful
Cultural Traits Mana Rich
Locational Trait World Tree
Age 67
Elements Light, Wind
Meta Bonus Light X, Elemental IV, Superior I
Weapon Groups Light Magician, Mixed Magician
Weapon Expertise Jewelry, Wand, Orb1)
Health Points 44
Stamina Points 48
Damage Resistances +1 Physical, +3 vs Interrupts, Immune to Airborn Toxins, Frightened Status
Endurance 4
Evasion 10
Willpower 20
Sneak 0
Concealment 0
Search 0
To Hit 11
Damage Borrowed Light 5
Heal Borrowed Light 16
Economy and Documentation
Wallet 92,615z
Upkeep 2,300z2)
Income Assistant Physician3)
Expenses 0z
Discounts None
Licenses None
Resources Restricted Library Card4), Royal Library Card5), House of Reason Missionary Diploma6)
Lighthalzen Punch Card 0/8
Merchant's Guild Bazaar Points 24
Empire City Mall Tickets 2
Equipment and Gear
Armor Vermillion Caplet
Weapon Borrowed Light and Bug Bracelet
Missionary's Medallion
Charm of Healing
Charm of Endurance
Charm of Willpower
Charm of Evasion
Chivalry Stamina Draught
Fragment of Bravery INACTIVE

Temporary Status
Name Type Description Finish Date
Injury Points 0/18
Fatigue 4 Minor7) Laira does things at her own pace but somehow manages to never be seen as a dawdler. +2 to All SP Costs to your character and prevents any means that would reduce their SP Costs for its duration. It lasts as long as both Slots are filled, and for 7 Days after they stop being so.
The House’s Secret Master The House of Reason hides something of great power… Finished
True Fluidity Master “And what if your palette could be made limitless..?” With the Scion Finished
Scionic Secrets Master “If your interest is magical, I could foster it… Given enough time.” With the Scion Finished
Soul Break Expert “A lengthy tome containing everything one needs to know to cast Soul Break.” Restricted Library Finished
Blessed Tools Intermediate A set of healer’s tools given to many missionaries, in order to help with magical healing. Paid Finished
Old Spellbook Expert Laira found this in a bookshelf. Time hasn't been kind to it, but it's still legible. Restricted Library Finished
Megido Simple You fire a sizable bolt of mana that can take on any Primary Element. Restricted Library Finished
Arcane Boost Intermediate You heighten the potency of mana in the area, making spells all the more effective. Finished
Intimidating Aura Expert With training, anyone can give off a passive aura of Light magic. It should appropriately scare Vampires, Nos, and other denizens of the darkness alike. Finished
Upgraded Light Magic :: Resurrect Master This appears to be a tome regarding the Revive spell, and how it can be improved. Finished
Upgraded Light Magic :: Grand Cross Master This appears to be a tome regarding the Adoramus spell, and how it can be improved. Finished
Superior Magic :: Arcane Nulling Intermediate You lessen the potency of mana in the area, making spells considerably less effective. 3/29-4/29
Active Signature Skill :: Forgiven Pusillanimity
Description Conjuring up violent light from within an opponent to deal sudden damage to her, Laira feels a similar pain, as her veins begin to burn bright white as the light floods through them.
Effects Laira deals MCA + Light Meta in True DMG, adding any Direct Healing Bonus she has. She applies numbed (vs WIL or END, lowest) adding To Hit + ½ Light Meta as To Hit.
Drawback Laira takes ½ Light Meta in True DMG, lowering her HP by ½ her Light Meta for the encounter.
Passive Signature Skill :: Shelter Aura
Description Frail as Laira is, her duty is not to face the foe - but to keep her allies ready to fight. Knowing she has your back may help you feel a bit stronger.
Effects When Defending/Guarding Laira, gain half her highest magic meta as Damage Resistance.
Drawback Costs Laira 1 SP.
Augmented Skills
Skill Tree Light X
Passive Forbearance
Tier 1 Smite/Holy Light Heal/Greater Heal Gloria
Tier 2 Absolve Bless/Anoint Kyrie
Tier 3 Flash Haste Baptize
Tier 4 Sanctuary Resurrect Hospitaller
Skill Tree Elemental IV
Passive Balance
Tier 1 Wind Barrier/Wind Spikes Breathe Gust/Gale
Tier 2 Wind Brand Arise Breeze
Tier 3 Imbue Wind Tornady Updraft
Tier 4 Wind FieldOrb of Squalls Wind Mastery Whirlwind
Skill Tree Superior Magic I
Return Magic Soul Shackle Soul Break
Megido Arcane Boost
Equipped - Borrowed Light - Healing Orb of the Al De Baran Wizarding Guild
A palm-sized orb filled with illustriously potent mana. This enchanted weapon glows blue-green, surging in the presence of mortal creatures.
Base Stats 4 Base DMG, +1 DMG ( +2 Square AoE Range ), +1 To Hit per Unit in AoE Skill’s Range
Crafstman Al De Baran Wizard's Guild
Maker's Mark Honed Mana +1 Single Target DMG, -1 AoE DMG
1st Enchantment Mortal Cleric +3 Healing on Mortal Races
1st Improvement None
Equipped - Unarmored - Vermillion Caplet
A beautiful leather caplet lined with blood-toned Ancient Nephilim Silks.
Base Stats +2 WILL, +2 Movement
Craftsman Aida Marcus
Material Coral Cloth
1st Enchantment None
1st Improvement None
Equipped - Bug Bracelet
This is less of a bracelet and more like a metal bug latched to Laira’s Arm. It comes off but doesn’t seem to want to be anyone else’s friend.
Base Stats +1 EVA
Craftsman ???
Material Metal
1st Enchantment None
1st Improvement None
Thalj Overseer’s Garb
Base Stats -1 SP Costs +2 Movement
Craftsman Thalj Tribe
Material Cotton
1st Enchantment Ktullanux’s Canopy +5 Water Damage Resistance and (near) immunity to pneumonia as well as frostbite.
1st Improvement
Gear Items
Blessed Tools A Doctor’s bag from the House of Reason with all manner of enchanted tools. +1 to outgoing Healing. The wearer may treat all kinds of injuries in the field, though they’re limited to one use per encounter.
Missionary’s Medallion A golden fleur-de-lis on a checkered background. Laira’s name is engraved on the front, and ‘Missionary c. 3019’ is on the back. Laira is the Light Element while the Missionary’s Medallion is equipped. Additionally, her Hastened threshold is reduced by 2.
Lhux Feather A brilliant white feather that gently glows when it comes into contact with direct sunlight. Often pinned to her caplet with a red gem broach. +1 Healing with Light Magic, the first time each turn you apply Brilliant to a Unit, gain 1 MP.
Her Conquest A thin oridecron card with a carving of a smirking female duelist. With one or fewer Units within 6 squares of her, Laira has +1 EVA.
Fragment of Bravery A pale yellow gem with a sort of fascination about it… It’s completely pure, lacking any flaw or scratch. Encased in a golden locket that keeps it hidden from prying eyes. +1 EVA and END. The holder is Immune to Frightened, but this item has a profound effect on their mind. It can’t be removed from their active Equipment Slots, and attempts to take it from them they must retaliate violently. Others who see this, much like its holder, will begin to desire it and perceive it as highly valuable almost immediately.
Potion Satchel XL Adds 3 Equipment Slots for Potions & Poisons only.
High Energy Potion Heals for 24 SP and removes 1 Negative Alchemical Condition.
Petyr’s Mellow Yellow Potion Applies 2 Ranks of Pracified to the drinker. One Rank is purged every 2 turns until they're normal again.
High Healing Potion++ Heals 24 HP and removes all Ranks of Nulled.
Behemoth's Gift Minor +1 To Hit
Black Taint Study Minor Laira has learned a bit about unknown mana, though she has nothing to compare it to… +1 to Abyssal Lore
Tricks of the Trade< Minor Laira Learned the very basics of Alchemy! Shortcut reduces and additional CP for Alchemy.
Orb Specialization Minor Eirika has some very good ideas when it comes to using Orbs… Orb’s +1 DMG with AoR magic’ perk is now +1 DMG with all magic’. At the cost of 2 SP per turn, you may suspend an orb in the air around with wind magic and free up both hands.
Practiced Gestures Minor The House of Reason employs a series of rhythmic movements that can help their menders stay cool under pressure. Laira’s adds +3 Defense against Interrupts.
Ravennae's Favor Minor May you always find your voice beneath the sea. You can breathe and speak underwater.
Noclotlon's Favor Major You are immune to airborne toxins. While in a Poison Field, you gain +1 To Hit & Damage as well as +2 Evasion, Willpower & Endurance.
Gryphon Ascendant Major “Before the Gryphon, you are worthy.” Apparently, they're fit to be the King (or Queen) of the Gryphon Clan. +1 to Gryphon Aspect Level & Evasion. Gryphon Aspect Level does nothing for them but is worth noting.
Elemental Fluidity Major Laira has learned how to mold and shape mana in a way outside the conventional teachings. Allows use of Elemental Magic Skills with the High Elements.
Call to the Elements Major Laira has learned a series of four dances to be used in the presence of Major Wells. Laira may perform one of four dances called the “Call of the Elements”, at the cost of 12 SP and 10 Minutes. If performed in the presence of a natural Major Well, she will gain access to and True Fluidity with the corresponding Favored Element for an encounter. If she already has the Element Favored, she gains True Fluidity and begins the next combat with ½ Maximum MP already full. True Fluidity allows Laira to use that Element with any Magic Skill Tree. Could be made Permanent…
GACHAGOCHI Explorer Subscription These are rather fun, though it pales inc comparison to my children. Legendary Ancient Nosgardian Lore ( +3 to Nosgardian Lore ), Common Physical Defense ( +1 to Physical DR ), Rare Innate Knowledge ( +2 to Any One Adventure Skill )
Fortune of Magical Healing Temporary A particular segment of Laira's fortune stands out to her… She'll have to keep it in mind. The next time Laira makes a Magical Healing Adventure Skill roll, she rolls twice and chooses the higher option.
Decarte's Dedication Temporary In a moment of clarity, Lucius laid some kind of spell over Laira… Laira has +2 WIL and adds +1 to all outgoing Healing. A gently glowing 'halo' of yellow has formed around the pupils of both her eyes. Example Here Decarte's Dedication will last until Laira has cured Lucius.
Adventure Skills
Acrobatics 7 I find elegant movements to be less about speed, and more akin to deliberate action.
Elementalism 9 I was not always gifted in this area.
Insight 9 Discerning the truth will facilitate informed decisions.
Magic Healing 15 Adventurers seem to have a starved belief that power lay in pain.
Spell Lore 9 Never have I considered myself studious until recent years.
Civics 9 This comes from a long-lived history…
Abyssal Lore 1 There are still secrets left in this world.
Nosgardian Lore 3 I know enough of them I thought I would understand more about them. A game taught me more…
Composure 5 Noblesse Oblige is a duty I carry beyond a title.
Dancing ( Ballet ) 6 This… is not something I detest.
Simple Handicrafts 4 The hours are late within the Clinic, I merely bide my time outside of books.
Occupation Assistant Physician in Glastheim 6•17
Occupation House of Reason Proxy Missionary 8•19
Work Experience
Waitress at the Yellow Berry 3 years
House of Reason ( Cleric ) 10 years
House of Reason ( Acolyte ) 13 years
Ballet ( Principal Dancer ) 6 years
Ballet ( Soloist ) 2 years
Ballet ( Demi-Soloist ) 4 years
Ballet ( Professional Apprentice ) 7 years

Art © Caitlin

Orb Specialization Boon
1000z Hosuing, 200z GACHAGOCHI
4) , 5)
Kingdom of Glastheim
Signed by Augustine DeMarco and Cassius Sisenna
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